October 2008 Headlines
US Motor Industry: The Great Breakdown
The Independent (Britain)

Why stop at the banks? Now governments around the world are pouring taxpayer money in to bail out loss-making financial institutions, it is getting harder to argue against subsidies, loans, guarantees and other forms of government assistance for other industries, too � Which is why Rick Wagoner, chief executive of General Motors, the largest US carmaker, packed his suitcase for Washington and headed to the capital again this week. He is leading a lobbying push aimed at tapping taxpayers and staving off the bankruptcy of the loss-making company. GM's coffers are being depleted at a rate of $1 billion a month, and will run dry by the end of next summer.

Thank You, Mr. President: Behind the Financial Crisis
Eric Margolis

Now that there has been a respite in the financial tsunami sweeping the globe, finger-pointing is sure to begin. The chief culprit for this near-death experience must be the star-crossed Bush administration and its reckless financial policies. The roots of the current financial crisis began before President Bush took office. During the Clinton years, finance had already become America�s primary industry, accounting for 23 percent of all economic activity (GDP) while manufacturing slipping at a mere 12 percent. Finance, let us recall, consists of paper-passing and manipulation rather than creation of anything tangible or productive.

Banged Up: Irving�s New Book About His Austria Ordeal
Focal Point

Free download, in pdf format, of the latest book by the well-known British historian. David Irving tells the amazing story of his 2005 arrest in Austria for the "crime," committed 16 years earlier, of having expressed dissident views about the wartime treatment of Europe's Jews, and of his headline-making trial, and his four hundred days imprisonment. This book includes recollections by Irving from his career, and from his personal and family life. With numerous photos. Ten chapters, including a prologue and an epilogue. With index. Approx.145 pages. Also available for sale for $40.17 from Irvingbooks.com

Toben Wins First Round of UK Extradition Case
AAP - The Australian

Controversial Australian historian Frederick Toben has won the first round of his fight against extradition to Germany from Britain. A London judge ruled overnight that the European arrest warrant used to detain Dr Toben in Britain for extradition earlier this month was invalid because it did not provide enough detail. However, the case appears far from over, with lawyers representing German prosecutors, who want to try Dr Toben for his alleged anti-Semitic views, preparing to appeal to Britain's High Court. Dr Toben's solicitor Kevin Lowry-Mullins described today's ruling as a victory �

Suspected `Denier� Dr Toben Wins Extradition Fight
The Telegraph (Britain)

Dr Toben, 64, a prominent Australian academic, is wanted to stand trial for material he published between 2000 and 2004. The German authorities claim they are 'of an anti-Semitic and/or revisionist nature'. In the European Arrest Warrant issued in October 2004, he is accused of approving of or playing down the murder of the Jews by the Nazis. But District Judge Daphne Wickham yesterday [Wednesday] ruled the warrant invalid as it contains inadequate detail about the offences. It neither states the name of the website nor where the propaganda is said to have been published from - merely referring to the 'world-wide internet'.

Toben `Holocaust Denial� Case Shows Flaw in EU Policy
Chris Huhne -- The Independent (Britain)

The case of the odious Holocaust-denier Dr Frederick Toben is destined to become a cause c�l�bre precisely because such hard cases test fundamental liberal principles � I now find myself oddly defending Dr Toben's right to deny that the Holocaust existed, and to refuse his extradition from Britain to Germany under a European arrest warrant. In Dr Toben's case, the European arrest warrant is being used to detain someone who lives in Australia and who was changing planes at Heathrow, but is accused of the offence of Holocaust denial in Germany. Dr Toben has not committed an offence under British law or indeed under the law of 17 of the 27 European Union member states.

Toben Wins Legal Fight Against Extradition to Germany
The Daily Mail (Britain)

Suspected 'Holocaust denier' Dr Gerald Toben today [Wednesday] won his fight against extradition to Germany where he is wanted for publishing anti-Semitic material on his website. Dr Toben, 64, a prominent Australian academic, is wanted to stand trial for posting the alleged diatribes between 2000 and 2004. The German authorities claim they are 'of an anti-Semitic and/or revisionist nature'. In the European Arrest Warrant issued in October 2004, he is accused of approving of or playing down the murder of the Jews by the Nazis. But District Judge Daphne Wickham [in London] ruled the warrant invalid as it contains inadequate detail about the offences.

The Diplomacy of Lying
John Pilger

... No presidential candidate, least of all a Democrat awash with money from America's "banksters", as Franklin Roosevelt called them, can or will challenge a militarised system that controls and rewards him. Obama's job is to present a benign, even progressive face that will revive America's democratic pretensions, internationally and domestically, while ensuring nothing of substance changes. Among ordinary Americans desperate for a secure life, his skin colour may help him regain this unjustified "trust", even though it is of a similar hue to that of Colin Powell, who lied to the United Nations for Bush and now endorses Obama.

German Movie Puts War Rapes in Focus
Russia Today (Russia)

'A Woman in Berlin', is based on the book of the same title, written by an anonymous 34-year-old woman in the basement of her bombed-out building during the invasion of Berlin by the Red Army in the last months of WWII. It details the way German women were raped en masse by the occupying forces and explains how the same women survived the attacks the Red Army officers felt they deserved in victory ... Although the exact number of women and girls who were raped in the months preceding and following Berlin�s capitulation will never be known, their numbers are likely to be in the hundreds of thousands.

Gun Sales Thriving in Uncertain Times
The Washington Post

Americans have cut back on buying cars, furniture and clothes in a tough economy, but there's one consumer item that's still enjoying healthy sales: guns. Purchases of firearms and ammunition have risen 8 to 10 percent this year, according to state and federal data. Several variables drive sales, but many dealers, buyers and experts attribute the increase in part to concerns about the economy and fears that if Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois wins the presidency, he will join with fellow Democrats in Congress to enact new gun controls. Obama has said he believes in an individual right to bear arms but that he also supports "common-sense safety measures."

We Must Start Thinking in Centuries
George Monbiot -- The Guardian (Britain)

... To remain in office or to remain in business, decision-makers must privilege the present over the future. Discount rates ensure that investments made today are worth nothing in 10 years' time; the political cycle demands that no one looks beyond the next election. The financial crisis is just one consequence of a system which demands that governments sacrifice long-term survival for short-term gains ... For similar reasons we are likely to be ambushed by other nasty surprises: runaway climate change, resource depletion, foreign policy blowback, new surveillance and genetic technologies, skills shortages, demographic change, a declining tax base, private and public debt. Politics is the art of shifting trouble from the living to the unborn.

Belgian TV Cancels Show on Hitler�s Favorite Meal
The Associated Press

Amid widespread criticism, a Belgian public broadcaster on Monday scrapped a television show on Adolf Hitler's favorite meal. Belgium's Flemish broadcaster VRT said the episode on Hitler's culinary tastes was "too sensitive" to air and did not fit the series "Plat Prefere," or "Favorite Dish," which profiles the favorite foods of famous people. Other episodes have featured more positively viewed subjects, including British singer Freddie Mercury, opera legend Maria Callas and artist Salvador Dali. "There was a wrong perception that the show about Hitler would humanize or, worse, glorify" Hitler, VRT said on its Web site.

Russia�s Resentment of the West Began With a Broken Promise
William Pfaff

It did not take the clash between Russia and Georgia to reveal that relations between Russia and the West have taken a bad turn. They have been deteriorating since the mid-1990s, when the decision was taken to expand NATO to include the former Warsaw Pact states. At the time of that decision, George F. Kennan, the most eminent American diplomat of his time, said this could be the most disastrous mistake made in American foreign policy in decades. He erred only in underestimating the comparative scale of the blunders that would follow, in the George W. Bush administration.

Napoleon Was Inspiration for Hitler, Says Historian
The Guardian (Britain)

Napoleon massacred more than 100,000 Caribbean slaves and should be remembered as a genocidal dictator and inspiration for Hitler rather than a military genius and founder of modern France, a French historian said yesterday. "I refuse to bow down before the statue any longer, I have opened my eyes," said Claude Ribbe, a respected black academic and part of a governmental commission on human rights whose book, Napoleon's Crime, is published this week.

The French Fuehrer: Genocidal Napoleon
Daily Mail (Britain)

Three days after the fall of France in 1940, Napoleon, lying in his marble tomb in Paris, received a visit from his greatest admirer. Adolf Hitler, on his one and only visit to the French capital, made an unannounced trip to the tomb in Les Invalides. In his white raincoat, surrounded by his generals, Hitler stood for a long time gazing down at his hero, his cap removed in deference ... Until recently, the French would have been incensed by any comparison between Napoleon and Hitler. But to their rage and shame, new research has shown that France�s greatest hero presided over mass atrocities which bear comparison with some of Hitler�s worst crimes against humanity.

Wealth Gap Creating a Social Time Bomb
John Vidal -- The Guardian (Britain)

Growing inequality in US cities could lead to widespread social unrest and increased mortality, says a new United Nations report on the urban environment. In a survey of 120 major cities, New York was found to be the ninth most unequal in the world and Atlanta, New Orleans, Washington, and Miami had similar inequality levels to those of Nairobi, Kenya Abidjan and Ivory Coast. Many were above an internationally recognised acceptable 'alert' line used to warn governments ... Race is one of the most important factors determining levels of inequality in the US and Canada.

The Wandering Who?
Gilad Atzmon

... "When And How the Jewish People Was Invented" is a very serious study written by Professor Shlomo Sand, an Israeli historian. It is the most serious study of Jewish nationalism and by far, the most courageous elaboration on the Jewish historical narrative. In his book, Sand manages to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the Jewish people never existed as a 'nation-race', they never shared a common origin. Instead they are a colourful mix of groups that at various stages in history adopted the Jewish religion.

The Sick Man of North America
Eric Margolis

An empire built on debt, is an empire built on sand ... Like the British Empire after 1945, the United States has gone bankrupt thanks to a national orgy of borrowing, the replacement of manufacturing by financial manipulation, two ruinous foreign wars, and a government whose stunning incompetence and ignorance was exceeded only by its reckless imperial arrogance. The financial panic that has gripped the globe, and the ignominious collapse of once mighty Wall Street, proved the American colossus had feet of clay.

One Nation, Under God, Indivisible...?
Joseph Farah -- World Net Daily

... Frankly, I don�t see a way to unite a people as divided as Americans are today. We are trying to pretend we�re one nation when we are really two. One of those two nations clings to the promises and covenants of the past, the Bible, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, as the guiding principles. The other believes in and lives with no immutable standards ... It�s the only political solution that makes sense for an America that has lost its sense of mission and the original intent of those who wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

How Crackpot Egalitarianism Caused the Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis
Thomas DiLorenzo

The main cause of the current economic crisis is the boom-and-bust cycle that was caused by the Greenspan Fed. Years of artificially-lowered interest rates caused trillions of dollars in mal-investment in real estate and other industries, and now we must endure the bust. But crackpot egalitarianism within the Fed and, indeed, in the entire Washington establishment, has made the crisis infinitely worse ... The Fed instructed lenders to ignore traditional measures of creditworthiness when it came to "minority and low-income consumers." Traditional underwriting standards were said to contain "arbitrary or unreasonable measures of creditworthiness."

Holocaust Comics Tested on German Schoolchildren
Agence France Presse

A strip cartoon telling the story of the Holocaust has been tested on hundreds of German schoolchildren, provoking "lively discussions" in class and a desire to find out more, organizers said on Friday. The [strip] was tested on 456 pupils aged between 12 and 15 between February and July in Berlin and in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia, who then completed a questionnaire about what they thought about it.

European Union Condemns Stalin Era Famine
Russia Today (Russia)

The European Union has recognised the Holodomor - the famine that hit Soviet Ukraine in 1932-1933 - as a crime against humanity and the Ukrainian people. In a resolution that commemorates the 75th anniversary of the tragic events, EU parliamentarians said the famine was �planned by Stalin's regime in order to force through the Soviet Union's policy of collectivisation of agriculture against the will of the rural population in Ukraine". ... The resolution however stopped short of calling the events of 1932-1933 a genocide of the Ukrainian people � something that officials in Kiev were insisting on. Moscow has strongly objected to Ukrainian and Western accounts of what happened.

Culinary Show on Hitler�s Favorite Meal Draws Fire
The Associated Press

A culinary show on Adolf Hitler's favorite meal to be aired next week [on Belgian television] has come under fire from Jewish, resistance and political prisoner organizations. In his series "Plat Prefere,'' or "Favorite Dish,'' professional cook Jeroen Meus goes to Hitler's haunts in southern Germany to prepare trout with butter sauce, "a succulent festive meal'' and said to be one of Hitler's favorite meals, the program's trailer announced. Michael Freilich, the editor of Joods Actueel magazine, leads the criticism saying Thursday it is worrying Hitler is turned into a banal figure, thus sending "the wrong signal'' to a younger generation.

A Hate With No Name
Edmund Connelly � The Occidental Quarterly

In a recent editorial on this site, The Sandra Bernhard Monstrosity, the editors addressed the vicious attack on Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, a practicing Christian mother of five. In essence, Ms. Bernhard, who is Jewish, called Palin a goy whore � certainly not an affectionate label ... I think that most Christians simply do not understand the virulence of Jewish hatred for Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular. And, because of media campaigns making �anti-Semitism� the worst sin possible in this society, they are unprepared to stand up to it.

Americans Angry, Worried Over State of Nation

A new national poll suggests that only a quarter of Americans think things are going well in the country today, while the rest of those questioned are angry, scared and stressed out. Seventy five percent of those surveyed in a CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll released Tuesday said things are going badly in the United States. An equal portion of those polled said they are angry about the way things are going. Two-thirds of those questioned said they�re scared about the way things are going and three in four said the current conditions in the country are stressing them out.

Gap Growing Between Rich And Poor, New Study Shows
The Associated Press

The gap between rich and poor is getting bigger in the world's richest countries -- and particularly the United States -- as top earners' incomes soar while others' stagnate, according to a 30-nation report released Tuesday. Inequality threatens the "American Dream" of social mobility -- children doing better than their parents, the poor improving their lot through hard work -- which is lower in the U.S. than countries such as Denmark, Sweden and Australia, the report found. The United States has the highest inequality and poverty in the OECD after Mexico and Turkey, and the gap has increased rapidly since 2000, the report said.

New IHR Site Makes On-Line Ordering Easy
Institute for Historical Review

A new online "shopping cart" website -- www.ihrstore.com -- makes it easier than ever to order IHR books, discs, booklets, tapes and flyers. The attractively formatted and well organized site offers a large selection of informative and thought-provoking items. This new site -- along with the hiring of more capable and productive staff members, and changes in management and day-to-day operations -- is one of several innovations in recent months that lay a foundation for a more effective IHR.

Lovesickness Treated With Sex in Elizabethan England
The Telegraph (Britain)

Dozens of previously unseen doctors' reports, diaries and prescriptions [in England, from the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, 1558-1603] show that people visited hospitals with symptoms including depression, inflamed bodies, excessive erotic desire, irrational thoughts, and a loss of self control. The term love sickness would now be considered to be unrequited or forbidden love, or the distress of being broken-hearted ... Doctors believed that the most successful remedy was simply to have sex ... Dr Dawson, whose results are published in the book 'Lovesickness and Gender in Early Modern English Literature,' said that the best cure was seen to be sex - and this would often be recommended to the patient's family.

New Vatican-Israel Tensions Over Pius XII Legacy
The New York Times

Tensions heightened this weekend between the Vatican and Israel after a Vatican official said that Pope Benedict XVI had halted the beatification of Pius XII, the pope during World War II, for fear of repercussions from Jewish groups. The official, the Rev. Peter Gumpel, a Jesuit priest who is directing beatification efforts, also told the ANSA news agency on Saturday that the pope would not visit Israel until a plaque criticizing Pius was removed from the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum in Jerusalem.

Jailed `Heretical Two� Brits Hire US Asylum Lawyer
"Heretical Two"

Two fugitive British writers jailed in southern California have hired an American lawyer to make their claim for political asylum in the United States, says Paul Ballard, coordinator of a legal defense fund for the pair known as the "Heretical Two." Bruce Leichty, a San Diego County immigration lawyer with 20 years of experience representing asylum-seekers in California, has met with the "Heretical Two" and has agreed to take their cases. Said Leichty, "This is a vitally important Internet free speech case, where an obsessive security apparatus runs amok and punishes dissidents by making them criminals..."

Toben Awaits Decision in Extradition Case
The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

Australian historian Dr Fredrick Toben will remain behind bars in Britain until October 29, when a judge decides whether the alleged Holocaust denier will be extradited to Germany. The academic, 64, was arrested while in transit at Heathrow Airport on October 1 under a European Arrest Warrant (EAW) issued by Germany, which wants to try him for his alleged anti-Semitic views. On Friday at City of Westminster Magistrates Court, District Judge Daphne Wickham remanded Toben in custody until October 29, when she will announce her decision.

Gotcha, Physics Genius: Einstein�s Mistakes
Review by George Johnson -- Los Angeles Times

... We have all heard that math wasn't Einstein's strong point, and [Hans] Ohanian ruthlessly lays out the details [in his new book, Einstein�s Mistakes]. A 12-page marathon calculation in Einstein's doctoral dissertation, "A New Determination of the Molecular Size," was "a comedy of errors" based on "zany" physical assumptions ... Fumbling ever forward, Einstein went on to commit more errors in the suite of famous papers he wrote in 1905, what came to be called his miracle year. The miracle, as Ohanian tells it, is that Einstein could have been wrong on so many details while coming through, in the end, with some of the greatest insights of the century.

Austrians Praise Deceased Nazi Admirer Haider
The Jerusalem Post (Israel)

"He was a remarkable person" and one should "pay tribute to him," was how Social Democratic Chancellor Alfred Gusenbauer described right-wing extremist politician Joerg Haider at Haider's funeral ceremony in Klagenfurt, Austria on Saturday. While local Austrian authorities declared an inebriated Haider to have died as the result a high-speed car crash last week, Karlheinz Klement, a former member of Haider's ex-party, the Freedom Party, asserted that the Mossad had assassinated him. Klement's conspiracy thesis is circulating among Austrian neo-Nazi and right-wing internet forums.

Thirty-Six Jews Who Have Shaped the 2008 US Election
Haaretz (Israel)

The John McCain-Barack Obama contest has been one in which the issues of Wall Street and fitness for the presidency have far overshadowed the subject of Israel. But the Jewish vote remains a key element in battleground states, and, playing a wide variety of roles, Jews have helped to shape the campaigns. Thirty-six of them are mentioned below.

What Being Neat or Messy Says About Political Leanings
Scientific American

Researchers insist they can tell someone's political affiliation by looking at the condition of their offices and bedrooms. Messy? You're a lefty. A neatnik? Welcome to the Right. According to a controversial new study, set to be published in The Journal of Political Psychology, the bedrooms and offices of liberals, who are generally thought of as open, tend to be colorful and awash in books about travel, ethnicity, feminism and music, along with music CDs covering folk, classic and modern rock, as well as art supplies, movie tickets and travel memorabilia.

Israel Website in 'Nazi Pope' Row
BBC News

A photo montage which superimposed a Nazi swastika over Pope Benedict has appeared on a website run by supporters of Israel's leading political party. The image was later removed from the Yalla Kadima website, apparently on the orders of party leader Tzipi Livni. The incident comes amid a row with the Vatican over Israeli claims that the late Pope Pius XII could have done more to prevent the Jewish holocaust.

Toben�s Arrest: A New Assault Against Free Speech
Mark Weber -- Institute for Historical Review

... "Denial" laws criminalize even factual or truthful statements that "play down" the wartime treatment of Europe�s Jews, thereby violating ancient and universal standards of justice. Justice applied selectively is not justice. It is a form of injustice ... Germany�s effort to impose its peculiar limits on free speech outside its borders has potentially harmful consequences for Internet freedom of expression everywhere. Because the Toben case has such far-reaching implications, people in many countries will be closely watching how British authorities decide to handle Germany�s extradition request.

Freedom of Historical Debate is Under Attack by `Memory Police�
Timothy Garton Ash

Among the ways in which freedom is being chipped away in Europe, one of the less obvious is the legislation of memory. More and more countries have laws saying you must remember and describe this or that historical event in a certain way, sometimes on pain of criminal prosecution if you give the wrong answer. What the wrong answer is depends on where you are. In Switzerland, you get prosecuted for saying that the terrible thing that happened to the Armenians in the last years of the Ottoman empire was not a genocide. In Turkey, you get prosecuted for saying it was. What is state-ordained truth in the Alps is state-ordained falsehood in Anatolia.

FDR�s Policies Prolonged Depression by Years, Say Economists
University of California -- Los Angeles

Two UCLA economists say they have figured out why the Great Depression dragged on for almost 15 years, and they blame a suspect previously thought to be beyond reproach: President Franklin D. Roosevelt. After scrutinizing Roosevelt's record for four years, Harold L. Cole and Lee E. Ohanian conclude in a new study that New Deal policies signed into law 71 years ago thwarted economic recovery for seven long years.

Big Changes Coming in US Foreign Policy, Says Jesse Jackson
New York Post

Prepare for a new America: That's the message that the Rev. Jesse Jackson conveyed to participants in the first World Policy Forum, held at this French lakeside resort last week. He promised "fundamental changes" in US foreign policy ... The most important change would occur in the Middle East, where "decades of putting Israel's interests first" would end. Jackson believes that, although "Zionists who have controlled American policy for decades" remain strong, they'll lose a great deal of their clout when Barack Obama enters the White House.

The Reality of War in Afghanistan
Stephen Kinzer -- Boston Globe

Despite their differences over how to pursue the US war in Iraq, Senators John McCain and Barack Obama both want to send more American troops to Afghanistan. Both are wrong. History cries out to them, but they are not listening. Both candidates would do well to gaze for a moment on a painting by the British artist Elizabeth Butler called "Remnants of an Army." It depicts the lone survivor of a 15,000-strong British column that sought to march through 150 kilometers of hostile Afghan territory in 1842. His gaunt, defeated figure is a timeless reminder of what happens to foreign armies that try to subdue Afghanistan.

Ignoring Palestine: Biden and Palin
Robert Fisk -- The Independent (Britain)

Palestinians ceased to exist in the United States on Thursday night [Oct. 2]. Both Joe Biden and Sarah Palin [during their joint appearance] managed to avoid the use of that poisonous word. "Palestine" and "Palestinians" -- that most cancerous, slippery, dangerous concept -- simply did not exist in the vice-presidential debate ... And, of course, Israel -- a word that must be uttered, repeatedly, by all US candidates -- became the compass point of the entire Middle East, this "peace-seeking nation ... our strongest and best ally in the Middle East" (quoth Palin) of whom "no one in the United States Senate has been a better friend...than Joe Biden" (quoth Biden).

U.S. Federal Budget Deficit at Record $455 Billion
The Associated Press

The U.S. federal budget deficit soared to $454.8 billion in 2008 as a housing collapse and efforts to combat the economic slowdown pushed the tide of government spending to the highest level in history. The administration of President George W. Bush said Tuesday the deficit for the budget year that ended Sept. 30 was more than double the $161.5 billion recorded in 2007. It surpassed the previous record of $413 billion set in 2004. Economists predicted a far worse number next year as the costs of the government's rescue of the financial system and the economic hard times hit the government's balance sheet.

Nature Loss 'Dwarfs' Bank Crisis
BBC News

The global economy is losing more money from the disappearance of forests than through the current banking crisis, according to an EU-commissioned study. It puts the annual cost of forest loss at between $2 trillion and $5 trillion. The figure comes from adding the value of the various services that forests perform, such as providing clean water and absorbing carbon dioxide.

America As Superpower: Shaken, Not Deposed
Howard LaFranchi -- The Christian Science Monitor

The eagle has crash-landed -- or has it? The US financial crisis that has all but certainly thrown the world's largest economy into recession is also prompting pronouncements that what had been dubbed "the American century" is over ... Yet others say, "Not so fast!" and predict the American era will continue -- in part because the world has devised no alternative to it. If nothing else, the need for coordination in the face of the globalized economy's first epic financial crisis will provide a test of where America's power and leadership really stand, they add.

Bush Has `No Right to Lecture About Human Rights�
Ramsey Clark

A price the American people are paying for the failure of the House of Representatives to impeach Bush, Cheney and their cabal for crimes against peace, war crimes and crimes against humanity -- the greatest assaults on peace and human rights of this century -- is the Bush Administration�s bellicose drum beat for war against a widening circle of chosen enemies ... As Bush's crimes grow, so does our responsibility to act. Please bring your friends and family members into the impeachment movement by sending them to ImpeachBush.org and make a donation today so that the movement to Impeach and Indict Bush and Cheney will keep growing.

Anti-Jewish Sentiment Rising in Europe, Says New Survey
European Jewish Press

Anti-Jewish feelings are on the rise in several countries in Europe, and the situation is "particularly dramatic" in Spain where unfavorable views towards Jews have more than doubled over the last three years, according to a US think-tank study released this week. In the same time, attitudes towards Muslims have become more negative in recent years. Anti-Jewish sentiment was up in six European countries -- Spain, Poland, Russia, Germany, France ,Britain- surveyed for the Washington-based Pew Research Center's 2008 Global Attitudes Project.

Of Generals and Victories
Patrick J. Buchanan

... Now we are about to enter our eighth year in Afghanistan and our sixth year in Iraq. In neither is victory, in the MacArthurian sense, assured. Indeed, "victory" may be unattainable, says America�s most successful general, David Petraeus, who asserts he will never use the word in speaking of Iraq. "This is not the sort of struggle where you take a hill, plant the flag and go home to a victory parade." ... Before either a President Obama or McCain sends 10,000 more troops into Afghanistan, he should conduct a review as to whether this war is winnable, and at what cost in blood, money and years.

Afghanistan: An Unwinnable War
Gwynne Dyer

The main purpose of British generals, it sometimes seems, is to say aloud the things that American generals (and British diplomats) think privately but dare not say in public. Things like: "We're not going to win this war." That was what Brigadier Mark Carleton-Smith, the senior British commander in Afghanistan, said last week at the end of his six-month tour in command of 16 Air Assault Brigade. His force saw a great deal of combat and lost 32 killed, but it didn't lose any battles. Regular troops rarely lose battles against guerillas. But there were no lasting successes either -- which is also typical of wars where foreign troops are fighting local guerillas.

Where Did Childhood Go Wrong?
Sue Palmer -- The Telegraph (Britain)

... Now think about children you know today. How often do they go "out to play"? Over the past 25 years there has been an enormous change in young children's leisure experiences ... So for most 21st-century children, the word "play" doesn't mean outdoor, physical pursuits or indoor creativity: it means sitting down at a PlayStation, mindlessly gazing at television, or communicating virtually with friends via Bebo or MSN. Instead of first-hand experiences and real interaction, they have ersatz experiences on screens.

Horrors of War Our Leaders Never Have to Confront
Robert Fisk -- The Independent (Britain)

... I�m not sure of this, but I think -- I suspect and feel -- that the Great War, the war of 1914-1918, is beginning to dominate our lives even more than the terrible and infinitely more costly conflict of 1939-1945. As the years go by, the visitors to the great cemeteries of the Somme, Passchendaele and Verdun grow greater in number. The Second World War may haunt our lives. The First World War, it seems to me, imprisons us all. The statistics still have the power to overawe us.

Upsurge in On-Line Anti-Jewish Comments Worries Zionist Group
Anti-Defamation League (New York)

In the wake of the collapse of major investment banks and the government's proposed bailout of financial institutions, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is reporting a dramatic upsurge in the number of anti-Semitic statements being posted to Internet discussion boards devoted to finance and the economy. Hundreds of anti-Semitic posts regarding Lehman Brothers and other institutions affected by the subprime mortgage crisis have been submitted to discussion boards dealing with finance, with many more arriving by the minute.

Putin�s Spin on History
Kyiv Post (Ukraine)

Russian history now glosses over persecution and hails Soviet-era triumphs The foreign ministries of Russia and Ukraine are not the only soldiers in the ongoing war of words over the countries� shared Soviet history. The battle over the past is also being waged in the classrooms of both countries. The stakes are high, as the victor may be able to win over the hearts and minds of future generations. The Stalin-ordered Great Famine of 1932-1933, which claimed millions of lives, is a stark example of the conflicting historical views.

Afghanistan Facing 'Downward Spiral,' Says US Report
The Associated Press

The situation in Afghanistan now is the worst since the U.S.-led invasion of 2001 and the country is in danger of a "downward spiral" into violence and chaos, according to an intelligence report draft. The nearly completed National Intelligence Estimate, the work of 16 intelligence agencies, says Afghanistan's deterioration has accelerated alarmingly in past two months. Bush administration officials say privately that Afghanistan is now the single most pressing security threat in the fight against terrorism.

Time To Face The Facts On Afghanistan
Eric S. Margolis

For those who savor historical irony, the Soviet Empire collapsed in the years 1989-1991 because of an implosion of its economy brought on by a ruinous arms race with the United States and the heavy costs of occupying Afghanistan. Seventeen years later came the turn of the world's other great imperial power, the United States ... Both Barack Obama and John McCain are wrong about Afghanistan. It is not a 'good' fight against 'terrorism,' but a classic, 19th century colonial war to advance western geopolitical power into resource-rich Central Asia. The Pashtun Afghans who live there are ready to fight for another 100 years.

Israeli Bestseller Breaks Jewish Nationhood Taboo
Jonathan Cook

No one is more surprised than Shlomo Sand that his latest academic work has spent 19 weeks on Israel's bestseller list -- and that success has come to the history professor despite his book challenging Israel's biggest taboo. Dr. Sand argues that the idea of a Jewish nation -- whose need for a safe haven was originally used to justify the founding of the state of Israel -- is a myth invented little more than a century ago. An expert on European history at Tel Aviv University, Dr. Sand drew on extensive historical and archaeological research to support not only this claim but several more -- all equally controversial.

German Prosecutor Eager for Trial of 'Denier' Toben
The Australian

The German prosecutor who wants to put Australian citizen Fredrik Toben on trial for denying the Holocaust warned yesterday that he was determined to see the former school teacher face justice. Andreas Grossmann, the Mannheim district prosecutor handling Dr Toben's case, said that despite his attempts to avoid extradition from Britain to Germany, he expected Dr Toben to be on trial early next year. Mr Grossmann also warned that Dr Toben faced up to five years in jail and, although most prisoners in Germany served a third to a half of their sentences, the stubborn refusal of long-term Holocaust revisionists to recant their views meant they usually failed to win parole.

Ehud Olmert Tells the Truth Too Late
Gwynne Dyer

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was well aware that he resembled the generals who join a peace movement as soon as they retire. "I have not come here to justify my actions over the past 35 years," he said. "For a large portion of that period, I was unwilling to look reality in the eye." Olmert, who has resigned but will stay in office until a new government is formed or an election is called, gave a valedictory interview to the newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth on September 29, and said something that no previous Israeli prime minister has said. He declared that if Israel wants peace, it must withdraw from almost all the lands it occupied in 1967. Unfortunately, it's probably too late.

President Johnson: A Good Friend of Israel
The Jerusalem Post (Israel)

... President Johnson firmly pointed American policy in a pro-Israel direction. In a historical context, the American emergency airlift to Israel in 1973, the constant diplomatic support, the economic and military assistance and the strategic bonds between the two countries can all be credited to the seeds planted by LBJ.

Americans' Satisfaction Level Drops To All Time Low
Digital Journal

A new survey finds that less than ten percent of the American public are satisfied with the way things are going in the United States; the lowest such reading in Gallup Poll history. Gallup poll results shows many in the U.S. are dissatisfied with the way the economy is heading, and with various issues such as healthcare, war, jobs, education, immigration etc. Respondents were asked whether they are satisfied or dissatisfied with the way things are going in the United States. Only nine per cent of respondents said they are satisfied with the way things are going. There is a steady decline in this trend over the last seven years. This is the lowest in almost 30 years.

Afghan War Unwinnable, Top Brit Says

Britain's commander in Afghanistan has said the war against the Taliban cannot be won, the Sunday Times reported. It quoted Brigadier Mark Carleton-Smith as saying in an interview that if the Taliban were willing to talk, then that might be "precisely the sort of progress" needed to end the insurgency. "We're not going to win this war. It's about reducing it to a manageable level of insurgency that's not a strategic threat and can be managed by the Afghan army," he said. He said his forces had "taken the sting out of the Taliban for 2008" but that troops may well leave Afghanistan with there still being a low level of insurgency.

Predictions vs. Reality in Iraq
Rep. Ron Paul

... No one predicted the exact course of this war before it started. But to continue to listen to the foreign policy advice of those that were the MOST offbase will only lead to more foreign policy disasters. We need to keep this in mind as we think about Russia, Iran, Cuba and other countries. Keep in mind - the doomsday predictions on the Iraq War from six years ago, sound like a cakewalk today. While what leaders in the administration had predicted, reads like a fairytale. Ask yourself, when listening to the same foreign policy "experts" explaining situations around the world and suggesting policy positions: In light of the facts of today, and the predictions of yesterday, how expert have they shown themselves to be?

In Germany, Mahler Goes on Trial for 'Holocaust Denial'
The Associated Press

A founder member of a left-wing terrorist group turned neo-Nazi went on trial in Germany Wednesday accused of publishing documents on the Internet denying the Holocaust. Horst Mahler, a founding member of the Red Army Faction in 1970, is accused of regularly posting documents online between 2001 and 2004. Denial of the Nazi Holocaust is a crime in Germany. Mahler has been charged with incitement and faces up to five years in prison if convicted.

Israel Indirectly Criticized at U.N. Nuclear Conference
The Associated Press

A U.N. nuclear conference of 145 nations indirectly criticized Israel on Saturday for refusing to put its atomic program under international purview. The International Atomic Energy Agency convened earlier this week in Vienna, Austria. But the Jewish state managed to evade being targeted by Islamic countries pushing for a vote to link it to nuclear proliferation in the Middle East. Iran, Israel's most outspoken foe, spearheaded the verbal attack on the Jewish state, as it has done at past general conferences of the International Atomic Energy Agency. Israel is widely considered to have nuclear arms, but has a "no tell" policy on the issue.

'Munich' Shouldn't Be Such a Dirty Word
Geoffrey Wheatcroft -- The Washington Post

Seventy years ago this month, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain flew to Germany to meet Adolf Hitler once, twice and then a third time. On Sept. 30, 1938, they agreed that the German-speaking "Sudetenland" of Czechoslovakia should be ceded to Germany. Ever since, the name of this Munich agreement has been used as the ultimate political curse. In truth, the story of the agreement is far from what is usually supposed. Over and again, "Munich" has been willfully misunderstood and misinterpreted, with repeatedly disastrous consequences.

An Amicus Brief for Neville: Reassessing 'Munich'
Patrick J. Buchanan

On Sept. 30, 1938, 70 years ago, Neville Chamberlain visited Adolf Hitler's apartment in Munich, got his signature on a three-sentence declaration, and flew home to Heston Aerodrome ... This was Munich, the summit of infamy, endlessly invoked as the textbook example of how craven appeasement leads to desperate war. That is the great myth ... The seeds of Munich had been planted at the 1919 Paris Peace Conference, in the treaties of Versailles, St. Germain and Trianon. Though Germany agreed to an armistice based on Wilson's 14 Points and principle of self-determination, millions of Germans had been consigned to alien rule.

Can a Bailout Succeed?
Paul Craig Roberts

...The US government needs to choose between its financial system and its wars. As the wars serve no US interest except for those of a few powerful interest groups, the government should declare an immediate end to the wars, thus reducing the budget deficit by at least $200 billion annually. The government should then turn to the military budget, which at about $700 billion is larger than the combined military spending of the rest of the world combined. The only justification for such an enormous amount of military spending is a policy of US world hegemony, a policy that financial collapse makes nonsensical.

An Israeli Trojan Horse: Penetrating the US Government's Telecom System
Christopher Ketcham

Since the late 1990s, federal agents have reported systemic communications security breaches at the Department of Justice, FBI, DEA, the State Department, and the White House. Several of the alleged breaches, these agents say, can be traced to two hi-tech communications companies ... Both companies are based in Israel -- having arisen to prominence from that country's cornering of the information technology market -- and are heavily funded by the Israeli government, with connections to the Israeli military and Israeli intelligence (both companies have a long history of board memberships dominated by current and former Israeli military and intelligence officers).

Howard Berman: Profile of a Powerful Pro-Israel Politician
The Jerusalem Post (Israel)

Howard Berman likes to joke that he became a Zionist before he became a Democrat. Aside from the moment when he learned that president Franklin Delano Roosevelt had died, the 67-year-old congressman's earliest political memory is of being at a rally at a Los Angeles stadium celebrating the birth of Israel in 1948. Today, as the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, he's in a position to do more than wave flags and cheer. He has the helm of one of the most powerful bodies shaping US foreign policy, and he says his decision to run for Congress and focus on international relations while in office was intimately connected to his Jewish background and ties to the Jewish state.

The Rival to the Bible
BBC News

What is probably the oldest known Bible is being digitised, reuniting its scattered parts for the first time since its discovery 160 years ago. It is markedly different from its modern equivalent. What's left out? ... For those who believe the Bible is the inerrant, unaltered word of God, there will be some very uncomfortable questions to answer. It shows there have been thousands of alterations to today's bible. The Codex, probably the oldest Bible we have, also has books which are missing from the Authorised Version that most Christians are familiar with today - and it does not have crucial verses relating to the Resurrection.

Dr Fredrick Toben's Arrest Should Alarm Us All
The Telegraph (Britain) - Editorial

... That is why the arrest of Dr Fredrick Toben at Heathrow airport last week is so disturbing. Dr Toben has not committed a crime in this country. His offence is to have published opinions on his website, which he writes from his home in Australia, that question whether the Nazi extermination of the Jews happened ... Dr Toben's case is precisely the sort of incident which ministers assured us would never happen. They said the warrant was only for terrorists and drug dealers. Now that it is being used to punish opinions, our government and judges have an obligation to throw it out.

British Parliamentarian Rejects Extradition of 'Denier' Toben
The Jerusalem Post (Israel)

A British parliamentarian has said that Gerald Toben, the Australian Holocaust denier arrested and remanded in London last week at the request of German authorities for publishing "anti-Semitic and/or revisionist" material, should not be extradited to Germany ... Speaking on BBC radio on Saturday, Liberal Democratic home affairs spokesman Chris Huhne said that Holocaust denial is not a crime in the UK and that British courts should refuse to act on a European Union arrest warrant requesting Toben's extradition to Germany.

Growing Opposition to Extradition of Dr. Toben
Telling Films (Britain)

German-Australian revisionist Dr. Fredrick T�ben was arrested at London's Heathrow Airport on 1st October, seized from a plane while in transit from the U.S.A. to Dubai. Dr. T�ben is being held under a European Arrest Warrant ... After hearing of Dr. T�ben's arrest, and that he was at first representing himself, Lady Renouf arranged for specialist extradition lawyers (solicitor Kevin Lowry-Mullins and barrister Ben Watson) to take on this historic case ... A unique ten minute video report made by Telling Films at London's Horseferry Road court, including interviews with Dr. T�ben's solicitor Kevin Lowry-Mullins and court observers David Irving and Lady Renouf, is now available below.

California University Faculty Votes Disapproval of Prof. MacDonald
Press-Telegram (Long Beach, California)

The Cal State [University] Long Beach Academic Senate has voted to disassociate itself from the writings of a controversial psychology professor who has been accused of having anti-Semitic and white ethnocentric views. "While the Academic Senate defends Dr. Kevin MacDonald's academic freedom and freedom of speech, as it does for all faculty, it firmly and unequivocally disassociates itself from the anti-Semitic and white ethnocentric views he has expressed," according to the resolution Thursday.Responding to the resolution, MacDonald, a tenured professor, said "everyone has ethnic interests."

Mammals Facing Extinction Threat
BBC News

At least 25 percent of the world's mammal species are at risk of extinction, according to the first assessment of their status for a decade. The Red List of Threatened Species says populations of more than half of mammalian species are falling, with Asian primates particularly at risk. The biggest threat to mammals is loss of habitat, including deforestation.

Russia's Last Tsar Rehabilitated
BBC News

Russia's Supreme Court has ruled that the last Tsar, Nicholas II, and his family were victims of political repression and should be rehabilitated. The rehabilitation has long been demanded by the tsar's descendants. Nicholas, his wife Alexandra, their five children, doctor and three servants were shot dead by Bolshevik revolutionaries in July, 1918. Lower courts had previously refused to reclassify the killings, which had been categorised as simply murder. The Romanov family have been canonised as saints by the Orthodox Church, which has enjoyed a post-Soviet revival. For most of the last century, Tsar Nicholas II was officially reviled as a tyrant.

Stalin Makes a Comeback With Russian Teachers
Moscow Times (Russia)

Last year, a Russian teachers' manual described Josef Stalin as an "effective manager." Now, a new teachers' manual says the Soviet dictator acted rationally in conducting a campaign of terror to ensure the country's modernization. The new manual, "A History of Russia, 1900-1945," is part of a series of educational material that the authors say will help promote patriotism in young people. Critics have taken exception to excerpts that they say are attempts to whitewash Stalin's crimes.

Australian Revisionist To Remain in British Custody
The Guardian (Britain)

An Australian revisionist historian wanted in Germany for alleged Holocaust denial will remain in British custody for at least another week, it emerged today. Scotland Yard's extradition unit arrested Dr Fredrick Toben, 64, when he passed through London's Heathrow airport on Wednesday. The district court in Mannheim, Germany, issued an EU arrest warrant that accuses him of publishing material on the internet "of an anti-Semitic and/or revisionist" nature. Toben, appearing at City of Westminster magistrates' court today under his full name, Gerald Fredrick Toben, will appear before the court on October 10 to discuss bail. An extradition hearing will be held on October 17.

Toben Case Sets 'Dangerous Precedent'
BBC News

The arrest and attempted extradition to Germany by British police of an alleged Holocaust denier would set a 'crazy and dangerous' precedent, say campaigners. Dr Gerald Toben was arrested by British police under an EU arrest warrant issued by the German authorities. That warrant accuses him of publishing material online "of an anti-semitic and/or revisionist nature". Dr Toben has been remanded in custody after his extradition hearing on Friday was adjourned, but will face a bail hearing on Friday 10 October and a full hearing on 17 October.

David Irving Offers Help to Revisionist
The Daily Mail (Britain)

Holocaust denier David Irving turned up at court today to support a fellow historian who is accused of playing down the mass murder of Jews by the Nazis. Mr Irving, who was jailed in Austria for his writings, even offered Australian Fredrick Toben a place in his home while he fights extradition from Britain to Germany. But Dr Toben, 64, who was cheered on by other supporters in a packed gallery, was remanded in custody after appearing before magistrates to discuss bail.

Recalling the Warsaw Uprising of 1944

The Warsaw Uprising of 1944 was the heroic and tragic 63-day struggle during the Second World War to liberate Poland?s largest city from Nazi-German occupation. It was launched by the Home Army (Armia Krajowa, AK), the Polish resistance group, while Anglo-American troops were battling in Normandy, and Soviet army forces had advanced into Poland. The fighting ended in Warsaw on October 2, 1944. This website is dedicated to all those who fought for their freedom in the Uprising, as well as all those who, as civilians, perished in the effort.

Iraq: They Make It a Desert and Call It Peace
Eric Margolis

Senator McCain's insistent claims that the US is winning the war in Iraq thanks to his "surge" strategy are the military-political equivalent of the junk securities that Wall Street's shady financiers have been selling around the globe ? The Bush administration?s torrent of lies about Iraq and ongoing occupation are seen around the globe as crude imperialism worthy of the 19th-century British Raj or old Soviet Union. Sen. Obama was at least right in the debate when he noted that America?s image is an important factor in national security. Today, America is hated around the globe, thank you George Bush and Dick Cheney.

The Pentagon Bailout Fraud
Chalmers Johnson

There has been much moaning, air-sucking, and outrage about the $700 billion that the U.S. government is thinking of throwing away on rich New York bankers who have been ripping us off for the past few years and then letting greed drive their businesses into a variety of ditches. In fact, we dole out similar amounts of money every year in the form of payoffs to the armed services, the military-industrial complex, and powerful senators and representatives allied with the Pentagon ... If we cannot cut back our longstanding, ever increasing military spending in a major way, then the bankruptcy of the United States is inevitable.

Australian 'Holocaust Denier' Arrested in London
BBC News

An alleged Holocaust denier has been arrested by police after flying into Heathrow Airport in London. The Met Police's extradition unit detained Australian Gerald Toben, 64, under an EU warrant issued in Germany. He is accused of publishing material on the internet that "denies, approves of or plays down the mass murder of Jews by the Nazis". Mr Toben later appeared before City of Westminster Magistrates' Court and was remanded in custody. A bail hearing will take place on Friday. He told the court he did not consent to extradition and would fight attempts to send him to Germany.

Toben Case: Extradition Bid Raises Fears of 'Thought Crime' Offences
Frances Gibb -- The Times (Britain)

Crown [British] Prosecution Service lawyers will put the case on behalf of the German authorities tomorrow that Fredrick Toben, an Australian doctor, should be extradited for offences allegedly committed in Germany ... Critics pointed out, however, that people could find themselves charged with an offence they did not know existed because racism or xenophobia, for example, can be interpreted differently in different jurisdictions. The spectre of 'thought crime', a person facing trial for broadcasting xenophobic or racist remarks such as denying the Holocaust on an internet chatroom in another country - as alleged against Dr Toben - was the very criticism raised against the warrant before it took effect.

A 'Failure of Leadership'
The Guardian (Britain)

The controversy over the failure of the Bush administration's unpopular financial bail-out is infecting every aspect of government and the presidential election campaign. Eminent reputations lie in ruins; the august institutions of Congress, the treasury, the Federal Reserve tremble; the presidency itself is shaken. In America's year of living dangerously, few will emerge unscathed. The consensus view, if there is one in so divided a nation, is that the US has suffered a calamitous, across-the-board failure of leadership. The bankruptcy is political as well as economic. This conclusion is widely held among both supporters and opponents of the bail-out.

Palin's Evangelical Faith Drives Pro-Israel View
The Washington Times

Sarah Palin displays an Israeli flag in her governor's office in Juneau, even though she has never been to the country, and attends Protestant evangelical churches that consider the preservation of the state of Israel a biblical imperative. Her faith makes her a favorite with the staunchly pro-Israel neoconservative elements in the Republican Party.

Israel Will Have to Reinstate Pre-1967 Border for Peace, Says Olmert
The Independent (Britain)

The outgoing Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud Olmert, has publicly acknowledged for the first time that "almost all" of the territory seized during the Six-Day War in 1967 will have to be given back in return for peace with the Palestinians. In an interview with Israel's biggest-selling newspaper, Yedhiot Ahronot, in which he underlined the urgent need for an agreement to be reached while the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas remains in office, Mr Olmert warned that the alternative was "the very great danger that there will be a bloody clash, which will thwart any possibility of continuing negotiations".

Historic Hitler-Mannerheim Meeting in Finland
Deutsche Wochenschau -- YouTube (Video)

After a visit to the Eastern front in occupied Soviet territory, Hitler flies to Finland for a historic meeting on June 4, 1942, with Finland's great commander, Marshal Mannerheim, on his 75th birthday, and with Finnish president Ryti. Excerpt from the weekly German wartime newsreel, 'Deutsche Wochenschau.' With English subtitles. Runtime: 5:37 minutes.

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