Links to Other Sites

Listing here does not necessarily mean that the IHR endorses or agrees with the linked website's content or outlook.

If Americans Knew -- Informed, thoughtful perspective on the US-Israel relationship, the Israel-Palestine conflict, and pro-Israel bias in the US media -- Outstanding source of news, information and commentary

The Occidental Observer -- Insightful, hard-hitting commentary, from a pro-Western perspective, including writings of Kevin MacDonald

Washington Report on Middle East Affairs -- Outstanding writing on US-Israel relations, the Israel-Palestine conflict, and more

History News Network -- News, commentary and “buzz.”

Information Clearing House -- Great source of news and informed, up-to-date commentary, from a global, humanist perspective.

Institute for Research of Expelled Germans -- Serious writing and documentation on the mass expulsion, mistreatment and “ethnic cleansing” of more than ten million ethnic Germans 1944-1949.

Justice for Germans -- Dissident, pro-German perspective on Third Reich Germany and World War II.

David Irving's Focal Point site -- Packed with information. Site of the prolific, renegade British historian

VHO -- A great library and archive -- Biographical information about dissident scholars and activists

VDare -- Peter Brimelow’s intelligent, pro-Western site

Inconvenient History -- Serious, non-conformist history writing, in the spirit of James J. Martin and other revisionist scholars.

Council for the National Interest -- Detailed, thoughtful and well- referenced information and perspective on US foreign policy, the Middle East, and the US-Israel relationship.

World Future Fund “Totalitarian Thought” section -- “Totalitarian” philosophy and history, both “right” and “left,” with many original documents

IHR Bookstore -- IHR’s on-line “bookstore,” offers a wide range of books, discs and more, with “shopping cart” convenience

Alfred Lilienthal -- Informed ant-Zionist perspective on the Middle East, US-Israel relations, and more

Liberty Lobby -- Populist, pro-Constitutionalist perspective, with large archive of items from The Spotlight.

Noontide Press -- Large selection of outstanding books, discs and tapes from a dissident perspective.

The Occidental Quarterly -- Scholarly, informative site

The Scriptorium Archive -- Alternative, pro-German perspective on 20th -century history

USS Liberty Memorial -- Information on Israel's murderous 1967 attack against a US Navy ship

Sobran’s -- Witty, perceptive writing by Joe Sobran

CODOH -- Bradley Smith's "Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust"

Zündelsite -- Includes a large archive, and detailed information about political prisoner Ernst Zundel

Air Photo Evidence -- Startling information, with great graphics by a Canadian photo analyst

The Last Ditch -- "Views on liberty and civility you won't find elsewhere no matter how much you dig"

Conservatives for Peace -- Anti-war and anti-empire, packed with information and continually updated

Revisionist History -- Michael Hoffman’s hard-hitting site

We Hold These Truths -- Humane, Christian perspective on the Israel-Palestine conflict and the US relationship with Israel.

Ahmed Rami's Radio Islam -- A vast library of information, in a range of languages

Kevin MacDonald -- Site of California State University Prof. MacDonald, with his preface to the most recent edition of The Culture of Critique