Recordings from IHR Meeting on April 17, 2005

Hitler’s Place in History


David Irving and Mark Weber

Two memorable talks by specialists of the Third Reich and World War II, at the IHR meeting on April 17, 2005.

British historian David Irving, speaking on "The Faking of Adolf Hitler for History,” identifies some of the many fraudulent historical documents that have been cited over the years by “conformist” historians of the Third Reich era. As even his adversaries concede, Irving’s knowledge of Hitler and wartime Germany is unrivaled. He is the author of numerous books on this era, many of them best-sellers, including his monumental work, Hitler’s War.

Mark Weber, director of the Institute for Historical Review, says in his address, “Is an Objective View of Hitler Possible?,” that outright lies about Hitler and Third Reich Germany are widespread and unchallenged in today’s America. The portrayal of Hitler and his regime is grotesquely unbalanced, not only in the mass media, but even in supposedly authoritative history books and reference works. Weber has written extensively on twentieth-century European history, and is a court-recognized expert on Germany’s wartime “Final Solution” policy.


Hitler’s Place in History

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