September 2010 Headlines
Israel's Settlement `Freeze' Barely Slowed Construction
The Associated Press

How much of a freeze has there actually been on West Bank Jewish settlement building by Israel? Very little, an Associated Press analysis of the numbers suggests.... The [Israel] government's own figures -- and the assessments of Israeli peace activists monitoring construction -- show building has barely slowed down. ... That means that even months into the halt, the number of homes under construction had declined by only about ten percent.

President Roosevelt and the Origins of the 1939 War
David L. Hoggan

In this scholarly article, excerpted from his book, The Forced War: The Origins and Originators of World War II, Dr. Hoggan examines the secret war aspirations of President Franklin Roosevelt. Hoggan also shows how Poland's leaders, bolstered by assurances from London of military backing, sought to provoke war with Germany. During the months prior to the outbreak of war in September 1939, he explains, Poland's provocation of Germany was frequent and extreme. Hitler had more than sufficient justification to go to war with Poland.

UN Fact-Finding Mission Says Israelis `Executed' A US Citizen
Gareth Porter -- Truthout

The report of the fact-finding mission of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) on the Israeli attack on the Gaza flotilla released last week shows conclusively, for the first time, that US citizen Furkan Dogan and five Turkish citizens were murdered execution-style by Israeli commandos. The report reveals that Dogan, the 19-year-old US citizen of Turkish descent, was filming with a small video camera on the top deck of the Mavi Marmara when he was shot twice in the head, once in the back and in the left leg and foot and that he was shot in the face at point blank range while lying on the ground.

Number of Overweight Americans is Still Growing
The Associated Press

Citizens of the world's richest countries are getting fatter and fatter and the United States is leading the charge, an organization of leading economies said Thursday in its first ever obesity forecast. Three out of four Americans will be overweight or obese by 2020, and disease rates and health care spending will balloon, unless governments, individuals and industry cooperate on a comprehensive strategy to combat the epidemic, the study by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development said.

Jews Play `Leading Role' in Promoting Multiculturalism in Europe, Jewish Activist Acknowledges
Kevin MacDonald

In this You Tube video, Barbara Lerner Spectre, who runs a government-funded Jewish study group in Sweden, makes the following remarkable statement -- remarkable because she does not attribute anti-Jewish attitudes to irrational prejudices or even Muslims who hate Israel. Instead she says that it's because of the "leading role" played by Jews in the movement toward multiculturalism .. Her comment is an example of the age-old Jewish self-concept of a "Light Unto the Nations": Jews saving Europe by leading it to multiculturalism. One wonders why she thinks Europe could not survive as a set of monocultural societies.

Nuremberg Defendant Streicher Relates Mistreatment By His Captors

Before the "International Military Tribunal" at Nuremberg, defendant Julius Streicher tells how he was brutally mistreated by his American captors. His only official position during the Third Reich was governor (Gauleiter).of the region of Franconia. He had no role whatsoever in making or carrying out German national policy. He was sentenced to death by the Allied Tribunal for publishing a weekly anti-Jewish newspaper, "Der Stuermer," one that would have been legal in the United States. Video Runtime: 8:01 mins.

American Atrocities in Germany
Edward L. Van Roden -- The Progressive (1949)

American investigators at the U. S. Court in Dachau, Germany, used the following methods to obtain confessions: Beatings and brutal kickings. Knocking out teeth and breaking jaws. Mock trials. Solitary confinement. Posturing as priests. Very limited rations. Spiritual deprivation. Promises of acquittal ... Royall appointed Justice Gordon Simpson of the Texas Supreme Court and me to go to Germany and check up on the reports. Accompanied by Lt. Col. Charles Lawrence. Jr., we went to Munich, Germany, set up offices there, and heard a stream of testimony about the way in which American atrocities were committed.

The Nuremberg Trials and the Holocaust
Mark Weber

... The Nuremberg enterprise violated ancient and fundamental principles of justice. The victorious Allies acted as prosecutor, judge and executioner of the German leaders. The charges were created especially for the occasion, and were applied only to the vanquished. Defeated, starving, prostrate Germany was, however, in no position to oppose whatever the Allied occupation powers demanded. As even some leading Allied figures privately acknowledged at the time, the Nuremberg trials were organized not to dispense impartial justice, but for political purposes.

How The CIA Runs a Secret Army of 3,000 Assassins
The Independent (Britain)

Although the CIA has long been known to run clandestine militias in Afghanistan, including one from a base it rents from the Afghan president Hamid Karzai's half-brother in the southern province of Kandahar, the sheer number of militiamen directly under its control have never been publicly revealed. Woodward's book, Obama's Wars, describes these forces as elite, well-trained units that conduct highly sensitive covert operations into Pakistan as part of a stepped-up campaign against al-Qa'ida and Afghan Taliban havens there.

One and a Half Cheers for American Decline
Tom Engelhardt

... Here's a simple reality: the U.S. is an imperial power in decline -- and not just the sort of decline which is going to affect your children or grandchildren someday. We're talking about massive unemployment that's going nowhere and an economy which shows no sign of ever returning good jobs to this country on a significant scale, even if "good times" do come back sooner or later. We're talking about an aging, fraying infrastructure -- with its collapsing bridges and exploding gas pipelines -- that a little cosmetic surgery isn't going to help.

Exposing Israel's Original Sins
Gideon Levy -- Ha'aretz (Israel) - 2000

... The Arabs were always the bad guys. We [Jews] were the absolute righteous, or the exclusive victims - or so we were told ... If you want to understand the Palestinian uprising in the territories, go to these two books [by Benny Morris]. If you want to understand why a settlement is impossible without a solution to the refugee problem, go to Morris. All the early-warning signs appear in his works. They show how our relationship with the Arabs began. Everything that followed, up until this very day, is anchored in their - and particularly our - original sins, which Morris and his colleagues have exposed.

In Hungary, Nationalists Would Outlaw Denial of `Gypsy Criminality'
The Budapest Times (Hungary)

The far-right party Jobbik has called for legislation that would make the denial of "inherent criminality" among the country's Roma minority punishable by up to three years in jail, five for politicians and other public figures. The draft proposal for an amendment to the Criminal Code was submitted to parliament last Monday. One of its three sponsors, Jobbik politician J�nos Volner, told reporters last Wednesday that the aim was to ensure there is "honest debate" about certain issues, "for example about the question of Gypsy criminality, as is currently taking place in France and Italy".

Gypsies in France Recall World War II Internment
The Associated Press

... As today's France expels a wave of Romanian Gypsies seeking an escape from hardship back home, children of the camp's survivors have been drawing up plans for a memorial to the site's chilling past. They have been caught up in a battle against what they say is state-sponsored discrimination today against some of Europe's most marginalized, misunderstood minorities. This shameful episode of French history is little known and isn't in the school textbooks: Under the Nazi occupation, thousands of Gypsies, mostly citizens of France, were rounded up and put in 31 internment camps administered and guarded by their fellow Frenchmen.

In Russia, New History Textbook Justifies Stalin-Era Repression
The Telegraph (Britain)

Stalin-era repressions, including the Gulag camp system and the deportation of entire ethnic groups were justified according to a new history textbook published in Russia, which critics claim is anti-Semitic. "A History of Russia, 1917-2009," written by two Moscow State University academics, Alexander Barsenkov and Alexander Vdovin, attempts to justify forced collectivisation and the mass arrests and executions of the 1930s. Supporters say the book is filled with patriotism and love of the Motherland. But critics claim the textbook offers a pro-Stalinist and anti-Semitic view of Soviet and Russian history.

Wartime Enemies Make Contact 67 Years Later
The Vancouver Sun (Canada)

Nearly 70 years after a famous Second World War incident in which a Canadian ship rammed and sank a German submarine in the Mediterranean Sea, the only survivor of the doomed U-boat and perhaps the last living sailor from HMCS Ville de Quebec have rediscovered each other via the Internet -- two former enemies now forging a poignant, long-distance friendship via e-mail.

Germany Is Rapidly Becoming Muslim, Says Chancellor Merkel
Paul Williams -- Family Security Matters (Washington, DC)

Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Germans have failed to grasp how Muslim immigration has transformed their country and will have to come to terms with more mosques than churches throughout the countryside, according to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung daily. "Our country is going to carry on changing, and integration is also a task for the society taking up the task of dealing with immigrants," Ms. Merkel told the daily newspaper. "For years we've been deceiving ourselves about this. Mosques, for example, are going to be a more prominent part of our cities than they were before."

Debating the Holocaust: A Review
Martin Gunnels - Inconvenient History

... The book is a very potent effort at setting the record straight about revisionist claims, and it's done in such a reasonable, straightforward way that you could give the book to your mom without apology. It is the kind of book that resists drowning its reader in statistics, opting instead for a concise, memorable, camp-by-camp analysis of what Dalton calls "the great debate." In Debating the Holocaust, the revisionist community now has the closest thing yet to an encyclopedic handbook of revisionist arguments. This is the work's most remarkable achievement, and I hope it will only mark the very beginning of Thomas Dalton's promising new career in the fight for historical truth.

On Jewish Loyalty
Gilad Atzmon

... As it seems, 'loyalty to the Jews' is a crucial demand within the Zionist discourse ... Jewish loyalty is an empty signifier: it is a dynamic notion; it changes constantly; it is impossible to pinpoint. As it happens, Jewish loyalty is removed from any notion of universalism, ethics or integrity. All it means in practice is, 'Jews come first' ... The days of Israel are numbered, there is no way to rescue the Jewish state for it is founded on tribal and racist ideology. However, Britain can still liberate itself of its Neocon phase. All it has to do is to de-Zionise its political system and media.

American Public Opinion and the Special Relationship With Israel
John Mearsheimer

There is no question that the United States has a relationship with Israel that has no parallel in modern history. Washington gives Israel consistent, almost unconditional diplomatic backing and more foreign aid than any other country. In other words, Israel gets this aid even when it does things that the United States opposes, like building settlements. Furthermore, Israel is rarely criticized by American officials and certainly not by anyone who aspires to high office ... The bottom line is that the lobby is largely responsible for America's special relationship with Israel, which is harmful to both countries.

The Afghanistan War: `A Long-Drawn-Out Disaster'
Eric S. Margolis

... The threat from al-Qaeda and Taliban has been "exaggerated" by the western powers. The US-led mission in Afghanistan has "ballooned" out of all proportion from its original aim of disrupting and defeating al-Qaeda. The US-led war in Afghanistan, says IISS, using uncharacteristically blunt language, is "a long-drawn-out disaster".... Europeans are fed up with the Afghan war. Polls report 60% of Americans think the war not worth fighting ... The truth about Iraq and Afghanistan is finally emerging. Afghanistan may again prove to be "the graveyard of empires".

Genocide Wiped Out A Native American Population, Archeologists Say
Discovery News

Physical traces of ethnic cleansing that took place in the early 800s suggest the massacre was an inside job. Crushed leg bones, battered skulls and other mutilated human remains are likely all that's left of a Native American population destroyed by genocide that took place circa 800 A.D., suggests a new study. The paper, accepted for publication in the Journal of Anthropological Archaeology, describes the single largest deposit to date of mutilated and processed human remains in the American Southwest. The entire assemblage comprises 14,882 human skeletal fragments, as well as the mutilated remains of dogs and other animals killed at the massacre site -- Sacred Ridge, southwest of Durango, Colo.

What Israel Wants From the Palestinians, It Takes
Ahmed Moor -- Los Angeles Times

Israel's ambassador to the U.S., Michael B. Oren, argues ... that Israelis want peace, and I believe him. They've said so often enough. But the Israelis want lots of other things too. For instance, they want the West Bank and East Jerusalem. In addition, they want the Palestinian aquifers situated beneath the West Bank, and they want to preserve their racial privilege in the Jewish state. They also want to shear the Gaza Strip from Palestine. Most of all, the Israelis want Palestinian quiescence in the face of Israeli wants. Those wants have made the two-state solution impossible to implement. For decades, the Israelis have taken what they want from the Palestinians.

Netanyahu's `Catastrophic Success'
Robert Grenier

... The fact of the matter, however, is that the idea of a two-state solution in Palestine is finished. Israeli settlements in the West Bank and their attendant infrastructure have made a viable and independent Palestinian state impossible. The settlements, moreover, cannot be undone. Their existence obviates the need for formal Israeli annexation: The de-facto annexation of the West Bank has already taken place. The only remaining solution is a single, unified, bi-national state. The fact that a bi-national state is inevitable will not make its formation any easier; nor will the great difficulties involved in forging a truly bi-national state make its emergence any less inevitable.

Killing Gentiles
Joseph Sobran

... Israel is based on the principle that Jews have rights "goyim" don't have. Hence its abuse of Arab gentiles and its defiance of Western gentiles. Mark Weber, of the Institute for Historical Review, has summed up the situation in one pithy sentence: "The truth is that if we held Israel to the same standards that we apply to Serbia, Afghanistan, and Iraq, U.S. bombers and missiles would be blasting Tel Aviv, and we'd be putting Israeli prime minister Sharon behind bars for war crimes and crimes against humanity."

Third World America
Macleans (Canada)

... Despite its position as the world's unrivalled superpower, international comparisons show the U.S. slipping on a number of fronts. On education, the United States has been falling behind, in everything from science and engineering to basic literacy. The U.S. once had the world's highest proportion of young adults with post-secondary degrees; now it ranks 12th, according to the College Board, an association of education institutions. (Canada is now number one.) In 2001, the U.S. ranked fourth in the world in per capita broadband Internet use; it now ranks 15th out of 30 nations ...

A Critical Look at Simon Wiesenthal
Der Spiegel (Germany)

Until his death in 2005, Simon Wiesenthal was the world's best-known Nazi hunter. But a new biography finds fault with the way he pursued his quarry and asks whether his "soaring ego" and "tendency to fantasize" actually got in the way of his mission / ... He used questionable methods. He took credit for the achievements of others. And, over the years, he succeeded in antagonizing many people who actually shared the same goals. This side of Wiesenthal is presented in "Simon Wiesenthal: The Life and Legends," a new biography by Tom Segev, an Israeli historian and journalist ... Wiesenthal also concocted legends surrounding the story of the Holocaust and his own suffering.

Tony Blair and the Great Islamic Threat
Gwynne Dyer

People often wind up believing their own cover story. Former British prime minister Tony Blair, for example, is trapped forever in the rationalizations he used in 2003 to explain why he was going along with George Bush's invasion of Iraq. He was at it again last week, telling the BBC that "radical Islam" is the greatest threat facing the world today ... Terrorism, by radical Islamists or anybody else, is a real threat but a modest one. It cannot be "defeated", but it can be contained by good police work and wise policy choices. It might make it into the top ten global threats, but it certainly wouldn't make it into the top three. Anybody who says it does has something to sell or something to hide.

David Irving In Poland for Controversial Tour of Historical Sites

British historian David Irving, who was jailed in Austria for denying the Holocaust, said on Tuesday he was in Poland to lead a tour of World War II sites, including the former Treblinka death camp. Holocaust survivors and anti-racism groups have slammed Irving's plans, even calling on Polish authorities to ban his visit which is also scheduled to take in a visit to the former local headquarters of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. But Irving confirmed to AFP that he was now in the Polish capital and planned to remain in the country until September 29.

Holocaust Tour in Poland Will `Set Record Straight,' Says Irving
The Telegraph (Britain)

The controversial British historian David Irving was met with outrage in Poland yesterday as he claimed the country should be "grateful" that he was running a �1,500 a head "unforgettable" tour of Holocaust sites, including the Treblinka death camp. Mr Irving said he would "set the record straight" on the Nazis' extermination of six million Jews, despite the fact that an Austrian court sentenced him in 2006 to three years in jail for his 1989 claims that there were no gas chambers in the Third Reich. He was released and deported to Britain after serving only one year and told the court that his claims had been a mistake.

Chomsky Denounces France's `Holocaust Denial' Law
Rue 89 (France)

A petition to free Vincent Reynouard, a French negationist ["Holocaust denier"], who is serving a prison sentence and to abrogate the Gayssot Act ... has Noam Chomsky's backing. This is the letter he wrote: "I understand that Vincent Reynouard has been condemned and jailed under the Gayssot law, and that a petition is being circulated in protest against these actions. I know nothing about Mr. Reynouard, but regard the Gayssot law as entirely illegitimate, inconsistent with the basic principles of a free society as these have been understood since the Enlightenment. The law in effect grants the state the right to determine historical truth ..."

Vatican Shocked at Britain's Hostile Reaction to Pope
John Laughland -- Newsmax

... Britain has become one of the most virulently anti-Christian countries in the world. After a few decades in which the traditional anti-Catholic prejudices fell into abeyance, the basic anti-popish reflexes of an ancient Protestant nation have come back with a vengeance, spurred on by ideological attacks on the only Christian church that seems to stand for anything at all ... Britain has traveled further down the road of political correctness than even traditionally permissive European societies like those of the Netherlands or Scandinavia.

More Americans Are Gloomy About US Role in the World
BBC News

There has been a sharp rise in the number of Americans who believe the US role as a world leader is on the decline, a survey suggests ... Nine out of ten Americans today think it is more important for the future that the US see to pressing problems at home than address challenges abroad ; Fifty-one percent of Americans think US ability to achieve its goals has decreased ; A majority of Americans believe that if Israel and Iran go to war, the US should not intervene militarily on Israel's side; American support for military bases in Japan, Germany, Iraq, Turkey and Afghanistan has declined.

Court Bans Czech Edition of `Mein Kampf'
The Associated Press

A court has ordered a Czech publisher to withdraw and destroy all its published copies of Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf." Prague's municipal court issued the verdict Friday at the request of the German state of Bavaria that was suing the publisher, KMa, for copyright infringement. "Mein Kampf" is banned in Germany and Bavaria, which holds the copyright for the book, is seeking to block its publication in other countries for fear it could be misused by right-wing extremists.

Enough With the Mideast Kabuki; The Farcical `Peace Talks'
Eric Margolis

...For those yearning to see an end to the seven decade Jewish-Palestinian conflict, to see security and tranquility for Israel, and justice for Palestinians, last week's so-called "peace talks" in Washington were a painful farce ... The American dialogue on the Holy Land is almost entirely controlled by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, which is virtually an arm of the Likud Party. Candidate Obama in fact promised AIPAC never to pressure Israel into a peace deal it did not want, a pledge he is keeping. But no pressure on Israel by Washington to trade land for peace means no real peace, no matter what sweetheart deal Abbas signs. No real peace means more woes for the United States in dealing with the Muslim world.

Mexico On Its 200th Birthday: A Grim Balance Sheet
The Associated Press

The movie that Mexican director Luis Estrada is putting out for his country's bicentennial is bluntly named "Hell." Like many Mexicans, Estrada says there is little to celebrate in Mexico today, with its violence, corruption and inequity ... A Pew Research Center poll released in August shows 79 percent of Mexicans are dissatisfied with the country's direction. Even U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton jumped into the fray last week, saying that Mexico, plagued with drug-running and violence, is looking more and more how Colombia looked two decades ago. Mexico seems to be slipping behind.

US Poverty Level is Highest Since 1960s
BBC News

One in seven Americans was living in poverty in 2009 with the level of working-age poor the highest since the 1960s, the US Census Bureau says. The number of people in poverty increased by nearly four million -- to 43.6 million -- between 2008 and 2009, officials said. The bureau defines poverty as any family of four living on less than $21,954 a year. Meanwhile, new figures showed home foreclosures in August hit the highest level since the mortgage crisis began. Banks repossessed 95,364 properties in August, up 3% from July and an increase of 25% from August 2009, said RealtyTrac, a company which charts the national picture. The official US poverty rate in 2009 rose to 14.3% from 13.2% in 2008.

Historian Blames Churchill For a Million Deaths in India Famine
The Telegraph (Britain)

Sir Winston Churchill may be one of Britain's greatest wartime leaders, but in India he has been blamed for allowing more than a million people to die of starvation. According to a new book on the famine, Sir Winston ignored pleas for emergency food aid for millions in Bengal left to starve ... Between one and three million died of hunger in 1943 ... The man-made famine and the contrast between the plight of starving Indians and well-fed British officers dining in the city's many colonial clubs has been described as one of the darkest chapters in British rule on the Indian subcontinent. Miss Mukerjee blames Churchill's 'racism' for his refusal to intervene.

Netanyahu Said Iran Was 3-5 Years Away From Nuclear Capability - In 1995
Philip Weiss

... So who do you believe? Netanyahu in '95 or Netanyahu today? Shouldn't Goldberg have passed along Netanyahu's 1995 warning to readers and suggested that he's a Bibi who cries wolf? Goldberg said he'd spent years working on the piece. Maybe he should have read Netanyahu's back pages. One has to question Netanyahu's sincerity because Israel uses this alleged threat. It uses it to distract the world from its oppression of Palestinians, and from Obama's pressure on it to stop settlement activities. Netanyahu has never wanted to stop settlement activity. He needs an existential threat to turn attention away.

Catholics In England Suffered Centuries of Repression
The Associated Press

For nearly three centuries after the Reformation, Catholics in England were outlaws. But in the turmoil and persecution that followed the break between King Henry VIII and Rome, noble families such as the Stonors clung to their faith, "in spite of dungeon, fire and sword," as the Victorian hymn "Faith of our Fathers" put it. "We're just stubborn, really," says Ralph Thomas Campion Stonor, the seventh Lord Camoys, a title bestowed on an ancestor for valor in the Battle of Agincourt in 1415. Pope Benedict XVI will recall the years of persecution during his upcoming tour of Britain Sept. 16-19.

Hitler's Forgotten Library: The Man, His Books, and His Search for God
Timothy W. Ryback -- The Atlantic Monthly

... By the late 1930s Hitler had three separate libraries for his ever-expanding collection. At his apartment he removed a wall between two rooms and installed bookshelves. For the Berghof, his Alpine retreat near Berchtesgaden, Hitler built a second-floor study with handmade bookcases; color photographs of the finished space show an elegant setting with Oriental carpets, two globes, and bookcases fitted with glass doors and brass locks ... By his own admission, Hitler was not a big fan of novels, though he once ranked Gulliver's Travels, Robinson Crusoe, Uncle Tom's Cabin, and Don Quixote (he had a special affection for the edition illustrated by Gustave Dor�) among the world's greatest works of literature.

Forty-Two Percent of Israeli Jews Are Non-Religious

Forty-two percent of Israeli Jews identify themselves as secular or non-religious, making them the largest segment of society, according to figures released by the government [of Israel] on Monday. The Central Bureau of Statistics said another 25 percent identify themselves as "not very religious," 13 percent as "traditional," 12 percent as "religious" and eight percent as "ultra-Orthodox." It said 72 percent of respondents had been to a synagogue in the past year, 82 percent celebrated the Passover holiday and 67 percent light candles for Hanukkah. The numbers are the product of polling carried out throughout 2009 on 7,500 Jews over the age of 20, the bureau said.

German Police Raid `Neo-Nazi' Group
The Associated Press

Police on Tuesday [Sept. 7] raided buildings used by Germany's largest neo-Nazi group in an effort to find evidence to support banning it, the Interior Ministry said. The sweep targeted 30 buildings and houses across the country belonging to members of the Aid Organization for National Political Victims and their Relatives, the ministry said in a statement. It declined to say how many officers were taking part in the raids in nine of the country's 16 states. The group, known as HNG by its German acronym, is believed to have some 600 members, making it the country's largest neo-Nazi group, the ministry said.

Federal Government Deficit On Track As Second-Highest Ever
The Associated Press

The federal government is on track to record the second-highest deficit of all time with one month left in the budget year. The deficit totaled $1.26 trillion through August, the Treasury Department said yesterday. That puts it on pace to total $1.3 trillion when the budget year ends Sept. 30, slightly below last year's record $1.4 trillion deficit ... Deficits of $1 trillion in a single year had never happened until two years ago. The $1.4 trillion deficit in 2009 was more than three times the size of the previous record-holder, a $454.8 billion deficit recorded in 2008. Last year's deficit was equal to 9.9 percent of the total economy - the highest percentage in 65 years.

Why I Believe Simon Wiesenthal Was a Fraud
Guy Walters -- Daily Mail (Britain)

... In my view, Simon Wiesenthal was a liar and a fraud. In fact, I'd go so far as to say he was one of the biggest conmen of the 20th century. I spent four years working on a history of Nazi-hunting that was published last year, and the material I gathered on Wiesenthal was enough to make me scream out loud. When I started my book, I too believed that the great man was just that -- great. But when I looked at all his memoirs, biographies and original archive material, I realised that, like so many others, the image I had built up of Simon Wiesenthal was hopelessly incorrect.

Irving Defends Plans for `Nazi Travel' Tour of Poland
Daily Mail (Britain)

Controversial historian David Irving has hit back at claims his guided history tours of Polish death camps are 'sick'. Claiming that it is the Polish authorities who are 'tasteless' for their promotion of Auschwitz as a 'Disney-style' tourist site, Mr Irving defended his own trip which is fully-booked with American and British tourists. Critics have slammed the trip Mr Irving is organising to Hitler's headquarters and the notorious death camp Treblinka, referring to it as 'Nazi Travel'. However, the historian, who was convicted of Holocaust denial in Austria in 2006, has said his critics have clearly not read his books on the Second World War.

Tour of Poland May Upset Some Revisionists, Says Irving
David Irving

In response to recent criticisms of his upcoming visit to several Nazi sites in Poland, including the Treblinka death camp, David Irving says, "I shall be saying nothing anywhere which violates any laws; on the contrary, I am mildly worried I may upset the more revisionist of our guests with my statements." Popular journalistic beliefs notwithstanding, Mr Irving does not deny that many people were murdered in the Operation Reinhardt camps, of which Treblinka is the most notorious. On recent visit to Treblinka in July of 2010, he said "There can be no doubt at all that the Nazis did murder hundreds of thousands of Jews by machine gunning them into pits all along the eastern front and in the Aktion Reinhardt camps, of which this camp, Treblinka, is one."

Broke, But Building the Most Expensive School in U.S. History
The Wall Street Journal

At $578 million -- or about $140,000 per student -- the 24-acre Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools complex in mid-Wilshire [Los Angeles] is the most expensive school ever constructed in U.S. history. To put the price in context, this city's Staples sports and entertainment center cost $375 million. To put it in a more important context, the school district is currently running a $640 million deficit and has had to lay off 3,000 teachers in the last two years. It also has one of the lowest graduation rates in the country and some of the worst test scores. The K-12 complex isn't merely an overwrought paean to the nation's most celebrated liberal political family. It's a jarring reminder that money doesn't guarantee success -- though it certainly beautifies failure.

On the Nation's Paper Trail: Large-Scale Theft of Items From US National Archives
Los Angeles Times

When Paul Brachfeld took over as inspector general of the National Archives, guardian of the country's most beloved treasures, he discovered the American people were being stolen blind. The Wright brothers' 1903 Flying Machine patent application? Gone. A copy of the Dec. 8, 1941, "Day of Infamy" speech autographed by Franklin Roosevelt and tied with a purple ribbon? Gone. Target maps of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, war telegrams written by Abraham Lincoln, and a scabbard and belt given to Harry Truman? Gone, gone and gone.

In Austria, Two Years Added to Prison Sentence of `Thought Criminal' Honsik
The Associated Press

A jailed right-wing Austrian author has been found guilty of violating a prohibition on glorifying Nazi ideology and sentenced to an additional two years in prison. Gerd Honsik is already serving a four-year term, which began last year after he was found guilty of "Wiederbetaetigung" -- "re-engaging" in Nazi-era beliefs. The crime is punishable by up to 20 years in prison. The previous sentence was for articles Honsik wrote in a right-wing publication praising the Nazi era. The judgment and sentence pronounced Thursday arose from two books by him that contained similar pro-Hitler and anti Jewish sentiments.

China to Build Two Billion Dollar Railway for Iran
The Telegraph (Britain)

China is poised to sign a $2 billion deal to build a railway line in Iran in the first step of a wider plan to tie the Middle East and Central Asia to Beijing. China's railways minister, Liu Zhijun, is expected to visit Tehran this week to seal the deal, according to his Iranian counterpart, Hamid Behbahani ... China is rapidly expanding its own high-speed rail network and has unveiled plans for lines that will connect Beijing with London, both through Russia and through central Asia. China Railway Group, the largest railway construction company, has also recently revealed it has had "early stage contact" with South African companies about undertaking rail projects in South Africa.

Anti-Israel Economic Boycotts Are Gaining Speed
Haaretz (Israel)

... There's another boycott, an international one, that's gaining momentum - an economic boycott. Last week the Chilean parliament decided to adopt the boycott of Israeli products made in the settlements, at the behest of the Palestinian Authority, which imposed a boycott on such products several months ago. ... The world is changing before our eyes. Five years ago the anti-Israel movement may have been marginal. Now it is growing into an economic problem.

Puberty Age for Some Girls in US May Still be Falling
Los Angeles Times

Doctors and parents were stunned when research published more than a decade ago found American girls were beginning puberty at much younger ages, some as early as 7. A new study released Sunday suggests the average age at which puberty begins may still be falling for white and Latina girls ... By age eight, 27 percent of the girls had begun puberty: 18.3 percent of whites, 42.9 percent of blacks and 30.9 percent of Latinas ... There are numerous potential explanations for why puberty is starting earlier. Excess body weight, is thought to increase the blood levels of estrogens that promote breast development. But other studies suggest that body fat may not be the only cause.

Demjanjuk Health Issues Taking Over Trial
The Associated Press

John Demjanjuk attends most sessions of his trial in a hospital bed set up in the courtroom, wearing dark sunglasses and a hat pulled down over his face. The case of the retired Ohio autoworker accused of serving as a Nazi death camp guard -- which resumes next week after a monthlong summer break -- broke potentially precedent-setting ground when it opened last year. But it has become increasingly dominated by the 90-year-old defendant's failing health. Nazi hunters have taken keen interest in the Demjanjuk saga because it's the first time German authorities have prosecuted such a low-ranking suspect on the premise that, even without evidence of a specific crime, simply working at a death camp was enough to be an accessory to murder.

Israeli Settlement Construction Booms Despite Ban
Der Spiegel (Germany)

In Washington, the Israelis and Palestinians are discussing peace, but in the Jewish settlements in the West Bank, construction is proceeding at full speed. A legal ban is being ignored and the government is looking away. The thousands of new homes could hinder reconciliation.

America's Faltering Search for Peace in the Middle East
Amb. Chas. Freeman

... For more than four decades, Israel has been able to rely on aid from the United States to dominate its region militarily and to sustain its economic prosperity. It has counted on its leverage in American politics to block the application of international law and to protect itself from the political repercussions of its policies and actions. Unquestioning American support has enabled Israel to put the seizure of ever more land ahead of the achievement of a modus vivendi with the Palestinians or other Arabs. Neither violent resistance from the dispossessed nor objections from abroad have brought successive Israeli governments to question, let alone alter, the priority they assign to land over peace.

Informed Talks on Wartime Axis Europe Policy Highlight IHR Meeting
Institute for Historical Review

Two informed lectures on plans for the postwar era by leaders in Germany and other Axis nations during World War II, and their vision of a prosperous European community, highlighted the IHR meeting on July 31, 2010. Adrian Davies, an English attorney and lecturer, and Mark Weber, historian and director of the IHR, presented views on how Europe might have developed if the Soviet Union had been vanquished in 1941 or 1942, and British leaders had made peace with Germany ... An Axis-dominated Pax Europa, Weber suggested, would have been economically prosperous, socially progressive, politically stable, and technologically advanced.

David Irving Tour of Wartime Sites in Poland Prompts Criticism
The Telegraph (Britain)

David Irving, the controversial historian, has outraged war veterans and survivors' groups with a tour of sites related to the Nazi occupation of Poland. Irving will be shadowed by the Polish secret service as he takes a week-long guided trip round various sites related to the German occupation of Poland, including a trip to the notorious SS-run camp Treblinka, where more than 800,000 Jews died between 1942 and 1943. The 1,500 pound-a-head tour, organised by Irving's Focal Point Publications website, will also visit Heinrich Himmler's bunker in Hochward as well as Adolf Hitler's Wolf's Lair headquarters in Ketrzyn, as well as a series of lectures, and screening of the German film Downfall, about the last days of Hitler, featuring commentary by Irving.

European Trade Chief Accused of Anti-Semitism
The New York Times

The European Union's chief trade negotiator was accused on Friday of "outrageous anti-Semitism" after comments made in an interview about Israel's role in Middle East peace talks. Karel De Gucht, the European commissioner for trade, told a radio station in his native Belgium that the "average Jew" had a belief that they are right, which was "difficult to counter with rational arguments." ... Mr. De Gucht also said the Jewish community wielded its influence in the United States. "Don't underestimate the power of the Jewish lobby on Capitol Hill," he added. "That is the best organized lobby; you shouldn't underestimate the grip it has on American politics -- no matter whether it's Republicans or Democrats."

German Banker Earns Popular Support for Controversial Book on Immigration

Politicians have rushed to condemn a board member of the German central bank for a new book tackling immigration, but his views have found considerable support among the population at large. Thilo Sarrazin's book "is not convincing, but it has convinced many people," said the influential Spiegel magazine, which this week has the Bundesbank executive on its cover, calling him a "people's hero." His publisher is rushing to print more copies of "Germany Does Itself In" to meet demand ... In the book, Sarrazin says Europe's top economy is being undermined, overwhelmed and made "more stupid" by poorly educated, fast-breeding, badly integrated and unproductive Muslim immigrants and their offspring.

Thomas Mann's War-Time Radio Speeches and the Genesis of the Mass Gassing Allegations
Thomas Kues - Inconvenient History

... From 1940 to the end of the war Mann recorded a number of speeches in German which were sent to the BBC and broadcasted from London in order to reach German radio listeners ... As Mann proceeded to declare, the reports on mass killings of Jews were not simply "stories", but history in the making.[30] This is highly ironic, considering that most of the supposedly authentic and reliable reports on mass killings relayed by Mann to his listeners have been quietly thrown down the memory hole. The speeches made by Mann during the war years are actually mythology in the making, and reading them gives us more insight into how and when the mass gassing allegations arose and provides us with leads to follow up in future research into this issue.

Dresden Mayor Against Memorial to World War II British Bombers
The Telegraph (Britain)

The mayor of the German city of Dresden has flown into London under pressure from fellow politicians to try to get a planned memorial to Second World War bomber crews scrapped. Helma Orosz, 57, is officially in Britain to open an exhibition on the bombing of London, her city and that of its twin, Coventry, during the war. She is under pressure however to get the memorial, which is to recognise the courage of RAF bomber crews, scrapped. The East German city of Dresden was turned into rubble over two days nights in February 1945 by British and American bombers. Some 25,000 people, mostly women and children, died in savage firestorms whipped up by the intense heat of 2,400 tons of high explosive and 1,500 tons of incendiary bombs. The raid was controversial because the war was almost over and Dresden had no strategic value as a military target.

World War Two Era Mass Grave Discovered in Slovenia
The Associated Press

The bodies of about 700 people killed in the wake of World War II have been discovered in a mass grave in Slovenia, 65 years after they were herded into the woods and slain by antifascists seeking revenge on Nazi collaborators, an official said Tuesday. Marko Strovs, who heads the government's commission for exhuming mass graves, told The Associated Press that researchers examined a pit in a forest near the town of Prevalje in the country's northeast last week and found the remains. "Based on what we've heard from local people and what we've seen so far, there could be about 700 bodies buried inside," Strovs said. Thousands of Nazi collaborators were executed by communist-backed antifascists after the war; in many cases, victims also included innocent civilians.

Orange County is No Longer Nixon Country
The New York Times

... It was the latest sign of the demographic, ethnic and political changes that are transforming the county and challenging long-held views of a region whose colorful -- its detractors might suggest zany -- reputation extends well beyond the borders of this state. At the end of 2009, nearly 45 percent of the county's residents spoke a language other than English at home, according to county officials. Whites now make up only 45 percent of the population; this county is teeming with Hispanics, as well as Vietnamese, Korean and Chinese families. Its percentage of foreign-born residents jumped to 30 percent in 2008 from 6 percent in 1970, and visits to some of its corners can feel like a trip to a foreign land.

Third World America: 'Fast-Tracking to Anarchy'
Janet Tavakoli

... Among the future consequences of not fixing our national problems will likely be an increase in social unrest and an increase in crime. A look at Chicago's problems may serve as a call to action for America's middle class. Chicago's city budget is in dire straits. That's also true of the state of Illinois, California, New York and other areas. In Chicago, the same mismanagement that deepened our fiscal crisis has caused a crisis in essential city services ... Thugs, gangs and renegade groups run the streets and neighborhoods, intimidating and victimizing the decent citizens of this city. They go mostly unchallenged and unchecked by a totally demoralized police force that is dangerously understaffed and still out-gunned on the streets.

America's Little Wars are Draining Us in a Big Way
Georgie Anne Geyer

... In Iraq and Afghanistan, it was the inner group of neocons, originally leftist Trotskyites who then switched to the right, bringing their war propensities with them, when they saw the left turning against Israel. They are still very much around in the right wing of the Republican Party, and they are always the people to watch ... The bigger question we now face is whether the American people really want 800 American bases all over the world "projecting power," and whether we want to invade other countries and bring back body bags instead of rebuilding our bridges and highways and ports.

We Owe The Troops An Exit
Bob Herbert -- The New York Times

... In addition to the terrible physical toll, the ultimate economic costs of these two wars, as the Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz and his colleague Linda Bilmes have pointed out, will run to more than $3 trillion. I get a headache when I hear supporters of this endless warfare complaining about the federal budget deficits. They're like arsonists complaining about the smell of smoke in the neighborhood. There is no silver lining to this nearly decade-old war in Afghanistan. Poll after poll has shown that it no longer has the support of most Americans. And yet we fight on, feeding troops into the meat-grinder year after tragic year -- to what end?

'I Did Nothing Wrong': German Gulag Prisoners Recall Their Postwar Ordeal
Der Spiegel (Germany)

Thousands of Germans, including teenagers, were forced to toil in Stalin's labor camps after World War II. When they were finally released, their country had been divided into east and west. Karl Heinz Vogeley and Lothar Scholz recall how no one was interested in their fate when they returned ... Between 15 million and 18 million people were imprisoned in Soviet gulags between the mid 1920s and the beginning of the 1950s.

German War Dead Find Final Resting Place in Czech Soil

The remains of 5,600 Wehrmacht soldiers and ethnic Germans who died on Czech territory during and shortly after World War II now have a final resting place there. The place is the town of Cheb, known in German as Eger, in the Sudetenland region near the Bavarian border. The new war cemetery, the largest and last burial site for German war dead on Czech territory, will be officially opened on September 11, some 65 years after the war. Hundreds of plain granite crosses mark the graves. The people buried in them include 473 civilians who died either in internment camps or during the expulsion of ethnic Germans after the war.

Jewish Moral Deception, Free Speech, and the Israel Lobby
Prof. Kevin MacDonald - Video

Dr. MacDonald explains how Jewish intellectuals promote policies to advance Jewish group interests while deceitfully justifying them on the basis of "universal values" and humanitarian principles that appeal to non-Jews. This video presentation, made by James Williams, lasts 4:53 mins. As part of what psychology professor MacDonald calls a "group evolutionary strategy," Jews frame polices that are good for Jews as beneficial for everyone. These policies include: Mass immigration and multiculturalism for the US and Europe, but not for Israel, which are justified on "humanitarian" grounds; and, Wars waged by the US against Israel's enemies, which are justified as promoting "freedom" and "democracy."

What's The Difference Between President Ahmadinejad And Rabbi Yosef?
Alan Hart

Short answer. Iran's President Ahmadinejad did NOT call for Israeli Jews to be annihilated. Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the spiritual leader of Israel's Shas party, HAS called, more than once, for the Palestinians (and, in fact, all Arabs) to be exterminated. As reported by the mainstream Western media, Ahmadinejad called for Israel to be "wiped off the map". What that meant, it was asserted, was the destruction, the driving into the sea, of Israel's Jews. What Ahmadinejad actually called for was the de-Zionization of Palestine. His actual words were to the effect that he wanted the Zionist state to disappear as the Soviet Union had done.

Red and Green: Israel and the World
Uri Avnery (Israel)

... But the belief that "the whole world is against us" is rooted deep in our national psyche. It enables us to ignore the world reaction to our behavior. It is very convenient. If the entire world hates us anyhow, the nature of our deeds, good or bad, doesn't really matter. They would hate Israel even if we were angels. The goyim are just anti-Semitic ... One could answer that since Israel demands special treatment in all other matters, we are measured by special standards when it comes to the occupation and the settlements. But logic doesn't matter. It's the national myths that count.

London in the Blitz: How Crime Flourished Under Cover of the Blackout
The Observer / The Guardian (Britain)

The first people to be liberated by Britain in the Second World War were our own criminals. As the declaration of hostilities was announced in 1939, the gates of the country's prisons swung open for any inmate with less than three months left to serve and all the Borstal boys who had completed six months. Next month sees the 70th anniversary of the start of the blitz and there will be, quite rightly, many celebrations of the courage and stoicism displayed during it. What may receive less publicity are the activities of those who took advantage of the confusion to make their criminal fortunes because, as most of the nation pulled together to help each other, others were very busily helping themselves.

A Trillion-Dollar Catastrophe: The Iraq War
Simon Jenkins -- The Guardian (Britain)

Today the Iraq war was declared over by Barack Obama. As his troops return home, Iraqis are marginally freer than in 2003, and considerably less secure. Two million remain abroad as refugees from seven years of anarchy, with another two million internally displaced. Ironically, almost all Iraqi Christians have had to flee. Under western rule, production of oil - Iraq's staple product - is still below its pre-invasion level, and homes enjoy fewer hours of electricity. This is dreadful. Some 100,000 civilians are estimated to have lost their lives from occupation-related violence ... The Iraq war will be seen by history as a catastrophe that did more than anything else to alienate Atlantic powers from the rest of the world and disqualify them as global policemen.

The Iraq War in Figures
BBC News

The US formally ends its combat operations in Iraq at the end of August, marking a new phase in the seven-year conflict which has cost billions of dollars and many thousands of lives ... The respected and non-partisan Congressional Research Service estimates that the US will have spent almost $802 billion on funding the war by the end of fiscal year 2011, with $747.6 billion already appropriated. However, Nobel laureate economist Joseph Stiglitz and Harvard's Linda Bilmes put the true cost at $3 trillion once additional impacts on the US budget and economy are taken into account.

Making Soldiers Fit to Fight, Without the Situps
The New York Times

... This year, a group of retired generals and admirals released a report titled "Too Fat to Fight." "Between 1995 and 2008, the proportion of potential recruits who failed their physicals each year because they were overweight rose nearly 70 percent," the report concluded. Though the Army screens out the seriously obese and completely unfit, it is still finding that many of the recruits who reach basic training have less strength and endurance than privates past. It is the legacy of junk food and video games, compounded by a reduction in gym classes in many high schools, Army officials assert.

America's Culture of Overwork: Comparing US and German Workers
Alex Jung --

... Compared to our German cousins across the pond, we work 1,804 hours versus their 1,436 hours - the equivalent of nine extra 40-hour workweeks per year. The Protestant work ethic may have begun in Germany, but it has since evolved to become the American way of life ... European social democracy - particularly Germany's - offers some tantalizing solutions to our overworked age. In comparison to the U.S., the Germans live in a socialist idyll. They have six weeks of federally mandated vacation, free university tuition, nursing care, and childcare.

Wiesenthal Worked for Israeli Spy Agency, Says Israeli Historian
The New York Times

Simon Wiesenthal, a Holocaust survivor who gained worldwide fame for decades as a one-man Nazi-hunting operation, was in fact frequently on the payroll of the Mossad, Israel's spy agency, a new biography asserts. The assertion, based on numerous documents and interviews with three people said to be Mr. Wiesenthal's Mossad handlers, punctures not only a widely held belief about how he operated; it also suggests a need to re-evaluate the standard view that the Israeli government took no interest in tracking down Nazis until the 1960 capture in Argentina of Adolf Eichmann, and little thereafter.

Simon Wiesenthal: Fraudulent `Nazi Hunter'
Mark Weber

... Wiesenthal's reputation as a moral authority is undeserved. The man whom The Washington Post has called the "Holocaust's Avenging Angel" has a little known but well-documented record of reckless disregard for truth. He has lied about his own wartime experiences, misrepresented his postwar "Nazi-hunting" achievements, and has spread vile falsehoods about alleged German atrocities

French Teacher Suspended For Holocaust `Brain-Washing'

A Jewish French history teacher said Tuesday that she had been suspended for spending too much time teaching her pupils about the Holocaust and for organising trips to former Nazi death camps. A lawyer acting for Catherine Pederzoli, a 58-year-old secondary teacher in the eastern town of Nancy, said her client had been accused by administrators of teaching the World War II massacres with insufficient "neutrality". ... The report, compiled last month, alleged the teacher took up too much time preparing pupils for annual school trips to Poland and the Czech Republic to visit sites like the Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp. A copy of the report, seen by AFP, accuses Pederzoli of "lacking distance, neutrality and secularism" in teaching the Holocaust and of manipulating her charges through a process of "brain-washing".

The `Beatification' of Anne Frank
Anne Karpf -- The Guardian (Britain)

... From the spring of 1944 onwards Anne rewrote her diary as she updated it, to turn it into a more eloquent piece of writing. After the war her father, Otto Frank, drew on versions A (the original) and B (Anne's revision) to produce C - the standard edition, until both the critical edition (1989) and the definitive edition (1995) supplemented C with hitherto omitted passages from A and B. ... Her posthumous beatification - the remaining few frames of film of her have almost the status of a relic - rests mostly on those lines in her diary about still believing that people are good at heart. (The ones about people's innate "urge to destroy . . . to kill . . . murder and rage" have curiously never found equal fame.)

Samuel Konkin: An Influential Libertarian and Revisionist

Samuel Edward Konkin III (1947-2004) was an influential libertarian writer, publisher and activist. ... In keeping with his outlook, he fervently opposed US military interventionism in foreign countries, and all forms of state collectivism. He was an ardent defender of free speech and free intellectual inquiry. He was a good friend of the Institute for Historical Review. He addressed the Third IHR conference (1981), contributed to the IHR's Journal of Historical Review, and for years was a member of the IHR Journal's Editorial Advisory Committee.

Military Spending: Start Cutting Overseas
B. Friedman and C. Preble -- Los Angeles Times

... The truth is that the U.S. no longer has a "defense" budget. The adjective is wrong. Our military forces' size long ago ceased to have any meaningful attachment to the requirements of protecting Americans ... Our military spending is nearly equal to half the world's, and our allies spend most of the other half. Russia, China, North Korea, Syria and Iran collectively spend about a fourth of what we do on defense, according to statistics compiled by the International Institute for Strategic Studies. Even if we cut our military in half, it would still be far bigger than that of any conceivable rival ... Our deficit problem is an opportunity to surrender the pretension that we are the world's indispensable nation, preventing instability, shaping the international system and guiding history.

More US Schools `Infested' With Drugs, New Teen Survey Shows

Millions of U.S. teens attend "drug-infested schools" where students routinely see drugs used, sold or kept on schools grounds, according to a national survey of attitudes on substance abuse released on Thursday. Thirty-one percent of high school students -- more than four million -- see drug dealing, illegal drug use or students high or drunk at least once a week on their school grounds, said the annual survey by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) at Columbia University ... Since 2002, the proportion of students who attend schools where drugs are used, kept or sold soared 39 percent for high school students and 63 percent for those in middle school.

Prominent Israeli Rabbi Calls For Death To Palestinians

An influential Israeli rabbi has said God should strike the Palestinians and their leader with a plague, calling for their death in a fiery sermon before Middle East peace talks set to begin next week. "Abu Mazen and all these evil people should perish from this earth," Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, spiritual head of the religious Shas party in Israel's government, said in a sermon late Saturday, using Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' popular name. "God should strike them and these Palestinians -- evil haters of Israel -- with a plague," the 89-year-old rabbi said in his weekly address to the faithful, excerpts of which were broadcast on Israeli radio Sunday.

German Banker's Remarks on Jews and Muslims Spark Outrage
Daily Mail (Britain)

A leading member of Germany's central bank has caused outrage by claiming that Jews are identified by a particular gene. Thilo Sarrazin, who is on the board of the the Bundesbank in Frankfurt, said in a newspaper interview: 'All Jews share a certain gene. Basques (Spanish separatists) have particular genes, that distinguishes them from others.' ... In the book he claims the country is on the road to ruin because of the influx of immigrants from the Middle East which would overwhelm the indigenous population and create a nation of 'dunces'. In particular he singles out Muslims for failing to integrate and having low IQs. This influx, he claims, has been going on virtually since the war while the birthrate of native Germans has been steadily falling.

World War Two West Coast Camps for Japanese-Americans
Mark Weber -- Institute for Historical Review

In the months following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, many [Americans] expected an immediate attack against the West Coast. Fear gripped the country and a wave of hysterical antipathy against the Japanese engulfed the Pacific Coast ... The Japanese were sent to concentration camps not by a group of West Coast racists seeking economic advantage, but by a popular and powerful government run by democratic liberals. At the top of the list of those responsible for not only authorizing the program, but also for keeping it in operation was President Franklin Roosevelt.

On the Way Down: The Erosion of America's Middle Class
Der Spiegel (Germany)

While America's super-rich congratulate themselves on donating billions to charity, the rest of the country is worse off than ever. Long-term unemployment is rising and millions of Americans are struggling to survive. The gap between rich and poor is wider than ever and the middle class is disappearing. ... Even more unsettling is the fact that America, which has always been characterized by its unshakable belief in the American Dream, and in the conviction that anyone, even those at the very bottom, can rise to the top, is beginning to lose its famous optimism. According to recent figures, a significant minority of US citizens now believe that their children will be worse off than they are.

Hateful Images of Germans and Japanese in 1950s British Comics
Robert Fisk -- The Independent (Britain)

.... Only now, 12 years after her death, have I found the box in my garage, containing dozens of volumes published by the Amalgamated Press (now IPC), in which a generation of schoolboys learned that Germans and Japanese were subhumans, and that we, the Brits - and occasionally Frenchmen and Americans, even Soviets - were fighting courageously against these "hordes" ... At their most racist, the comics cover the Allied-Japanese war. "The Emperor ... has ordered us to show these low-natured curs ... that we are the sons of Japan," a Jap says of the Brits in Malaya. But fear not, a plucky Tommy is there to "mow down the oncoming Japs" while screaming: "Come and get it you grinning little monkeys."

Britain Carried Out Cold War Assassinations, Says Former Agent Le Carre

Britain carried out assassinations during the Cold War, novelist and former secret agent John le Carre told The Sunday Telegraph newspaper. The espionage writer worked for Britain's domestic and external intelligence agencies during the 1950s and 1960s. "Certainly we did very bad things. We did a lot of direct action. Assassinations, at arm's length. Although I was never involved," said the 79-year-old, whose real name is David Cornwell. He drew a distinction between Western spy agencies and their Soviet bloc counterparts in the way they went about it. The novelist, who worked in Berlin in his Cold War days, denied that both sides were as bad each other.

French State Rail Company To Open Wartime Files, Bowing to Pressure
The Telegraph (Britain)

France's state rail operator, SNCF, has pledged to open its wartime archives to the state of California to prove it has "nothing to hide" over transporting French Jews to Nazi death camps. The pledge came a week after California passed legislation making full disclosure on involvement in taking people to work, concentration, prisoner of war, or extermination camps between January 1942 and December 1944 a requirement for bidding to build a high-speed railway in the state. Under the Holocaust Survivor Responsibility Act details of any reparations paid must also be disclosed. The new legislation is specifically aimed at SNCF, which is making a joint bid with French construction firm Alstom to build a $45 billion high speed link between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

British Pilots Relied on German Sea Rescue Service During World War II
The Telegraph (Britain)

RAF [British air force] pilots shot down over the Channel during the Battle of Britain had to rely on German search and rescue services to save them from drowning, new research has unveiled. The problem became so severe that British aircraft were ordered to try to avoid travelling over the sea because too many being drowned, it has emerged. Amid the 70th anniversary commemorations this summer it can be disclosed that at least 200 pilots died "needlessly" in 1940 after bailing out over water. Once they hit the water there was very little chance of survival with only the occasional flier being picked up by a passing destroyer or fishing boat.

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