May 25, 2011

Nothing more vividly underscores the Jewish-Zionist grip on US political life than the stormy, fervent approval given by American politicians to Israeli premier Netanyahu as he addressed a joint session of the US Congress on May 24. Senators and Representatives of both major parties rapturously applauded the foreign leader, with more than 20 standing ovations, in an outpouring of approval more fervent than for any American leader.

For every American who cares about our national interest and our long term welfare as a country, as well as basic justice, the performance of these politicians was a shameful spectacle. It shows that US politicians care much more about their own careers and personal interests than they do about what is best for Americans or the world, or for the principles of justice and peace they claim to uphold. Their behavior highlights the entrenched corruption and lack of principle of the American political system. It’s an expression of a society, and of a political system, that has become terminally corrupt, craven, and unprincipled.

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