March 2010
Most Russians Believe US Bent on World Domination
Agence France Presse

Almost three-quarters of Russians believe the United States is an "aggressor" nation hell-bent on world domination, a poll suggests. The survey by the independent Levada Center polling agency found that 73 percent of respondents agreed that the US was "an aggressor trying to take control" of all countries in the world. Only eight per cent agreed that the US was "a defender of peace, democracy and order," while 19 per cent said they were undecided. The poll's margin of error was 3.4 per cent. The poll, which surveyed 1600 people, showed Russians' attitudes to the US barely changed over the last seven years

Historians Speak Out Against Proposed Texas Social Studies Curriculum
The Washington Post

Historians criticized proposed revisions to the Texas social studies curriculum Tuesday, saying that many of the changes are historically inaccurate and that they would affect textbooks and classrooms far beyond the state's borders. The changes, which were preliminarily approved last week by the Texas board of education and are expected to be given final approval in May, will reach deeply into Texas history classrooms, defining what textbooks must include and what teachers must cover. The curriculum downplays the role of Thomas Jefferson among the founding fathers, questions the separation of church and state and says that the U.S. government was infiltrated by communists during the Cold War.

The Liberation of the Camps: Facts vs. Lies
Theodore J. O'Keefe -- Institute for Historical Review

Nothing has been more effective in establishing the authenticity of the Holocaust story in the minds of Americans than the terrible scenes US troops discovered when they entered German concentration camps at the close of World War II. At Dachau, Buchenwald, Dora, Mauthausen, and other work and detention camps, horrified US infantrymen encountered heaps of dead and dying inmates, emaciated and diseased ... But it is known today that, very soon after the liberation of the camps, American authorities were aware that the real story of the camps was quite different from the one in which they were coaching military public information officers, government spokesmen, politicians, journalists, and other mouthpieces.

US Government Denounces `New Forms' of Anti-Jewish Sentiment
Agence France Presse

The United States Thursday denounced "new forms" of anti-Semitism, saying criticism of Israel and Zionism had led to a rise of anti-Jewish sentiment around the world in 2009. "Traditional and new forms of anti-Semitism continued to arise, and a spike in such activity followed the Gaza conflict in the winter of 2008-2009," the State Department said in an annual report. "Often despite official efforts to combat the problem, societal anti-Semitism persisted across Europe, South America , and beyond and manifested itself in classic forms," it said.

China to Connect Its High Speed Rail System to Europe
Inhabitat ( New York )

China already has the most advanced and extensive high speed rail line in the world, and soon that network will be connected all the way to Europe and the UK . With initial negotiations and surveys already complete, China is now making plans to connect its high speed rail line through 17 other countries in Asia and Eastern Europe in order to connect to the existing infrastructure in the European Union. Additional rail lines will also be built into South East Asia as well as Russia , in what will likely become the largest infrastructure project in history. China hopes to complete this massive infrastructure project within ten years, which will include three major rail lines running at speeds of 320 km/hour.

Obesity: The Killer Combination of Salt, Fat And Sugar
The Guardian ( Britain )

Our favourite foods are making us fat, yet we can't resist, because eating them is changing our minds as well as bodies / ... The food industry creates dishes to hit what he called the "three points of the compass". Sugar, fat and salt make a food compelling. They stimulate neurons, cells that trigger the brain's reward system and release dopamine, a chemical that motivates our behaviour and makes us want to eat more. Many of us have what's called a "bliss point", at which we get the greatest pleasure from sugar, fat or salt. Combined in the right way, they make a product indulgent, high in "hedonic value".

French Children of World War II German Soldiers Seek German Nationality
Deutsche Welle ( Germany )

Their mothers were French, their fathers were German soldiers in Nazi-occupied France . Some 200,000 children endured scorn and often hid their father's identity. Now some have begun applying for German citizenship. More than 200,000 children fathered by German soldiers were raised by their French mothers after the Nazi occupation of France during World War II, according to Paris historian Fabrice Vergili. The author of the book "Naitre ennemi" (Born an Enemy) also estimates that 20,000 French women were hounded through streets and brutally given short haircuts by their French compatriots, who accused them of "horizontal collaboration" with the Nazis.

Samuel Eliot Morison And America's Displaced Protestant Establishment
Steve Sailer

As I've been rereading Professor Admiral Samuel Eliot Morison's three-volume Oxford History of the American People from 1964, I've been thinking about the old Protestant Establishment ... To Morison, American liberalism was invented by his ancestors, the descendants of the Puritans. As he made clear in his Oxford History, rudimentary versions of most American progressive movements, including civil rights for blacks, feminism, and the rudiments of the ideology of environmentalism. were up and running in the greater Boston area by the 1840s. In other words, American liberalism was invented by the oldest and most socially respectable hereditary elite in the country's least ethnically diverse region, and imposed from the top down.

Despite Row , U.S. and Israel Sign Massive Arms Deal
Haaretz ( Israel )

As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was in Washington this week absorbing the full wrath of the Obama administration, the Pentagon and Israel 's defense establishment were in the process of sealing a large arms deal. According to the deal, Israel will purchase three new Hercules C-130J airplanes. The deal for the three aircrafts, designed by Lockheed Martin, is worth roughly a quarter billion dollars. Each aircraft costs $70 million. The aircrafts were manufactured specifically for Israeli needs, and include a large number of systems produced by Israel 's defense industry. The deal will be covered by American foreign assistance funds.

US Backs Israel at UN Human Rights Council
The Jerusalem Post ( Israel )

The US was the only country at the United Nations Human Rights Council to vote against all three anti-Israel resolutions, which were approved Wednesday in Geneva . It was also the only country to oppose a UNHRC resolution in support of the Palestinian right to self determination. In the last weeks America 's relationship with Israel has been strained. But in Geneva , the US took the council to task for its treatment of Israel .

Britain Expels Israeli Diplomat Over Dubai Killing
The Associated Press

Britain took the extraordinary step Tuesday of expelling an Israeli diplomat for the first time in more than 20 years, after concluding there was compelling evidence that Israel was responsible for the use of forged British passports in the plot to slay a senior Hamas operative in Dubai . British Foreign Secretary David Miliband said trust between the two countries had been badly dented, demanded formal assurances it never happen again and -- in an unusual step -- issued travel advice to U.K. citizens warning their identity details may be at risk if they visit Israel.

Britain Expels Mossad Agent Over Forged Passport Plot
The Guardian ( Britain )

Britain expelled a senior Mossad official at the Israeli embassy today after directly accusing Israel of forging British passports used by a hit squad in Dubai . The blunt allegation, coupled with parallel investigations by other European countries into possible transgressions by the Mossad, seemed certain to deepen Israel 's isolation at a critical moment.

Nationalism in Europe Today
Tom Sunic - Institute for Historical Review - Audio

People of European descent and heritage should reject imposed feelings of guilt fostered by the mainstream media, says Dr. Sunic in this thoughtful address at an IHR meeting, March 6, 2010. Tomislav Sunic, who has served as a professor of political science in the US, and as a Croatian diplomat, says that the prevailing social-political order is not as strong or as solid as it pretends to be, or as most people assume, he says, and suggests that, under the right conditions, nationalist sentiments could awaken quickly.

Himmler's SS Castle Opens to Public With Large Exhibition
Daily Mail ( Britain )

An eight million pound exhibition chronicling the empire of the SS within the Nazi state opens next month in Germany at the Renaissance castle that was once its spiritual home. Organisers of the exhibition say its principal aim is educational rather than glorifying the regime ... Wewelsburg Castle , funded by a foundation and by the North Rhine-Westphalia government, opens to visitors on April 15. It is where SS leader Heinrich Himmler brought together his senior officers. He even installed a round table, coats of arms for his SS 'knights' and pagan ceremonies exalting his movement above all other world religions.

Jewish Concerns Over `Holocaust Dilution' in Eastern Europe
The Jerusalem Post ( Israel)

A gathering of academics, Jewish activists and locals here [in Riga , Latvia ] on Sunday and Monday seeks to begin an broad, international effort to combat "the dilution of the Holocaust." Throughout Eastern Europe, from Ukraine to Lithuania, a "new historiography" has sprouted that attempts to equate the Nazi genocide of Jews with the crimes committed in their countries by the Soviet Union, according to conference attendees ... The "white-washing" of such pro-Nazi groups, together with a new focus on the suffering inflicted by the Soviet regime, "amounts to the dilution of the Holocaust," Greenberg says. "We cannot accept a historiography where there were 'many holocausts'," he adds.

Lunch With George Will: How An Influential Journalist Twists the Truth
Mark Weber (1993)

... Will's rigid bias with regard to the Holocaust story and Israel is no secret. Even William Buckley, himself a staunch friend of Israel and Zionist interests, has taken note of what he calls Will's "perverse" partisanship with regard to these matters. With regard to the Holocaust issue, wrote the founder of National Review magazine, "Will is losing sight of rather a lot of things." Buckley took exception to a reference by Will to the " Vatican 's contemptible behavior toward the Holocaust." ... The self-righteous and almost reverential way he writes about "the Holocaust" is not merely fashionable these days, it is all but obligatory -- particularly for a successful commentator on current affairs.

Secretary Clinton Re-Affirms US Support for Israel After Row
BBC News

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has dismissed the idea that US-Israeli relations are in crisis amid a row over Jewish settlers in Arab East Jerusalem. She said the two nations had a "close, unshakeable bond" but made clear the US wanted both Israel and the Palestinians to prove their commitment to peace. Earlier, US envoy George Mitchell postponed a planned visit to Israel . Heightened tensions in Jerusalem have led to violent clashes between hundreds of Palestinians and Israeli police. Israeli police said about 60 Palestinians had been arrested and medical officials said a number of people had been injured.

German Prisoners Used in Britain After the End of World War II
BBC News

English Sporting icons don't come much bigger than Wembley Stadium but few realise that it owes some of its splendour to the labour of German prisoners of war .The news, which follows an investigation by BBC Radio 4's Document programme, may come as a shock to many England fans who view Germany as their fiercest sporting rivals ... Questions were raised in the House of Commons about why the men were still in captivity. Some argued that Britain was in breach of the Geneva Convention for not releasing the POWs as soon as fighting had finished. The government denied the charge. It claimed that the convention did not apply because no actual peace deal had been signed with Germany which had surrendered unconditionally.

Turkey Threatens to Expel 100,000 Armenians Over `Genocide' Row
The Telegraph ( Britain )

Turkey has threatened to expel 100,000 Armenians from the country in response to the US branding the First World War killings of Armenians by Ottoman Turks as "genocide". Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish prime minister, said the position of the immigrants, many of whom have lived there as refugees for a generation, was being reviewed in the wake of the row ... "There are currently 170,000 Armenians living in our country. Only 70,000 of them are Turkish citizens, but we are tolerating the remaining 100,000," said Mr Erdogan. "If necessary, I may have to tell these 100,000 to go back to their country because they are not my citizens. I don't have to keep them in my country."

Up to 25,000 Died in 1945 Dresden Firebombing, Says German Historians' Report
BBC News

Up to 25,000 people died in the Allied bombing of Dresden during World War II, fewer than often estimated, an official German report has concluded. The Dresden Historians' Commission published its report after five years of research into the February 13-15, 1945 air raid by Britain and the US . The study was aimed at ending an ongoing debate on the number of casualties in the German city.

The Dresden Holocaust
David Irving

Perspective, background and commentary on the Allied fire-bombing of Dresden , February 1945, compiled by British historian David Irving. Evidence that the death toll was much larger than the latest "official" figure of about 25,000.

Anti-Semitism In China ?: Book on Jewish Global Wealth Is Best Seller
Ynet News ( Israel )

Who's to blame for the current global financial crisis? According to a bestselling book in China , which is leading the sales charts in the country, the answer is clear: The Jews. In the eyes of most Chinese, Jewish people are considered "smart," "rich" and "good at making money." ... Estimates put sales of "Currency War" well over a million, not including hundreds of thousands of illegal copies that can also be downloaded off the net.

Brazil's President in Israel Refuses Visit to Herzl's Grave
JTA ( New York )

Brazil 's president said he would not visit the grave of Theodor Herzl during his first official visit to Israel . President Luiz Ignacio Lula da Silva, who arrived in Israel on Sunday, refused to visit Herzl's grave, which is part of the itinerary for visiting foreign officials this year in honor of the 150th anniversary of the father of Zionism. The Brazilian president is reportedly scheduled to visit the grave of Yasir Arafat during a visit to Ramallah. "It is an insult to Israel 's citizens and to Zionist communities around the world," World Zionist Organization head Hagai Merom said Monday.

Book Burning in Ukraine Stokes Controversy About History
Voice of America ( USA )

Russian nationalists in Crimea have burned Ukrainian history textbooks to protest what they say are distortions of the past by the administration of former President Viktor Yushchenko ... Dubovik says his group burned literature that promoted fascism in Ukraine , and they will continue to burn and trample it. He condemns the books, saying they separate people and destroy the mutual love between Russians and Ukrainians. Dubovik adds that perhaps even toilet paper will be made out of the books. He acknowledges the chosen method may be harsh, but thinks it is the right one.

Young Adult Americans Anxious About Future, Finances
The Associated Press

Young adults are financially anxious, worried that they can't meet their educational, housing and health care needs, according to a new poll that exposes a growing pessimism about achieving the American Dream. The poll by Harvard's Institute of Politics found that six out of ten of those surveyed worry they may not meet their current bills and obligations. Nearly half of those attending college wonder whether they will be able to afford to stay in school. And more than eight out of 10 said they expect difficulty finding a job after graduation. Fewer than half said they believe they will be better off than their parents when they reach their parents' age.

New Round of Foreclosures Threatens Housing Market
The Washington Post

The housing market is facing swelling ranks of homeowners who are seriously delinquent but have yet to lose their homes, and this is threatening a new wave of foreclosures that could hit just as the real estate market has begun to stabilize. About five million to seven million properties are potentially eligible for foreclosure but have not yet been repossessed and put up for sale.

Israel First?
Joe Klein - Time

The America-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) has done a very unwise thing: It has issued a statement criticizing the Obama Administration, rather than Israel, for its reaction to the Netanyahu government's recent announcement of more illegal settlement blocks in East Jerusalem ... I can't remember another ethnic or religious lobbying group publicly siding with a foreign country against the President of the United States ... Once again, every U.S. President since Richard Nixon has called for a freeze of settlements being built in Palestinian areas, including East Jerusalem, conquered by Israel in 1967. AIPAC stands, with Israel, against every one of those Presidents.

Japan Confirms Cold War-Era Secret Pacts with US
The Associated Press

Japan confirmed Tuesday secret Cold War-era pacts with Washington that tacitly allowed nuclear warships in Japanese ports in violation of a hallowed postwar principle, effectively acknowledging that previous governments had lied about them for decades. While the move was welcomed as a step toward greater government transparency, atomic bomb survivors expressed disgust that officials kept such agreements hidden for dozens of years.

The Boer War Remembered
Mark Weber

The Anglo-Boer War of 1899-1902 was more than the first major military clash of the 20th century. Pitting as it did the might of the globe-girdling British Empire, backed by international finance, against a small pioneering nation of independent-minded farmers, ranchers and merchants in southern Africa who lived by the Bible and the rifle, its legacy continues to resonate today. The Boers' recourse to irregular warfare, and Britain's response in herding a hundred thousand women and children into concentration camps foreshadowed the horrors of guerilla warfare and mass detention of innocents that have become emblematic of the 20th century.

`Lost' Shakespeare Play is Published
BBC News

A play which was first discovered nearly 300 years ago has been credited to William Shakespeare. The work, titled Double Falsehood, was written by the playwright and another dramatist, John Fletcher. Theatre impresario Lewis Theobald presented the play in the 18th century as an adaptation of a Shakespeare play but it was dismissed as a forgery. But scholars for British Shakespeare publisher, Arden, now believe the Bard wrote large parts of the play. Researchers think the play is based on a long-lost work called Cardenio, which was itself based on Don Quixote. "I think Shakespeare's hand can be discerned in Act One, Act Two and probably the first two scenes in Act Three of the play," Professor Brean Hammond told the BBC's World Service.

Minority Babies in US To Be in Majority
The Associated Press

Minorities make up nearly half the children born in the U.S., part of a historic trend in which minorities are expected to become the U.S. majority over the next 40 years. In fact, demographers say this year could be the "tipping point" when the number of babies born to minorities outnumbers that of babies born to whites ... The numbers highlight the nation's growing racial and age divide, seen in pockets of communities across the U.S., which could heighten tensions in current policy debates from immigration reform and education to health care and Social Security.

General Petraeus Warns: Israel Is Jeopardizing US Security Interests
Democracy Now

Veteran military and foreign affairs analyst and author Mark Perry reports that CENTCOM commander General David Petraeus dispatched a team of senior military officers in January to brief Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Admiral Michael Mullen on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Perry reports that the briefers told Mullen that "Israeli intransigence on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was jeopardizing US standing in the region." Transcript and video.

The Rogue Nation
Philip Giraldi

...Three strikes and you're out, Mr. Obama. Your government stands for preemptive killing and missile strikes on people living in countries with which America is not at war, lets torturers and torture enablers go free, and has asserted the right to assassinate its own citizens anywhere in the world based on secret evidence. Ronald Reagan once described his vision of America as a shining city on a hill. Over the past ten years the shining city has become the ultimate rogue nation, pumped up with power and hubris in spite of the clearly visible signs of decline and moving inexorably towards a catastrophic fall.

The Poodle Gets Kicked
Patrick J. Buchanan

... Biden may feel he was played for a fool, and Americans may feel jilted, but we got what grovelers deserve. And if we wish to understand why the Arabs who once respected us now seem contemptuous of us, consider that battered-spouse response to a public slap across the face ... How can America be seen as an honest broker between Arabs and Israelis if there is "no space" between America and Israel? ... And if our policy and Israel's are one and the same, the Arab perception will be what it is today -- that America cannot stand up to Israel, even when her national interests command it. Joe's performance before he got the wet mitten across the face only underscored the point: The mighty superpower is a poodle of Israel.

Latvian SS Veterans and Supporters March, Defying Protests
BBC News

Hundreds of Latvian veterans who fought on the side of Nazi Germany in World War II have held a peaceful march in the capital, Riga. The veterans laid flowers at Riga's Freedom Monument. Police said about 1,000 people took part. The annual march is a flashpoint for tension between the veterans and ethnic Russians whose relatives fought against the Nazis. The veterans fought in a legion commanded by Nazi Germany's Waffen SS. The city council in Riga had tried to ban this year's march and a counter-demonstration, but protesters from both sides had the ban overturned. Dozens of people turned out to heckle the veterans during the parade, which was protected by a heavy police presence.

Thoughts on the Release of Ernst Zundel
Douglas Christie - Video

Douglas Christie, attorney and free speech activist, comments on the ordeal of Ernst Zundel in the aftermath of his release from a German prison on March 1, 2010. For seven years Zundel was held behind bars -- in the US, in Canada and in Germany -- for his peaceful expression of non-conformist views, thus making him the western world's most prominent "prisoner of conscience." In Canada he was tried in a secret proceeding in which he and his attorney, Christie, were not permitted to know or respond to evidence or witnesses brought against him. Zundel was then held in Canada for two years in solitary confinement. Runtime: 4:15 mins.

Hitler's Popularity in Pakistan and India
Der Spiegel (Germany)

Germans are popular in India and Pakistan, but not always for the right reasons. Many in South Asia have nothing but admiration for Adolf Hitler and still associate Germany with the Third Reich. Everyday encounters with the love of all things Nazi makes German visitors cringe ... English editions of Hitler's "Mein Kampf" can be found in bookshops even in the most remote parts of India. And Indian schoolbooks have been known to celebrate Hitler as a great leader.

US Misled Allies Over Detainees, Says Ex-Spy Chief
The Associated Press

United States intelligence agencies misled key allies, including Britain, about its mistreatment of suspected terrorists, the former head of the country's domestic spy agency, MI5, said Tuesday. Eliza Manningham-Buller, who retired in 2007 and is now a member of the House of Lords, said the U.S. deliberately suppressed details of its harsh handling of some detainees, including accused 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. "The Americans were very keen that people like us did not discover what they were doing," Manningham-Buller told a meeting at Britain's Parliament.

French Bread Spiked With LSD in CIA Experiment
The Telegraph (Britain)

In 1951, a quiet, picturesque village in southern France was suddenly and mysteriously struck down with mass insanity and hallucinations. At least five people died, dozens were interned in asylums and hundreds afflicted. For decades it was assumed that the local bread had been unwittingly poisoned with a psychedelic mould. Now, however, an American investigative journalist has uncovered evidence suggesting the CIA peppered local food with the hallucinogenic drug LSD as part of a mind control experiment at the height of the Cold War.

The Mystery of Hitler's `Spyclists'
BBC Radio Today

Summer 1937. What could be more fitting in the cool afternoon of an English country lane than a group of cycling tourists steadily pedalling their way from one historic site to another, stopping to camp overnight in fields along the way. The only problem was, that summer, some of those groups of teenage boys were Hitler Youth ... One of the boys, Les Fardon, told Radio 4's Document Programme ten years ago: "It was like a Roman legion," he said. "You had these long banners and you were marching to tune... it was very stirring and frightening" Another of his fellow Scouts remembered it as being a very exciting trip, and he recalled how even the British boys fell into doing the "Heil Hitler" salute.

Who Is a Jew? DNA Can Hold the Key
The Telegraph (Britain)

... Even 20 years later the thought of a genetic test for Jewish descent would have been treated with horror. Now, one has emerged and is not despised but hailed by many Jews themselves. A scan of half a million variable sites across the genomes of several hundred Europeans and Americans, each aware from their family history of having had a recent Jewish or a non-Jewish ancestry, gave an absolute separation between Jews and others: even a single Jewish grandparent was enough to provide an unambiguous identity, written in DNA.

Jewish Intelligence, Jewish Genes and Jewish Values
William Saletan - Slate

Are Jews a race? Is Jewish intelligence genetic? ... To suggest that Jews are genetically smart is to imply that non-Jews are inherently inferior, in violation of Jewish commitments to equality and compassion. ... Some scholars now hypothesize that the genes that make Jews smart also give some of them nasty diseases such as Tay-Sachs.

Jews: A Religious Community, a People, or a Race?
Mark Weber

Defining "Jew" has never been simple. Is he someone who practices Judaism, the Jewish religion, or is he identified by his ancestry? While many Americans assume that Jews are essentially a religious group, Jews themselves take for granted that their community is much more ethnic-national than it is religious. Benjamin Netanyahu, until recently Israel's prime minister, frankly regards Jews as members of a racial group. Speaking in February [2000] to a gathering of nearly a thousand Jews in southern California, he said: "If Israel had not come into existence after World War II then I am certain the Jewish race wouldn't have survived."

Stalin To Be Put on Billboards in Moscow for VE Day
Fox News

If there was an award for despicable legacies Joseph Stalin would rank right up there with Hitler and Mao for the men with the most blood on their hands. By conservative estimates the man who led the Soviet Union for 30 years until his death in 1953, was responsible for killing some 30 million people, most of them his own citizens. His penalty? In May of this year when Russia celebrates it's victory over Germany in World War 2 (victory with the help of all it's allies including America) it will put Stalin's face on billboards all over Moscow.

Study Links Religion and Racism
Carl Marziali - USC News

... A meta-analysis of 55 independent studies carried out in the United States with more than 20,000 mostly Christian participants has found that members of religious congregations tend to harbor prejudiced views of other races. In general, the more devout the community, the greater the racism, according to the authors of the analysis ... "Religious groups distinguish between believers and non-believers and moral people and immoral ones," Wood said. "So perhaps it's no surprise that the strongly religious people in our research, who were mostly white Christians, discriminated against others who were different from them -- blacks and minorities."

Children's US History Textbooks Put Political Correctness Above Accuracy, Say Most Parents
Rasmussen Reports

Sixty percent of Americans with children in elementary or secondary school say most school textbooks are more concerned with presenting information in a politically correct manner than in accuracy. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 28 percent of adults with children in the schools disagree and think most textbooks are more concerned with accurately providing information ... Those with children currently in elementary or secondary school are even more skeptical. Just 28 percent think most school textbooks portray U.S. history accurately, while nearly half say they do not.

Rejecting Holocaust `Crocodile Tears'
Norman Finkelstein -- Video

Norman Finkelstein, a Jewish scholar who is a well known critic of Israel, denounces the "crocodile tears" of Holocaust remembrance, which he says is used to justify Zionist oppression of Palestinians. "I refuse any longer to be intimidated or brow-beaten by the tears," he exclaims in response to an emotional question from a student. From a lecture at the University of Waterloo (Canada). Runtime: 3:11 mins.

This Time We Went Too Far
Norman Finkelstein

... The fact that active opposition to Israeli policy, say, on college campuses, has spread beyond the Arab-Muslim core towards the mainstream, whereas active support for Israel has shrunk to a fraction of the ethnic Jewish core, is a telling indicator of where things are headed. The era of the "beautiful" Israel has passed, it seems irrevocably, and the disfigured Israel that in recent years has replaced it in the public consciousness is a growing embarrassment. It is not so much that Israel's behavior is worse than it was before, but rather that the record of that behavior has, finally, caught up with it.

Hungary Makes `Holocaust Denial' A Crime
The Associated Press

Hungarian President Laszlo Solyom has signed a law making Holocaust denial punishable by three years in prison. The law was approved last month by Hungarian lawmakers, after more wide-ranging versions of the law had been rejected by courts for limiting free speech. Spokesman Ferenc Kumin says President Solyom signed the bill because in his opinion the law is not unconstitutional.

Norse Rune Symbols and the Third Reich
The Viking Rune

... Both their original meaning in the Norse Viking culture and their use in Nazi Germany is treated, in order to demonstrate that the earlier, original tradition is much older ... Note that a few of these symbols are included in to the list of symbols forbidden in Germany today.

The Marxist Roots of `Political Correctness'
William S. Lind

... Political Correctness is nothing less than Marxism translated from economic into cultural terms. The parallels are obvious. First, both classical, economic Marxism and the Cultural Marxism that is Political Correctness are totalitarian ideologies. Both insist on "truths" that are contrary to human nature and experience. Contrary to economic Marxism, there is no such thing as a "classless society," and economic incentives matter. Contrary to Political Correctness, men and women are different, as are their natural roles in society; races and ethnic groups have specific characteristics; and homosexuality is abnormal.

Sen. Morse Denounces `Tonkin Gulf' Vietnam War Resolution

Sen. Wayne Morse was one of only two members of Congress to vote against the fateful August 1964 "Gulf of Tonkin" resolution, which gave President Lyndon Johnson "blank check" authority to wage war against North Vietnam. This authorization, warned Sen. Morse, was unconstitutional. Moreover, it was later established that the alleged North Vietnamese attack against US warships, which the White House cited to justify the sweeping resolution, either never took place, or had been greatly exaggerated.

Dutch Prince Bernhard Was Nazi Party Member, Says Historian
The Telegraph (Britain)

Prince Bernhard, the father of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, was a member of the Nazi party, a new book has claimed, contradicting the German-born Dutch war hero's life-long denials. "Bernhard, a secret history" has revealed that the prince was a member of the German Nazi party until 1934, three years before he married Princess Juliana, the future queen of the Netherlands. Annejet van der Zijl, a Dutch historian, has found membership documents in Berlin's Humboldt University that prove Prince Bernhard, who studied there, had joined Deutsche Studentenschaft, a National Socialist student fraternity, as well as the Nazi NSDAP and its paramilitary wing, the Sturmabteilung.

Admiral Mullen Wary of Israeli Attack on Iran
Ray McGovern

Adm. Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, came home with sweaty palms from his mid-February visit to Israel. He has been worrying aloud that Israel will mousetrap the U.S. into war with Iran. This is of particular concern because Mullen has had considerable experience in putting the brakes on such Israeli plans in the past. This time, he appears convinced that the Israeli leaders did not take his warnings seriously --notwithstanding the unusually strong language he put into play. Upon arrival in Jerusalem on February 14, Mullen wasted no time in making clear why he had come. He insisted publicly that an attack on Iran would be "a big, big, big problem for all of us, and I worry a great deal about the unintended consequences."

Fiction of Marja as City Was U.S. Disinformation
Gareth Porter -- Inter Press Service

For weeks, the U.S. public followed the biggest offensive of the Afghanistan War against what it was told was a "city of 80,000 people" as well as the logistical hub of the Taliban in that part of Helmand. That idea was a central element in the overall impression built up in February that Marja was a major strategic objective, more important than other district centres in Helmand. It turns out, however, that the picture of Marja presented by military officials and obediently reported by major news media is one of the clearest and most dramatic pieces of misinformation of the entire war, apparently aimed at hyping the offensive as a historic turning point in the conflict.

Budget Deficit Sets Record In February
The Associated Press

The government ran up the largest monthly deficit in history in February, keeping the flood of red ink on track to top last year's record for the full year. The Treasury Department said Wednesday that the February deficit totaled $220.9 billion, 14 percent higher than the previous record set in February of last year. The deficit through the first five months of this budget year totals $651.6 billion, 10.5 percent higher than a year ago. The Obama administration is projecting that the deficit for the 2010 budget year will hit an all-time high of $1.56 trillion, surpassing last year's $1.4 trillion total.

List Of Troubled Banks at 16-Year High: Bracing for a Wave of Failures
The New York Times

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is bracing for a new wave of bank failures that could cost the agency many billions of dollars and further strain its finances. With bank failures running at their highest level in nearly two decades, the F.D.I.C. is racing to keep up with rising losses to its insurance fund, which safeguards savers' deposits. On Tuesday, the agency announced that it had placed 702 lenders on its list of "problem" banks, the highest number since 1993. Not all of those banks are destined to founder, and F.D.I.C. officials said Tuesday that they expected failures to peak this year.

'Closet-Nazi' Running for Austrian President
Agence France Presse

A far-right candidate for Austria's presidential election has brought the country's dark past to the surface once more, after denouncing a law banning Nazi groups and Holocaust denial. Barbara Rosenkranz, 51, a regional party leader for the Freedom Party (FPOe) who was nominated last week, looks to be the sole candidate to run against incumbent President ... Under the 1947 Verbotsgesetz law, anyone who seeks to set up a Nazi organisation, propagates Nazi ideology or denies Nazi crimes can be jailed for up to 20 years. But Rosenkranz, a mother of ten and the wife of an outspoken figure in Austria's far-right scene, insists the law constitutes "an unnecessary restriction" and that, on the contrary, people should be allowed freedom of opinion.

Hiroshima Book Pulled Over Doubts About Sources
The Telegraph (Britain)

A best-selling book about atom bomb survivors in Japan has been pulled from shops following claims sections of it may have been based on false accounts made up by an imposter. Charles Pellegrino's Last Train from Hiroshima has been dropped by its US publisher, Henry Holt and Company, which said it had doubts over facts in the book. After publication in January, it emerged that a source who claimed to have been on the US bombing mission over Hiroshima had invented his story. The publisher has now said it also has doubts relating to two other people named in the work.

Subversion of Science: How Psychology Lost Darwin
Glayde Whitney -- Institute for Historical Review

When real history is finally written, mainstream social sciences during most of the twentieth century will be exposed as consisting largely of ethnically motivated disinformation. Much has already been written about the subversion of American anthropology: the shift from legitimate science to ideological pap under the direction of the Jewish immigrant Franz Boas. Much less has been written about how psychology was transformed from a branch of natural science into a section of the Marxist-influenced social sciences. In this paper I will provide information on the subversion of psychology, pointing out the role of Boas and others in the subversion of psychology.

Congressional Estimates Show Grim Deficit Picture
The Associated Press

A new congressional report released Friday says the United States' long-term fiscal woes are even worse than predicted by President Barack Obama's grim budget submission last month. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office predicts that Obama's budget plans would generate deficits over the upcoming decade that would total $9.8 trillion. That's $1.2 trillion more than predicted by the administration. The agency says its future-year predictions of tax revenues are more pessimistic than the administration's ... Economists say that deficits of that size are unsustainable and could put upward pressure on interest rates, crowd out private investment in the economy and ultimately erode the nation's standard of living.

Bad Economies of US States Set To Worsen, Say Governors

The already gloomy conditions of states' economies are set to worsen, according to preliminary survey findings from the National Governors Association released on Saturday. "The situation is fairly poor for a lot of states around the country. In fact, most states," Vermont Governor Jim Douglas, who is chairman of the association, said at a press conference at its annual meeting. "What we're finding out from a fiscal standpoint is that the worst is yet to come," Douglas said. In a survey conducted last week of 45 of the 50 states, the group found that states have $18.8 billion of budget gaps yet to be closed in fiscal 2010 ... In the budgets they are drafting for fiscal 2011, states foresee shortfalls of $53.6 billion and for fiscal 2012 $61.6 billion.

America, the Fragile Empire
Niall Ferguson

... If empires are complex systems that sooner or later succumb to sudden and catastrophic malfunctions, what are the implications for the United States today? First, debating the stages of decline may be a waste of time -- it is a precipitous and unexpected fall that should most concern policymakers and citizens. Second, most imperial falls are associated with fiscal crises. Alarm bells should therefore be ringing very loudly indeed as the United States contemplates a deficit for 2010 of more than $1.5 trillion -- about 11% of GDP, the biggest since World War II.

A German Woman Breaks Silence About Red Army Rapes
The Telegraph (Britain)

An 80-year-old German woman has broken an old taboo of silence over the rapes she endured at the hands of Soviet soldiers in the second world war with a searing book about the crimes of the Red Army as it marched towards Berlin. "Why Did I Have To Be A Girl" by Gabriele Koepp is the first book published about the rapes under a victim's real name. Mrs Koepp was one of an estimated two million German girls and women raped by Soviet soldiers, encouraged by their leader Josef Stalin to regard the crime as a spoil of war after Hitler's invasion had left 26 million Russians dead. "Frau. Komm," was a phrase that women dreaded hearing from Red Army soldiers.

In Spain, Bookseller Sentenced to 33 Months in Prison for `Justifying Genocide'

A Barcelona bookshop owner was sentenced to prison for the crime of "honoring and justifying genocide." Pedro Varela, owner of the Europa bookshop, was given a term of two years, nine months for "selling and spreading in a continuous manner books that honor and justify the genocide committed by Hitler against the Jewish people and other minorities." The sentence, which was handed down Monday in a Barcelona court, also accused the bookshop of marketing "books that belittle other races or ethnicities, women, homosexuals and disabled people," as well as organizing neo-Nazi conferences. Varela also was fined nearly $4,000.

Invictus Idolatry
Peter Hammond (South Africa)

... This beautifully crafted, stirring and inspiring film, Invictus, clearly has a political agenda. It has dangerous distortions of reality and a selective focus ... Nelson Mandela was the head of UmKhonto we Sizwe, (MK), the terrorist wing of the ANC and South African Communist Party. He had pleaded guilty to 156 acts of public violence including mobilizing terrorist bombing campaigns, which planted bombs in public places, including the Johannesburg railway station. Many innocent people, including women and children, were killed by Nelson Mandela's MK terrorists. South African President P.W. Botha had, on a number of occasions, offered Nelson Mandela freedom from prison, if he would only renounce terrorist violence.

Israel-Palestine Rights and Wrongs: Finkelstein vs. Gissin
RT (Russia) - Video

Rights and wrongs in the Israel-Palestine conflict are debated in this heated exchange between Norman Finkelstein, a fierce and articulate Jewish critic of Israel and its policies, and Ranann Gissin, an ardent defender of the Zionist state and for years a prominent Israeli spokesman. Broadcast on Peter Lavelle's "CrossTalk." Runtime: 26 mins.

British Leader Chamberlain Read and Annotated Hitler's Mein Kampf
The Times (Britain)

Neville Chamberlain read and annotated Hitler's Mein Kampf in its original German before he embarked on his policy of appeasement, says a new biography. The former prime minister, who acquired a 1933 copy of the book, highlighted sections that he thought revealing of the German dictator's mindset, and even added exclamation marks alongside some passages. Chamberlain was struck by sections that underlined Hitler's anti-Semitism, his faith in Aryan superiority and his sense of racial affinity with the British. In one highlighted passage about Anglo-German relations, Hitler states: "The bond of kindred blood and the main features of a common civilisation united us."

The Pentagon's Runaway Budget
Carl Conetta

With his decision to boost defense spending, President Obama is continuing the process of re-inflating the Pentagon that began in late 1998 -- fully three years before the 9/11 attacks on America. The FY 2011 budget marks a milestone, however: The inflation-adjusted rise in spending since 1998 will probably exceed 100 percent in real terms by the end of the fiscal year ... Looking forward, the Obama administration plans to spend more on the Pentagon over the next eight years than any administration since World War II.

Many Voices Calling for War With Iran
Philip Giraldi

Wanting to go to war with Iran has created some very strange bedfellows. Leading neoconservative Daniel Pipes' assertion that President Barack Obama can salvage his presidency and get reelected by attacking Iran is about as low as it gets, suggesting as it does that an act of war can and should serve as a diversion from a failed domestic agenda ... How to stop an Israeli attack? All the White House has to do is to say "no" to Israel firmly and publicly and tie that no to a commitment to cut off all military and economic aid to Tel Aviv if Bibi Netanyahu opts to do otherwise.

Debate Over Military Action Against Iran Gains Steam
Jim Lobe - Inter Press Service

While the ongoing U.S. military "surge" in Afghanistan continues to capture the headlines, Iran's nuclear program - and how best to deal with it - is rapidly emerging here as this year's biggest foreign policy challenge ... The debate appears to be driven chiefly by growing pressure on the administration by the government of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and its supporters here to sharply ramp up pressure on Tehran through the urgent adoption of both "crippling sanctions" and the means to enforce them militarily.

President Roosevelt's Campaign To Incite War in Europe
Mark Weber

A detailed look at US President Roosevelt's secret campaign to provoke war in Europe prior to the outbreak of hostilities in September 1939. Highlights his efforts to pressure Britain, France and Poland into war against Germany in 1938 and 1939. Franklin Roosevelt not only criminally involved America in a war that had already engulfed Europe, he bears a grave responsibility for the outbreak of the most destructive war of all time. This paper relies heavily on secret Polish documents that fell into German hands when Warsaw was captured in 1939. These revealing docu�ments also confirm the crucial role of Jewish power and in�fluence on US foreign policy during these years.

Is the Recovery Real?
Paul Craig Roberts

... Today a desperate government, which has wasted $3 trillion invading countries that pose no danger to the U.S. and wasted more trillions of dollars combating a crisis brought on by the government's failure to regulate the financial sector, is likely to steal people's pensions as well as to gut Social Security and Medicare. The reason is that the dollar's role as reserve currency is at stake. If the Federal Reserve has to monetize the federal deficit, the world will turn its back on a rapidly depreciating dollar. The minute the dollar loses the reserve currency role, the U.S. can no longer pay its bills in its own currency, and its days as a superpower come to a sudden end. Wars can't be financed, and Washington's pursuit of world hegemony will hit a brick wall.

Mossad Comes to America: Death Squads by Invitation
James Petras

... To counter the American Zionist defense of Israel's practice of extra-territorial, extra-judicial executions by the Mossad, we need American writers and academics to step forward. It is time to expose their flimsy arguments, bold-face lies and audacious immorality. It is time to speak out against their impunity, before another Israeli secret police murder takes place, possibly inside the USA itself and with the shameless complicity of Zionist accomplices.

Online Ad by `Denier' In Student Newspaper Sparks Campus Protests
Channel 3000 (Wisconsin)

Issues of free speech, advertising and the Holocaust clashed on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus on Wednesday as about 150 students rallied to honor the victims of the Holocaust and call for an end to an ad in a campus newspaper. The controversy was sparked by some anti-Semitic comments posted on an online version of a Badger Herald article earlier this month. It erupted when the online edition of the student paper posted an ad paid for by a man who doesn't believe in the Holocaust ... An advertisement that reads, "The Holocaust question: the power of taboo." Click on the ad and it goes to the Web site of the man who bought the ad, Holocaust denier Bradley Smith and his "Committee For Open (Holocaust) Debate."

Another Financial Crisis on the Way, Say Leading Economists
ABC News

Even as many Americans still struggle to recover from the country's worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, another crisis -- one that will be even worse than the current one -- is looming, according to a new report from a group of leading economists, financiers, and former federal regulators. In the report, the panel, that includes Rob Johnson of the United Nations Commission of Experts on Finance and bailout watchdog Elizabeth Warren, warns that financial regulatory reform measures proposed by the Obama administration and Congress must be beefed up to prevent banks from continuing to engage in high risk investing that precipitated the near collapse of the U.S. economy in 2008.

U.S. Can't Afford Military Aid to Israel
Josh Ruebner -- The Huffington Post

In his recent State of the Union address, President Obama pledged to "go through the budget line by line to eliminate programs that we can't afford and don't work." One week later, he sent his FY2011 budget request to Congress, which included a record-breaking $3 billion in military aid to Israel. This requested increase in U.S. weapons to Israel -- part of a ten-year $30 billion agreement signed between the two countries in 2007 -- qualifies on both counts as a program that the United States can't afford, and that doesn't work in establishing a just and lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

Israel Approves 600 New Homes in Occupied East Jerusalem
BBC News

An Israeli planning committee has pushed forward plans for 600 new homes in Israeli-occupied East Jerusalem. The move comes as the Palestinians are refusing to restart peace talks unless Israel stops all building in the area, where they want their future capital. The plan will expand the Pisgat Zeev settlement in the city's north-east. The international community considers East Jerusalem occupied territory. Building on occupied land is illegal under international law. Palestinians regard Pisgat Zeev and neighbourhoods like it as settlements, and accuse Israel of using them to increase the Jewish presence in the mainly Arab east of the city.

Ernst Zundel Released From Mannheim Prison

Supporters and well-wishers of Ernst Zundel greet him as he leaves the Mannheim prison on March 1, 2010, after having been held behind bars for seven years and three weeks for his beliefs, in the US, Canada and Germany. Runtime: 9:52 mins.

Germany's Fear of Finkelstein
Ali Fathollah-Nejad

Norman Finkelstein, an internationally renowned scholar of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, was due to talk about the state of the decades-old conflict and the situation in Gaza one year after the Israeli assault last week in Munich and Berlin. As part of a European speaking tour which would have led him to Germany for the first time since 2002, Finkelstein has been invited to speak in Prague at a number of prestigious institutions ... The wave of cancellations came after a concerted campaign by neoconservative and Zionist pressure groups ...

Austrian Politician Calls for Repeal of Anti-Nazi Law
The Associated Press

A woman who has criticized anti-Nazi law and is married to an extreme rightist is running for president in Austria, and critics contend her candidacy could tarnish the reputation of a country still marred by its connection to the Holocaust. Barbara Rosenkranz, 51, is not expected to win the April 25 election ... She is most widely known for her belief that Austria's law banning the glorification of the Nazis is a hindrance to freedom of expression and violates the country's constitution. In the same vein, she also has defended doubts over Nazi gas chambers.

Hitler Letter Hoping For `Cordial Relationship' With Britain For Sale
The Telegraph (Britain)

A letter written by Adolf Hitler in 1931 hoping for a "truly cordial relationship" between Britain and Germany in place of the present "unhappy war-psychosis" is to be sold at auction. Hitler wrote the one-page letter, in German, to Sefton Delmer, a British journalist, 16 months before he became Chancellor and seized power in 1933. In it, he wrote: "I hope ... that out of this crisis a new readiness will grow up in Britain to submit the past 12 years to a reappraisal. I should be happy, if as a result of this, the unhappy war-psychosis could be overcome on such a scale as to permit the realisation of the truly cordial relationship between the British and the German peoples so eagerly desired by myself and my movement."

Blair Warned in 2000 That Iraq War Was Illegal
The Independent (Britain)

An invasion of Iraq was discussed within the [British] government more than two years before military action was taken - with Foreign Office mandarins warning that an invasion would be illegal, that it would claim "considerable casualties" and could lead to the breakdown of Iraq, The Independent can reveal. The extent of Whitehall opposition to the policy eventually backed by Tony Blair emerges just three days before Gordon Brown will appear at the Iraq Inquiry, where he will be asked to explain his role in the Government's decision to invade.

Nude Sketch by Young Hitler For Sale
The Telegraph (Britain)

Two sketches by Adolf Hitler of a young nude woman and the face of an elderly lady thought to be his mother are to be sold at auction. The two previously unseen pictures turned up in Europe and are expected to raise 20,000 pounds between them. Hitler drew them in the early 1900s when he was based in Vienna and was practising various styles so that he might win a place at art college. The picture of the elderly woman's face is similar to photographs of his mother and shows a lined and world-weary visage.

Mossad's Murderous Reach: The Larger Political Issues
James Petras

... Israel has a publicly-stated policy of violating the sovereignty of any and all countries in order to kill or abduct its opponents. In both proclamation and actual practice, Israeli law, decrees and actions abroad supersede the laws and law enforcement agencies of any other nation. If Israel's policy becomes the common practice world-wide, we would enter a savage Hobbesian jungle in which individuals would be subject to the murderous intent of foreign assassination squads unrestrained by any law or accountable national authority. Each and every state could impose its own laws and cross national borders in order to murder other nation's citizens or residents with impunity.

Protestant Churches Pose Growing Threat to Israel, Says Wiesenthal Center Rabbi
The Jerusalem Post (Israel)

Israel is facing a threat from theologians and activists in prominent Protestant churches throughout the world, in addition to the threats posed by "lawfare" and the Goldstone Report, Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, charged on Tuesday ... "Theologians and activists in some prominent Protestant churches are seeking to destroy Israel from Above," Cooper warned ... According to Cooper, the center of the Protestant theological war against Israel is the Geneva-based World Council of Churches, an umbrella organization of liberal church bodies ... "Anti-Israel momentum is building," Cooper warned.

Positive Views of Israel, Brought to You by Israelis
The New York Times

The Israeli government, deeply worried about the country's declining international image, began a campaign on Wednesday to turn every Israeli -- and ultimately every Jew -- into a traveling public relations agent. With a website backed by an advertising blitz, the Information and Diaspora Affairs Ministry began issuing Hebrew-language pamphlets to passengers on Israeli airlines and offering coaching courses to groups heading abroad. The message: "Are you fed up with the way we are portrayed around the world? You can change the picture."

Publishing: The Revolutionary Future
Jason Epstein - The New York Review

The transition within the book publishing industry from physical inventory stored in a warehouse and trucked to retailers to digital files stored in cyberspace and delivered almost anywhere on earth as quickly and cheaply as e-mail is now underway and irreversible. This historic shift will radically transform worldwide book publishing, the cultures it affects and on which it depends ... The huge, worldwide market for digital content, however, is not a fantasy. It will be very large, very diverse, and very surprising: its cultural impact cannot be imagined. E-books will be a significant factor in this uncertain future, but actual books printed and bound will continue to be the irreplaceable repository of our collective wisdom.

Ernst Zundel, Convicted `Holocaust Denier,' Is Released From German Prison
The Associated Press

Far-right German activist Ernst Zundel was freed after serving five years in prison for denying the Holocaust ever happened -- something he wouldn't speak about Monday. The 70-year-old had been extradited in 2005 from Canada, where he spent some additional time behind bars on the German warrant after having been deported from the United States for alleged immigration violations. A crowd of 20 supporters on Monday morning clapped and shouted "bravo" as Zundel emerged from the prison in Mannheim. Some handed him flowers as he passed through the prison's steel gates. "I'm back out after seven years, three weeks, three prisons and three countries," Zundel said, declining to comment when asked whether the Holocaust happened.

Ernst Zundel: Seven Years a `Prisoner of Conscience'
Mark Weber

Ernst Zundel, a German-born publisher and author, was held for seven years behind bars, first in Canada and then in Germany, for his peaceful expression of non-conformist views. From February 2003 to March 2010, he was the western world's most prominent "prisoner of conscience." He is known worldwide as a publicist, organizer and defender of free speech, and as author countless booklets, newsletters and essays. He has been a major figure in the Holocaust revisionist movement.

Finkelstein Banned in Berlin: A Democracy That Isn't a Democracy
Anis Hamadeh

... What is going on there, one wonders. Does [Jewish scholar Norman] Finkelstein call for violence? Are his views outside legal norms, does he disesteem the human rights? Nothing of all this. On the contrary. The reason for banning him is the veto of groups that seek to avert criticism of Israel, connecting this issue with the reproach of anti-Semitism. This is an old chestnut and not specifically interesting. What is interesting, though, is that the German public buys this nonsense and denies a man, who lost his family in German concentration camps, to talk on German soil, tolerating that he is labeled an anti-Semite for his reflections on violence in Israel. The same thing actually happened only some months ago to the Israeli historian Ilan Pappe in Munich ...

US Military Suicides Rise, Despite Prevention Efforts
McClatchy Newspapers

Eight years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq have etched indelible scars on the psyches of many of the nation's servicemen and women, and the U.S. military is losing a battle to stem an epidemic of suicides in its ranks. Despite calls by top Pentagon officials for a sea change in attitudes about mental health, millions of dollars in new suicide prevention programming and thousands of hours spent helping soldiers suffering from what often are euphemistically dubbed "invisible wounds," the military is losing ground. The Department of Defense Friday reported that there were 160 reported active-duty Army suicides in 2009, up from 140 in 2008. Of these, 114 have been confirmed, while the manner of death in the remaining 46 remains to be determined.

Britain's Secret Torture Center: Interrogation Camp in Postwar Germany
The Guardian (Britain)

... The "London Cage" was a secret torture centre where German prisoners who had been concealed from the Red Cross were beaten, deprived of sleep, and threatened with execution or with unnecessary surgery. As horrific as conditions were at the London Cage, Bad Nenndorf was far worse ... Prisoners were systematically beaten and exposed to extreme cold, where some were starved to death and, allegedly, tortured with instruments that his fellow countrymen had recovered from a Gestapo prison in Hamburg.

Elie Wiesel's Ignoble Recruits
John Walsh

Is there nothing that is safe from debasement by the propaganda machine of the U.S. and Israel? A full-page ad in the Sunday New York Times of February 7 provides the answer. Sponsored by Elie Wiesel's modestly named "The Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity," and signed by 44 Nobel Laureates, 35 of them in the physical sciences, it urges brutal and lethal actions against Iran ... It asserts without evidence that such "ambitions" threaten "the entire world." This is certainly a very grave charge, and some scintilla of evidence should be offered for it. But none is provided, not one word, not even a footnote or reference in this spacious advert.

In Hungary, A New Effort to Ban `Holocaust Denial'
The Associated Press

Hungary's parliament has approved a bill making Holocaust denial punishable by up to three years in prison, but the measure may be unconstitutional. Lawmakers passed the bill submitted by Attila Mesterhazy, the prime ministerial candidate of the governing Socialist Party, by 197-1, with 142 abstentions. Earlier attempts to ban Holocaust denial have been rejected by the courts for infringing on freedom of speech. Efforts to modify the Constitution to ensure the bill's legality have also failed. Mesterhazy's proposal was backed by the Socialists and most of the Alliance of Free Democrats, a former coalition partner. An opposition proposal to include the denial of Nazi and Communist crimes in the bill was rejected.

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