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JHR Volume 16 number 2 cover letter

I N S T I T U T E   F O R   H I S T O R I C A L   R E V I E W
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September 1996

Dear Friend,

This issue of the Journal finds us strapped for cash, with our desks piled with work. Each week brings more work, but barely enough money. In spite of everything, though, we're making noteworthy progress.

Television Coverage

For one thing, the Institute and its work continue to garner prominent media attention.

On July 21 we were featured in a television report broadcast on the new MSNBC national cable network. A segment on "The Site," a program that covers new developments in the computer and electronic communications fields, focussed on the Simon Wiesenthal Center's effort to shut down the IHR's outreach on Greg Raven's Web site, which they categorized as Internet "hate." Millions of viewers saw portions of an interview with IHR Director Mark Weber.

Reflecting the Institute's global impact, a German television team visited our office on August 22 to interview Weber for a similar report on the Internet battle for freedom of speech and historical awareness. The report by SDR television (Stuttgart) is to focus on the German government's efforts to censor historical revisionism on the Internet. Ironically, a few weeks after this interview we received word that the German government was "indexing" (their term, not ours!) two IHR pamphlets, effectively banning them.

Breaking the Blacklist

In this country, the IHR helped circumvent the blacklisting of bestselling British historian David Irving, by St. Martin's Press and others, who refused to publish Irving's breathtaking new book, Goebbels: Mastermind of the Third Reich. The IHR imported hundreds of the first edition of this important new book from Britain, and quickly sold every last one of them to people who prefer to make up their own minds about this much reviled and much praised book.

A Successful Meeting

Irving kicked off his North American speaking tour on September 7 by joining veteran revisionist activist Bradley Smith to address an overflow capacity IHR crowd in nearby Irvine.

Irving was in good form as he vividly and humorously described the coordinated, international campaign by the traditional enemies of free historical inquiry to destroy his career. Irving also reported at length on the worldwide furor over the suppression of Goebbels.

New Works Available

As the world's foremost publisher and distributor of works of revisionist scholarship, the IHR is pleased to announce two new revisionist works:

We also hope to have copies of Irving's revised book on Dresden, Apocalypse 1945: The Destruction of Dresden, available for sale soon.

Making a Difference

For many years, support from loyal friends has meant the difference between life and death for the Institute. With time and money still very tight, your help remains critically important.

Terribly overworked and financially strapped, each day we strain to make every dollar and hour count. Only with the sustained help of friends can the Institute carry on the struggle against the historical lies, further the cause of truth in history, and enlighten people about key historical issues that have real political-social impact in today's world.

Whether a one-time donation or a monthly pledge, your generous contribution will enable the IHR to carry forward our vital work.

Remember: Every dollar you contribute really makes a difference -- for us and for the enemies of truth in history.

Yours truly,

Mark Weber     Greg Raven

P.S. Please take a minute right now to mail your donation/order. We've enclosed a return envelope for your convenience.

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