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Weber on the Holocaust

Mark Weber is not only editor of the Journal of Historical Review, he is also one of the leading historians of the Holocaust. Over the years, he has published many articles dealing with the Holocaust. Expanded versions of these articles will be part of a book-length treatment of this subject, in conjunction with other material that has not yet been published.

Until the book's release, here are some samples from the Journal versions of the chapters in his forthcoming book.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Nuremberg, Other Postwar Trials and the Problem of Evidence
  • Toward the Final Solution: 1933–1939
  • Zionism and the Third Reich
  • Germany's Wartime Jewish Policy: 1939-1945
  • Hitler And Himmler
  • Einsatzgruppen: Security Police Units in the East
  • Deportation to the East
  • Hungary
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Poland
  • The Ghettos
  • The Camps
  • Auschwitz: The Core of the Legend
  • Majdanek
  • Buchenwald
  • Dachau
  • Mauthausen
  • Bergen-Belsen
  • Sachsenhausen
  • Ravensbruck
  • Theresienstadt
  • Struthof-Natzweiler
  • Stutthof
  • Chelmno
  • "Action Reinhardt"
  • "Action Reinhardt" Camps: Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka
  • Allied Crimes
  • Rumors, Reports and Propaganda
  • "Jewish Soap"
  • Six Million?
  • Eternal Holocaust

Weber has also written many other articles dealing with the Holocaust (in addition to his other writings), many of which appear on this web site.