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April 8, 2001

Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2001 19:09:39 EDT

Subject: [AL-AWDA] Lenni Brenner re holocaust deniers and other falsifiers

Sisters & brothers,

The neo-Nazi Institute for Historical Review's attempt to hijack the Palestinian revolution, with a 3/31 Beirut conference, compels me, as the author of Zionism in the Age of the Dictators, to deal with it, the more successful Islamic & Zionist falsifications of the holocaust, and the question of free speech in the Arab world.

Nazism is the most written upon political topic in history. It commands commentary from propagandists representing all contemporary ideological currents, political and religious. Commonly, they bring their limitations to bear on the topic. They typically try to cram the real holocaust into their stunted present-day world views. Once they accomplish that magic trick, their interest in the topic wanes.

Of more genuine interest are serious historians, such being defined as those writing with the expectation that specialists in the field will review their books. Whatever their politics, they try to deal with significant things, and to be exacting, as possible.

Thus I severely criticized Peter Novick's The Holocaust in American Life, in the 10/99 issue of Middle East Policy. He evades the shameless roles of the World Zionist Organization and Washington during that horror. Nevertheless, he is correct re the question of how many Jews were killed:

'The first postwar estimates of the Jewish death toll -- hardly more than an educated guess, based on very incomplete information -- were that it was something under six million, usually rounded to six. This has remained the most-cited figure, and it is endorsed by most historians. (See 'Estimated Jewish Losses in the Holocaust,' app. 6 of the Encyclopedia of the Holocaust.) The principle dissenter is Raul Hilberg, whose calculations lead him to conclude that the correct figure is approximately 5,100,000. (The Destruction of the European Jews, rev. ed. (NY, 1985), vol. 3, app. B: 'Statistics of Jewish Dead.') The problems of estimations are daunting, and we are unlikely to ever know for sure. While of course one wants to get it right, no important historical, let alone moral, questions depend on whether the toll was five, or six, or more.' (The Holocaust in American Life, p. 334)

As this is indeed so, the IHR's statement, from their Fall/Winter 1984 Books and Tapes of Revisionist History, 'The Holocaust: A catch-all term to identify the alleged extermination of European Jewry which insists on the following presumptions: (1) The Nazis executed a deliberate plan to destroy (not resettle) European Jewry, (2) Six million or more Jews perished as a result, and (3) A majority of these were killed by poison gas (Zyklon B) in gas chambers designed for the purpose of taking human life en masse,' never rises above the level of whale shit, and that is on the bottom.

Yet they have an audience. In 1988, My 2nd book, The Iron Wall: Zionist Revisionism from Jabotinsky to Shamir, was pirated into Farse, as The Iron Fist, by Tehran's daily Ettela'at, which ran it as a series and then as a book. Among other atrocities, they inserted a footnote declaring that only 1 million Jews were killed by Hitler.

(Zionist-Revisionism arose after Britain cut Jordan out of Mandatory Palestine. They wanted to revise British policy, ie, to restore Jordan as part of the territory promised Zionism by Balfour. Other than the word, there is no connection between Zionist-Revisionism & the IHR's Revisionism.)

In his simple mind, Ettela'at's translator delegitimatized Zionism by reducing the number of dead Jews. In the real world, such fantasy numbers are used by Zionist and American propagandists as choice examples of Islamic fundamentalist disconnect from universally accepted realities.

Arabs and Muslims, like everyone else, divide into smart & stupid. Smart Arabs and Muslims study real history. Stupid Arabs and Muslims, like nationalists and fanatics of all religions, everywhere, develop fantasy solutions to real problems. Giving credence to holocaust deniers, naively 'solves' the problem of Zionist misuse of the holocaust to gain support for Zionism's criminal regime. Except that no amount of attention given to the denier-frauds, by either peurile Arabs or Muslims, will shake world opinion from its certainty that the holocaust happened.

Edward Said did right in denouncing the IHR Nazi-nutsies. He was further correct in his insistance that his support for a statement denouncing them, read to him over the phone, was not to be taken as a call for Lebanon to legally ban the IHR circus. Given non-stop violations of human rights, by all Arab regimes, to one degree or another, had he called for governmental suppression, he would have legitimatized their right, under certain circumstances, to suppress freedom of speech. Given their records, banning him and writers like him, had he called for governmental supression of the denier-crazies, he would have put a legal weapon into the hands of the supressors of Arab freedom of speech. But that doesn't contradict his exposure of the deniers as the fools they are.

As Edward says his name was deceitfully added to a demand to legally suppress the denier gathering, and I know thru personal experience that no more honest human exists, I can only hope that Samaa Abu Sharar and other journalists can provide us with the names of his tricksters, and their motives.

In any case, the antidote to Zionist misuse of the holocaust is to expose Zionism's role in repeatedly collaborating with Hitler. Those wanting real facts to pound on the heads of Zionists are referred to my book, Zionism in the Age of the Dictators, which can be found at

Those wanting further material on Zionist misuse of the holocaust since that horror, are referred to Novick's book, for all its weakness, and Norman Finkelstein's The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering (Verso, 2000).