April 20, 2011

Weber looks at major trends in American social, economic and political life that are symptoms of a society on the path to ruin. He cites Out of Control, a book by Zbigniew Brzezinski, a Polish-born American scholar and statesman. In this book, published 18 years ago, Brzezinski warns of America’s moral and ethical decline, the corrosive role of American television and motion pictures, and much more. Weber and Bzezinski stress that American society today lacks any meaningful moral-ethical foundation. Bzezinski writes of the “supremacy of decadence and hedonism” in today’s America, where “self-gratification is the norm.” A society that “puts a premium on individuals self-satisfaction is a community threatened by dissolution.” Among the dangerous trends in this country, Brzezinski cites the nation’s enormous indebtedness, poor quality secondary education, a deteriorating social infrastructure, “a truly parasitic obsession with litigation,” “widespread crime and violence,” and “the massive propagation of moral corruption.”

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