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Nemesis at Potsdam

  • NEMESIS AT POTSDAM, Alfred M. de Zayas, Routledge and Kegan Paul, 268pp, paperback, available from IHR at $9.00. ISBN: 0-7 100-9410-9.
reviewed by Lewis Brandon (David McCalden)

This is a new, revised edition of this book first published in 1977. In just three years, it has become a Revisionist classic. It tells the story of the expulsion of the Germans from the eastern territories and the role played by the Anglo-Americans in that atrocity.

Over 2 million Germans did not survive the rigors of their uprooting and forced expulsion, yet the event is hardly even known outside of Germany. The text is factual and referenced; unlike the hysteria and neurosis exhibited in so many "Holocaust" tracts.

There are 7 maps, and 62 illustrations, many of which ought to be reproduced and circulated to those gullible people still taken in by the "Six Million" myth. Plate 34 shows naked German children expelled from an orphanage in Danzig, looking every bit as emaciated as any inmate of Belsen. Plates 26, 27 and 30 show refugees being transported on open goods cars; forced to leave their homelands without any of their possessions whatsoever.

Detailed appendices show formerly-secret British documents which prove that the British knew how terrible the problem was, but refused to do anything about it, for fear of upsetting our "gallant" Soviet allies.

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Brandon, Lewis


Nemesis at Potsdam (review)


The Journal for Historical Review (


Summer 1980


Volume 1 number 2


Page 181


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