From Walter Mueller (via e-mail)

June 23, 2002

Dear Fellow Patriot!


We came back this morning and the general word would be awesome! But let me give you a few details:

We were driving from Sacramento to Los Angeles/Orange County to the IHR conference at the Marriott Hotel. It's a seven hour ride, quite boring, but gets a lot worse once you enter L.A. For me it was quite an experience, since L.A. is world famous and one would assume quite exciting. However, it was just the opposite. Immigration and illegal immigration from the third world have taken a terrible toll on this city. The filth is undescribable. Surrounded by every nationality from Latin America and Africa, we finally arrived at the Marriott Hotel at 8:00 am on Saturday morning. The conference started at 9:00 am. We had enough time to freshen up and mingle with the world-wide audience.

The terrible impression, coming into L.A., was completely taken away by the articulate and sophisticated crowd attending the conference. There were a bunch of Germans, which we immediately cozied up with and spent the conference with together.

We listened to Bradley Smith from CODOH, a life-long Holocaust revisionist; Tony Martin, a black who is a Professor of African Studies, explaining the Jewish role in the slave trade; Said Arikat, a Palestinian lobbyist in Washington; Tom Sunic, former Professor of Political Science in the USA and a Croatian Diplomat in Europe; Mark Weber, Director of the IHR; Fredrick Töben, the revisionist from Australia.

For me, I am divided between Mark Weber and Tom Sunic on who gave the best speech. As a German, Tom Sunic is classier, soft-voiced diplomat

par-excellence, talking about a subject dear to my heart, killing of Germans from 1935 to 1953 at the hands of Tito's communists in the former Yugoslavia. Sunic literally moved most of the Germans in the audience and was asked the most questions. His research and documents will be published in a future publication of the Institute. Please check at

Then there is Mark Weber whose speech was fiery, full with passion and blatantly honest about the role of the Jews in history. Mark Weber really knows his stuff and he was the only speaker who got cheers. I can see why some of his enemies are criticizing him -- out of pure jealousy. Mark Weber doesn't look like his speeches. He is your average looking bureaucrat (that's strictly my opinion), but please do not get fooled by his calm and soft appearance. He can rile up a crowd of 200 people as I have only seen by a few speakers. I guess, for me the most impressive thing about Mark Weber is that he doesn't get distracted by controversial questions or hecklers. He is a cool as a Paulaner.

The highlights for me were several moments. One was meeting Dr. Robert Faurisson from France and having my picture taken with him. Just like Ernst Zündel, Dr. Faurisson is one of my personal heroes. You know, those are the people that just don't "talk the talk" but they "walk the walk." Dr. Faurisson has gone through hell and back and still is as determined as ever.

The second moment was when I met Joseph Sobran. Community News has printed his witty and articulate columns many times. I was absolutely thrilled to finally meet a great columnist who doesn't weigh 400 pounds. In the company of a georgious blonde-haired lady, I was allowed to have my pictures taken with both of them.

The third moment was the banquet dinner, when a crowd of a hundred people came together for the banquet dinner. I was seated with the nicest people we've met at the beginning and we had a wonderful time with a delicious dinner. Because I am not allowed to tell you about them by name (I haven't asked for permission) I can only tell you that we were singing German songs and telling German jokes. I wished the evening would have gone on and that I didn't have to leave.

Now to the moments that moved me. One was the impressive appearance of the MC, Greg Raven. Mr. Raven is one of the editors of the IHR's publication. There was only one other moment in my life where I was that impressed with an appearance. It was many years ago in Germany when I met Austrian Crown Prince Otto von Habsburg. Mr. Raven is tall, his hair and beard are white as snow, and his demeanor of elegance give him the silent power one only finds on highly educated people.

Now the moments for the heart. It would be not right to talk about the person who made this all possible for us, IHR Board Director Harvey Taylor. Harvey Taylor is my kind of guy. He is out there in the trenches, and not afraid of anything. His generosity in supporting our causes is incredible. We are indebted to him.

The other person is Stan Hess, who treated us for lunch. Stan Hess is a board director of the European American Culture Council, and a one-man army. I haven't had so many laughs in a long time, sitting next to him, attending the conference. Stan Hess is also the regional director of Northern California for EURO, another organization advocating for the civil rights of European Americans.

In closing, if you have never attended the IHR conference, or have had ever any doubt about the Institute, go. Listen to the Director Mark Weber, and learn why it is so important the we support the IHR. Not only do you meet great scholars and great people, you also go home with the feeling that you're not alone in your struggle against the Jews.

Walter F. Mueller
"The truth is back in business"