January 2008 Headlines
Winston Churchill Didn't Really Exist, Say Many British Teens
Telegraph (Britain)

A fifth of British teenagers believe Sir Winston Churchill was a fictional character, while many think Sherlock Holmes, King Arthur and Eleanor Rigby were real, a survey shows. The canvass of 3,000 under-twenties uncovered an extraordinary paucity of basic historical knowledge that older generations take for granted.

British Teachers Group Against Teaching Patriotism in Schools
The Times (Britain)

Patriotism should be avoided in school lessons because British history is "morally ambiguous", a leading educational body recommends. History and citizenship lessons should stick to the bare facts rather than encouraging loyalty to Britain when covering subjects such as the Second World War or the British Empire, the Institute of Education researchers said. Teachers should not instill pride in what they consider great moments of British history, as more shameful episodes could be downplayed or excluded ... Three quarters of teachers felt obliged to tell students about the danger of patriotism.

More Funding for Holocaust Trips by English Teenagers
BBC News

A project taking thousands of English teenagers to visit Auschwitz is to be funded for another three years, says the government. Two sixth formers from every school in England are currently funded to visit Auschwitz in Poland, to encourage an understanding of the Holocaust. The project will receive an extra 4.65 million pounds to extend it until 2011. "Every young person should have an understanding of this," says Schools Minister Jim Knight. The project, in which 6,000 teenagers per year spend a day visiting the Auschwitz camp and meeting survivors of the Holocaust, was launched in 2005.

High Schoolers Name Women, Black Americans as `Most Famous'
USA Today

... Researchers gave blank paper and pencils to a diverse group of 2,000 high school juniors and seniors in all 50 states and told them: "Starting from Columbus to the present day, jot down the names of the most famous Americans in history." [except Presidents and First Ladies]. The top ten: Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Susan B. Anthony, Benjamin Franklin, Amelia Earhart, Oprah Winfrey, Marilyn Monroe, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein.

Looking Backward: Invoking JFK and Reagan
Patrick J. Buchanan

... In both parties today, the presidential candidates seem to feel a need to identify with and connect themselves to what are now the legendary leaders and causes of yesteryear. For Democrats, it is JFK and Robert Kennedy. For Republicans, it is Reagan ... This invocation of the ghosts of the past seems to testify to a sense of inadequacy on the part of today's candidates ... and to a belief that the years since Reagan have not been times of greatness in America ... Perhaps the candidates are hearkening back to yesterday because they know the American people are unhappy with today ...

Federal Deficits Soaring Higher, Menacing the Future
McClatchy Newspapers

President Bush took office in 2001 with a budget surplus, but his final budget proposal envisions federal deficits of more than $400 billion a year for the next two years ... Once war costs and revenue lost to AMT patches are factored in, annual federal deficits are likely to exceed $500 billion, forcing the U.S. government to issue more debt ... Even under the optimistic scenarios envisioned in the Bush budget, gross federal debt is still projected to rise to more than $12.2 trillion by 2013. At the end of 2007, foreigners held 44 percent of total Treasury debt held by the public, compared with 31 percent in 2000.

Going Bankrupt: The US's Greatest Threat
Chalmers Johnson

... As a result, going into 2008, the United States finds itself in the anomalous position of being unable to pay for its own elevated living standards or its wasteful, overly large military establishment ... It is virtually impossible to overstate the profligacy of what our government spends on the military. The Department of Defense's planned expenditures for fiscal year 2008 are larger than all other nations' military budgets combined ... Such expenditures are not only morally obscene, they are fiscally unsustainable.

Russians Remember Stalingrad Battle
ABC News (Australia)

Thousands of people are gathering in the Russian city of Volgograd to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the end of one of the most crucial battles of World War II. The Battle of Stalingrad saw more than two million Soviet and German soldiers desperately fighting in the snow and mud for six months. The Germans eventually surrendered in a battle that not only changed the course of the war but helped forge Russians' sense of who they were and who they continue to be.

Lantos' Tarnished Legacy
Stephen Zunes -- Foreign Policy In Focus

Pundits responded to news of the retirement of Representative Tom Lantos (D-CA) at the end of his current term with platitudes and praise. They have focused primarily on his heroic role as a Holocaust survivor ... As the ranking Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs committee, his willingness to co-sponsor the resolution granting President George W. Bush unprecedented power to invade a foreign country at the time and circumstances of his own choosing was critical in making the disastrous Iraq War possible ... Lantos has also been an outspoken defender of the U.S.-backed Israeli government in its frequent application of military force ...

The Dollar�s Reserve Currency Role is Drawing to an End
Paul Craig Roberts

It is difficult to know where Bush has accomplished the most destruction, the Iraqi economy or the US economy. In the current issue of Manufacturing & Technology News, Washington economist Charles McMillion observes that seven years of Bush has seen the federal debt increase by two-thirds while US household debt doubled ... This is the profile of a third world economy.

Young Europeans Ignorant of History
Aftenposten (Norway)

Most Norwegian high school students (65 percent) don�t know who Pol Pot was or what the Gulag means (64 percent). A new survey shows Norwegian 15-20-year-olds are sorely lacking in their knowledge of 20th-century history ... Meanwhile, almost all of the Norwegian students knew what Auschwitz was, as well as the Berlin Wall ... A 2007 poll in Sweden showed that 90 percent of the students had no idea what the Gulag was and practically none had heard of "The Great Leap Forward" or "Bolshevik". In a new poll of 10th and 11th-graders in Brandenburg, Germany, only half knew when the Berlin Wall was built and just as many believed that East Germany was not a dictatorship ...

The Great Betrayal
Patrick J. Buchanan

Offering more "straight talk" on the Sunday before the Florida primary, John McCain made an arresting prediction: "It�s a tough war we�re in. It�s not going to be over right away. There�s going to be other wars. I�m sorry to tell you, there�s going to be other wars. We will never surrender but there will be other wars." ... We are forewarned. John McCain intends to be a war president. Where Bush has lately cleansed his administration of neocons, McCain offers the last best hope for a neocon return and restoration and more wars in the Middle East. And if, as seems probable, Bibi Netanyahu again becomes prime minister of Israel, he and a President McCain will find a pretext for war on Iran.

Hillary Clinton Again Lies about Iraq
Stephen Zunes

In Thursday night�s Democratic presidential debate, Hillary Clinton lied again about Iraq. At the forum in Los Angeles, Hillary Clinton declared, "We bombed them for days in 1998 because Saddam Hussein threw out inspectors." That statement was totally false. The bombing campaign had been planned for months and the inspectors were not thrown out. They were ordered out by President Bill Clinton in anticipation of the four-day U.S.-led bombing campaign ... This is part of a longstanding pattern of Senator Hillary Clinton misleading the American public about Iraq in order to justify her militaristic policies...

US Demands That Germany Send More Troops to Afghanistan
Agence France Presse

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates has sent an "unusually stern" letter to his German counterpart asking Berlin to send more troops to southern Afghanistan, a German newspaper reported ... The undated letter was sent a week and half ago directly to Franz Josef, demanding more combat troops, helicopters and parachutists ... Gates' letter demanded 3,200 German troops to replace US soldiers later this year, the paper said.

Tony Blair Clueless on Eve of Iraq War
The Guardian (Britain)

In the run-up to the invasion of Iraq in 2003, experts warned Tony Blair that occupying the country and trying to impose a western-style democracy was doomed to failure. He dismissed their objections, convinced that victory was a formality. In the first of three extracts from his new book, Jonathan Steele looks at how Britain went to war unbriefed, unprepared and with no idea of the fallout that would ensue.

Israel Probe Finds War 'Failure'
BBC News

Israel's 2006 war against Hezbollah in Lebanon was a "large and serious" failure, according to an Israeli government-appointed inquiry. Military and political leaders had no clear strategy, which meant Israel was "dragged" into an inconclusive ground operation in Lebanon, the report said ... Hostilities broke out in July 2006, when Hezbollah fighters captured two Israeli soldiers in a cross border raid that left three other soldiers dead. In the conflict that followed, more than 1,000 Lebanese died, mostly civilians, along with 160 Israelis, mostly soldiers, but the captured soldiers have still not been freed.

President Hillary
Paul Craig Roberts

... If elected president, Hillary will bring no more change than did the Democratic congressional majority elected in 2006. Obama might not bring any change either. But he is the only candidate in the running who has expressed concern over Israel�s mistreatment of the Palestinians and who voted against the Iraq invasion. Clearly, he is a better bet for change than Hillary. However, Democrats are more attuned to race and gender issues than to war crimes and loss of civil liberties. This is not to argue that Republicans are an improvement.

As Campaign Surges, Obama Working to Quell Jewish Fears
Forward (New York)

Mere minutes before he was inducted into Camelot, Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama shifted his attention from the Kennedy clan to the Jewish tribe. Immediately prior to accepting the endorsement of Senator Edward Kennedy on Monday afternoon in Washington, Obama conducted a conference call with Jewish reporters in an effort to dispel concerns on a number of issues, including his approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the views of his longtime pastor.

One Million Killed in Iraq Conflict, Says New Survey

More than one million Iraqis have died as a result of the conflict in their country since the U.S.-led invasion in 2003, according to research conducted by one of Britain�s leading polling groups. The survey, conducted by Opinion Research Business (ORB) with 2,414 adults in face-to-face interviews, found that 20 percent of people had had at least one death in their household as a result of the conflict, rather than natural causes ... Estimates of deaths in Iraq have been highly controversial in the past.

Pre-Emptive Nuclear Strike a Key Option, NATO Told
The Guardian (Britain)

The west must be ready to resort to a pre-emptive nuclear attack to try to halt the "imminent" spread of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction, according to a radical manifesto for a new Nato by five of the west's most senior military officers and strategists ... The former armed forces chiefs from the US, Britain, Germany, France and the Netherlands insist that a "first strike" nuclear option remains an "indispensable instrument" since there is "simply no realistic prospect of a nuclear-free world".

The Shameful State of the Union
Robert Weissman

... The state of our Union is anything but strong. Consider these snapshots: 1. The United States is spending more than $700 billion a year on the military ... 2. Wealth is concentrating in the United States at a startling rate ... 6. The racial wealth divide remains a chasm with little prospect of being bridged - and is likely growing worse ... 8. More than one in six children live in poverty ... 12. The nation�s infrastructure is crumbling ... Most of these conditions are worse now than at the start of the Bush administration, many dramatically worse ... If the United States is to see "real change" ... and actually strengthen the state of the Union - there will have to be a reversal of these policies.

Gandhi's Grandson Quits Peace Center After Remarks on Israel
The Washington Post

The grandson of Indian spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi resigned as president of the board of a conflict resolution institute after writing an online essay on a Washington Post blog calling Jews and Israel "the biggest players" in a global culture of violence ... He wrote that Jewish identity is "locked into the holocaust experience," which Jews "overplay . . . to the point that it begins to repulse friends." The Jewish nation -- Israel, he wrote -- is too reliant upon weapons and bombs and should instead befriend its enemies.

Dollar's Golden Era is Ending, Warns Soros
The Telegraph (Britain)

The billionaire investor famous for "breaking" the Bank of England in the 1990s has warned that Britain is heading for a recession. George Soros said that a recession in both the United States and Britain "will be very difficult to avoid" ... Mr Soros also warned that the dollar's status as the world's reserve currency was drawing to an end, thanks in part to the financial crisis on Wall Street ... He warned this week that the crisis facing the world's financial markets is the worst in 60 years, likely to cause a major realignment in the world economy, as emerging nations such as China and India gain more clout.

French Police Hold Prof. Faurisson in Custody

Retired University professor Robert Faurisson lives in the central French town of Vichy. On Thursday morning, Jan. 24, he answered a summons to appear at the local police station. No sooner had he arrived there than he was notified by three senior officers, sent from Paris the day before, that he was now in their custody for questioning and that a search of his house would also be carried out.

Soldier Suicides Reach Record Level
The Washington Post

... Suicides among active-duty soldiers in 2007 reached their highest level since the Army began keeping such records in 1980, according to a draft internal study obtained by The Washington Post. Last year, 121 soldiers took their own lives, nearly 20 percent more than in 2006. At the same time, the number of attempted suicides or self-inflicted injuries in the Army has jumped sixfold since the Iraq war began. Last year, about 2,100 soldiers injured themselves or attempted suicide, compared with about 350 in 2002, according to the U.S. Army Medical Command Suicide Prevention Action Plan.

Weber with Edwards on `Political Cesspool� Radio
The Political Cesspool (Audio)

In this spirited, fast-paced Jan. 24 broadcast, Mark Weber and host James Edwards talk about the presidential primary election campaign and what it means. Promises of "change" by all the leading candidates reflect the fears of a confused and misled people. America 's major problems, including the country�s rapid "third-worldization," says Weber, are rooted in policies and trends that have been in place for many years. Weber and Edwards talk about the betrayal of our political leaders, and the corruption of our political and cultural life, and the need for new, alternative leadership.

Jewish Leader in Spain Urges Prison for `Holocaust Deniers�
Agence France Presse

The leader of Spain's Federation of Jewish Communities on Monday urged lawmakers to make denial of the Holocaust once again punishable by imprisonment. Spanish law had mandated a sentence of up to two years in prison for Holocaust denial but in November Spain's Constitutional Court ruled it falls within freedom of speech and would no longer be punishable with jail. The court however ruled that imprisonment is a constitutional punishment for any individual convicted of justifying the Holocaust or any other genocide.

Scandal Shakes Up L.A. Orthodox Jewish Community
Forward (New York)

The scandal that has emerged since a Hasidic rebbe and others were charged late last month with defrauding the federal government of tax dollars has caused shock waves beyond Hasidic circles, with even Modern Orthodox rabbis addressing the issue in impassioned sermons ... In traditional Jewish law, if a Jew reports another Jew to the government, he is deemed a moser, and in some interpretations, a moser�s actions are punishable by death. The issue of mesira, or informing, has prompted a round of collective soul-searching in segments of Los Angeles�s Jewish community.

Neo-Conservatism as a `Jewish Movement�
Philip Weiss - The American Conservative

... Jacob Heilbrunn [in his new book, They Knew They Were Right: The Rise of the Neocons] achieves one important chore: a forthright social narrative of the neocons as a Jewish movement. Tracing ideological currents in the Jewish community from the 1940s to the 1970s, Heilbrunn, a journalist who himself flirted with neoconservatism, describes how the neocons were propelled by resentments against WASP elites ... the men who had ignored the Holocaust, they felt, and "frozen out" Jews from the establishment ... And here's the topper: a "lifelong antipathy toward the patrician class among the neocons ... prompted them to create their own parallel establishment."

The Neocons as a Hostile Conservative (!) Elite
Kevin MacDonald

I haven't read Jacob Heilbrunn�s book on the neocons yet, but I'm not sure I need to after seeing Philip Weiss�s review. Weiss�s review makes it clear that Heilbrunn's book corroborates several of the themes in my writing on the neocons and on Jewish intellectual and political movements generally. First, neoconservatism is a Jewish movement ... Neoconservative cabals have been largely successful in controlling or at least heavily influencing elite institutions in academia, the government, think tanks, and the media.

Just One More Year! Good Riddance to George W. Bush
Rupert Cornwell -- The Independent (Britain)

... Whoever takes the oath of office next January 20 will face a similar task in repairing America, both at home and in the eyes of the world. By almost every yardstick, the country is in a worse state than seven years ago - a state virtually unimaginable when the new century dawned ... The Iraq invasion may not be the greatest foreign policy blunder in US history. But it is among the greatest, utterly discrediting the country�s intelligence services, hugely straining relations with key allies, handing a massive strategic victory to Iran and stretching the country�s military close to breaking point ... Not only has America lost confidence in itself, but a great tide of anti-Americanism washes across the Muslim world.

Kicking the Can Down the Road
William S. Lind

Most of the leading Democratic Presidential candidates are ambiguous, at best, about ending the war in Iraq if they win. Why? In part, because just as the neo-cons now dominate Republican circles, so the Democratic Establishment is in thrall to the neo-liberals. Both cabals of neos favor a world-dominating American empire, run of course by themselves. We are reminded once again that while there may be, at least on paper, two parties, there is one Establishment � Then there is the matter of a certain Small Middle Eastern Country which likes the war in Iraq, and hopes for a war on Iran as well. Said SMEC speaks with a loud voice in Democratic Party circles, the voice of campaign contributions.

Bush, Other Officials Issued Many False Statements Before Iraq Invasion
Associated Press

A study by two nonprofit journalism organizations found that President Bush and top administration officials issued hundreds of false statements about the national security threat from Iraq in the two years following the 2001 terrorist attacks. The study concluded that the statements "were part of an orchestrated campaign that effectively galvanized public opinion and, in the process, led the nation to war under decidedly false pretenses." � The study counted 935 false statements in the two-year period.

Israel�s �Knife in the Back� Attack Against America
Phillip Tourney

June 8 marks the anniversary of probably the most shameful day in American history. That day America�s banner and honor were treacherously trashed by our so-called ally, Israel. Thirty-four Americans were brutally slaughtered, 172 wounded, including myself. America�s most sophisticated intelligence ship was so badly damaged it had to be scrapped. Israel deliberately attacked America�s virtually unarmed USS Liberty in international waters, knowing full well our identity, in an assault that lasted as long as the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The Political Bankruptcy of George W. Bush
Patrick Seale

... The United States is up to its neck in Middle East conflicts. It is hated and challenged as no external power has been in modern times. Its blunders, brutalities and bias have triggered a world-wide insurgency, which it is struggling ineffectually to put down, under the false banner of the �Global War on Terror�. Only by the successful resolution of Middle East conflicts can the insurgency against America be tamed. These conflicts are essentially political. They cannot be resolved by military means alone.

This `Brutal World�: Obeying the Empire
Paul Craig Roberts

I read the statement three times trying to figure out the typo. Then it hit me, the West has now out-Owellled Orwell: The West must nuke other countries in order to prevent the use of weapons of mass destruction! In Westernspeak, the West nuking other countries does not qualify as the use of weapons of mass destruction. The astounding statement comes from a paper prepared for a Nato summit in April by five top military leaders -- an American, a German, a Dutchman, a Frenchman, and a Brit � The paranoid military leaders see all the fanaticism, religious and otherwise, and all the threats to humanity as residing outside Western civilization (Israel is inside).

The Mysterious Death of a Chess Champion

In 1946 Alexander Alekhine, the fourth world champion, was penniless and ailing, ostracized by the chess community. Then, on March 23, the British Chess Federation informed him that preparations for a title match against Botvinnik were completed. The next day Alekhine was found lifeless in his hotel room. There are still questions about his death.

The War in Iraq: 1,760 Days and Counting
Robert Higgs

... It is difficult enough to absorb the reality that the United States has now been at war against the Iraqis for almost five years. An engagement sold to the public as a "cakewalk" and represented just six weeks after it began as a "mission accomplished" has now (as I write) continued for 1,760 days � Some of us wish that rational argument, cogent evidence, and humane sentiment would persuade a preponderance of the public to demand an end to the war. History suggests, however, that only personal grief and economic pain will induce the American public to act against their perfidious leaders.

A Stimulus to What? Delusions Prevail in Washington
Paul Craig Roberts

... Our leaders in Washington are out to lunch. They have no idea of the real challenges our country faces and America�s dependence on foreign creditors... The US is moving into a situation in which the government could find it impossible to close the twin deficits without massive tariffs to curtail imports and offshoring and without pursuing peace instead of war. The outlook for the United States will continue to worsen as long as hegemonic superpower and free trade delusions prevail in Washington.

Subprime Nation
Patrick J. Buchanan

... Washington drifts mindlessly toward the maelstrom. With the dollar sinking, oil surging to $100 a barrel, the Dow having its worst January in memory, foreclosures mounting, credit card debt going rotten, and consumers and businesses unable or unwilling to borrow, we appear headed into recession... This self-indulgent generation has borrowed itself into unpayable debt. Now the folks from whom we borrowed to buy all that oil and all those cars, electronics and clothes are coming to buy the country we inherited. We are prodigal sons, and the day of reckoning approaches.

No Peace
Charley Reese

To understand the failure of the president's trip to the Middle East, which is foreordained and doesn't have to be completed in order to fail, take note of two words that the president will not utter: "occupied territories." ... The only party, then, that can make concessions is Israel, and Israel is not making any concessions, since it far prefers land to peace with an enemy that is virtually powerless. Therefore, if the U.S. refuses to pressure Israel, there will be no peace. President Bush's trip is nothing more than a public-relations ploy to simulate an interest in peace. Bush is, however, unwilling to say or do anything that might actually result in Israeli concessions and therefore in peace.

Under Pressure, Canada Removes US, Israel From Torture Watchlist

Canada's foreign ministry, responding to pressure from close allies, said on Saturday it would remove the United States and Israel from a watch list of countries where prisoners risk being tortured. Both nations expressed unhappiness after it emerged they had been listed in a document that formed part of a training course manual on torture awareness given to Canadian diplomats. Foreign Minister Maxime Bernier said he regretted the embarrassment caused by the public disclosure of the manual, which also classified some U.S. interrogation techniques as torture.

German Historian Compares Tom Cruise to Goebbels
The Telegraph (Britain)

A respected German historian has compared a speech by actor Tom Cruise to the Church of Scientology with a call to war by Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels. Guido Knopp, an expert on Second World War history, told a German newspaper: "Tom Cruise's manner calls to mind Goebbels." ... An unauthorised biography of Cruise published in the US earlier this month claimed the actor was now the organisation�s second-in-command.

Oceans Growing Acidity Alarms Scientists
McClatchy Newspapers

Seven hundred miles west of Seattle in the Pacific at Ocean Station Papa, a first-of-its-kind buoy is anchored to monitor a looming environmental catastrophe... As the oceans absorb more and more carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, they�re gradually becoming more acidic. And some scientists fear that the change may be irreversible. At risk are sea creatures up and down the food chain, from the tiniest phytoplankton and zooplankton to whales, from squid to salmon to crabs, coral, oysters and clams. The oceans are already 30 percent more acidic than they were at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, as they absorb 22 tons of carbon dioxide a day.

US Knew in 1974 that Israel Had Nuclear Weapons
Haaretz (Israel)

The Central Intelligence Agency, backed by bodies including the State Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research and the Defense Intelligence Agency, determined in August 1974 that Israel had nuclear "weapons in being," a "small number" of which it "produced and stockpiled." Israel was also suspected of providing nuclear materials, equipment or technology to Iran, South Africa and other then-friendly countries. This top secret document, consigned to the CIA's vaults for almost 32 years, was suddenly released to the public this week...

Historian Accuses Poles of Ethnic Cleansing

Accusing Poland of having forced out Jews who survived the Holocaust, US-based historian Jan Gross has sparked a backlash ahead of the Friday launch of the Polish edition of his book "Fear". "Until now, no one has ever written like Gross... about the attitude of Poles towards the Jews," said historian Pawel Machcewicz, a fierce critic of the Polish-born Jewish writer. Machcewicz slammed Gross for using the term "ethnic cleansing" to describe the post-1945 expulsion of most Germans and Ukrainians from Poland, and the pressure on Jewish Holocaust survivors to leave the country.

Mona Lisa Identity Revealed

German academics believe they have solved the centuries-old mystery behind the identity of the "Mona Lisa" in Leonardo da Vinci's famous portrait. Lisa Gherardini, the wife of a wealthy Florentine merchant, Francesco del Giocondo, has long been seen as the most likely model for the sixteenth-century painting � Now experts at the Heidelberg University library say dated notes scribbled in the margins of a book by its owner in October 1503 confirm once and for all that Lisa del Giocondo was indeed the model for one of the most famous portraits in the world.

How the Pentagon Planted a False Hormuz Story
Gareth Porter -- Inter Press Service

Senior Pentagon officials, evidently reflecting a broader administration policy decision, used an off-the-record Pentagon briefing to turn the Jan. 6 U.S.-Iranian incident in the Strait of Hormuz into a sensational story demonstrating Iran's military aggressiveness, a reconstruction of the events following the incident shows.

Blue-Collar Jobs Are Disappearing
The New York Times

Middle-aged men moving in with parents, wives taking two jobs, veteran workers taking overnight shifts at half their former pay, families moving West these are signs of the turmoil and stresses emerging in the little towns and backwoods mobile homes of southeast Ohio, where dozens of factories and several coal mines have closed over the last decade, and small businesses are giving way to big-box retailers and fast-food outlets. Here, where the northern swells of the Appalachians lap the southern fringe of the Rust Belt, thousands of people who long had tough but sustainable lives are being wrenched into the working poor.

Dissident German Lawyer Sentenced to 3 1/2 Years in Prison
Deutsche Welle (Germany)

A German court on Monday jailed the lawyer of a convicted Holocaust denier for calling the Nazis' World War II slaughter of European Jews "the biggest lie in world history." Judges in the western city of Mannheim sentenced lawyer Sylvia Stolz to three and a half years in prison on charges that include inciting racial hatred, and barred her from practicing law for five years, a court spokeswoman said. Stolz made the remarks in 2006 while representing "historian" Ernst Z�ndel, who was handed a five-year prison term in Germany last February for repeatedly disputing the Holocaust as a historical fact.

Austrian `Holocaust Denier' Gets 6 1/2 Years in Prison

A Vienna court sentenced Monday a former extreme-right city councillor to four years in prison for Holocaust denial, adding another two-and-a-half years of a previous suspended sentence, a report said. It was the third time that Wolfgang Frohlich, 56, had been found guilty on similar charges, following letters to Austrian members of parliament and Pope Benedict XVI denouncing the Holocaust as a "Satanic lie," the APA news agency said. Pleading "absolutely not guilty," according to APA, Frohlich had already served 23 months behind bars since 2003 -- and gasped in court as the other 29 months were added.

Faurisson to Face Trial in France for Role in Iran Conference
Press TV (Iran)

French revisionist historian Robert Faurisson is to face trial on charges of attending an anti-holocaust conference in Iran. Faurisson said he received a letter from the French judicial police (DCPJ), demanding he should present himself before the court on January 24, IRNA reported. On December 11, 2006, Iran hosted a two-day conference entitled 'Review of the Holocaust: Global vision' aimed at probing the West's allegations, claiming that over six million European Jews were killed by Germany during World War II.

How Britain Has Destroyed Itself
George MacDonald Fraser-- Daily Mail (Britain)

That PC [“political correctness”] should have become acceptable in Britain is a glaring symptom of the country's decline. No generation has seen their country so altered, so turned upside down, as children like me born in the 20 years between the two world wars. In our adult lives Britain's entire national spirit, its philosophy, values and standards, have changed beyond belief … The United Kingdom has begun to look more like a Third World country, shabby, littered, ugly, run down, without purpose or direction, misruled by a typical Third World government, corrupt, incompetent and undemocratic.

Facts Don't Count
Charley Reese

As everyone can see, the National Intelligence Estimate that stated Iran has no nuclear-weapons program and hasn't had one for the past four years has not affected George W. Bush. He still wants to present Iran as a dangerous country and to cripple the country with sanctions. What this tells you is that facts and truth have no relevance at all to Bush. That makes him a truly dangerous president. He and Dick Cheney really should be impeached, although that will not happen because Congress is full of cowards. The American people have a right to expect a fact-based foreign policy.

Bush Pledges Support for Israel Against Iran

An Iranian attack on Israel isn't imminent, but the US would defend its ally in such an event, United States President George Bush told Channel 2 television just days before he begins a Mideast visit … "If I were an Israeli, I would take the words of the Iranian president seriously, and as president of the United States I take them seriously," Bush said. If Iran were to strike Israel, Bush said, "We will defend our ally, no ands, ifs or buts."

Israel Chief Rabbi Thanks Bush for Iraq War
The Jerusalem Post (Israel)

During a short verbal exchange Wednesday at the Ben Gurion Airport Terminal Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi Yona Metzger thanked President George Bush for the US's military intervention in Iraq ."I want to thank you for your support of Israel and in particular for waging a war against Iraq ," Metzger told Bush, according to the chief rabbi's spokesman. Bush reportedly answered that the chief rabbi's words "warmed his heart".

No Escape from War and Unemployment
Paul Craig Roberts

New Hampshire voters have chosen warmonger clones of Bush/Cheney for their party’s presidential candidates. The only candidates not in Israel’s pocket are Kucinich, Paul, and Gravel, who have no chance for their party’s nomination … This means change is unlikely … America’s next president is likely to seize upon rising domestic economic hardship and growing resistance abroad to US hegemony to complete the dismantling of America’s constitutional system

About 151,000 Iraqis Killed by War Since 2003, Says UN Agency
The Associated Press

About 151,000 Iraqis died from violence in the first three years after the United States invaded, concludes the best effort yet to count deaths — one that still may not settle the fierce debate over the war's true toll on civilians and others. The estimate comes from projections by the World Health Organization and the Iraqi government, based on door-to-door surveys of nearly 10,000 households. Experts called it the largest and most scientific study of the Iraqi death toll since the war began. Its bottom line is far lower than the 600,000 deaths reported in an earlier study but higher than numbers from other groups tracking the count.

How Britain Became Party to a Crime
George Monbiot – The Guardian (Britain)

... We have yet to hear one word of regret or remorse from any of the main architects - Blair, Brown, Straw, Hoon, Campbell and their principal advisers - of Britain's participation in the supreme international crime. The press and parliament appear to have heeded Blair's plea that we all "move on" from Iraq. The British establishment has a unique capacity to move on, and then to repeat its mistakes. What other former empire knows so little of its own atrocities?

Israel’s False Friends
John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt

Once again, as the presidential campaign season gets underway, the leading candidates are going to enormous lengths to demonstrate their devotion to the state of Israel and their steadfast commitment to its "special relationship" with the United States. Each of the main contenders emphatically favors giving Israel extraordinary material and diplomatic support -- continuing the more than $3 billion in foreign aid each year to a country whose per capita income is now 29th in the world. They also believe that this aid should be given unconditionally. None of them criticizes Israel's conduct, even when its actions threaten U.S. interests, are at odds with American values or even when they are harmful to Israel itself.

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