The Journal of Historical Review

Volume 4, No. 1 -- Spring 1983
James B. Whisker Italian fascism: An interpretation
L. A. Rollins The 'Holocaust' as sacred cow
Sami Hadawi Who are the Palestinians?
Frank H. Hankins How many Jews were
eliminated by the Nazis?
James J. Martin A memoir of globaloney, Orwellianism,
and Dead Sea fruit: Harry Elmer Barnes'
Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace
L. A. Rollins Walter Laqueur's The Terrible Secret
Martin Gilbert's Auschwitz and the Allies
L. A. Rollins Azriel Eisenberg's Witness to the Holocaust
Wayland D. Smith IHR's Failure at Nuremberg
Ilse and Rudolf Hess' Rudolf Hess:
Prisoner of Peace
Mark Weber Ingrid Weckert's Feuerzeichen

Keith Stimely A note from the editor
About the contributors

Volume 4, No. 2 -- Summer 1983
Mark Weber President Roosevelt's campaign
to incite ware in Europe:
the secret Polish documents
Tyler Kent The Roosevelt legacy and the Kent case
David L. Hoggan President Roosevelt and
the origins of the 1939 war

Keith Stimely A note from the editor
About the contributors

Volume 4, No. 3 -- Fall 1983
William B. Lindsey Zyklon-B, Auschwitz, and
the trial of Dr. Bruno Tesch
H. Keith Thompson Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz:
Last president of a united Germany
James B. Whisker Gnostic origins of Alfred Rosenberg's thought
L. A. Rollins The 'polemical and apologetic bias'
of Jewish historiography:
Yehuda Bauer's A History of the Holocaust
Mark Weber Dankwart Kluge's Das Hossbach-'Protokoll'
Charles Lutton David Pryce-Jones' Paris in the Third Reich
News and Comment
Mark Weber Swiss historian exposes anti-Hitler
Rauschning memoir as fraudulent
Mark Weber Sebastian Haffner's 1942 call for mass murder
Mark Weber Erich von dem Bach-Zelewski and the 'Holocaust'

Keith Stimely A note from the editor
About the contributors

Volume 4, No. 4 -- Winter 1983
Percy L. Greaves, Jr. Was Pearl Harbor unavoidable?
Percy L. Greaves, Jr. The mystery of Pearl Harbor
Percy L. Greaves, Jr. Senator Homer Ferguson and the
Pearl Harbor Congressional Investigation
Percy L. Greaves, Jr. Marshall comes on stage
Percy L. Greaves, Jr. Marshall before the Joint
Congressional Committee
Percy L. Greaves, Jr. Admission of MAGIC
demolishes FDR's claim of surprise
Percy L. Greaves, Jr. What we knew
James J. Martin Where was General Marshall?

Keith Stimely A note from the editor
-- Pearl Harbor: The latest wave
About the contributors

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