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The Holocaust Story and the Lies of Ulysses

[Former title: "Debunking the Genocide Myth"]

A Study of the Nazi Concentration Camps and the Alleged Extermination of European Jewry

by Paul Rassinier

Introduction by Pierre Hofstetter
Translated from the French by Adam Robbins
The Noontide Press
Newport Beach, California


About The Author

Introduction by Pierre Hofstetter

Part I: The Author's Experience

Chapter One: Prologue

Chapter Two: Swarms of Humanity at the Gates of Hell

Chapter Three: The Circles of Hell

Chapter Four: Charon's Bark

Chapter Five: Port of Grace; Anteroom of Death

Chapter Six: Shipwreck

Part II: The Experience of Others

Chapter Seven: Concentration Camp Literature

Chapter Eight: The Minor Witnesses

l. Frere Birin

II. Abbe Jean-Paul Renard

III. Abbe Robert Ploton

Chapter Nine: Louis Martin-Chauffier

I. The Line of Argument

II. Another Line of Argument

IV. Maltreatment

V. A Qualified Witness?

Chapter Ten: The Psychologists: David Rousset and the Universe of the Concentration Camp

I. The Postulate of the Theory

II. The Labor

III. The Haeftlingsfuehrung

IV. Objectivity

V. Traduttore, Traditore

Chapter Eleven: Eugen Kogon and L'Enfer Organise

I. The Prisoner Eugen Kogon

II. The Method

III. The Haeftlingsfuehrung

IV. The Arguments

V. The Conduct of the S.S.

VI. Health Personnel

VII. Devotion

VIII. Cinema, sports

IX. The Brothel

X. Informing

XI. Transports

XII. Tableau

XIII. Evaluations

XIV. Statistics

XV. Nota bene...

Chapter Twelve: Raul Hilberg: His Doctrine and His Methods

Chapter Thirteen: Witnesses, Testimonies, and Documents

I. Generalities

II. The Witness Rudolf Höss

III. The Witness Miklos Nyiszly

IV. The Witness Kurt Gerstein

V. Conclusion

Chapter Fourteen: Statistics: Six Million or ...

II. Postwar Statistics

III. Prewar Statistics

IV. The Jewish Migration, or 'The Wandering Jew'

V. The Movement of the European Jewish Population from 1933 to 1945

Conclusion: Six Million Exterminated Jews -- Fact or Fiction


Appendix A: Four Descriptions of Prison Life in French Penal Institutions

Discipline in the Maison Centrale in Riom in 1939

In the Prisons of the "Liberation"

At Poissy

German Prisoners in France

Appendix B: The Two French Versions of the Gerstein Document

The Gerstein Document

Author's Postscript

Appendix C: The Wolfgang Grosch Statement and A Report of a Second Lieutenant to a Lieutenant

1. The Wolfgang Grosch Statement

2. Report of a Second Lieutenant to a Lieutenant