July 20, 2011

Part 1: Why the Campaign Against 'Nazi War Criminals' is Unjust and Harmful

What’s behind the seemingly endless campaign to prosecute and punish “Nazi war criminals”? Weber cites specific cases to show that the decades-long effort to punish those who killed or mistreated Jews during World War II is motivated not by honest regard for justice, but to further Jewish-Zionist group interests. “Justice applied selectively is not justice, but a form of injustice,” he says. Weber also examines the widely repeated claim that “Diversity is our strength.” As he points out, the politicians and Jewish-Zionist groups that push for policies to promote “diversity” in the US and other countries simultaneously insist that Israel must be maintained as a specifically Jewish ethno-religious state.

Part 2: The Sobering Message of a Important European Best Seller

In the second half of this broadcast, Weber takes a closer look at the message and impact of the most important and influential books of recent years, “Germany Does Away With Itself,” a work by German writer Thilo Sarrazin that has sold more than a million copies.

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