March 2009 Headlines
Is the American Dream Dead?
Jack Cafferty - CNN

There is a chill wind blowing across this land of ours. People are losing faith in their ability to realize the American dream � This used to be the country where each succeeding generation could look forward to a better quality of life than their parents enjoyed. In the meantime, as the federal government continues to print money that isn't worth the paper it's written on and as our national debt soars past $11 trillion, a United Nations panel is set to recommend that the world ditch the U.S. dollar as its reserve currency in favor of a shared basket of currencies.

In Greece, `Holocaust Denier is Acquitted by Athens Appeals Court
European Jewish Press

The Greek Jewish community said Friday it was �shocked� after neo-Nazi militant Kostas Plevris, who wrote a book denying the Holocaust and containing offensive references to Jews, was acquitted by an Appeals court in Athens. Plevris was found not guilty of �incitement to racial hatred and violence against the Jews� by the five-member court � Plevris had been convicted in first instance in December 2007 and condemned to 14 months of imprisonment on probation for three years for �racial insult�, �incitement to hatred and racial violence� on the basis of the 1979 anti-racist law.

Cambodia Court Hears Khmer Rouge Testimony
BBC News

Court officials have finally started to outline the case against a former Khmer Rouge leader in Cambodia. After months of pre-trial hearings, the former prison chief known as Comrade Duch listened while a court official read out the charges against him. He is accused of crimes against humanity, torture and premeditated murder for his alleged role in the deaths of more than 10,000 people. The Khmer Rouge killed up to two million people in less than four years.

After Gaza, Israel Grapples With Crisis of Isolation
The New York Times

Israel, whose founding idea was branded as racism by the United Nations General Assembly in 1975 and which faced an Arab boycott for decades, is no stranger to isolation. But in the weeks since its Gaza war, and as it prepares to inaugurate a hawkish right-wing government, it is facing its worst diplomatic crisis in two decades. Examples abound.

`Heretical Two� Update: US Asylum Case `Could Drag On�
Yorkshire Post (Britain)

Two men who jumped bail and claimed political asylum in the United States after spearheading an internet race-hate campaign could see their case drag on for months, a court heard yesterday. Simon Sheppard, 51, from Selby, and York University graduate Stephen Whittle, 42, went on the run after being found guilty of publishing racially inflammatory written material on a website viewed by thousands of Far- Right supporters. The pair have claimed asylum, complaining of "a three-year campaign of legal harassment by the governing British Labour Party", and are in Santa Ana Jail, California, while an immigration judge mulls over their case.

Purification Rites: Hitler is Revered by Many in India
Pankaj Mishra -- The National (UAE)

� Like many Hindu nationalists, past and present, my grandfather was led by his obsession with national cohesion into an admiration for Nazi Germany. Reverence for Adolf Hitler � who is hailed as a hero in textbooks in the Hindu nationalist-ruled state of Gujarat, while Mein Kampf remains popular at bookstores � is one of the many sinister aspects of �rising� India today. This cult of Hitler as a great �patriot� and �strategist� grew early among middle-class Hindus. MS Golwalkar, the much-revered Hindu leader and ideologue, wrote in 1938 that Nazi Germany had manifested �race pride at its highest� by purging itself of the �Semitic races� � and yet Golwalkar was also an admirer of Zionism.

Hitler Paintings to Go on Sale in Britain

A British auction house said on Thursday it intends to sell 13 paintings attributed to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler next month. The works, including a self portrait painted when Hitler was a struggling artist in Vienna, will go under the hammer on April 23, Mullock's Specialist Auctioneers and Valuers said. Two years ago, 21 paintings attributed to Hitler were sold for 118,000 pounds ($172,200), or more than twice the pre-sale estimate, by an auction house in England.

Three Baltic States Commemorate Post-War Deportations
Deutsche Welle (Germany)

People in the three Baltic states of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania will recall one of the region's darkest hours, the Soviet deportation of thousands of ordinary families four years after the end of World War II. The March 25, 1949 deportations saw people seized from their homes without warning and transported, literally like cattle, to the frozen ends of the earth, marking one of the lowest points even by the standards of the Soviet Union's oppressive history. In a short period of time, around 100,000 Estonians, Latvians, Lithuanians were sent to Siberia in cattle trucks to scratch a living from the permafrost in labor camps. Some died on the way, some died as the years passed, and a few made it home.

Netanyahu, Lieberman Struck `Secret Deal� on Settlement Expansion
Haaretz (Israel)

Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu has struck a secret deal with Yisrael Beiteinu leader Avigdor Lieberman for highly contentious construction on West Bank land known as E1, Army Radio reported Wednesday. A source close to the negotiations between the pair told Army Radio that the plan had been agreed upon even though it did not appear in the official document detailing the coalition deal between Yisrael Beiteinu and Netanyahu's Likud. The plan is for the West Bank settlement of Ma'aleh Adumim to build 3000 new housing units on the territory, which stretches between it and Jerusalem �

Israeli Army Rabbis Criticized for Stance on Gaza Assault
Los Angeles Times

The winter assault on the Gaza Strip was officially portrayed in Israel as an attempt to quell rocket fire by militants of Hamas. But some soldiers say they also were lectured about a more ambitious aim: to banish non-Jews from the biblical land of Israel. "This rabbi comes to us and says the fight is between the children of light and the children of darkness," a reserve sergeant said, recalling a training camp encounter. "His message was clear: 'This is a war against an entire people, not against specific terrorists.' The whole thing was turned into something very religious and messianic." � Gaza veterans said rabbis advised army units to show the enemy no mercy and called for resettlement of the Palestinian enclave by Jews.

In Austria, `Far Right� is On the March
The Daily Mail (Britain)

� Incredibly, standing shoulder to shoulder with these hard-line Nazi sympathisers are well known Austrian politicians. At the graveside, a speech is made by Lutz Weinzinger, a leading member of Austria�s Freedom Party (FPO), who pays tribute to the fallen. This is a gathering in memory of an Austrian-born Nazi fighter pilot [Walter Nowotny], who during WWII shot down 258 planes, 255 of them Russian � There are no �sieg heils� and no swastikas for the cameras, but it�s clear that Fascism is back. These are not thugs merely intent on racial violence, who are easily locked up. These are intellectuals and politicians whose move to the forefront of society is far more insidious.

One in Twenty German Teens a Member of Neo-Nazi Group
Die Welt (Germany)

Roughly one in twenty 15-year-old German males is a member of a neo-Nazi group, a higher proportion than are involved in mainstream politics, according to a study released on Tuesday. Anti-semitic crimes are reportedly also on the rise, leaving many politicians worrisome about a potential resurgence of right-wing extremism. Many politicians fear a resurgence of right-wing extremism as unemployment creeps higher in Germany, which is facing its deepest recession since World War Two. Government figures have shown anti-Semitic crimes rose at the end of last year.

Assimilation is `Biggest Threat' to Jews, Says Prominent Rabbi
European Jewish Press

Rabbi Israel Meir Lau, former chief rabbi of Israel and currently chairman of Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial, said assimilation "is today the biggest threat to the Jewish people." Speaking during a gathering in Paris of around 300 rabbis from across Europe and Israel earlier this week, Lau said assimilation is a �bigger threat� than anti-Semitism and terrorism for the future of Jews. Lau mentioned statistics from the United States showing that out of 100 Jews from the first generation only 3 are left as Jews in the fourth generation.

Jews: A Religious Community, a People, or a Race?
Mark Weber

Defining "Jew" has never been simple. Is he someone who practices Judaism, the Jewish religion, or is he identified by his ancestry? While many Americans assume that Jews are essentially a religious group, Jews themselves take for granted that their community is much more ethnic-national than it is religious. Benjamin Netanyahu, until recently Israel's prime minister, frankly regards Jews as members of a racial group. Speaking in February [2000] to a gathering of nearly a thousand Jews in southern California, he said: "If Israel had not come into existence after World War II then I am certain the Jewish race wouldn't have survived."

Early Nazi-Era Newspapers May Be Reprinted, Munich Court Says

Newspapers from the Third Reich�s early years, including the official Nazi publication Voelkischer Beobachter, can be reprinted in Germany, a Munich court ruled. Publishers� rights on articles that appeared in Nazi newspapers until 1938 have elapsed, the Munich Regional Court said in an e-mailed statement today. The judges partly threw out a bid by the Bavarian state government to ban republication. �Bavaria has claimed to have acquired the original publisher�s rights as well as copyrights of Adolf Hitler,� the court wrote. �The state doesn�t hold any copyrights that would allow it to stop� use of the articles published before 1939.

An Army of Extremists
Christopher Hitchens

Recent reports of atrocities committed by Israeli soldiers in the course of the intervention in Gaza have described the incitement of conscripts and reservists by military rabbis who characterized the battle as a holy war for the expulsion of non-Jews from Jewish land � It's high time the United States cut off any financial support for Israel that can be used even indirectly for settler activity, not just because such colonization constitutes a theft of another people's land but also because our Constitution absolutely forbids us to spend public money on the establishment of any religion.

European Union Leader Condemns US �Road to Hell�
The Financial Times (Britain)

European Union hopes for a new era in relations with the US were thrown into chaos on Wednesday when the holder of the EU presidency condemned American remedies for the global recession as �the road to hell�. Barely a week before Barack Obama is due to arrive in Europe on his first official visit as US president, Mirek Topolanek, the Czech Republic�s prime minister, put the 27-nation EU on a collision course with Washington.

Jewish Groups Denounce Oliphant Gaza Cartoon as Anti-Semitic
The Associated Press

Two Jewish groups have denounced a Pat Oliphant political cartoon on Gaza as anti-Semitic, likening its fanged Star of David to Nazi imagery before the Holocaust. The syndicated cartoon published Wednesday in newspapers across the country depicts a goose-stepping uniformed figure wheeling the Jewish symbol as it menaces a small female figure labeled "Gaza." The Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center, a Jewish rights group with more than 400,000 members in the United States, said the cartoon is meant to denigrate and demonize Israel. "The imagery in this cartoon mimics the venomous anti-Semitic propaganda of the Nazi and Soviet eras," the center said.

Serbs Mark Bombing Anniversary
BBC News

Air raid sirens have sounded and church bells have rung across Serbia as the country marks ten years since the start of Nato's bombing campaign. Serbs have been gathering at sites where people were killed and government ministers were expected to lay wreaths. NATO bombed Serbia for 11 weeks in an effort to push Serbian forces out of the province of Kosovo, accusing them of atrocities against ethnic Albanians. Hundreds of Serbs were killed as bombs struck military and civilian targets.

Jewish Defense League Boss Reportedly Confessed to Bomb Plot
The Enterprise Report

Never-before-seen FBI documents obtained by The Enterprise Report reveal Jewish Defense League Chairman Irv Rubin, while jailed on federal terrorism charges in 2002, claimed he admitted his role in a plot to bomb a mosque and the office of a Congressman just before Rubin slit his throat and jumped from a 20-foot-high railing. Rubin later died from his injuries. "I am a bad Jew," Rubin allegedly told a fellow inmate, who also told FBI agents Rubin had befriended two Palestinian prisoners in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Downtown Los Angeles and had begun to reconsider his lifelong anger towards Arabs.

The Zionist Terror Network
Institute for Historical Review

This booklet documents the background and criminal activities of Jewish Zionist terrorist groups, and especially the Jewish Defense League. Particular emphasis is given here to terror -- including murder -- against "thought criminals" who question the Holocaust story that six million Jews were systematically killed during the Second World War� Perhaps the most widely-publicized crime in which the JDL has been implicated is the murder on October 11, 1985, of Alex Odeh, West Coast regional director of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. Odeh was killed in a bomb blast when he entered his group's office in Santa Ana, southern California.

France's Le Pen Again Calls Gas Chambers a `Detail� of Wartime History
Agence France Presse

French extreme-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen caused a storm in the EU parliament Wednesday by insisting that the Nazi death camps were a "detail of second world war history". Already at the centre of controversy over the possibility of the veteran MEP presiding over the chamber's next inaugural session, Le Pen said he was the victim of inflammatory accusations" by the parliamentary socialist group head, German MEP Martin Schulz, who had branded him a Holocaust denier. �I just said that the gas chambers were a detail of Second World War history, which is clear," he told a sitting of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France.

Israeli Soldiers Say Army Rabbis Framed Gaza Offensive as Religious War
McClatchy Newspapers

Rabbis affiliated with the Israeli army urged troops heading into Gaza to reclaim what they said was God-given land and "get rid of the gentiles" � effectively turning the 22-day Israeli intervention into a religious war, according to the testimony of a soldier who fought in Gaza. Literature passed out to soldiers by the army's rabbinate "had a clear message � we are the people of Israel, we came by a miracle to the land of Israel, God returned us to the land, now we need to struggle to get rid of the gentiles that are interfering with our conquest of the land," the soldier told a forum of Gaza veterans in February, weeks after the conflict ended.

Detailed Evidence Uncovered of Israeli War Crimes in Gaza
The Guardian (Britain)

The Guardian has compiled detailed evidence of alleged war crimes committed by Israel during the 23-day offensive in the Gaza Strip earlier this year, involving the use of Palestinian children as human shields and the targeting of medics and hospitals. A month-long investigation also obtained evidence of civilians being hit by fire from unmanned drone aircraft said to be so accurate that their operators can tell the colour of the clothes worn by a target.

In Australia, Banned Hyperlinks Could Cost you $11,000 a Day
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

The Australian communications regulator says it will fine people who hyperlink to sites on its blacklist, which has been further expanded to include several pages on the anonymous whistleblower site Wikileaks. Wikileaks was added to the blacklist for publishing a leaked document containing Denmark's list of banned websites. The move by the Australian Communications and Media Authority comes after it threatened the host of online broadband discussion forum Whirlpool last week with a $11,000-a-day fine over a link published in its forum to another page blacklisted by ACMA - an anti-abortion website.

Canada Bans British Parliamentarian George Galloway
The Guardian (Britain)

A furious George Galloway last night vowed to fight a ban on him entering Canada on the grounds of national security. The MP for Bethnal Green and Bow had been due to speak at a number of events in the country but his anti-war stance was drawn to the attention of the government by a Jewish group. He will challenge the decision in court.

A Jewish Defector Warns America
Benjamin H. Freedman (1961)

Text and audio MP3 recording of 1961 address, given in Washington, DC. Introductory Note: Benjamin H. Freedman, born in 1980, was a successful Jewish businessman of New York City, and at one time principal owner of the Woodbury Soap Company. He had been an insider at the highest levels of Jewish organizations, and Jewish machinations to gain power. He was personally acquainted with Bernard Baruch, Samuel Untermyer, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Joseph Kennedy, John F. Kennedy, and many other movers and shakers.

The Lobby Falters
John Mearsheimer -- London Review of Books

� Freeman�s remarkable statement has shot all around the world and been read by countless individuals. This isn�t good for the lobby, which would have preferred to kill Freeman�s appointment without leaving any fingerprints. But Freeman will continue to speak out about Israel and the lobby, and maybe some of his natural allies inside the Beltway will eventually join him. Slowly but steadily, space is being opened up in the United States to talk honestly about Israel.

Israel Used Civilians as Human Shields in Gaza War, Say Palestinians
The Guardian (Britain)

Israel has been accused of using Palestinian human shields during its invasion of Gaza, a breach of the Geneva conventions that prohibit intentionally putting civilian lives at risk.The Guardian has interviewed three Gazan brothers who described how they were taken from their home at gunpoint, made to kneel in front of tanks to deter Hamas fighters from firing and sent by Israeli soldiers into Palestinian houses to clear them. "They would make us go first, so if any fighters shot at them the bullets would hit us, not them," said 14-year-old Al'a al-Attar.

U.N. Rights Envoy Sees Israeli War Crimes

A United Nations human rights investigator said on Thursday that Israel's military assault on densely populated Gaza appeared to constitute a grave war crime. Richard Falk, U.N. special rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories, said the Geneva Conventions required warring forces to distinguish between military targets and surrounding civilians. "If it is not possible to do so, then launching the attacks is inherently unlawful and would seem to constitute a war crime of the greatest magnitude under international law," Falk said.

Israel's War Crimes
Richard Falk

For the first time since the establishment of Israel in 1948 the government is facing serious allegations of war crimes from respected public figures throughout the world � The realities of geopolitics are built around double standards when it comes to war crimes. It is one thing to proceed against Saddam Hussein or Slobodan Milosevic, but quite another to go against George W Bush or Ehud Olmert. Ever since the Nuremberg trials after the second world war, there exists impunity for those who act on behalf of powerful, undefeated states �

'No Virgins, No Terror Attacks': Israeli Soldiers� T-Shirts
Haaretz (Israel)

� Dead babies, mothers weeping on their children's graves, a gun aimed at a child and bombed-out mosques - these are a few examples of the images Israel Defense Forces soldiers design these days to print on shirts they order to mark the end of training, or of field duty. The slogans accompanying the drawings are not exactly anemic either: A T-shirt for infantry snipers bears the inscription "Better use Durex," next to a picture of a dead Palestinian baby, with his weeping mother and a teddy bear beside him.

'Good Nazi of Nanjing' Film Sparks Debate
BBC News

A film about a member of the Nazi party who saved thousands of Chinese during the massacre in Nanjing recently opened in Germany. The BBC's Zoe Murphy looks at the possible impact this unlikely hero's story may have on Sino-Japanese relations. / � Risking his life, Rabe remained in China and, along with a handful of Westerners, set up a "safety zone" in Nanjing that is thought to have prevented the massacre of more than 200,000 Chinese during one of the bloodiest episodes of the Japanese invasion. As Germany and Japan were allies, Rabe used his Nazi party membership to do all he could to protect civilians in the zone.

A Heretic Is Punished in Washington
Eric Margolis

� Freeman�s rejection confirms the decisive influence of pro-Israel groups over the Obama administration�s Mideast policies. It is an evil portent for Israelis and Arabs seeking peace. Hillary Clinton was named Secretary of State in part to placate American supporters of Israel, many of whom doubted Barack Obama�s commitment to continuing the Bush administrations unlimited support of Israel�s right-wing parties � Obama�s foreign policy has veered far to the right from his original antiwar, reformist image. US military spending still remains absurdly high, accounting for 50% of the world�s total.

The Zionist Masquerade
Antoine Capet -- Monthly Review

The word "masquerade" is not one to be used lightly by historians. Obviously, James Renton is aware of this, and he strives [in his book, The Zionist Masquerade] to justify his choice of vocabulary by demonstrating that the Anglo-Zionist alliance was built on spurious foundations, with false pretences and hidden agendas present at all stages in its inception and early development � �The decision to issue the Balfour Declaration was not therefore driven by British strategic interests in the Ottoman Empire. The main concern for policy-makers in relation to Zionism was the conduct of the war in the USA and Europe, rather than the future of the Holy Land itself.�

Israeli Soldiers Relate Killings of Palestinians

Israel's military was rocked on Thursday by Gaza war veterans' accounts of the killing of civilians and allegations that deep contempt for Palestinians pervaded its ranks. The soldiers, alumni of a military academy, gathered last month to discuss their experiences in the 22-day Israeli offensive that ended in January, a campaign that Palestinians and human rights groups have said warranted war crimes probes. Disclosing details of the session, the institution's director said the soldiers pointed to an atmosphere within the military of "unbridled contempt for, and forcefulness against, the Palestinians."

Israeli Soldiers Expose Atrocities in Gaza
Inter Press Service

Based on testimony from Israeli soldiers who took part in the recent war in Gaza, Israel is being confronted directly with the serious charge that permissive rules of engagement allowed for the killing of Palestinian civilians and widespread destruction of Palestinian property. The disclosures created a stir after first publication Thursday in a major front-page spread in the Tel Aviv daily, Haaretz. The charges are all the more telling in that they are based on first-hand accounts from dozens of combat soldiers who served in the war.

Israeli Soldier Says Rabbis Pushed `Religious War� in Gaza

Rabbis in the Israeli army told battlefield troops in January's Gaza offensive that they were fighting a "religious war" against gentiles, according to one army commander's account published on Friday. "Their message was very clear: we are the Jewish people, we came to this land by a miracle, God brought us back to this land and now we need to fight to expel the gentiles who are interfering with our conquest of this holy land," he said. The account by Ram, a pseudonym to shield the soldier's identity, was published by the left-leaning Haaretz newspaper in the second day of revelations that have rocked the Israeli military.

Systemic Failure
Patrick J. Buchanan

As the U.S. financial crisis broadens and deepens, wiping out the wealth and savings of tens of millions, destroying hopes and dreams, it is hard not to see in all of this history�s verdict upon this generation. We have been weighed in the balance and found wanting � In short, this generation of political and financial elites has proven itself unfit to govern a great nation. What we have is a system failure that is rooted in a societal failure. Behind our disaster lie the greed, stupidity and incompetence of the leadership of a generation � In this deepening crisis, what is being tested is not simply the resilience of capitalism, but the character of a people.

In Latvia, Waffen SS Veterans March Through Riga
Der Spiegel (Germany)

Some 300 Latvian veterans of the Waffen SS and their supporters marched through Riga on Monday to commemorate their comrades who fought the Soviet Union in Adolf Hitler's fanatical combat unit during World War II. Supporters regard the Latvians who fought in the Waffen SS as liberators from the Soviet occupation in the war. Russia and many ethnic Russians in Latvia regard the annual commemorative marches as a glorification of fascism. The demonstration went ahead in defiance of a ban by the city. Dozens of protestors jeered at the veterans as they carried flowers to the base of the Freedom Monument in the Latvian capital.

The `Power of the Israel Lobby�: False Accusations of Anti-Semitism
House of Lords (Britain) -- Video

Baroness Tonge (Jennifer Louise Tonge) speaks in the House of Lords about Israel�s unlawful and oppressive policies, including the expansion of illegal settlements, and of crimes committed during the recent Gaza assault. She castigates the �Israel Lobby� for false and vindictive accusations of anti-Semitism to silence critics of Israel�s policies. Runtiime: 2:36 mins.

US Deports Former `Murder Pits Guard' to Austria
BBC News

The US has deported to Austria a former SS man it says was involved in the Nazi killing of some 8,000 Jews, shot in a single day and buried in pits. Josias Kumpf, 83, left Austria in 1956, settled in Wisconsin and became a US citizen in 1964. The US justice department sued to strip him of his citizenship in 2003. Confirming the deportation, Vienna said he could not be prosecuted in Austria because the statute of limitations had expired in 1965. "We repeatedly indicated it to the United States," justice ministry spokeswoman Katharina Swoboda told AFP news agency. "Our hands are tied."

USA! We're Number � 15?
Dalton Conley -- The Nation

� The first bit of bad news is that America was slipping well before our most recent downturn. Whereas during the 1980s we were consistently No. 2 in the world (Switzerland occupied the top slot in 1980, while Canada did from 1985 to 1990), by the mid-1990s we had slipped to six. And by 2006 (the most recent year available), we had even fallen out of the Top 10 (to slot 15). Income clearly doesn't capture every dimension, since the United States still holds the No. 2 position in terms of income per capita. Rather, other aspects of American society make it less "developed" than it should be, given the resources available here.

Hundreds of Victims of Yugoslavia�s Communist Regime Found in Mass Grave
Daily Mail (Britain)

The Slovenian and Croatian delegations have laid a wreath at the entrance of the mine near Lasko, where a post-Second World War mass grave was discovered last week � The mass grave in eastern Slovenia is believed to hold up to 300 victims killed after the Second World War by the former communist regime, authorities confirmed. The victims are believed to have been pro-Nazi soldiers killed by the former Yugoslavia's communist regime � The victims �appeared to be killed with gas� since there were no visible signs of wounds from firearms.

Dysgenics of a Communist Killing Field: The Croatian Bleiburg
Tom Sunic -- The Occidental Observer

� Despite the fall of communism as an ideological and political-legal system, the communist ideas of egalitarianism and the belief in permanent economic progress are still alive, albeit in other forms and under different names, and even amidst people who describe themselves as anticommunists. Perhaps the reason for that lies in the fact that the ideas of equality, internationalism (�globalism�) and economic growth may be more easily achievable, or at least appear to be more easily achievable, in the liberal, capitalist West than in the former �real-socialist� countries in the East. Little effort has been made so far to analyze the communist system within the framework of modern genetics.

British Telecom Shuts Down `Anti-Semitic� Catholic Website
Sunday Herald (Britain)

British Telecom has banned a religious website critical of extremist Jews that it has hosted for four years following a campaign from a group of MPs claimed it was anti-Semitic. It is understood to be the first time that a website in Britain has been shut down under such circumstances. The website takes an inflammatory stance over extreme sections of Judaism that reject non-Jewish races. The website editor, Timothy Johnson from Sheffield, a radical Catholic, told the Sunday Herald last night he was the subject of a �smear� campaign.

Rape Reports Rise in US Military
BBC News

Reports of sexual assault by US military personnel against both fellow troops and civilians rose by some eight percent last year to 2,923, the Pentagon says. The number of incidents reported in Iraq and Afghanistan rose by about a quarter on the previous year to 163. Pentagon officials say the jump in reports suggests the department's policy of encouraging victims to come forward is bearing results. But they estimate that no more than 20 percent of attacks are actually reported.

Freeman�s Fight: The Israel Lobby Gets Its Man
Philip Weiss -- The American Conservative

Charles Freeman Jr.�s withdrawal of his acceptance of a high-level intelligence position in the Obama administration was a national-security drama more riveting than an episode of �24.� The moral was clear: even a president who owes his job to a progressive movement in American politics could not support a longtime public servant who had made the mistake of criticizing Israel.

The American Rome is Burning - So Let�s Attack Iran
Eric S. Margolis

� Much of the uproar over Iran's so-far non-existent nuclear weapons must be seen as part of efforts by neoconservatives to thwart President Obama's proposition to open Tehran, and to keep up the pressure for an American attack on Iran � Interestingly, rather than the much pilloried Iran, it is the original nuclear powers who are all in violation of the nuclear arms treaty. These countries are: the United States, USSR/Russia, Britain, France and China. The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty called for all nuclear powers to rapidly eliminate their nuclear forces. President Dwight Eisenhower championed this position. Far from eliminating their nuclear forces, all of the nuclear powers have expanded and modernized them.

Freeman Affair Puts Israel Lobby in Spotlight
Inter Press Service

Although the successful campaign to keep Amb. Charles "Chas" Freeman out of a top intelligence post marked a surface victory for the pro-Israel hardliners who opposed him, the long-term political implications of the Freeman affair appear far more ambiguous. Freeman's withdrawal has provoked growing � if belated � media scrutiny of the operations of the so-called "Israel Lobby," and aroused protests from a number of prominent mainstream political commentators who allege that he was the target of a dishonest and underhanded smear campaign that, among other things, accused him of shilling for the governments of Saudi Arabia and China.

Freeman on the `Israel Lobby�
GPS - CNN (Video)

Former US ambassador Charles Freemen speaks with Fareed Zakaria, host of CNN�s �GPS� show, about the Israel Lobby, and about the withdrawal of his nomination for the National Intelligence Council post. Runtime: 17:07 mins.

Israeli Wins French Prize for Book Questioning Origins of Jewish People
Haaretz (Israel)

Professor Shlomo Sand, the Tel Aviv University history professor and author of a controversial book on the genetic origins of the Jews, this week received a top critics prize from French journalists. Sand, whose book "When and How Was the Jewish People Invented?" ignited controversy in Israel and in Jewish circles, is the recipient of the Aujourd'hui Award, which is given to the best non-fiction political or historical work � Sand's book deals with questions that remain taboo in Israeli society, among them the ancestral origins of the Jewish people and the genetic lineage shared with modern-day Israelis.

World Faces 'Irreversible' Climate Change, Researchers Warn

The world is facing an increasing risk of "irreversible" climate shifts because worst-case scenarios warned of two years ago are being realized, an international panel of scientists has warned. Temperatures, sea levels, acid levels in oceans and ice sheets were already moving "beyond the patterns of natural variability within which our society and economy have developed and thrived," scientists said in a report released Thursday. The findings came at the end of a three-day conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, where nearly 2,000 researchers gathered to discuss climate change.

What Made Ancient Romans Laugh
Daily Mail (Britain)

� A Cambridge academic has uncovered a book of jokes which casts the Romans in a new and less serious-minded light. Dating back to the third century and written in Greek, Philogelos (or Laughter Lover) is believed to be the oldest work of its kind. The book contains 265 jokes, which inevitably vary in their appeal to modern readers. The collection of gags debunks the popular myth that the Romans were 'pompous, toga-wearing bridgebuilders', according to Professor Mary Beard.

Ritual Satanic Killing of Children?
Oprah Winfrey (Video)

In this Oprah Winfrey television show segment, �Rachel� relates how she and her family were involved for years in satanic ritual killings of children. These killings have been carried out for generations by her extended family, and by other Jewish families, she says. Runtime: 4:18 mins.

HIV/AIDS Rate in Washington, D.C., Hits 3 Percent
The Washington Post

At least three percent of District [Washington, DC] residents have HIV or AIDS, a total that far surpasses the one percent threshold that constitutes a "generalized and severe" epidemic, according to a report scheduled to be released by health officials tomorrow. That translates into 2,984 residents per every 100,000 over the age of 12 -- or 15,120 -- according to the 2008 epidemiology report by the District's HIV/AIDS office. "Our rates are higher than West Africa," said Shannon L. Hader, director of the District's HIV/AIDS Administration �

Breaking the Taboo on Israel's Spying Efforts on the US
Christopher Ketcham

Scratch a counterintelligence officer in the U.S. government and they'll tell you that Israel is not a friend to the United States. This is because Israel runs one of the most aggressive and damaging espionage networks targeting the U.S. The fact of Israeli penetration into the country is not a subject oft-discussed in the media or in the circles of governance, due to the extreme sensitivity of the U.S.-Israel relationship coupled with the burden of the Israel lobby, which punishes legislators who dare to criticize the Jewish state.

Obama Caves to the Lobby
Ray McGovern

� The Freeman flip-flop is merely the latest sign that Obama is afraid to take on the Lobby. But the world is watching the new president. Most will interpret the new president�s acquiescence in this charade as a sign of weakness � of his not being his own man. This is a distinct liability as Obama prepares to meet next month with the likes of Vladimir Putin who will be taking his measure � Although the Russians continue to be amazed at the Lobby�s strong influence over U.S. policy, the Russians are happy as clams to sit back and watch as the identification of the U.S. with Israeli policy inflicts incalculable damage to U.S. interests throughout the region and beyond.

America�s Leaders are Beholden to the Israel Lobby
Ray McGovern � Video

Ray McGovern, a retired CIA officer turned political activist, speaks about the danger of Israel getting the US into war with Iran, Israel�s 1967 attack on the USS Liberty, and the hold of the Israel lobby on US foreign policy. McGovern served as a federal employee for 27 years under seven US presidents. His duties included presenting White House intelligence briefings. Here he addresses a meeting in St. Paul, Minn., on Sept. 1, 2008. Runtime: 9:40 mins.

The Neocons Strike Back
Robert Parry -- Consortium News

The neoconservatives have demonstrated that their power in Washington remains strong as they have succeeded in keeping veteran diplomat Chas Freeman out of a top intelligence job. Freeman dropped out of the running for chairman of the National Intelligence Council, which oversees preparation of intelligence estimates about threats to the United States, after an intense campaign spearheaded by neocons angered over Freeman�s criticism of Israel�s treatment of Palestinians.

Was World War Two Pointless?
Peter Hitchens - Daily Mail (Britain)

... On a recent visit to the USA I picked up two new books that are going to make a lot of people in Britain very angry ... We were told that the 1939-45 war was a good war, fought to overthrow a wicked tyrant, that the war in Iraq would be the same, and that those who opposed it were like the discredited appeasers of 1938 ... The two books ... are Patrick Buchanan's Churchill, Hitler And The Unnecessary War and Nicholson Baker's Human Smoke ... Many believe the 1939-45 war was fought to save the Jews from Hitler. No facts support this fond belief. If the war saved any Jews, it was by accident.

Obama Won't Cut Military Aid to Israel, Says U.S. Official
DPA -- Deutsche Presse Agentur

U.S. President Barack Obama will not cut the billions of dollars in military aid promised to Israel, a senior U.S. administration official said Wednesday. The $30 billion in aid promised to Israel over the next decade will not be harmed by the world financial crisis, the official told Israel Radio. He spoke on condition of anonymity. The Obama Administration however expects the next government of Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu to continue peace negotiations with the Palestinians, he said.

Stephen Walt on Freeman�s Withdrawal
Stephen M. Walt

As you might expect, I have a few thoughts on Charles Freeman's decision to withdraw from consideration as chair of the National Intelligence Committee. First, for all of you out there who may have questioned whether there was a powerful "Israel lobby," or who admitted that it existed but didn't think it had much influence, or who thought that the real problem was some supposedly all-powerful "Saudi lobby,� think again. � This incident reinforces my suspicion that the Democratic Party is in fact a party of wimps. I'm not talking about Congress, which has been in thrall to the lobby for decades, but about the new team in the Executive Branch.

Freeman�s Angry Statement on the Israel Lobby
Charles W. Freeman

� The libels on me and their easily traceable email trails show conclusively that there is a powerful lobby determined to prevent any view other than its own from being aired, still less to factor in American understanding of trends and events in the Middle East. The tactics of the Israel Lobby plumb the depths of dishonor and indecency and include character assassination, selective misquotation, the willful distortion of the record, the fabrication of falsehoods, and an utter disregard for the truth.

German Authorities Bring Charges Against `Nazi Guard� Demjanjuk
BBC News

German prosecutors have filed charges against an alleged Nazi death camp guard who lives in the United States, and have applied for his extradition. John Demjanjuk, 88, is accused of involvement in the deaths of 29,000 Jews at a camp in Nazi-occupied Poland. Mr Demjanjuk was sentenced to death in Israel in the 1980s, but was then acquitted and returned to the US. He denies any involvement in the crimes, saying he was a prisoner of war of the Nazis, rather than a guard.

Holocaust `Deniers� Cannot Be Considered Catholic, Says Vatican Envoy
Haaretz (Israel)

The Vatican's envoy to Israel asserted on Monday that Holocaust deniers could not be considered Catholic, in an apparent bid to temper tensions ahead of a papal visit in May. Papal Nuncio Antonio Franco was seemingly referring to Pope Benedict XVI's reinstatement of bishop Bishop Williamson, who has denied the full extent of the Holocaust and says there were no gas chambers. The move sparked an outcry among Israelis and Jews across the world.

Most Foreclosures Pack Into a Few Counties
USA Today

More than half of the nation's foreclosures last year took place in 35 counties, a sign that the financial crisis devastating the national economy may have begun with collapsing home loans in only a few corners of the country. Those counties, spread over a dozen states, accounted for more than 1.5 million foreclosure actions last year � Most are clustered in places such as Southern California, Las Vegas, Phoenix, South Florida and Washington �

Nation's Food System Nearly Broke
John Kinsman -- Capital Times (Madison, Wis.)

Many U.S. farmers are going out of business because they receive prices equal to about one half their cost to produce our food. How long could any enterprise receiving half the amount of its input costs stay in business? � Our food system is nearly broke, which is almost as serious as our country's financial meltdown.

Dinner with the Fuehrer
The New York Times

More than 60 years after Adolf Hitler died, the details of his private life still grip the public imagination. Some additional glimpses emerged from a British intelligence report sold last week by the English auction house Mullock�s. Written by an unnamed British agent and dated May 3, 1945 � three days after Hitler�s death � it summarizes the interrogation of a German lieutenant colonel who was a staff member at Hitler�s headquarters in Berlin during World War II � �� The conversation seems to have the effect that music has on others: it stimulates his thoughts and relaxes him. He talks in a mellow baritone, without that raucous, unpleasant stridency of his public speeches.�

Russia to Outlaw Criticism of World War II Tactics
The Telegraph (Britain)

The Russian government is to outlaw criticism of Soviet military tactics during the Second World War in the latest example of its heavy-handed approach to dissent. The controversial plan comes after a television documentary exposed the scale of human losses during one of the conflict's bloodiest battles � Sergei Shoigu, the respected emergency situations minister, has called for a law, based on Holocaust denial legislation in Germany, that would make it a criminal offence to suggest that the Soviet Union did not win the War. Mr Shoigu indicated that the legislation would also seek to punish eastern European or former Soviet states which deny they were liberated by the Red Army.

Historic Voice Recordings
The Free Information Society

Here, in their own voices, are speeches and statements by dozens of historical figures, including Franklin Roosevelt, Lenin, Stalin, Winston Churchill, Hitler, Thomas Edison, Malcolm X, Ronald Reagan, Fidel Castro, Dwight Eisenhower, Warren Harding, and many others.

Jewish `Defiance� Film Sparks Polish Anger
The Guardian (Britain)

A film starring Daniel Craig about a Jewish underground resistance movement that took on the Nazis has prompted a storm of protest in Poland. Defiance, directed by Edward Zwick, which recently opened in Poland under the title Opor (resistance), has been booed at cinemas across the country and banned from others because of a local perception that it is a rewriting of history and anti-Polish � The launch of the film has prompted a wave of front page articles and commentaries and thrust the issue to the top of the chatshow agenda.

Israel Annexing East Jerusalem, Says European Union
The Guardian (Britain)

A confidential European Union report accuses the Israeli government of using settlement expansion, house demolitions, discriminatory housing policies and the West Bank barrier as a way of "actively pursuing the illegal annexation" of East Jerusalem. The document says Israel has accelerated its plans for East Jerusalem, and is undermining the Palestinian Authority's credibility and weakening support for peace talks. "Israel's actions in and around Jerusalem constitute one of the most acute challenges to Israeli-Palestinian peace-making," says the document, EU Heads of Mission Report on East Jerusalem.

Israel Engaged in `Wanton Destruction� of Homes, Says Human Rights Group
BBC News

Human rights investigators say Israeli forces engaged in "wanton destruction" of Palestinian homes during the recent conflict in Gaza. Amnesty International has told the BBC News website the methods used raised concerns about war crimes. Israel's military said buildings were destroyed because of military "operational needs". The Israeli Defense Forces said they operated in accordance with international law during the conflict. However, the use of mines to destroy homes contradicted this claim, the head of the Amnesty International fact-finding mission to southern Israel and Gaza, Donatella Rovera, has argued.

Mexico Drug War Bleeds Over Border Into US

Hit men dressed in fake police tactical gear burst into a home in Phoenix, rake it with gunfire and execute a man. Armed kidnappers snatch victims from cars and even a local shopping mall across the Phoenix valley for ransom, turning the sun-baked city into the "kidnap capital" of the United States. Violence of this kind is common in Mexico where drug cartel abductions and executions are a daily feature of a raging drug war that claimed 6,000 lives south of the border last year. But U.S. authorities now fear that violent crime is beginning to bleed over the porous Mexico border and take hold here.

U.S. Military Aid to Israel
Kathleen and Bill Christison

In these days of economic crisis, budget overruns, earmarks, and multi-billion dollar bailouts, when Americans are being forced to tighten their own belts, one of the most automatic earmarks � a bailout by any measure � goes to a foreign government but is little understood by most Americans. U.S. military aid to Israel is doled out in annual increments of billions of dollars but remains virtually unchallenged while other fiscal outlays are drastically cut. The United States and Israel signed a Memorandum of Understanding in August 2007 committing the U.S. to give Israel $30 billion in military aid over the next decade.

Israel is `Seriously Considering� Military Action Against Iran
The Jerusalem Post (Israel)

Israel is seriously considering taking unilateral military action to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, according to a report by top US political figures and experts released Wednesday. The report also says Israel's time frame for action is growing shorter, not only because of Iranian advances, but because Teheran might soon acquire upgraded air defenses and disperse its nuclear program to additional locations. The report, "Preventing a Cascade of Instability," was put out by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP).

Mass Grave of `Nazi Collaborators� Found in Slovenia
Agence France Presse

A mass grave in Slovenia believed to hold up to 300 victims killed after World War II by the former communist regime has been discovered in the country's east, authorities said today. "We've found the mummified remains of between 200 and 300 people," Marko Strovs, head of the government's military graves department, said. He said the victims appeared to be "killed with gas" since there were no visible signs of wounds from firearms � They are believed to contain the remains of pro-Nazi collaborators who sought to escape from the former Yugoslavia's communist regime in 1945.

Facing German Suffering, and Not Looking Away
The New York Times

The damp mud falls away easily from the long thighbone jutting out of the dirt wall of the trench at the gentle prod of the shovel's tip. Beyond the mass grave filled with the skeletal remains of some 2,000 people, presumed to be Germans who died in the closing months of World War II � After World War II more than twelve million ethnic Germans, and by some estimates up to 16.5 million, were uprooted across central and Eastern Europe, and more than two million are believed to have died or been killed in the often violent process.

Ethnic Cleansing and Israel
Conn Hallinan

One of the more disturbing developments in the Middle East is a growing consensus among Israelis that it would acceptable to expel-in the words of advocates "transfer"-its Arab citizens to either a yet as unformed Palestinian state or the neighboring countries of Jordan and Egypt. � But �transfer� is no longer the exclusive policy of extremists, as it has increasingly become a part of mainstream political dialogue. � In a recent article in Haaretz, Yotam Feldman writes about a journey through Israel�s high schools, where students freely admit to their hatred of Arabs and lack of concern about the erosion of democracy.

America the Illiterate
Chris Hedges

We live in two Americas. One America, now the minority, functions in a print-based, literate world. It can cope with complexity and has the intellectual tools to separate illusion from truth. The other America, which constitutes the majority, exists in a non-reality-based belief system. This America, dependent on skillfully manipulated images for information, has severed itself from the literate, print-based culture. It cannot differentiate between lies and truth. It is informed by simplistic, childish narratives and clich�s. It is thrown into confusion by ambiguity, nuance and self-reflection.

I'm a Holocaust Denier �
Kevin Myers -- The Independent (Britain)

Let me say from the outset; I'm with Bishop Richard Williamson on this. There was no holocaust, (or Holocaust, as my computer software insists) and six million Jews were not murdered by the Third Reich. These two statements of mine are irrefutable truths � As it happens, the figure 'six million' was originally a round-estimate of the total numbers of concentration camp victims of the Third Reich: this was then turned by popular perception, aided by activists such as the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, into the Jewish death toll. However, there is not even a scientific or documentary basis for this number.

Too Many Overseas Bases
David Vine -- Foreign Policy in Focus

... One thousand U.S. military bases outside the 50 states and Washington, DC, representing the largest collection of bases in world history � In these difficult economic times, the Obama administration and Congress should initiate a major reassessment of our 1,000 overseas bases. Now is the time to ask if, as a nation and a world, we can really afford the 1,000 bases that are pushing the nation deeper into debt and making the United States and the planet less secure? With so many needs facing our nation, it�s unconscionable to have 1,000 overseas bases. It�s time to begin closing them.

Detroit's Outlook Falls Along With Home Prices
Chicago Tribune

It may be tough to get financing for a new car these days, but in Detroit you can buy a house with a credit card. The median price of a home sold in Detroit in December was $7,500, according to Realcomp, a listing service � Detroit has been quietly slipping into social and economic crisis for 40 years. One-third of the population lives in poverty, and almost 50 percent of children are in poverty � There is no major grocery chain in the city, and only two movie theaters. Much of the neighborhood economy revolves around rib joints, hot dog stands and liquor stores.

Downfall of `Holocaust-Denying� Bishop
The Sunday Telegraph (Britain)

� On Saturday, the clergyman at the centre of a worldwide debate over the Holocaust was still hidden way in his suburban bolthole, fearing he might be the target of an extradition request from Germany where, unlike in the UK, "Holocaust denial" is a criminal offence. Jacques Barrot, the EU Justice Commissioner, said Father Williamson could face legal action in many European nations where Holocaust denial is illegal � The Home Office declined to comment on whether it would support a request from Germany, or any other country, for the bishop to be extradited to face trial for Holocaust denial.

Obama Makes False Statement About Automobile Invention
USA Today

President Obama, who will decide the fate of struggling Detroit automakers, may need to brush up on his industry history. In promising support in his speech to Congress Tuesday, he said, "I believe the nation that invented the automobile cannot walk away from it." Actually, history � and the U.S. Library of Congress � credits Germany.

White House Quietly Protests Jewish Construction by Israel

President Obama's administration is carefully monitoring Jewish construction in eastern Jerusalem and has already protested to the highest levels of Israeli government about evidence found of housing expansion in those areas, according to informed Israeli officials speaking to WND. The officials, who spoke on condition that their names be withheld, said in recent weeks Obama's Mideast envoy, George Mitchell, oversaw the establishment of an apparatus based in the U.S. consulate in Jerusalem that closely monitors eastern Jerusalem neighborhoods, incorporating regular tours on a daily basis.

US Influence in Iraq Far From Over
Eric Margolis - Toronto Sun

� President Obama says U.S. combat troops will leave Iraq by August 2010. However, the U.S. military occupation will not end. What we are seeing is a public relations shell game. The U.S. has 142,000 soldiers and nearly 100,000 mercenaries occupying Iraq. Obama's plan calls for withdrawing the larger portion of the U.S. garrison but leaving 50,000-60,000 troops in Iraq. To get around his promise to withdraw all "combat" troops, the president and his advisers are rebranding the stay-behind garrison as "training troops, protection for American interests, and counterterrorism forces."

Rethink Afghanistan
Brave New Foundation

Well made, persuasive video critique of US policy in Afghanistan. With striking commentary by knowledgeable Afghanis and American specialists. Runtime: 11:46 mins.

Bishop Williamson and `Holocaust Denial�: Why the Uproar?
Mark Weber -- Institute for Historical Review

The furor over the �Holocaust denial� remarks of Bishop Richard Williamson is not a controversy about historical truth, the role of history in society, anti-Semitism or �hate.� This affair is really about power -- about those who really wield it in our culture, as well as about how and why that power is used � A society�s real hierarchy of values, and of power, is shown by what it prohibits. The Williamson affair underscores a well-entrenched Jewish-Zionist bias in the cultural life of modern Western society, and reminds us, once again, of the power behind that bias.

Cardinal Bans `Denier� Williamson From Los Angeles Archdiocese
The Associated Press

Cardinal Roger Mahony on Tuesday took the unusual step of banning Holocaust-denying British Bishop Richard Williamson from any Roman Catholic church, school or other facility in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. "Holocaust deniers like Williamson will find no sympathetic ear or place of refuge in the Catholic Church, of which he is not � and may never become � a member," said a commentary signed jointly by Mahony, head of the nation's largest archdiocese, and two officials of the American Jewish Committee.

Empire Falls
Robert Pape -- The National Interest

America is in unprecedented decline. The self-inflicted wounds of the Iraq war, growing government debt, increasingly negative current-account balances and other internal economic weaknesses have cost the United States real power in today's world of rapidly spreading knowledge and technology. If present trends continue, we will look back at the Bush administration years as the death knell of American hegemony � It is one of the largest relative declines in modern history. Indeed, in size, it is clearly surpassed by only one other great-power decline, the unexpected internal collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Rattling the Cage: Provoking Anti-Semitism
Larry Derfner -- The Jerusalem Post (Israel)

� The claim we hear is that anti-Semitism today is worse than it's been since the 1930s. That may be true, but it overlooks one little thing that's different about the Jews of today compared to those of the 1930s: power. The Jews back then had none, or at least none that could protect them, while Israel, the focus of today's rise in anti-Semitism, has awesome power. Incomparably more power than its enemies have, including the anti-Semites, who are legion � This is not the 1930s. We, the nation of Israel, are far from being powerless, and we are far from being innocent.

Jews Face `Pandemic� of Anti-Semitism, Says ADL Chief
Abraham Foxman - Anti-Defamation League (New York)

� Let�s take a moment to revisit what happened in the weeks after Israel launched the Gaza offensive on Dec. 27. It was as if the floodgates had been opened. Within days an open season had been declared on world Jewry. It started with criticism of Israel: Israel was wrong. Israel was evil. Israel was satanic and a violator of international human rights and international law. This theme quickly morphed into talk about war crimes and war tribunals. In cities around the world, rhetoric at rallies and demonstrations against Israel reached a fever pitch � This is the worst, the most intense, the most global hatred aimed at Jews in most of our memories.

German Police Raid 200 `Neo Nazi� Premises

German police have launched a nationwide search of more than 200 homes and businesses of people suspected of belonging to the country's extreme right, the Federal Crime Office (BKA) said Wednesday. "The primary aim of the concerted action by crime fighting authorities is to seize and confiscate prohibited items like music in order to move effectively and extensively against the spread of right wing extremism," the BKA said in a statement. More than 60 years after World War Two and the Nazi Holocaust, right-wing radicalism is still a problem in Germany, particularly in the former communist eastern part of the country where unemployment is nearly double the rate in the west.

Obama�s Budget: Change for the Worse
Paul Craig Roberts

� The economic catastrophe that the US faces is very real. But there is no awareness of this reality in Obama�s budget. The crux of Obamanomics is the assumption that the economy can run forever on consumer loans, if we can just get the banks to lend, and the federal government can run forever on loans from China, Japan,and Saudi Arabia. Obama is requesting $130 billion for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan during 2010 plus a $75 billion supplemental request for the wars during 2009.

A Choice Between Peace and Peril
Chris Hedges

Bibi Netanyahu�s assumption of power in Israel sets the stage for a huge campaign by the Israeli government, and its well-oiled lobby groups in Washington, to push us into a war with Iran. Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program, according to U.S. and European intelligence agencies. But reality rarely impedes on politics. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama, along with Netanyahu, all talk as if Iran is on the brink of dropping the big one on the Jewish state.

Return of the War Party
Patrick J. Buchanan

�Real men go to Tehran!� brayed the neoconservatives, after the success of their propaganda campaign to have America march on Baghdad and into an unnecessary war that has forfeited all the fruits of our Cold War victory. Now they are back, in pursuit of what has always been their great goal: an American war on Iran. It would be a mistake to believe they and their collaborators cannot succeed a second time � For decades, we lived under the threat that hundreds of Russian warheads could rain down upon us in hours, ending our national existence. If deterrence worked with Stalin and Mao, it can work with an Iran that has not launched an offensive war against any nation within the memory of any living American.

Iran and the West: A History of Violence
Eric Margolis

Iran is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its historic Islamic revolution after three decades of siege warfare by the western powers. To understand why relations between Tehran and the West are so bitter, we must understand their historical context � Rightly or wrongly, most Iranians blame the West for their historical suffering. They see the Western powers and Israel continuing efforts to overthrow their government, isolate Iran, and seize its oil. Or even launch a long-awaited air blitz against Iran�s so-far civilian nuclear program. A former commander in the Iran-Iraq War, Mohammed Ahmadinejad, who led many dangerous missions behind Iraqi lines, is today the president of Iran.

Vatican Rejects Bishop Williamson�s Apology
BBC News

The Vatican has rejected an apology by a British bishop who denied the full extent of the Holocaust. It said the bishop needed to "unequivocally and publicly" withdraw his comments. Earlier, Jewish leaders said the bishop had failed to address the issue of whether he believed that the Holocaust was a lie. Richard Williamson said if he had known the full harm his comments would cause, he would not have made them.

US Economy Suffers Sharp Drop
BBC News

The US economy shrank by 6.2 percent in the last three months of 2008, official figures have shown, a far sharper fall than had previously been reported. Plunging exports and the biggest fall in consumer spending in 28 years dragged the figure down from the 3.8 percent estimate the government gave earlier. The decline was much worse than analysts had expected.

Richard Perle is a Liar
Stephen Walt

� Perle and his neoconservative buddies helped develop and sell a policy that has left over 4,000 U.S. soldiers dead and more than 30,000 wounded, was directly responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Iraqis, and will end up costing the United States more than a trillion dollars ... We are in trouble today because we have allowed a culture of corruption and dishonesty to permeate our institutions and pollute our public discourse. Until that changes -- until our public institutions contain a lot more truth-tellers like Gene Kranz and fewer liars like Richard Perle -- we are not going to know where we stand, where we are headed, or whom to trust.

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