August 24, 2011

This information-packed broadcast dissects lies and deceit from the two world wars. Fantastic stories about German atrocities in World War I were promoted to mobilize public opinion in the US, Britain and France, and the public was kept in ignorance about the scope and horror of the fighting. One of the wars most lurid and widely-circulated atrocity tales was the story that the Germans were boiling the bodies of dead soldiers to extract glycerin for munitions. In World War II, Allied spinmeisters portrayed the disastrous British evacuation of Dunkirk as a great success. It was only years later that the legend of the miracle of Dunkirk was deflated. Another durable Allied propaganda myth was the story of merciless German bombing of the English city of Coventry. Churchill was eager to escalate the killing to enrage American public opinion, and thereby encourage US entry into the war on Britain’s side. For that reason, it was the British, not the Germans, who first began indiscriminate bombing of civilians. As historian Phillip Knightley points out, German news reports about the war were generally more accurate and reliable than those of the Allies.

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August 17, 2011

Social breakdown in the western world, manifest in the recent orgy of rioting in Britain, is the inevitable consequences of a society based on an ideology of individualism, consumerism and the “pursuit of happiness.” Weber cites an analysis by an outstanding British historian, Max Hastings, author of worthwhile books about World War II.

Weber also talks about “Breaker Morant,” a memorable 1980 Australian film about a shameful episode of the Anglo-Boer War of 1899-1902. British imperialists and businessmen, together with Jewish financiers and “gold bugs,” conspired to launch the rapacious and unnecessary conflict. Waging the war with “methods of barbarism,” the British established internment centers, which they called “concentration camps.” Some 28,000 people, most of them infants and children, perished in the squalid camps.

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August 11, 2011

The recent orgy of looting and destruction in London and other British cities is a stern indictment of a failed social-political system. It’s also an predictable consequence of large-scale non-European immigration. In a prophetic speech given in 1968, Enoch Powell, a prominent British political figure, warned that the “mad” policy of non-European immigration would have terrible long-term consequences. If the history of the twentieth century teaches anything, says Weber, it’s the falsehood of the ideology of multiculturalism, egalitarianism and “diversity.” Weber also takes a critical look at the atomic bombing of Japan in August 1945, and shows that this mass killing of civilians was not necessary to end the war.

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August 3, 2011

Defying protests by Russia and Jewish groups, Estonians honor the memory of SS troops who fought and died for their nation’s freedom during World War II. This small Baltic country’s wartime fate discredits the simplistic view of the conflict that prevails in the US. Citing new insights on the Pantheon in Rome, Weber talks about social-cultural achievements of the ancient Greco-Roman world, and stresses that awareness of past helps to better understand our own age, society and culture. Recent news items re-confirm the accelerating “third-worldization” and general social-cultural disintegration of the US. In an update on the IHR, Weber reports on the recent move to new offices. With the help of 18 local volunteers, this laborious task was completed remarkably quickly and smoothly.

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July 27, 2011

The grave site of Hitler’s deputy had become such a popular shrine that authorities recently had the dead man’s bones dug up and cremated, with the ashes then strewn at sea. In this review of Rudolf Hess’ life and legacy, Weber explains why so many honor his memory, and regard him as a prisoner of peace and a victim of a vindictive age. In the aftermath of World War II, the Allied powers condemned Hess to life imprisonment for “crimes against peace,” even though he had risked his life in a daring attempt to end war between Britain and Germany. His treatment underscores the vindictiveness and hypocrisy of the victors, and especially the injustice of the inter-Allied Nuremberg Tribunal. In the final portion of this broadcast, Weber talks about a new book by American scholar, John Mearsheimer, “Why Leaders Lie,” which explains why leaders in the US and other mass democracies so often deceive and mislead the public.

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July 20, 2011

Part 1: Why the Campaign Against 'Nazi War Criminals' is Unjust and Harmful

What’s behind the seemingly endless campaign to prosecute and punish “Nazi war criminals”? Weber cites specific cases to show that the decades-long effort to punish those who killed or mistreated Jews during World War II is motivated not by honest regard for justice, but to further Jewish-Zionist group interests. “Justice applied selectively is not justice, but a form of injustice,” he says. Weber also examines the widely repeated claim that “Diversity is our strength.” As he points out, the politicians and Jewish-Zionist groups that push for policies to promote “diversity” in the US and other countries simultaneously insist that Israel must be maintained as a specifically Jewish ethno-religious state.

Part 2: The Sobering Message of a Important European Best Seller

In the second half of this broadcast, Weber takes a closer look at the message and impact of the most important and influential books of recent years, “Germany Does Away With Itself,” a work by German writer Thilo Sarrazin that has sold more than a million copies.

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July 13, 2011

Charles Lindbergh became an instant world celebrity at the age of 25 when he made a grueling 33-hour flight from New York to Paris, becoming the first person to fly the Atlantic ocean, alone and non-stop. His daring flight, and his aviation pioneering afterwards, made him, for some time, the most admired man in America, and the most admired American in the world. He was also a prolific, prize-winning author, inventor, explorer, and social activist. But his greatest act of courage was in speaking out — eloquently and frankly — against the deceitful campaign to push the United States into war. Lindbergh deserves to be remembered and honored today, not only as an authentic American hero, but also because much of what he wrote and said is instructive and relevant in our own age.

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July 6, 2011

One of the most enduring myths of our age is the story that the Nazis set the Reichstag building on fire as a “false flag” operation to generate popular support for measures of the Hitler government to suppress dissent and consolidate power. Even some prominent historians have accepted the often repeated smear, which was invented and vigorously promoted by Communists, that Goering and other Nazi officials set the German parliament building ablaze on Feb. 27, 1933, and then cynically blamed the crime on enemies. But as Weber explains in this broadcast, the basic facts are now well established: A young Dutch Communist, Marinus van der Lubbe, acted alone in setting the Reichstag fire.

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June 29, 2011

Citing little-known reports and remarks of Polish, British and French officials, and other evidence, Weber traces President Franklin Roosevelt’s secret campaign to provoke war in Europe prior to the outbreak of hostilities in September 1939. By pressing Britain, France and Poland into war against Germany, the US President bears at least some responsibility for World War II. Weber also discusses the role of Jewish power and influence on US foreign policy during those years. Roosevelt’s record of deceit, lies and lawlessness is routinely suppressed by those who control the US media and American cultural life. Americans who express admiration for Roosevelt and his leadership have little moral right to complain when other presidents follow his example and lead the country into war by breaking the law, subverting the Constitution, and lying to the people.

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June 22, 2011

Michele Bachmann, who calls herself a “constitutional conservative,” is a US congressional representative who recently announced that she’s a presidential candidate. In a recent video presentation, she stresses her “love” for Israel, and says that US support for the Zionist state is “critical” for America. Her views on Israel, American “exceptionalism” and US foreign policy are shared by many Americans, especially those who call themselves conservative, and by most high-ranking US politicians. In this broadcast, Weber takes a close look at these views, and why they grossly distort historical reality, are dangerously misleading, and betray the very principles she claims to uphold.

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