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The 'False News' Trial of Ernst Zündel -- 1988

René de Grace

[René de Grace was the sixth witness called by the Crown. He testified on Monday, February 15, 1988.]

René de Grace was the National Director, International Services, of the Canadian Red Cross at headquarters located at 1800 Alta Vista Dr., Ottawa, Ontario. In 1978, the headquarters of the Canadian Red Cross was located at 95 Wellesley St. E. in Toronto. De Grace worked there as the Administrative Assistant to the National Director of Administration. (13-3004, 3005)

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) was born in 1859 and had as its goal the establishment of national societies in as many nations as possible, all having the common mission of alleviating suffering in times of conflict. There were 145 national Red Cross Societies around the world today, all of which belonged to the League of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies based in Geneva, Switzerland. (13 3005, 3006)

Since 1976, the Canadian Red Cross Society had received monthly copies of the bulletin published by the ICRC. Specifically, the Canadian Red Cross Society received Bulletin No. 25, published by the ICRC in February of 1978. The bulletins were kept in the headquarters library and copies were also distributed to a mailing list. The library was open at all times to members of the public. (13-3006, 3007) Bulletin No. 25 made clear that the ICRC did not compile the statistics being attributed to it in Did Six Million Really Die?. (13-3007)

On cross-examination, de Grace testified that a person coming to the Canadian Red Cross headquarters would have been met in the entrance by a receptionist. To obtain access to the library, the person would first have to ask whether there was a library, then would have to be directed to it by the receptionist. There was no public advertising of the library. It was a small library, reserved for Red Cross people, volunteer staff and the public that was inquiring about certain areas of Red Cross activity. (13-3008)

He agreed that Did Six Million Really Die? clearly listed Zündel's name, publishing company, address and telephone number and that it would not have been difficult for anyone at the local Red Cross office to have contacted him in 1981. (13-3010)

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