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JHR Volume 17 number 2 cover letter

I N S T I T U T E   F O R   H I S T O R I C A L   R E V I E W
PO Box 2739 -- Newport Beach, CA 92659

April 1998

Dear Friend,

While we are still financially hard-pressed and overworked, we are more upbeat about the future than we've been in years. In addition to some gratifying recent developments, we are guardedly optimistic about further breakthroughs in the months to come.

IHR Meeting

Our special meeting here in southern California on March 28, was a roaring success. Best-selling British historian David Irving was in fine form, enlightening and entertaining an appreciative audience. Also, Costas Zaverdinos, a visiting scholar from South Africa, provided a thoughtful presentation on the infamous Auschwitz "gas chambers." A detailed report about the meeting will appear in the next Journal.

Tax Deductable Donations

Supporting the vital work of the Institute is now easier than ever. After several years of often exasperating work, the IHR and its parent coporation, Legion for the Survival of Freedom, Inc., have been granted 501(c)(3) status by the Internal Revenue Service.

This means that friends of the Institute can now deduct the amount of the donation from their income for federal tax purposes. And this new IRS status is retroactive to March 1995. (If you're interested, we'll gladly send you a copy of the IRS letter that formally confirms this new status.)

Your financial support is especially needed now to get us through the traditionally slow summer months.

IHR Web Site

Thanks to the special generosity of a good friend of the IHR, we're also pleased to announce that, at long last, the Institute has an Internet web site of its own:

Through this site, revisionist scholarship is instantly available, free of censorship, to millions of computer users worldwide. It offers an impressive selection of IHR material, including dozens of IHR Journal articles and reviews.

Because this site is registered in our name, it is more accessible and portable than its predecessor. It also ensures a permanent IHR "home" on the information "superhighway" for revisionist scholarship.

E-Mail Updates

From time to time, we send out e-mail reports on IHR news and activities to Internet-connected friends. If you'd like to receive these update messages, just drop us a line at

Yours truly,

Mark Weber      Greg Raven

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