From JS (via e-mail)

June 30, 2002

It was an eye-opener ...

... Every speaker gave me something new to think about.

I did like your information and I plan to use you concepts and justifications for the IHR and for opposing tyranny as you present your arguments. Your first speech was absolutely important because some people say to me....


I took some notes on you speech and I would like to use your arguments and ideas in defending the positions.

I completely support your new direction for the Institute. It will increase the number of people who will be interested and want to join. You ain't seen it all 'til you see the pressure that the Jewish and Israeli community applies opposing Greek and Armenian issues. To think, we are such a small unimportant ethnic group, and to get the most powerful lobby in America (next to the NRA) opposing us is something to behold.

So how do I subscribe to the Journal?

By the way I am not a historian, but Nick hopes to be one day. I am active on the Balkan and Greek-Turkish issues, and I have by necessity to pay attention to the Middle East because that is sucking all of us in; we have no choice but to be involved.