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JHR Volume 16 number 6 cover letter

I N S T I T U T E   F O R   H I S T O R I C A L   R E V I E W
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November 1997

Dear Friend,

This is an especially busy time for us, because we typically handle more orders for books and tapes during the winter months than at any other time of the year. This heavier volume of book and tape sales, together with generous donations from loyal supporters, have provided some welcome relief from our still-pressing financial burdens.

We deeply appreciate the way that good friends have come through for the cause of truth in history. This steadfast support has meant the difference between life and death for the Institute and its vital work. Many thanks!

New Legal Assaults Against Revisionism

Along with the countless routine tasks that demand our day-to-day attention, in recent weeks we've also been devoting time and effort to help victims of two new legal assaults against unfettered historical research and free speech.

In Australia, the Executive Council of Australian Jewry (EACJ) has brought a suit to shut down the internet web site of the Adelaide Institute, the country's leading revisionist research and publishing center.

The EACJ, Australia's foremost Jewish-Zionist organization, charges that the Holocaust revisionist material posted by the Adelaide Institute violates the country's "Racial Discrimination Act" because it is "reasonably likely, in all the circumstances, to offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate another person or a group of people." Specifically, the EACJ charges, Holocaust revisionism offends and insults Jews.

Adelaide Institute director Fredrick Töben, whom we were pleased to welcome to our office last April, asked for our help in this important legal battle. Together with revisionist scholars and activists in other countries, we submitted formal legal declarations in the case.

We've also been helping out in a potentially important case in Britain, in which writer and publisher Nick Griffin is being charged with violating the country's "Race Law." In a magazine he edits and publishes, Griffin included material that allegedly was "intended to, or which, having regard to all the circumstances, is likely to stir up racial hatred." His "crime" includes a single, passing reference to the "Holohoax."

Like Töben in Australia, Griffin and his attorney in London have been making good use of the extensive scholarly material we've supplied, including numerous Journal articles and reviews.

Internet Outreach

Thanks to the internet "world wide web" more people than ever are showing a lively interest in revisionist scholarship. Through his personal internet web site (, Greg Raven makes available a large selection of IHR material, including dozens of Journal articles and reviews.

It is instantly available, 24 hours a day, to millions of computer users in 146 countries, free of censorship by governments or powerful special interest groups.

Between August 1 and November 13, 1997, an average of 700 persons in countries around the world visited Raven's site every day -- with a total of 73,422 visits or "hits" during this period. In recent weeks the site has been receiving as many as 3,000 visits per day. On recent peak days, visitors have been retrieving some 30 megabytes of revisionist information daily, or the equivalent of some 21 million pages of double-spaced typewritten text.

Furthermore, and as we report in the enclosed Journal (p. 19), an independent service that impartially reviews and rates web sites has given Raven's web site a positive rating.

This trend predictably infuriates Jewish-Zionist groups. For example, the Simon Wiesenthal Center launched a much-publicized -- but so far unsuccessful -- attempt to persuade internet "service providers" to refuse access to revisionists and other supposed "haters." And in a recent booklet, High-Tech Hate: Extremist Uses of the Internet, the Anti-Defamation League lashes out at Holocaust revisionism as "the fastest-growing anti-Semitic propaganda line on the Internet."

Such smears are all the more insolent coming from organizations with well established records as staunch apologists for Israel and its policies -- including numerous acts of aggression and routine ethno-religious discrimination, as a matter of Zionist ideology and state policy, against its non-Jewish population.

Late News: Crimes and Mercies

As we go to press, we've just managed to get a shipment of Crimes and Mercies, the blockbuster new book about the cruel Allied treatment of Germans in the aftermath of World War II. Canadian historian James Bacque, author of the startling 1989 work Other Losses, presents newly uncovered evidence to show that some nine million Germans died as a result of Allied starvation and expulsion policies in the 1944-1950 period -- a total far higher than has long been officially acknowledged. Bacque shows, for example, that General Eisenhower, in violation of the Geneva Convention, in May 1945 forbade German civilians to take food to prisoners starving to death in American camps. He threatened the death penalty for anyone feeding prisoners.

Crimes and Mercies, a handsome 310-page hardcover work, illustrated and well-referenced, is now available from the IHR for $22.95.

Irving to Speak at IHR Meeting

If you live in southern California, please mark Saturday, March 28, 1998, on your calendar. On that day we'll be holding another IHR "mini-conference" with David Irving as the main featured speaker. We'll be mailing details of the meeting to Journal subscribers in southern California.

With Confidence into the New Year

As we finish 1997, we look to the new year with growing confidence, gratified with the steady progress we're making in rebuilding from the mortal crisis caused by massive embezzlement and crippling legal assaults.

In this spirit of confidence and good will, we wish our readers the warmest best wishes of the season.

Yours truly,

Mark Weber     Greg Raven

P.S. The Christmas/ New Year season is an especially appropriate time to show your support for the Institute and its fight for truth in history with a special year-end donation. Please also consider designating the IHR as a beneficiary in your will. It can make all the difference.

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