Defying Threats, Irving and Weber Address California Meeting
IHR Meeting April 2011
In spite of efforts by local bigots to disrupt the event, best-selling British author David Irving and American historian Mark Weber addressed a meeting in Orange County, California, on April 23, 2011. They gave talks on two of wartime Germany's most prominent leaders: Heinrich Himmler and Joseph Goebbels.

Fromm and Weber Speak at Meeting on America's Past and Today's Crisis
IHR Meeting March 2011
At one of the most spirited and successful IHR meetings in many months, Paul Fromm and Mark Weber delivered informed, well-received talks about social-political decline in America and Canada, and the factors behind this trend ... Canada is undergoing rapid and profound ethnic-cultural transformation, Fromm said. Parallel to what's also happening in the US, non-whites are replacing Canada's traditional, European-origin population ... In his address, Mark Weber spoke about how America has changed drastically over the past 60 years, as reflected in the country's high school history textbooks.

Engaging Speakers Highlight Successful IHR Meeting
IHR Meeting April 2010
Life and death in World War Two Poland and Germany and the battle for Internet free speech were the topics tackled by three stimulating speakers at the packed IHR meeting on Saturday evening, April 17, 2010. Paul Fromm, Canadian free speech activist, reviewed major assaults against on-line freedom of expression, and recent legal victories against groups that seek to impose "politically correct" censorship on the Internet. Dana Alvi spoke graphically of privation, suffering and death in Poland during World War Two. She recounted numerous moving personal anecdotes, including grim memories from the bloody Warsaw Rising of 1944. And Gretel Hines spoke vividly about day-to-day life in the Third Reich.

Dr. Sunic Addresses Successful IHR Meeting
IHR Meeting March 2010
European-American author and scholar Tomislav Sunic was the featured speaker at the IHR meeting on Saturday evening, March 6, 2010. His two presentations, along with informative talks by Ernst Zundel's US attorney, IHR director Mark Weber, and others, as well as food, drinks and lively fellowship, made this a memorable occasion.

A Successful Holiday Get-Together
IHR Meeting December 2010
This year's Christmas-Holiday meeting brought together 30 friends and supporters of the IHR, many of them younger men and women, for an enjoyable evening of fellowship and interesting talks at the Institute's offices. Attendees contributed more than $500 in donations, and one donated a color printer. Director Mark Weber expressed appreciation for the generous help of local supporters during the past year, including volunteer work and financial backing.

Energetic Spirit Marks IHR Meeting in San Diego
IHR Meeting November 2010
Lively discussions, an energetic spirit, and a timely, well-received address marked the IHR meeting in San Diego on Saturday evening, Nov. 13, 2010. This gathering at a large hotel -- the first IHR meeting outside of Orange County in more than a year -- was an opportunity to reach out to new people, including an encouraging number of younger people, and to renew and strengthen ties with local supporters. Both attendees and organizers were impressed with the intensity of the discussions, both during the lively Q and A session and in the many one-on-one conservations.

America in Crisis is Theme of Spirited IHR Meeting
IHR Meeting October 2010
America's social, economic and political malaise, a spreading sense of national gloom, and prospects for the future were the issues tackled by Canadian free speech activist Paul Fromm and IHR director Mark Weber at the IHR meeting on October 2, 2010. Attendees included students, teenagers, first time visitors, and long-time friends of the Institute.

Informed Talks on Wartime Axis Europe Policy Highlight IHR Meeting
IHR Meeting July 2010
Two informed lectures on plans for the postwar era by leaders in Germany and other Axis nations during World War II, and their vision of a prosperous and secure European community, highlighted the IHR meeting on July 31, 2010. Adrian Davies, an English attorney and lecturer, and Mark Weber, historian and director of the IHR, presented views on how Europe might have developed if the Soviet Union had been vanquished, and British leaders had made peace with Germany. An Axis-dominated Pax Europa, Weber suggested, would have been economically prosperous, socially progressive, politically stable, and technologically advanced.

Informative Talks Highlight Spirited IHR Meeting
IHR Meeting January 2010
Stimulating and informative talks helped make the most recent IHR "open house" get-together another memorable event. Among the two dozen local friends and supporters who met at the Institute's offices were students, businessmen, a physician, two attorneys, a community organizer, a family counselor, and several recent IHR volunteers.

The IHR Open House: A Memorable Event
IHR Meeting December 2009
Food, drinks, spirited conversation and an informative talk helped make the first-ever IHR Open House an enjoyable and memorable event.

Wartime Code-Breaking and an 'Unknown Holocaust': Irving, Weber Address Upbeat IHR Meeting
IHR Meeting July 2009
At an upbeat IHR meeting on Saturday evening, July 25, 2009, best-selling British author David Irving and American historian Mark Weber tackled important aspects of twentieth-century history in two informed and well delivered talks. Attendees commented on the gathering's buoyant and purposeful spirit, and several remarked that this was the most successful IHR meeting in years.

Weber Addresses Peace Conference in Baltimore
August 2008
Mark Weber addressed a conference to promote peace and cross-cultural understanding on August 16, 2008, in suburban Baltimore. In a crisply delivered and well-received address, the IHR director spoke about the motives behind the US invasion of Iraq, the harmful consequences of America's "blank check" support for Israel, the Jewish-Zionist grip on US foreign policy, the danger of new wars, and the prospects for an effective peace movement. The event was organized by an Islamic association, Jamaat Al-Muslimeen. Among the other speakers were: Ramsey Clark, former US Attorney General; Charles E. Carlson, director of "We Hold These Truths," a Christian organization for peace and justice; and, Dr. Kaukab Siddique, MC and publisher of "New Trend Magazine."

Irving Describes His Austria Imprisonment at IHR Meeting
IHR Meeting June 2008
In an engaging talk at a memorable IHR meeting, June 14, 2008, David Irving described his harrowing arrest in Austria, his sensational trial in Vienna, and his 13 months of imprisonment. The British historian also spoke about wartime Germany's harsh treatment of Jews, presenting a view of "the Holocaust" similar to the one he laid out more than 30 years ago in the first edition of Hitler's War. Mark Weber took aim at the American national mythology about World War II. He spoke about the two new books by Patrick J. Buchanan and Nicholson Baker, praising them as important antidotes to the familiar, much propagandized portrayal of the war.

First-Rate Talks Mark Successful IHR Meeting
IHR Meeting May 2008
First-rate talks by three seasoned speakers marked a memorable IHR meeting on May 24, 2008, in southern California. Paul Fromm reported with insight and humor on the battle for on-line free speech in Canada. Mark Weber, in a closely reasoned and well-referenced lecture, dismantled the myth of World War II as a "good war" clash between virtue and evil. Mark Green explained why the dread label of "anti-Semitism" is inaccurate and bogus.

Weber Speaks on the Israel Lobby at University of Oregon
July 2011
In spite of protests, media smears and a delay caused by a flight cancellation, Mark Weber addressed a spirited meeting at the University of Oregon in Eugene. The Pacifica Forum, a campus public affairs discussion group, had invited the IHR director, and organized the meeting. Weber's appearance generated wide media attention, and prompted a protest demonstration. In his address, entitled "The Israel Lobby: How Powerful is It?," Weber said that awareness of the role and impact of the Israel lobby is growing everywhere.

Sunic, Weber and Smith Address Spirited IHR Meeting
IHR Meeting March 2007

Weber, Fromm Tackle Current Issues at IHR Meeting in Arlington
IHR Meeting July 2006

Stormy IHR Rally Against Wiesenthal Center Defies Zionist Thugs
July 29, 2005

Weber Addresses Spirited IHR Meeting in New York
July 16, 2005

Irving, Weber Speak on Hitler's Place in History
April 17, 2005

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