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Vérité et Justice Statement on the Lebanese Government Ban of the 'Revisionism and Zionism' Conference

For decades, revisionist researchers have diligently and tirelessly endeavored to separate historical facts from legends and downright lies. Their work has never been easy, because from the very beginning, they have been subject to all kind of harassment and persecution.

In particular, they have refuted the popular version of the Jewish fate during the Second World War. With their historical and technical arguments, they have proved beyond doubt that the "Holocaust." that is, the purported systematic extermination of six million Jews, most of them supposedly killed in gas chambers, is not only a historical lie, but also an instrument of political and financial blackmail. For an offense that was never committed, not only Germany, but other European countries as well have been denigrated and humiliated ever since 1945.

In the last years, anti-revisionist repression has become ever more ferocious. Numerous revisionist have been sentenced to prison terms and stiff fines; others have had their professional careers shattered, been subject to social ostracism or driven into exile because of their fight for truth in history.

Despite all these hardships, the revisionists have every reason to be proud of their achievements. An ever-growing part of the population all over the Western world is becoming familiar with the results of their scholarly work. Recently, there has been an increased interest in Holocaust revisionism in the Muslim world. More and more people now understand that the Holocaust story is nothing but a gigantic fraud.

As our friends and sympathizers know, Vérité et Justice, in cooperation with the Institute for Historical Review, has planned to hold a conference on Revisionism and Zionism which was to be attended by almost thirty scholars from western Europe, the United States, Australia, Russia, and the Arab world, plus several religious and political leaders, writers, and journalists. At this conference, a broad variety of topics were to be discussed. The conference would have been the first of its kind to take place in a country belonging to the Arab and Islamic world, which has been the victim of incessant Zionist aggression in the last 50 years. It would have highlighted, once more, the solid scholarly basis of Holocaust revisionism.

Unfortunately, the Lebanese government, influenced by certain figures, has prevented the conference from taking place. For the time being we do not wish to disclose details.

For us revisionists, who have taken all kind of risks to expose Zionist lies, it is totally unacceptable that the Lebanese people, who have been fighting Zionist aggression for decades, are being deprived of their freedom to attend a conference that would have exposed Zionist distortions of history.

We urge all freedom-loving and patriotic Lebanese to think about the factors that have induced their government to grossly violate the most elementary rights of its citizens.

We solemnly declare that we will not compromise with the liars and oppressors. The conference on Revisionism and Zionism will definitely take place. It will be held in a country that will not yield to threats and blackmail.

Vérité et Justice sincerely thanks its numerous friends and supporters, and entreats them to continue to stand with us at this difficult stage of our struggle.

Vérité et Justice
March 23, 2001

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