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JHR Volume 16 number 5 cover letter

I N S T I T U T E   F O R   H I S T O R I C A L   R E V I E W
PO Box 2739 -- Newport Beach, CA 92659

September 1997

Dear Friend,

Over the past four years, Willis Carto has initiated no fewer than ten lawsuits against the IHR, its parent corporation (LSF), or persons associated with them.

Even though he has neither the law nor the facts on his side, Carto persists in this desperate effort because he hopes to destroy the Institute before he can be brought to account for his role in the theft of $6.43 million from IHR/LSF. It's taken time, money and hard work, but one by one we've been beating back this barrage of attacks.

Now we've won an important new victory in a crucial case in Texas, where a judge in Houston blocked what appears to be Carto's final legal opportunity to seize control of the Institute.

In his Order of August 22, Harris County District Court Judge Harvey Brown rejected Carto's arguments in an August 1994 suit (No. 94-40825) against three directors of the IHR's parent corporation, Legion for the Survival of Freedom (LSF). Judge Brown's 13-page Order granting our "Motion for Summary Judgment" declares that Carto had no legal standing to bring this suit. It also rejects Carto's claim to control the IHR/LSF as a "permanent substitute incorporator," with authority to appoint and dismiss corporate directors. The Order affirms earlier rulings by three California courts, which had rejected similar efforts by Carto.

In defeating Carto's legal attacks we've once again proven our ability to prevail against a ruthless and well-funded adversary.

During this difficult period, your support has meant the difference between life and death for the Institute. We've been deeply impressed by the generous way good friends have come through for the Institute and the cause of truth in history during this crisis, making these legal victories possible.

Now, as we steadily dispose of the last of the remaining Carto lawsuits, we free up valuable time and funds for essential Institute work.

Yours truly,

Mark Weber     Greg Raven

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