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Beirut Revisionist Conference

Beirut 'Revisionism and Zionism' Conference Called Off

Reimbursement Procedure for Invited Speakers

March 30, 2001

The "Revisionism and Zionism" conference, which was to take place in Beirut from March 31 through April 3, is cancelled. The conference organizer, the Swiss group Vérité et Justice, called it off following the announcement by the Lebanese Prime Minster on March 22 that his government would not permit the four-day meeting to take place. This announcement was made following demands by major Jewish organizations, and (as newspapers reported) pressure from the United States and other foreign governments, to prohibit the peaceful, privately-organized meeting.

Two Vérité et Justice statements on the cancellation are posted on the "Beirut 2001" section of the IHR web site.

Every person who purchased an airline ticket to attend the conference should try to get a refund or a credit for alternate flights from the airline that issued the ticket.

Each person who was invited to address the conference should similarly try to get a refund of the cost of his ticket. If that is not possible, Vérité et Justice will arrange for reimbursement. He should send a photocopy of the ticket(s) to Vérité et Justice, C.P. 355, CH-1618 Chatel-St. Denis, Switzerland. Please be patient. This may take at least several weeks.

Regrettably, Vérité et Justice cannot refund the costs of tickets for regular attendees or journalists.

Vérité et Justice once again expresses its profound apology for the inconvenience caused by the cancellation of the conference, above all to those who planned to attend and who cannot be reimbursed. Regrettably, Vérité et Justice is simply not in any position to reimburse for this loss.

Vérité et Justice thanks the Institute for Historical Review for its exemplary cooperation. Neither Vérité et Justice nor the IHR can be blamed for the failure of conference to take place. A small country capitulated to pressure from a superpower. We have lost a battle, but not the war.