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A Message from Mark Weber

November 27, 2002

This has been a critical year for our country. Millions of Americans who had believed that they were secure and safely distant from overseas problems have been jolted into a realization that there can be deadly consequences of our government's foreign policies.

During this ominous time of escalating war rhetoric, preparations for battle, hate-mongering, and new assaults against civil liberties, the IHR's voice of truth and sanity -- thanks to your help -- is being heard across the country and internationally.

During this challenging time, we've been busy:

  • Our recent media initiative to get the IHR on radio talk shows has resulted in broadcasts that carried our message on both regular and short wave radio to hundreds of thousands of new listeners.
  • We've launched a new on-line service, IHR News, that regularly distributes selected news and commentary by e-mail. (To subscribe to this free service, just write us)
  • Our new leaflet, "A Look at the `Powerful Jewish Lobby'," quickly circulated widely on the internet, and was reprinted in Community News, a local newspaper in northern California, and in The Nationalist Times, a national monthly published in Pennsylvania. It also appeared in Arab News, the leading English-language daily paper of Saudi Arabia.
  • Last June, scholars, activists and friends of the Institute, some from as far away as Australia, Argentina, and Switzerland, came to southern California for the 14th IHR Conference. Solid, inspiring addresses by a range of outstanding speakers, reinforced an upbeat spirit about the future. (Order video and audio tapes of the lectures here.)

Frankly, these and other activities have put a severe strain on our budget. In September, for example, we had a dangerous shortfall of $12,000. Most of the financial challenge was surmounted with the help of our loyal and generous supporters. Now, however, I've focused on wiping the balance of that deficit from the books -- and raise an extra year-end financial boost.

Fortunately, this is an ideal time to help further the work of the IHR. Because gifts to the IHR are tax deductible to the maximum allowed by law, your donation made before December 31 can be claimed as a deduction from your total 2002 income for tax purposes.

While it is difficult to measure the IHR's effectiveness with precision, it's safe to say that the Institute's global reach and impact during the past two years has never been greater. Radio interviews with me now routinely reach hundreds of thousands of listeners overseas, and IHR articles, reviews and essays are reprinted widely, with translations regularly appearing in French, German, Russian, Spanish and other languages.

This record of success, I am grateful to acknowledge, is due to those men and women who have invested in the unique work of the Institute for Historical Review.

Before you decide to send a gift in response to this important appeal, consider this:

Nothing better points up the impact of the IHR, and its potential for the future, than the anxious way that Jewish-Zionist groups closely track our activities. This is reflected, for example, in a recent front-page article in the country's most influential Jewish community weekly, the Forward, which reported apprehensively on our new media initiative and the IHR Conference in June.

Our adversaries are not the only ones to appreciate our remarkable role. Courageous men as diverse as Pete McCloskey and John Schmitz -- both former Congressmen and presidential candidates -- and author/columnist Joseph Sobran, have understood the unique importance of the IHR and its work.

That's why I'm asking now for your help.

The IHR is the only history research and publishing center in America that boldly and conscientiously identifies the enemies of freedom and peace, educating the thoughtful public with solidly referenced books, articles, reviews and tapes. The IHR is uniquely positioned to speak, factually and forthrightly, about the US-Israel "special relationship," Jewish-Zionist power, the historical background to the Israel-Palestine conflict, the Zionist threat to world peace, and more.

To reach many more people, across America and around the world -- by expanding our outreach on radio and television, launching important new books, hiring new staff members, and much more -- it is critical that I hear from you as soon as possible. The Institute needs your help.

If you have been considering donating to the IHR, but haven't yet acted, please don't put it off another day. Remember, only those contributions made before December 31 can be deducted from your total 2002 income for tax purposes.

I look forward to your generous response.


Mark Weber
Director, Institute for Historical Review
P.O. Box 2739
Newport Beach, CA 92659