From JB (via e-mail)

June 30, 2002


I want to thank the Institute for affording revisionists another wonderful opportunity in the form of the 14th IHR conference, for revisionists to get together to listen to the presentations of outstanding revisionist speakers, socialize with each other, exchange information, and to benefit in many other ways. It is always heartening and encouraging, to meet with other revisionists and to know that one is not alone in understanding and appreciating truths about history, including 'taboo' truths and topics which are not yet in the 'mainstream' consciousness.

I appreciated Professor Faurisson's interesting talk on the wartime German authorities' punishment of individual German troops who had 'abused' individual Jews. His documented citations were very much in accord with Germany's policy of internment of Jews, but also helped refute the canard of a supposed Nazi policy of their extermination. I was also particularly fascinated by Tom Sunic's fine presentation exposing the postwar massacres of many tens of thousands of German prisoners of war by Tito and his fellow communists in (then) 'Yugoslavia.' This, as with Professor Faurisson's information, needs to be further studied, amplified, and spread as widely as possible.

I was especially heartened to learn that the IHR intends to continue to study and reveal the all-important Jewish role in history and human events, and that the Journal will be expanding into new and fascinating areas of history in which this strange people's activities will be brought into the light of day, in order that well-intentioned, serious students of history can better come to understand what has happened in the past, and why, and thus how and why our world is as it is today. No other publication dares study this aspect sometimes known as 'Jewish power,' but it remains extremely important that it be done.

May the IHR continue its fine and critically important work.

My best regards to you,