Mordechai Levy
Mordechai Levy and the Jewish Defense Organization have a long record of crime and violence. For example, Levy served 18 months of a four-and-a-half year sentence for felony assault with a deadly weapon in a shooting incident in New York City in August 1989. Here, below, is a selection of news reports about Levy and the JDO. Click the image to view the entire article.

The Village Voice
July 15, 1979

Mordechai Levy and other Zionist militants attack Fritz Berg, severely kicking and beating him inside St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York. Berg had been active in "The Ridgewood Group," which had filed a complaint with the FCC over the 1979 television broadcast of "The Holocaust," a widely viewed NBC network miniseries. Levy, 19, is arrested and charged with assault.

The Spotlight
April 1981

Levy, then with the Jewish Defense League, leads a violent demonstration at the offices of the Institute for Historical Review in Torrance, California.

The Spotlight
September 1981

Levy, holding a baseball bat, together with JDL colleague -- and later rival -- Irv Rubin, in foreground, and other Zionist thugs.

The Spotlight
July 5, 1982

A chronicle of Levy's exploits from the late 1970s to 1982, when he founded the Jewish Defense Organization. He left the JDL because it was "not militant enough."

IHR Newsletter
January 1984

A policeman forcibly removes Levy after he shouts obscenities in a courtroom.

The Record (New Jersey)
August 1985

A 61-year old man, accused of having been a Nazi war criminal, was severely injured in a bomb blast. As a result, his leg was amputated. Levy comments: "The only thing I regret is that instead of losing his legs, he should have lost his life."

Daily News (New York)
August 11, 1989

During a feud in Manhattan with activists of the rival JDL, Levy sprays gunfire from a rooftop. An innocent bystander is harmed. Levy is arrested and later convicted of "wanton and reckless disregard for human life." He serves 18 months of a four-and-a-half-year sentence

The Washington Times
April 24, 1993

JDO activists assault David Wilcox, founder of American Friends of Palestine, and four or five other peaceful protesters in Washington, DC.

The Washington Post
April 29, 1993

More on the JDO assault of Wilcox and other Palestinian rights activists. "I turned just in time to see this man with this big, heavy pipe slamming it down on my head," Wilcox recalled.

Forward (New York)
April 2000

JDO leader Mordechai Levy faces sentencing for kicking a twelve-year old boy in the testicles. The boy was attending the JDO's summer camp.

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