April 2011

April 27, 2011

How unique is the United States? Is the American way of life superior to all others? Is America specially blessed by God? In this broadcast, Weber looks at origins and consequences of the notion of “American exceptionalism.” But first he provides an update on the IHR and efforts to disrupt a recent meeting at which Weber and David Irving spoke. In spite of threats of protest demonstration and intimidation, the event was a success. At this event, British historian Irving spoke about Heinrich Himmler, and Weber spoke about Joseph Goebbels.

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April 20, 2011

Weber looks at major trends in American social, economic and political life that are symptoms of a society on the path to ruin. He cites Out of Control, a book by Zbigniew Brzezinski, a Polish-born American scholar and statesman. In this book, published 18 years ago, Brzezinski warns of America’s moral and ethical decline, the corrosive role of American television and motion pictures, and much more. Weber and Bzezinski stress that American society today lacks any meaningful moral-ethical foundation. Bzezinski writes of the “supremacy of decadence and hedonism” in today’s America, where “self-gratification is the norm.” A society that “puts a premium on individuals self-satisfaction is a community threatened by dissolution.” Among the dangerous trends in this country, Brzezinski cites the nation’s enormous indebtedness, poor quality secondary education, a deteriorating social infrastructure, “a truly parasitic obsession with litigation,” “widespread crime and violence,” and “the massive propagation of moral corruption.”

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April 13, 2011

Weber reports on a recent wave of smears, intimidation and harassment against the IHR by the Jewish Defense Organization and other hate groups. This is the most vicious targeting of the IHR in years.

He also talks about the simplistic, “shortcut” thinking of many Americans, who believe that things can be turned around by “returning” to the US Constitution. What’s crucially important in a nation, he says, is not its constitution, but rather the quality and character of its people and leadership, and the society’s basic values, ideology and worldview. “The health of the people is the supreme law” is the paramount principle of a healthy society.

Many people believe that America’s prosperity and preeminence in the world in the 1950-1980 era was due to the supposed superiority of its constitutional, social-political system. In fact, this period of prosperity and preeminence is largely because the US is the only developed nation to emerge from World War II with its industry and infrastructure intact. This is the only important country that had not been battered or destroyed in the war.

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April 6, 2011

Mark Weber first explains why US military intervention in the Libya conflict is illegal and blatantly violates the US constitution. This is not a new or unique practice. Such lawlessness has been characteristic of US foreign policy for decades, and is part of the reason why so many people around the world regard the US government as two-faced, hypocritical and untrustworthy.

In part this lawlessness is an expression of the imperial pretentions of the US as a morally superior world policeman. Moreover, the leaders of both major US political parties have a long record of putting partisan interests ahead of the law, and of the national interest.

Responding to a question from an IHR supporter, Weber explains why Germany lost World War II, or, more specifically, why it was defeated by the Soviet Union. He shows that Hitler and Germany’s military leadership badly underestimated the colossal scale and scope of Soviet military power. In that regard, he cites Hitler’s own statements on this, as well as analysis of astute historians.

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