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JHR Volume 17 number 6 cover letter

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April 1999

Dear Friend,

As we go to press, American and other NATO war planes are nightly pounding Yugoslavia. Although we don't know yet how this military undertaking will end, it's already a costly fiasco. It has failed to achieve its stated purpose of quickly forcing Yugoslav president Milosevic to sign an agreement to give autonomy to his country's Kosovo province, and it has immeasurably worsened the plight of Kosovo's ethnic Albanians, on whose behalf the bombings were launched. This Clinton-NATO attack is also blatantly illegal -- a violation of the United Nations charter, the NATO charter, and the US Constitution.

This latest in a seemingly endless series of short-sighted military adventures -- including Vietnam, Lebanon, and Somalia -- is precisely the kind of arrogant foreign crusading so aptly dissected by such revisionist giants as Harry Elmer Barnes, Charles Tansill and William H. Chamberlin.

In the next Journal issue we'll have much more to say about the Yugoslavia war, providing historical context and perspective.

In recent weeks the IHR has been able to reach vast new audiences in Europe and Asia for the first time through two new interviews conducted with Iran radio that were broadcast over its English-language short-wave service.

In the first of these, responding to an earlier Iran radio interview with Jewish-American scholar Noam Chomsky, I spoke about Holocaust propaganda myths, and about the uses and abuses of the seemingly endless Holocaust campaign. In the second of these recent interviews I explained the extent, and harmful consequences, of Jewish-Zionist hegemony over the American media, and especially motion pictures, television and newspapers.

I'm getting ready to return to Toronto soon to testify in the important judicial hearing of Ernst Zündel, the veteran German-Canadian publicist and free speech activist who is charged with spreading "hate" through the California-based Internet "Zündelsite."

After a week of testimony by me and wrangling by attorneys, the Toronto "Human Rights Tribunal" qualified me as an expert witness, permitting me to testify later this month about historical revisionism, the role and impact of the "Holocaust cult" in society, and so forth.

Also as we go to press, Fredrick Töben, historian and director of the Adelaide Institute in Australia, has been arrested in Mannheim, Germany. He's being held for "defaming the memory of the [Jewish] dead" because he had disputed, in print and on the Internet, "the murder by the National Socialist dictatorship of millions of Jews in concentration camps." Töben, whose work and Institute are profiled in the accompanying Journal issue, is ironically being held in the same prison where American gas chamber specialist Fred Leuchter was jailed in 1993 on similarly Orwellian charges.

Yours truly,

Mark Weber

P.S. As ever, your steadfast support means the difference between life and death for the Institute and its vital work. Many thanks!

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