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In this talk, which was also given at an IHR meeting in San Diego, Mark Weber looks back at how America has changed over the past 50 years, and the factors behind the dramatic transformation. Politicians of both major parties, he says, along with those who control our nation's cultural and educational life, have been leading America in the wrong direction for many years. To further narrow partisan interests, they promote harmful policies based on false notions about history, society and life. America today is a society in denial, he says. America today is a society in denial.

The US Constitution is widely revered but little understood, says historian Weber in this hour-long interview with host Daniel Davis. The Constitution, as it was originally written, was remarkably un-democratic. Many familiar and popular federal government programs are, strictly speaking, not constitutional. What's decisive is not a country's constitution, but rather the character, basic values, customs and outlook of its people.

European-American scholar Tomislav Sunic and historian Mark Weber discuss current and historical issues, and their background, including: The decades-long hate campaign directed at Europeans and European-Americans; The growing sense of despair in the US and Europe, and the dramatic demographic transformation of the West over the past half-century; The "legalistic" outlook of many Americans and Europeans, and its relationship to a Jewish outlook that sees society and religion in contractual terms (as a "covenant"); The campaign by many Americans to "return to the Constitution." Recent IHR developments, and forthcoming IHR events.

Host Susie and historian Mark Weber look back at the conflict that claimed many more American lives, by far, than any other war. The conflict that many Southerners have called The War Between the States took the lives of more than half a million Americans, and brought immense suffering, destruction and privation. In this most severe crisis in American history, Weber notes, the US Constitution failed. In waging war to force southern states back into the federal union, President Lincoln for example suspended the constitutional rights of free speech and habeas corpus by shutting down anti-war newspapers and jailing without trial anti-war political figures. Although slavery did end as a consequence of the conflict, it was not the cause of the war, nor was it Lincoln's goal.

People of European descent and heritage should reject imposed feelings of guilt that are fostered by the mainstream media, says Dr. Sunic in this thoughtful, insightful address at an IHR meeting. The prevailing social-political order is not as strong or as solid as it pretends to be, or as most people assume, he says, and suggests that, under the right conditions, nationalist sentiments could awaken quickly. Tomislav Sunic. Who has served as a professor of political science in the US , and as a Croatian diplomat, says that prospects for success may actually be greater in the US than in Europe because cooperation between European nationalists is hampered by borders, language, and bitterness rooted in past injustices.

Weber speaks about America 's growing social-political malaise, its origins, and what it means for us. He also reviews the ordeal of Ernst Zundel, a prominent "prisoner of conscience" who was recently released from a German prison after years behind bars. The IHR director recalls his relationship of more than 20 years with Zundel. In this address at an IHR meeting, March 6, 2010, Weber also talks about smears by hostile groups such as the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center. These attacks, he says, confirm the IHR's effectiveness, and should be regarded as a "badge of honor." Finally, Weber speaks about sacrifice, comparing the attitude of Americans today with the idealism and suffering of so many Americans of past generations.

Dr. Sunic provides an overview of the brutal "ethnic cleansing" of Germans in the aftermath of World War Two, in which some twelve million people, mostly women, children and elderly, were forcibly expelled from centuries-old homelands in eastern and central Europe. Of these, some two million were killed or otherwise perished. In this address at an IHR meeting, the European-American scholar contrasts the way in which this massive genocide is all but ignored in the US media, whereas Jewish "victimology" has become a central feature of our society's "civic religion."

Host Mark Glenn and guest Mark Weber discuss America's dangerous drift, both domestically and in foreign affairs, and the role of Jewish-Zionist power in setting this perilous course. Runtime: 48 mins.

In this focused, hour-long broadcast, IHR director Mark Weber and host Daniel Davies review the long record of deceit by American presidents to generate public support for war, and the complicity of politicians and the media in this deceit. Weber looks at the lies of George W. Bush and other high-ranking US officials for the 2003 bombing and invasion of Iraq, President Johnson's campaign of deceit to build support for the Vietnam war, and President Franklin Roosevelt's fear-mongering campaign for war against Germany and Japan.

In a spirited, quick-paced broadcast, Mark Weber and host Jim Giles discuss revisionism, Zionism, Jewish nationalism, and other issues. Weber also tackles blunt questions about "the Holocaust."

In this hard-hitting, hour-long broadcast, host Karen Kwiatkowski and Mark Weber discuss historical revisionism, US-Israel relations, the background of US support for Israel, including Pres. Truman's fateful decision to recognize the new Zionist state, and the corruption of politicians who put their careers ahead of US and world interests. Karen Kwiatkowski, Ph.D., is a retired US Air Force Lt. Colonel who was with the Pentagon's Near East/South Asia bureau, and worked on policy papers for the Secretary of Defense. She was assigned to the Pentagon's "Office of Special Plans," which promoted war with Iraq. Frustrated and alarmed, she wrote an anonymous column of internal dissent that was posted on-line.

Host Christie Czajkowski and IHR director Weber dissect lies of "Globalization," and tackle other topical issues.