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Thirteenth IHR Conference Set for May

Leading Revisionist Historians and Activists to Meet in Southern California

From around the United States and across the seas, scholars, activists and friends of the Institute for Historical Review will meet in Orange County, California, over Memorial Day weekend -- Saturday afternoon, May 27, through Monday afternoon, May 29, 2000 -- for the IHR's 13th Revisionist Conference.

A lot has happened since the last full-scale IHR Conference, and leading activists will have much to say about the major breakthroughs, as well as the formidable new efforts of our enemies, in the international campaign for greater historical awareness about the most hyped and taboo-laden chapters of history. In addition, scholars will report on new documentary and investigative discoveries that further shatter the icons of "official" history.

The full Conference program, including the names and topics of the dozen speakers, is still being worked out. But already the line-up includes:

  • Robert Faurisson, Europe's foremost revisionist scholar, will provide another of his witty and thought-provoking presentations that never fail to delight audiences.
  • John Sack, author and veteran journalist, will detail the furor provoked by the publication of An Eye for an Eye, his headline-making exposé of the brutal mistreatment of ethnic Germans by Jewish Communist authorities in postwar Poland.
  • Ernst Zündel, Canada's leading revisionist activist, and prominent German-Canadian civil rights figure, will report -- in his typically irrepressible and upbeat style -- on the latest in his courageous international campaign for greater awareness of suppressed history, and to restore the honor and good reputation of his people.
  • Ted O'Keefe, IHR book editor, will present a bombshell dissection of the influential "Schindler's List" legend.
  • Mark Weber, IHR Director, will deliver the keynote address, as well as an iconoclastic scholarly presentation.
  • Greg Raven, IHR associate editor, will serve as MC.
  • Bradley Smith, veteran free-speech activist, will tell how his student outreach work has shaken up one campus after another across the country.

Details about additional speakers will be announced soon.

As those who have attended in the past know, an IHR Conference is an unforgettable experience. It's a special opportunity to meet, hear and converse with the stalwart scholars and cutting-edge activists who are making headlines -- and history -- in their courageous fight to bring history into accord with the facts. It's also a wonderful occasion for making new revisionist friends from around the globe, or renewing old friendships -- all in the sunny ambience of southern California.

Register Now!

Previous IHR Conference attendees can reserve a place simply by remitting the registration fee, and indicating a lodging preference.

Those who have not previously attended an IHR Conference should first fill out and submit an application form.

The special early registration fee (until March 31) is just $150. The regular registration (after until March 31) is $195. Attendees can bring a family member (spouse or child) for the reduced fee of $120 (early) or $155 (regular). For students (with valid ID) the rate is $50.

The registration fee -- payable by personal check, money order or Visa or MC credit card -- covers all lectures and events, two buffet breakfasts, and the banquet dinner.)

This three-day event will be at an elegant and easily accessible hotel, with comfortable rooms and a large pool. The precise site will be announced later to registered attendees.

For those flying in from out of town, transportation to and from the Orange County airport will be available. There is ample parking for those driving in.

The special room rate for attendees who wish to stay overnight at the hotel is $80 per room (not person). For those willing to share a room (one or two beds), the rate is just $40 per person. We'll reserve your room, and help with any special requests.

Registration will begin at 3:00 pm on Saturday afternoon, May 27. The Conference will commence promptly at 6:00 pm, run all day Sunday into the evening, and adjourn at about 3:00 pm on Monday afternoon.

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