Al Shaab

March 30, 2001

The cowardly stoop of Rafic Al-Hariri

By Mohammed Hegazi

Shortly before the date of convening the "Revisionism and Zionism" conference in Beirut, the Lebanese government imposed a ban on it. In the aftermath, Mr. Rafic Al-Hariri declared that 'Lebanon has more important things to do than holding conferences that hurt its international standing and smear its name.' With such utterance, I am not exactly sure whether Mr. Hariri is actually dumb or is just playing dumb. One of his ministers said that the conference was only a rumor on the Internet, aimed at tarnishing the image of Lebanon. He also said that no one asked for a permit to hold such conference.

Before I proceed any further, I would like to highlight an important point: The assumption that a conference that aims at exposing the Holohoax would tarnish the image of any honest Arab is utter garbage. Such ridiculous assumption is based solely on the Jewish claims that venerate their new Holohoax religion. Jews level bizarre accusations, at those who cast any doubt on their new religion. Those accusations vary between "insulting the memory of the dead" to "Holocaust denial." Jews aimed at establishing their new religion shortly after the war of 1967. They accused us Arabs of waging that war. The word "Holocaust" never existed in any English dictionary printed before that war. The word was coined more than twenty years after the alleged Holohoax.

Mr. Hariri could have honestly and candidly told the Lebanese people, and other Arabs, that he could not withstand the pressure exerted on him by American Zionists. We could then have tried to find excuses for him, since Lebanon is a small country that might not be able to easily face up to such pressure. His attempt to belittle the conference is ludicrous. To claim that Lebanon had "more important business" is equally ridiculous. A conference that exposes Jewish lies and distortion of the truth is indeed very important business. As to the minister who claimed no knowledge of the conference, he is responsible for his own ignorance. News about the conference made headlines in Arabic and non-Arabic media. The claim that no one applied for a permit to hold the conference is no excuse. Permits were never sought for other conferences previously held in Beirut. Even if such permit was necessary, it would have been a surmountable formality.

I believe that Mr. Hariri, knowingly or unknowingly, was aiming a blow at the standing and reputation of the modern school of revisionism. That would only serve the interests of international Zionism. The serious accusation that the presence of revisionist researchers and historians in Lebanon would tarnish its reputation is unfounded. It follows the Jewish pattern of casting smears and yelling from a distance, without actually engaging in serious debate. The school of revisionism is neutral. It does not bestow or withdraw approval of the Holohoax. It simply digs out facts, via systematic scientific research. It examines the records of the concentration camps. It implements chemical and other scientific techniques when examining the walls of alleged gas chambers. It even surveys subterranean strata of alleged mass grave sites. I have personally attended some of these conferences and noted the presence of Jewish speakers who never questioned the occurrence of the "Holocaust", but rather expressed reservations about the numbers. Alleged victim numbers began with a few thousands and steadily grew to the present six million, in a manner reminiscent of the steady growth of interest charged from needy victims by Jewish usurers.

The lame logic of Mr. Hariri is in sharp contrast with the comment made by Mr. Mark Weber who said, "The people of Lebanon should be ashamed of their government for restricting their freedom, obviously in response to foreign pressure, in forbidding a peaceful, privately-organized meeting that would be entirely legal in most countries, including the United States. People everywhere should have the right to investigate and make up their own minds about 20th century history, including 'the Holocaust,' free of censorship and intimidation. Lebanese are entitled to the same standard of freedom of speech and expression as people in other countries."

Mr. Hariri has indeed done a great service to the Shylockian enemies of Lebanon. Most likely, the service was offered free of charge. Some truth could be attributed to a question posed by a contributor on an Internet discussion board," Could any one inform us about any sudden growth in Hariri's Swiss bank account?"

May God spare us the effects of such lack of wisdom. I cannot put much blame on our brothers in Lebanon. Like us in Egypt, and like others in the rest of Arab countries, we all suffer under our totalitarian systems of government. I once entertained the idea that Lebanese rulers were marginally better than other Arab rulers, since Lebanon is free from political prisons. Lebanese media always enjoyed a large margin of political freedom. However, reality turned out at odds with all my calculations. The Masonic look on the faces of all those Arab rulers, who sold out to international Zionism, became more apparent on Mr. Hariri's face.