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Donald Trump’s Erratic and Dangerous Foreign Policy

Weber reviews Donald Trump’s foreign policy record after 100 days as President. This 45-minute talk was given at an IHR meeting, May 6, 2017, in southern California. Trump’s actual policies as president, Weber shows, have been a drastic betrayal of pledges he made before taking office. For example, Trump repeatedly spoke against US military involvement in the Syria conflict, especially without specific Congressional authorization. But as President he has stepped up the US military role in the war, even ordering a missile strike against a Syria air base – a violation of both US law and international law. One promise he’s kept has been his pledge to align US policy most closely with Israel. That alone is a betrayal of his promise of an “America First” policy. For President Trump, Israel’s enemies are America’s enemies. Consistent with that, he has threatened war against Iran. Weber recalls President Eisenhower’s foreign policy and outlook during the 1950s, and shows how they contrast sharply with those of President Trump.