The Journal of Historical Review

Volume 5, No. 1 -- Spring 1984
Willis A. Carto Toward history
Friedrich P. Berg The diesel gas chambers:
Myth within a myth
Wilhelm Stäglich 'Der Auschwitz Mythos':
A book and its fate
James B. Whisker Karl Marx: Anti-Semite
Rudolf Jordan Hitler, the unemployed, and autarky
Charles Lutton Stalin's war: Victims and accomplices
Nikolai Tolstoy's Stalin's Secret War, and
Mark R. Elliott's Pawns of Yalta
Keith Stimely Gerhard Buck's Das Führerhauptquartier
and Michele Sakkara's
Die Grosse Zeit des Deutschen Films 1933-1945
Mark Weber Ion Pavel's The Priority of N. C. Paulescu
in the Discovery of Insulin
News and Comment
Keith Stimely The torture of Julius Streicher:
A documentary exposé
Julius Streicher [Translation of hand-written document]
Mark Weber
Keith Stimely
The sleight-of-hand of Simon Wiesenthal
'Falso in uno, falso in omnibus'
Mark Weber
Keith Stimely
Yes, Virginia: Wiesenthal does lie
Mark Weber Jesse Owens: Myth and reality
Mark Weber In memoriam: Ranjan Borra

Keith Stimely From the editor
About the contributors

Volume 5, No. 2, 3, and 4 -- Winter 1984
Robert Row Sir Oswald Mosley: Briton, fascist, European
Keith Stimley A bibliography of works on and
relating to Osward Mosley and British fascism
Charles Lutton The 'Atlantic Charter' smokescreen
K. C. Gleason The 'Holocaust' and the failure
of Allied and Jewish responses
Karl Otto Braun American policy toward Europe:
The fateful change
David Irving On contemporary history and historiography
Robert Faurisson A challenge to David Irving
Elisabeth Kuesters Encountering the revisionists
Darryl Hattenhauer Ronald Reagan's political
and cultural world view
James J. Martin Beyond year zero: The
pursuit of peace through war
W. D. Rubenstein
Walter N. Sanning
Arthur R. Butz
The Dissolution of Eastern European Jewry:
An exchange
Review Articles
L. A. Rollins Why the goyim? Dennis Prager's
and Joseph Telushkin's Why the Jews?
Samuel E. Konkin III Thrusting the state into Lemkin's
bleeding heart: James J. Martin's
The Man Who Invented Genocide
Charles Lutton David Irving's The War Between the Generals,
and Max Hastings' Overlord
H. Keith Thompson Peter Padfield's Dönitz
Russ Granata Georg Franz-Willing's Der Zweite Weltkrieg
Charles Lutton David Irving's Uprising!
Keith Stimely National Socialism and fascism:
recent books in brief
Historical News and Comment
Charles Lutton His master's voice: Air Chief Marshall
Sir Arthur Travers Harris, 1892-1984
Die Aula An interview with Hellmut Diwald:
Truth-seeking historiography
Mark Weber Albert Speer and the 'Holocaust'
Keith Stimely Uproar in Clio's library: The case of
Dr. David Abraham and 'The Collapse
of the Weimar Republic'
J. Marcellus Percy L. Greaves, 1906-1984
Keith Stimely Austin App, 1902-1984

Keith Stimely A note from the editor:
Oswald Mosley reconsidered
About the contributors
From the publisher

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