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JHR Volume 15 number 4 cover letter

I N S T I T U T E   F O R   H I S T O R I C A L   R E V I E W
PO Box 2739 -- Newport Beach, CA 92659

August 1995

Dear Friend,

Even more than usual, we've been swamped with work here -- which is why we're late in getting you this issue of the Journal. Please pardon the delay.

As we've stressed in recent letters, the summer months created a real financial emergency. Thanks to your generous response to our recent appeals for help, though, we've scraped through. To everyone who helped the Institute get through this crisis -- a heartfelt Thank You!

We're still very hard-pressed, though, which means that we must to count on your continued support.

As you'll read in this Journal issue, in spite of our severe financial problems we are making real inroads -- across the United States and around the world!

Our enemies fully realize what's at stake in this global struggle. That's why -- as you'll read here -- the Simon Wiesenthal Center is doing everything it can to silence the Institute. It's especially furious about the IHR's worldwide impact through the Internet "information superhighway."

Our response: the lead article in this issue targets the Simon Wiesenthal Center, tearing away its self-righteous mask and exposing the deceit and hypocrisy of this powerful, dangerous organization. We also focus on Simon Wiesenthal himself, detailing the arrogant lies of this much-praised but fraudulent "Nazi hunter."

As this Journal issue once again shows, no one delivers the hard punches at the bigots and enemies of truth better than the Institute for Historical Review.

Our progress isn't limited to the Journal and the global computer network.

A recent debate between Journal editor Mark Weber and Michael Shermer, Occidental College professor and editor of Skeptic magazine, was a knockout victory for revisionism and the Institute. The two-hour clash was the main event at a special July 22 IHR meeting.

The hard-pressed Shermer was obliged to make one major concession after another. Just back from a visit of camp sites in Europe, he acknowledged, for example, that the "gas chamber" at Majdanek -- where Allied officials charged at Nuremberg that the Germans killed one and half million prisoners -- is a fraud.

Our one-day meeting in Costa Mesa was a breakthrough event -- and a convincing rebuke to the often-repeated Jewish-Zionist claim that the Holocaust story is "not debatable."

A full report on the Weber-Shermer debate will appear in a forthcoming Journal issue, along with details about how you can order a videotape of this exciting exchange.

If you live in southern California, you'll want to mark Saturday, October 21, on your calendar -- when we'll be holding another special IHR meeting. David Irving, the bestselling British historian, will be our featured speaker. We'll soon be mailing out notices with details to all Journal subscribers in southern California.

In spite of the massive theft of IHR money by former associates, and the expense of fighting off a relentless anti-IHR propaganda campaign, we've managed to keep the Institute financially on course.

We're still not out of danger, though. Honestly, we are just scraping by, and -- with expenses cut to the bare minimum -- our financial situation remains very tight. We've had to put off major publishing projects, and postpone other important plans.

As both our enemies and our friends around the world acknowledge, the IHR is the most important center of its kind in the world.

We must put the Institute on a solid financial footing. To do this, we must turn to you again for help.

Remember: Every dollar you contribute really makes a difference. No organization targets its funds more cost-effectively than the Institute for Historical Review.

With your continued support, we'll carry on the battle until final victory.

There's more at stake than just the past. Please be generous!

Yours truly,

Mark Weber     Greg Raven

P.S. Remember, you can further the work of the Institute, and take a tax deduction (as allowable under the law). Just make out your check to "IHR." Please don't forget to mail your donation today. Use the enclosed donation card and return envelope.

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