February 4, 2005 — Downtown Los Angeles
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Shouts of "Shame on Canada!" and "Free Zundel Now!" were heard throughout the demonstration as a crowd of about 30 Zundel supporters demonstrated against the incarceration of "Canada's Number One Political Prisoner."
Across the street, about 40 men and women staged a counter-demonstration organized by the Jewish Defense League. Dozens of Los Angeles police stood between the two contending groups to prevent violence.
A JDL sympathizer gestures the silent equivalent of the obscene epithets that were frequently yelled from their side of the street.
Preparing to meet with the Canadian Consul.
The head of the Canadian diplomatic mission, Eric Pelletier, came outside to meet with IHR director Mark Weber and Ingrid Rimland, who explained that they had come to protest Zundel’s incarceration.
Mark Weber being interviewed on KTLA.
Ingrid Rimland being interviewed on KTLA.
A Reporter from KFWB 980 interviews Mark Weber and Ingrid Rimland.
A Reporter from KFI AM 640 interviews Ingrid Rimland.
Mark Weber addressing the gathering, expressing thanks to everyone who had come to show solidarity with Canada’s foremost political prisoner.

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