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November 2001

Dear friend,

The shocking September 11 terror attacks against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and the national anxiety in the weeks since then, have jolted Americans from decades of prosperous, comfortable complacency.

And now, with US war planes and missiles routinely blasting Afghanistan, presidential declarations of a protracted global "war against terrorism," and millions of Americans fearful of new terror attacks, the IHR's message of sanity and historical understanding is needed more than ever.

But just when our voice should be especially strong and resonant, we are grappling with a financial emergency.

We need your help, and I'll tell you why.

This past summer, normally a slow season anyway for book sales and donations, has been one of the most financially difficult ever. We're still not out of danger, and now we need your support to meet the enormous challenge of this new era.

It's up to us, my friend.

You and I know that amid the national anxiety and clamor for revenge, the IHR is best equipped to fight the flood of historical lies spewed out by the Jewish-Zionist dominated mass media and parroted by our compliant political leaders. Above all, no one is better able to meet head-on the festering Middle East conflict, which has so suddenly and violently come home to America, and clearly link it to that most powerful of Zionist weapons, the "Holocaust" story.

We must awaken many more people about the heavy price we are paying, and will continue to pay, for decades of unjust and misguided policies, above all in our one-sided backing for the Zionist state.

In this vital work, we can count on an arsenal of powerful weapons, laboriously built up over years, including a wide range of books, tapes and Journal issues that dissect and discredit dangerous historical myths. One of the most best and most topical of these is the handsome IHR edition of The Founding Myths of Modern Israel, which dissects such historical lies as the "land without people for a people without land" myth, and the insidious "Holocaust" story.

If the impact we've been having in recent weeks is any sign, we're making headway.

  • From around the world, we are receiving an unprecedented stream of supportive messages, and our web site is getting more "hits" than ever.
  • Our commentary, "Learning from the September 11 Attacks," is already more widely circulated than any single IHR essay ever. It is posted on at least five web sites (in addition to our own), and has been widely distributed by e-mail. As a result of it, I appeared as a guest on three hour-long radio shows. This commentary is also appearing in print, for example in the nationally-circulated weekly Christian News. It's also being widely distributed in Arabic and German, both on line and in print.
  • The Anti-Defamation League, one of the most powerful Jewish-Zionist groups, posted a portion of our "Learning" essay on its influential web site in a roundup of exemplary commentaries critical of America's slavishly pro-Zionist policies.

But just as our outreach is growing, so also are our costs. Now, with your help, we must seize the opportunities that are available to reach many more people.

Especially during this time of media-driven hysteria, government deceit, propaganda lies and historical distortion, and new efforts to stifle dissent, we must not waver or slacken.

To all those who have helped in the past, we extend a heartfelt "Thank you!" We greatly appreciate your support!

Now, we must have a "reinvestment" by some and new gifts from others.

Please help us with your most generous donation. And remember, your contribution is completely tax-deductible.

Faithfully yours,

Mark Weber

P.S. You can use our PayPal account to make secure donations right over the Internet, using your Web browser. There's never been a quicker, easier way to support our efforts.