Jordanian Writers Association

April 10, 2001

On the Cancellation of the Conference on Zionism and Historical Revisionism in Beirut

An Official Statement by the Jordanian Writers Association

Amman, Jordan

The Jordanian Writers Association (JWA) denounces the statement by the fourteen Arab intellectuals calling on the Lebanese Government to ban the Conference on Zionism and Historical Revisionism that was supposed to take place on March 30, 2001, in Beirut.

After examining the papers that were to be presented in that Conference, the JWA found them to be scholarly works that tackle mainly the political, moral, and cultural extortion that the international Zionist movement resorts to in the world at large, and in the West in particular, in order to rationalize its practices vis-a-vis the Palestinians. The work of the Zionist movement, which is generally supported by Western governments, presents the establishment of the Zionist state as a compensation for the suffering of the Jews in WWII. The resulting dislocation of the Palestinians, the rape of Palestine, and the massacres are frequently justified in that context.

Enacting laws that ban the historical review of the outcomes of WWII is immoral and anti-scientific. Forty-five million people from all races and religions perished in that war. Among those forty five million there were Jews of course. However, to single out Jewish deaths in WWII as somehow distinct or special, through the over exaggeration of the numbers, or through talk of gas chambers prepared especially for the extermination of Jews, as the Zionist movement and others claim, is to further the current political aims of Zionists for which Palestinians and Arabs always end up paying the highest price.

Upon reading about the statement of the fourteen Arab intellectuals condemning the Conference on Zionism and Historical Revisionism and calling on the Lebanese government to ban that conference, the JWA was incensed. Our careful reading of revisionist historians indicates that they seek to liberate the Jews and the rest of humanity from Zionism, which is no less racist than Nazism. Furthermore, revisionist historians disapprove of the dislocation of the Palestinians from their land. They contribute through their anti-Zionist efforts to the liberation of Palestine and to the return of Palestinians to their land.

Therefore, having "Arab" intellectuals sign a statement (over the phone) against the Conference on Zionism and Historical Revisionism is a very sad thing. Indeed, it is sad for intellectuals to oppose conscientious researchers without having read them. Moreover, the signatories do not seem to know of the stances of revisionist historians against Zionist blackmail of a whole world.

In response to the statement by the fourteen intellectuals that provided an Arab cover for Zionist and European pressures to ban the revisionist conference in Beirut, revisionist historians in France distributed a leaflet worthy of respect. The leaflet, signed by La Vieille Taup, states: " Isn't the intellectual who sides with despots and with the strong to justify the expropriation of freedom of expression worse than a slave?! What really honors Arab intellectuals who do not accept the arguments of revisionist historians, what endows them with respect and appreciation, is for them to be able to refute revisionist arguments if they can."

As for the accusation that revisionist historians are neo- Nazis, the leaflet goes on: "This charge is arbitrary and absurd, yet it displays a submission to one of the tenets of the Zionist mentality: the paranoid interpretation of the world. The charge also echoes falsehoods about revisionist historians that are inculcated by Zionist propaganda daily".

Indeed, the banning and the oppression of the revisionist conference in Lebanon prompts the JWA to raise its voice in the defense of the freedom of research and historical review, and in condemnation of those who side with despots to expropriate the freedom of expression.

The liberation of Palestine entails that we seek friends worldwide, not that we participate in the oppression of the scientists, intellectuals, artists, and institutions that take our side.

Finally, we wonder about one of the hidden files of WWII: secret cooperation between the Nazis and the Zionist movement! We wonder about the series of massacres committed by Zionists against Palestinians and other Arabs! Was what Hitler and the Nazis did against the Jews AND OTHER GROUPS any less violent or less terroristic than the massacres of the Zionists in Palestine?!

In fact, Zionism is equivalent to Nazism in its crimes in Palestine and worldwide. The existence of the Zionist entity itself is not only a crime against the Arabs, but against humanity as well, and against truth and justice. What we are witnessing nowadays in the Zionist oppression of the Intifada in Palestine reaffirms all that. The liberation of humanity from neo-Nazism is its liberation from Zionism. Except, this neo-Nazi Zionism is supported today by the United States Government, with bullets, jet fighters, cash, and propaganda. The praise that the Zionist Ambassador in Paris bestowed on the fourteen intellectuals for their statement should be indicative enough of the seriousness of their mistake. Our stand on the behalf of freedom of research and review for all intellectuals worldwide is something we will hold on to, because we are for free thought and because we are for ourselves.

The Jordanian Writers Association