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JHR Volume 15 number 3 cover letter

I N S T I T U T E   F O R   H I S T O R I C A L   R E V I E W
PO Box 2739 -- Newport Beach, CA 92659

"When the IHR team calls on us to lend a hand, especially with financial help, our duty should be support the IHR to continue its remarkable work."

Prof. Robert Faurisson
Europe's leading Holocaust revisionist

May 1995

Dear Friend,

We have serious news to share with you.

You see, the IHR is in trouble, and we need your help. Urgently. Today.

Frankly, our financial situation is very tight.

With staggering demands on our time, and under a relentless barrage of slanderous attacks, we already put in 14-hour days, including weekends.

We've cut expenses to the bare minimum. Still, to keep the IHR running costs us thousands of dollars each month -- for rent, salaries, printing bills, and utilities.

Any further cost cuts are likely to force us to eliminate key IHR projects, including publication of the Journal.

Having done everything we can think of here, we are forced to turn to you for help. What's behind this problem?

Former associate Willis Carto and his crony, Henry Fischer, are now under criminal police investigation for their theft of millions of dollars from the IHR. Because the evidence of his crimes is irrefutable and overwhelming, Carto has been waging a campaign of frivolous lawsuits and absurd lies (especially in The Spotlight, the weekly he controls) in a frantic effort to destroy the IHR before he and his associates are brought to justice.

This campaign -- which Carto has been waging relentlessly for 18 months now -- has, regrettably, hurt the IHR, and threatens to end revisionism as we know it. Carto's smears have confused some individuals, who have withdrawn support.

At the same time, we are being battered by the costs of fighting off Carto's meritless lawsuits (not one of which he has won).

Were it not for the theft of IHR money, and the crippling expense of fighting off Carto's campaign against the Institute, our financial future would be secure.

Wouldn't it be tragic if, after all we've achieved so far, Carto were able to do to the IHR what our traditional enemies could not -- kill the IHR?

Think of the profound, worldwide impact our Institute has had on historical research and public opinion since it began its work in 1978 -- through The Journal of Historical Review, the many books, tapes and leaflets we produce and distribute, and our media and Internet outreach.

As even our enemies acknowledge, the IHR is, by far, the most effective and important center of its kind in the world.

In these turbulent times -- with the breakdown of the liberal "welfare-warfare" state here at home, the end of the Cold War, and the resurrection of independent, nationally-conscious states in eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union -- the work of our Institute is more crucial than ever.

Now this beacon of light is in danger of being extinguished.

Your help is especially important right now. You see, much of our income comes from sales of books and tapes and, as with all publishers, the summer months are always the slowest.

That's why we're asking you, today, to be especially generous.

And believe us, we really need the most generous donation you can afford to give. And we do need it now.

It doesn't matter if your most generous donation is a modest one. Every dollar helps!

For your convenience, we've enclosed a donation card and envelope.

Yours for the cause of truth in history,

Mark Weber     Greg Raven

P.S. Remember, now you can deduct your donation to the Institute from your taxable income. Through a special not-for-profit, tax deductible account, you can donate to our cause and take a tax deduction (as allowable under the law).

P.P.S. Please don't forget to mail your donation today.

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