June 2011

Why Michele Bachmann Is Wrong About Israel and America
Mark Weber -- Podcast

Michele Bachmann, who calls herself a "constitutional conservative," is a US congressional representative who recently announced that she's a presidential candidate. In a new video presentation, she stresses her "love" for Israel, and says that US support for the Zionist state is "critical" for America. Her views on Israel, American "exceptionalism" and US foreign policy are shared by many Americans, especially those who call themselves conservative. In this broadcast, Weber explains why her views grossly distort historical reality, are dangerously misleading, and betray the very principles she claims to uphold.

Did Michele Bachmann Just Reject American Exceptionalism?
Justin Elliott -- Salon.com

... Watch this video on the U.S.-Israel relationship recently released by presidential hopeful Rep. Michele Bachmann. "Most Americans recognize that Israelis and Americans are two sides of the same coin because we share the same values and the same aspirations," Bachmann says. "/we even share the same exceptional mission -- to be a light to the nations." But how can America truly be unique -- be exceptional -- if Israel shares our "same exceptional mission"? Doesn't that undermine the one-of-a-kind character of America the Exceptional?

Economically, World War II Was Stimulus on Steroids
Paul Abrams -- Huffington Post

The next time someone argues that the New Deal failed, and only the Second World War ended the Depression, as 'proof' that government spending does not work, one can respond with the details of economic growth and unemployment reduction up to 1940, or one can ignore the claim and thank them for making your case for massive government spending in a deep, broad recession. Right wing politicians are loathe to credit the New Deal with any success in hoisting the United States out of the Great Depression, but credit World War II for that achievement, believing that that somehow disproves Keynesian economic theory. That claim, however, undermines their entire premise.

Bias and the Beholder: Stephen Jay Gould
Editorial -- The New York Times

Stephen Jay Gould, a prominent evolutionary biologist, gained broad public attention for exposing how scientists' biases can skew their research. ... The team expressed admiration for Dr. Gould's body of work in staunch opposition to racism, but, in this case, it accused him of various errors and manipulations that supported his own hypothesis. "Ironically, Gould's own analysis of Morton is likely the stronger example of a bias influencing results," the team said. We wish Dr. Gould were here to defend himself. Right now it looks as though he proved his point, just not as he intended.

World War One Underground: Unearthing the Hidden Tunnel War
Peter Jackson - BBC News

Archaeologists are beginning the most detailed ever study of a Western Front battlefield, an untouched site where 28 British tunnellers lie entombed after dying during brutal underground warfare ... One of the most notable episodes was at the Battle of Messines in 1917 where 455 tons of explosive placed in 21 tunnels that had taken more than a year to prepare created a huge explosion that killed an estimated 10,000 Germans. ... When the British launched the bloody Battle of the Somme on 1 July 1916, La Boisselle stood on the main axis of the attack. Of the 1.5 million total casualties in the four-month campaign, 420,000 British soldiers were killed, wounded or missing having gained just two miles - a loss of two men per centimetre

.Sterilization: North Carolina Grapples With Legacy
BBC News

More than 60,000 Americans were sterilised, many against their will, as part of a eugenics movement that finished in 1979, aimed at keeping the poor and mentally ill from having children. Now, decades on, one state is considering... America's sterilisation movement was part of a broad effort to cleanse the country's population of characteristics and social groups deemed unwanted, an effort that included anti-race mixing and strict immigration quotas aimed at Eastern Europeans, Jews and Italians. Beginning with Indiana in 1907, 32 states eventually passed laws allowing authorities to order the sterilisation of people deemed unfit to breed.

The Magna Carta and the Jews
Jewish Currents (New York)

The Magna Carta ("Great Charter"), a breakthrough document in the evolution of democracy, was signed under duress by King John of England on this date [June 15] in 1215, five days after the barons of the land had seized the city of London. The document, which placed some limits on the king's power, contained two provisions about Jews and money-lending.

Donor Bread (Money) and Congressional Circuses: Jews and Politics
Lawrence Davidson

According to a May 19 report by The Wall Street Journal, the American Zionists are starting to turn the screws on President Obama and the Democratic Party ... If you doubt that this tactic can work just watch the video of Prime Minister Netanyahu's address to Congress. Those 20 plus "sustained and standing ovations" did not come from mere true believers. They came from the throughly bought and bullied. The Zionists have a strikingly successful and very long standing vote buying operation and they are, of course, applying it to the president and his reelection campaigners ... It is about money. It is estimated by multiple mainstream sources that approximately 60 percent of Democratic campaign funds come from Jewish sources of all kinds.

Elie Wiesel and the Catholics
David O'Connell -- Culture Wars (2004)

... Over the course of his career, Wiesel has told many tall tales about his alleged experiences during World War II. They can be called "true lies," since they are meant to edify and are told with supposedly good intentions, even though they are not true. In the following pages, I shall examine closely one of these "true lies." ... Elie Wiesel, so admired by many U. S. Catholic leaders, is in fact a con man who has enriched himself with his tall tales. Although courted by various misguided Church representatives, he is actually an outspoken enemy of traditional Catholicism, and should play no role whatsoever in Catholic life in this country.

A Prominent False Witness: Elie Wiesel Incites Hate
Robert Faurisson

... Wiesel claims to be full of love for humanity. However, he does not refrain from an appeal to hatred. In his opinion: "Every Jew, somewhere in his being, should set apart a zone of hate -- healthy, virile hate -- for what the German personifies and for what persists in the German. To do otherwise would be a betrayal of the dead."

Can We Afford the Military Budget?
Bruce Bartlett

.. The latest NATO data shows that in 2010, the United States spent 5.4 percent of its gross domestic product on its military -- twice as much as spent by Britain and three to four times as much as most of our NATO allies ... A crucial reason for this gap is that the United States spends almost as much today as it did during the Cold War. Every other NATO country spends substantially less ... Russia spent 4.3 percent of its G.D.P. on military outlays in 2009, down from 15.8 percent in 1988; China spent just 2.2 percent of its G.D.P. on the military budget, about the same as it has been since 1989. The institute notes that the United States accounted for virtually all of the increase in world military spending in 2010.

Whites Believe They Are Victims of Racism More Often Than Blacks
Tufts University ( Massachusetts )

Whites believe that they have replaced blacks as the primary victims of racial discrimination in contemporary America , according to a new study from researchers at Tufts University 's School of Arts and Sciences and Harvard Business School . The findings, say the authors, show that America has not achieved the "post-racial" society that some predicted in the wake of Barack Obama's election. Both whites and blacks agree that anti-black racism has decreased over the last 60 years, according to the study. However, whites believe that anti-white racism has increased and is now a bigger problem than anti-black racism.

Afghanistan: The War No One Wants
Amanda Terkel

The war in Afghanistan is increasingly becoming the war no one wants. Opposition to the conflict is now mainstream, with the vast majority of the American public favoring a substantial drawdown of US troops. With the death of bin Laden, the growing cost of operations and frustrated constituents, an increasing group of congressional lawmakers is also voicing concerns. Even within the Obama administration, there are reports of some aides pushing for a strong drawdown."

Ninety Percent of Petraeus' Captured 'Taliban' Were Civilians
Gareth Porter - Inter Press Service

During his intensive initial round of media interviews as commander in Afghanistan in August 2010, Gen. David Petraeus released figures to the news media that claimed spectacular success for raids by Special Operations Forces ... But it turns out that more than 80 percent of those called captured Taliban fighters were released within days of having been picked up, because they were found to have been innocent civilians, according to official U.S. military data. Even more were later released from the main U.S. detention facility at Bagram airbase called the Detention Facility in Parwan after having their files reviewed by a panel of military officers.

Color Photos Of Austria's 1938 Union With German Reich
Life magazine

This series of Life magazine color photos provides a vivid glimpse into the mood of Austrians when they joined the German Reich in 1938. These photos reflect something of the fervor of popular support for Hitler and union (Anschluss) with National Socialist Germany. These images also help to discredit the often-repeated lie that the Anschluss was "aggression" or "rape."

Expellee 'Provocation': Prague Refuses Apology to Sudeten Germans
Der Spiegel ( Germany )

An annual meeting of post-World War II expellees was marred this weekend by bad blood with Prague . The Czech president was outraged after an expellee leader suggested that an apology for their expulsion was in order. The row threatens the fragile process of reconciliation between the two sides. The Czech Republic and a group representing those Germans who were expelled from then-Czechoslovakia after World War II -- the Sudeten Germans -- have been working for decades to reconcile their uncomfortable past. But over the Pentecost holiday weekend, the process suffered a serious blow after the two sides exchanged barbs.

An Unknown Holocaust: Mass Killing, 'Ethnic Cleansing' and Brutal Mistreatment of Germans by the Victorious Allies
Mark Weber -- Worldwatch (Audio MP3 file)

Weber reviews the little-known story of misery and death imposed by the victors on defeated Germany in the aftermath of World War II. The Allied powers imposed an "unknown holocaust" of destruction, looting, starvation, rape, "ethnic cleansing," and mass killing. More than 14 million Germans were expelled or forced to flee from eastern and central Europe . Some three million Germans died needlessly -- about two million civilians, mostly women, children and elderly, and one million prisoners of war. Weber also highlights the Allied double standard in putting German leaders to death for policies that the Allies themselves were carrying out, sometimes on a far greater scale.

Pimping the Holocaust's Memory
Meir Stieglitz

Never was the memory of the Holocaust's victims subjected to such an abhorrent use and moral abuses as in Israel today. And no one is more proficient in submitting the abysmal sufferings of the European Jews to the highest bidder than Israel 's current Prime Minster, Netanyahu ... The stench is a poisonous one. The whole scene at the Knesset is part of the "Victimhood" national project. The project is intended to legitimize the unmitigated use of Israel 's near global-projected strategic power ... Quite simply, the orchestrated campaign of Holocaust-guilt and Anti-Semites-hunt is cowing every major media organ attached to Israel .

The Secular Religion of 'The Holocaust'
Robert Faurisson

The religion of "the Holocaust" is a secular one: it belongs to the lay world; it is profane; in actuality, it has at its disposal the secular arm, that is a temporal authority with dreaded power. It has its dogma, its commandments, its decrees, its prophets and its high priests. As one revisionist has observed, it has its circle of saints, male and female, amongst whom, for example, Saint Anne (Frank), Saint Simon (Wiesenthal) and Saint Elie (Wiesel). It has its holy places, its rituals and its pilgrimages. It has its sacred (and macabre) buildings and its relics ...

Paying Off Israel's Military Bills: US Should Cut Off Aid
Philip Giraldi -- Council for National Interest

"The Israeli government is actively engaged in military and industrial espionage in the United States ." That was the conclusion of a Pentagon administrative judge in 2006. One very good reason why Israel should not receive billions of dollars in military assistance annually is its espionage against the United States ... I agree with Congressman Ron Paul when he says "/we cannot afford to have 'business as usual' when we are bankrupt." The US-Israel military aid entanglement -- what we give, sell, and especially what is stolen -- is unaffordable and unjustifiable.

Israeli Spying on US is Dangerous, Says Former CIA Officer
Press TV ( Iran )

Former CIA counterterrorism officer Philip Giraldi says Israel conducts more espionage against the United States than any other US ally. The former CIA officer explained to a Press TV reporter in Washington how Israel steals both technologies and secrets from the US and sells them to other countries. ... "It should almost be seen as an act of war," Giraldi emphasized. He also made a reference to the strong influence the Israeli lobby is allowed to exercise in Washington . The ex-CIA officer, who is currently the Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest Foundation, has authored the report The Spy Who Loves Us.

U.S. Students Remain Poor at History, Tests Show
The New York Times

American students are less proficient in their nation's history than in any other subject, according to results of a nationwide test released on Tuesday, with most fourth graders unable to say why Abraham Lincoln was an important figure and few high school seniors able to identify China as the North Korean ally that fought American troops during the Korean War. Over all, 20 percent of fourth graders, 17 percent of eighth graders and 12 percent of high school seniors demonstrated proficiency on the exam, the National Assessment of Educational Progress.

War Crimes and Misdemeanors
Stephen M. Walt

... Sounds laudable, except the report is almost completely silent on whether the United States also needs to do a much better job of investigating and prosecuting U.S. officials who might be guilty of war crimes themselves. After all, a more-than-plausible case can be made that the Bush administration violated international law when it invaded Iraq in 2003, that top officials engaged in war crimes when they ordered the torture of prisoners, and that U.S. reliance on "targeted killings" in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan is also a violation of the laws of war ... This is the sort of pious moralizing that drives lots of people in other countries crazy. The issue isn't just our reluctance to put former top officials in the dock, it is also our relentless eagerness to preach to others about how they ought to behave, even when we are manifestly unwilling to live up to the same standards ourselves.

Iran and the Issue of Nuclear Weapons
Lawrence Davidson

... Israeli politicians are addicted to the Iran threat. Iran serves, alongside the Palestinians, as the latter day ruthless anti-Semite who would destroy the Jews. Zionists seem to need this kind of "existentialist" enemy. This is the equivalent of the Islamic fundamentalist taking the place of the hateful communist as the great enemy that the United States also seems to need. The Israeli lobby is more influential in formulating U.S. foreign policy toward Iran than all of the nation's intelligence services put together. Hence our politicians from the president on down, chase shadows. Not just verbally, mind you, but in terms of definable policy (like sanctions against Iran ).

Israeli Stealth Ships in Raids on Iran
The Times ( Britain )

A shipping company accused of breaking sanctions was really ferrying commandos for operations inside Iran . / Cargo vessels owned by Israel 's richest man, who died on Friday, had been used to ferry elite Israeli forces for operations inside Iran , according to defence sources. The death in Tel Aviv of Sammy Ofer, 89, came just days after the United States accused his company of breaching sanctions by selling an oil tanker to Iran . It has mystified Israelis why a company with close links to the government was allegedly breaching sanctions. Military experts suggested the cargo ships had carried Black Hawk helicopters, hidden in modified containers, for use by commando teams in reconnaissance missions against Iran 's secret nuclear sites. Israel is conducting a massive intelligence operation to monitor Iran 's nuclear weapons programme.

Jewish Conspiracy Theory, the Eichmann Testimony and the Holocaust: Lipstadt's Contribution to Revisionism
Paul Grubach

Deborah E. Lipstadt, Dorot Professor of Modern Jewish History and Holocaust Studies at Emory University ... points out that world famous "Nazi Hunter" Simon Wiesenthal (1908-2005) exaggerated his role in the Eichmann capture. However, she is even more disturbed about Wiesenthal's lies about Holocaust history, which others have also brought to the public's attention. ... The influential Simon Wiesenthal invented a historical fantasy, and the most powerful man on the planet, the president of the United States, ends up repeating it -- a tribute to the ability of a Jewish-Zionist to propagate a myth!

German Wartime File on Death of Stalin's Son in POW Camp
Mohawk Arms

A New York auction house is selling a German wartime dossier, kept secret for decades, on the death in April 1943 of Stalin's son, Yakov Djugashvili, while he was a prisoner in a German PoW camp. Stalin's son "/was shot during an escape attempt at the Special Prison Camp A in Sachsenhausen near Oranienburg." It reports on tension between Stalin's son and another Russian named Kokodin and British prisoners. It also notes Djugashvili's irregular behavior prior to his death. Soviet POW Lt. Kokozyn describes conflicts regarding matters of hygiene and demeaning treatment by British POW's.

Allegations of Fake Holocaust Claims Just Keep Growing
Forward ( New York )

New arrests, fresh guilty pleas and a growing number of witnesses co-operating with the FBI have bolstered an investigation into a multimillion dollar fraud at the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany. Many in the Russian-speaking community were stunned when 17 of their members -- six Claims Conference employees in a New York processing office and 11 accomplices -- were arrested last November on charges relating to a fraud that siphoned an estimated $42.5 million from Holocaust funds. At the time, five of the accused pleaded guilty.

Russia's Winter Olympics Slips Into Controversy Over 'Nazi Images'
The Guardian ( Britain )

Billboard adverts for elite housing complex at Sochi 2014 games uses 'neo-Hitlerite' imagery from infamous design agency, say critics. / A promotional campaign linked to the 2014 Winter Olympics is stirring debate in Russia because of its use of allegedly "fascist" imagery. The campaign employs images of blue-eyed, blond sportsmen and women which have been described by critics as "neo-Hitlerite" and "like something from a Leni Riefenstahl film".

Obama Attack on Libya is Illegal
Rep. Ron Paul

Last week, more than 70 days after President Obama sent our military to attack Libya without a congressional declaration of war, the House of Representatives finally voted on two resolutions attempting to rein in the president. This debate was long overdue, as polls show Americans increasingly are frustrated by congressional inaction ... All of these votes demonstrate that members of Congress increasingly understand that our foreign wars are deeply unpopular with their constituents. We are broke, and the American people know it ... The president's attack on Libya was unconstitutional and thus unlawful. This policy must be reversed.

The Storm of War: Roberts' New History of World War II
Review by Piers Brendon -- The Sunday Times (Britain)

"New History" is usually old history in disguise and Andrew Roberts's latest work is no exception. His account of the second world war is a vast recapitulation of a familiar story. It is based largely on ... secondary sources, including recent articles in the press and guided battlefield tours, which provide a tripper's view of the conflict. His interpretation is unoriginal ... Roberts understandably sees the titanic struggle from a western viewpoint. He acknowledges that the allied cause was morally vitiated by the adherence of Stalin, but he almost invariably justifies the actions of the democracies.

Landmark Hitler Letter on Jews Unveiled in New York
BBC News

A letter by Adolf Hitler - said to be the earliest expression of his ideas on anti-Semitism - has been shown publicly for the first time in New York. The four-page typed letter, written in 1919, calls for the "uncompromising removal" of Jews from society. It was acquired by the Simon Wiesenthal Centre in Los Angeles, where it is due to go on display. The statement by the then 30-year-old soldier is regarded as a key historical document from the period ... Rabbi Marvin Hier of the Simon Wiesenthal Center said that the organisation bought the letter for $150,000 from a private dealer last month.

Text of Hitler's 1919 Letter on 'Removal' of Jews
H-Net - Humanities & Social Sciences Online

... Hitler's rhetoric here is quite tame, stressing the need for a "rational" and "scientific" antisemitism. Some historians have interpreted the letter's call for the "irrevocable removal [Entfernung]" of the Jews from German life as a prefiguring of the Holocaust. But it is clear from the context and from later statements that, at this point, Hitler meant segregation or expulsion rather than systematic liquidation. He wrote the letter in answer to an inquiry at the request of Captain Karl Mayr, who had hired him in the army's program of indoctrination of returning POWs and observation of political groups. Just four days before writing this letter, Hitler had attended for the first time a meeting of the DAP, which he would later rename NSDAP.

Sarah Palin Stands By Her Misstatement About Paul Revere Ride
The Associated Press

Sarah Palin insisted Sunday that history was on her side when she claimed that Paul Revere's famous ride was intended to warn both British soldiers and his fellow colonists ... But Revere's own writing and other historical accounts leave little doubt that secrecy was vital to his mission ... And while he made bells, Revere would never have rung any on that famous night because the Redcoats were under orders to round up people just like him. "He was riding off as quickly and as quietly as possible," Miller said. "Paul Revere did not want the Redcoats to know of his mission at all."

Smurfs Accused of Anti-Semitism, Stalinism, and Racism
The Guardian (Britain)

A little blue army of fans has mobilised to defend the Smurfs against accusations of antisemitism, racism and communism. Antoine Buéno, a lecturer at Sciences Po university in Paris, makes the claims in his new book Le Petit Livre Bleu, in which he points out that the Smurfs live in a world where private initiative is rarely rewarded, where meals are all taken together in a communal room, where there is one leader and where the Smurfs rarely leave their small country. "Does that not remind you of anything? A political dictatorship, for example?" asks Buéno, going on to compare the Smurfs' world to a totalitarian utopia reminiscent of Stalinist communism ...

Weiner's Downfall A Reminder of Perils of Jewish Pride
Alex Weisler - JTA (New York)

He was supposed to be one of Congress' rising stars, a Jewish boy from Brooklyn with great ambition and promise. A truculent Democrat with a penchant for media attention, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) was an unabashed liberal on domestic affairs and a hard-liner on foreign policy, particularly Israel ... In the Jewish community, which long had regarded him with pride, Weiner's spectacularly public downfall was a reminder of the perils of associating a particular person's successes or failures with his Jewishness. Weiner's perennial prefixes -- "Jewish congressman, from New York, staunch supporter of Israel" -- clearly identified him in the public mind.

Dam Busters Dog Renamed For Movie Remake
BBC News

The Dam Busters' dog will be renamed for a new version of the classic war movie, it has emerged. Stephen Fry, who is writing the film's screenplay, said there was "no question in America that you could ever have a dog called the N-word".In the remake, the dog will be called "Digger" instead of "Nigger." The black Labrador was the mascot for RAF 617 squadron, which during World War II destroyed dams in Germany with Barnes Wallis's famous bouncing bomb.

US House Price Fall 'Beats Great Depression Slide'
The Independent (Britain)

The ailing US housing market passed a grim milestone in the first quarter of this year, posting a further deterioration that means the fall in house prices is now greater than that suffered during the Great Depression. The brief recovery in prices in 2009, spurred by government aid to first-time buyers, has now been entirely snuffed out, and the average American home now costs 33 per cent less than it did at the peak of the housing bubble in 2007 ... The latest Case-Shiller house price index was just one of a slew of disappointing economic data from the US yesterday, which suggested ebbing confidence in the recovery of the world's largest economy.

Hail Caesar
Paul Craig Roberts

... Why does anyone think that the President, who does not obey the War Powers Act, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, US and international laws against torture, or any of the laws and procedures that guard civil liberty, is going to feel compelled to obey the debt ceiling? As long as the US is at war, the American President is a Caesar. He is above the law. The US Justice (sic) Department has ruled this, and Congress and the Courts have accepted it.

Irving Lecture in Amsterdam Cancelled Under Jewish Pressure
Folia (Amsterdam)

The Amsterdam student magazine Folia has published a report on the last-minute banning of David Irving's May 26, 2011, talk to students at the university, under Jewish pressure. Here is the Dutch text of the article.

Israeli Jew Turned Catholic Priest Named Head of Papal Court
Haaretz (Israel)

David Maria Jaeger, a Catholic priest who converted from Judaism, will be installed this morning as a prelate auditor of the Roman Rota, a papal law court that serves as the chief appellate court of the Catholic Church. Jaeger has come a long way from his youth in downtown Tel Aviv ... Jaeger's appointment to the Holy See's highest judicial body - comprising 20 auditors hand-picked by the pope and headed by Dean of the Rota Antoni Stankiewicz - is considered a personal sign of appreciation by the pope for Jaeger's years as legal adviser to the delegation that negotiated the Vatican's Fundamental Agreement with Israel. This pact, signed in 1993, enabled the establishment of diplomatic relations between the parties the following year.

Crypto-Judaism in the Catholic Church
Kevin MacDonald

An article in Haaretz describes one David Maria Jaeger who "converted" from Judaism to Catholicism and will now become a member of the highest court in the Vatican. The word 'converted' is in quotes because it's apparent that Jaeger has in no sense ceased being a Jew. Jaeger was born in Tel Aviv and had a Jewish religious education before assuming his high position in the Church ... It is stunning that a very prominent Catholic has a deep Jewish identity and thinks of the Church as just another non-governmental international organization.

Jewish Groups Blast 'Anti-Semitic' Comic Book on Circumcision
Daily News (New York)

A politically motivated comic book pitting a blond superhero called "Foreskin Man" against a sinister-looking "Monster Mohel" is causing a serious flap in California. The colorful series was created by the "intactivist" group MGMBill.org as part of its campaign to ban circumcision through ballot initiatives. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is blasting it as overtly anti-Semitic ... The online series portrays a menacing-looking mohel - someone specially trained to perform the traditional Jewish circumcision ceremony - waving bloody scissors over a screaming baby laid out on a pool table.

Anti-Semitism Turns Off Supporters of Circumcision Bans
The Atlantic Wire

Jena Troutman, the primary subject of last weekend's New York Times report about the growing "momentum" of circumcision bans, has dropped her bid to outlaw the practice in the seaside city of Santa Monica, California. Troutman, the Jewish Journal first learned, is saying her campaign against circumcision has been misrepresented as an attack on religious freedom. "It shouldn't have been about religion in the first place," she said. She is the latest opponent of circumcision to drop her support because of anti-Semitic undertones of the pro-ban movement.

Pope Benedict XVI Praises Wartime Croatian Cardinal

Pope Benedict XVI honoured Sunday Croatia's late controversial World War II Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac as a "defender of Jews, the Orthodox and of all the persecuted." Stepinac, who headed Croatia's Catholic Church during World War II, is accused by critics of not standing against the persecution of Serbs and Jews by the pro-Nazi Ustasha regime. He was later jailed by the post-war communist Yugoslav authorities for collaboration with the Ustasha, which he denied ... The American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors and their Descendants labelled the cardinal in a statement as an "avid supporter of the Ustasha."

Spain's High Court Overturns Conviction For Nazi Writings

Spain's Jewish community has slammed a ruling by the country's Supreme Court that overturns the conviction of four people connected to a Barcelona bookstore that sold Nazi literature. The four connected to the now defunct bookshop, Kalki, had been found guilty by a lower court of fostering xenophobia and anti-Semitism through the selling of Nazi literature. The acquittals include a publisher in the nearby town of Molins de Rei. In 2009, the four were each sentenced to three and a half years in jail after being found guilty of selling publications that justified the Holocaust and praised the Nazi regime. In the Supreme Court's ruling, Justice Miguel Colmenero wrote that the selling of Nazi propaganda that promotes genocide is only a crime when there exists a danger that it could create a climate of hostility that would incite violence.

In Spain, Pedro Varela In Prison In Free Speech Case
Libertad Pedro Varela

... A Spanish court has sentenced Barcelona bookshop owner Pedro Varela to two years and nine months in prison for "spreading racist propaganda." The court ruled that Varela spread ideas "favorable to genocide." In fact none of the books Varela sold were favorable in any way to genocide. Varela has always condemned all human rights violations against peoples. He was charged with "racism" for simply selling a book in his bookstore by a leading British scientist on racial differences. A book which advocated no repression or harm against anyone. He was also ordered to pay a fine of 2,880 euros (3,945 dollars).

Albert Einstein: 'Person of the Century'
Stephen J. Sniegoski

... Einstein parroted views that were dominant among left-wing intellectuals and Jews; he was an intellectual conformist rather than an independent thinker. His acclaimed "humanitarianism" was of a very selective variety, focusing largely on the specific interests of Jews and Communists. His displayed little or no concern for the opponents of Jews and Communists: the suffering of the millions of gentiles slaughtered by Soviet Communism; postwar Germans who suffered from Allied policies of starvation and territorial expulsion; or the murdered, expelled, and expropriated Palestinians.

Ancient City In Amazonian Rainforest Linked to Ancient White-Skinned People of Peru
Daily Mail (Britain)

A lost city discovered deep in the Amazon rainforest could unlock the secrets of a legendary tribe. Little is known about the Cloud People of Peru, an ancient, white-skinned civilisation wiped out by disease and war in the 16th century. But now archaeologists have uncovered a fortified citadel in a remote mountainous area of Peru known for its isolated natural beauty. It is thought this settlement may finally help historians unlock the secrets of the 'white warriors of the clouds'. The tribe had white skin and blonde hair - features which intrigue historians, as there is no known European ancestry in the region, where most inhabitants are darker skinned.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center: A Zionist 'Enforcer'
Daniel Luban

Amid the array of hysterical reactions to President Obama's Middle East speech -- notable examples include Benjamin Netanyahu and Mitt Romney -- one under-reported response came from the Simon Wiesenthal Center, which blasted Obama for calling for Israel to return to the 1967 "Auschwitz borders" ... Given this record, one is forced to ask what purpose these Jewish civil rights groups are serving in this day and age. Both the Wiesenthal Center and the ADL seem to think that their mission is first and foremost to serve as enforcers of the Likud line in the international arena. If this is all they have to offer the world, perhaps they have outlived their usefulness.

Nazis Tried To Train Dogs To Talk, Read and Spell
The Telegraph (Britain)

The Nazis tried to train dogs to talk, read and spell to help them win World War II, it has been revealed. The Germans viewed canines as being almost as intelligent as humans and attempted to build an army of fearsome 'speaking' dogs, extraordinary new research shows ... "Part of the Nazi philosophy was that there was a strong bond between humans and nature - they believed a good Nazi should be an animal friend."

Rep. Anthony Weiner: Ultra-Hawkish Backer of Israel
Alex Pareene -- Salon

Rep. Anthony Weiner's completely non-measured, non-conciliatory remarks on the Israeli attack on the humanitarian aid flotilla are proof that he'd rather be a successful New York politician than a prominent national liberal ... Will the liberals who only know Weiner from his feisty MSNBC appearances and his staunch support of the president's domestic initiatives be put off when they hear him taking the "Israel can do no wrong" side in the debate over Israel's botched raid, in international waters, of a humanitarian aid flotilla? ... "Even if we are the only country on earth that sees the facts here," Weiner says, "the United States should stand up for Israel." That's the statement of a man with whom there can be no reasoning.

The Illegal War in Libya
Glenn Greenwald

... This war, without Congressional authorization, is illegal in every relevant sense: Constitutionally and statutorily. That was true from its start but is especially true now. If one wants to take the position that it's not particularly important or damaging for a President to illegally start and sustain protracted wars on his own, then it's hard to see what would be important. That is the ultimate expression of a lawless empire.

College Grads Face Dwindling Jobs and Mounting Loans
Sarah Jaffe -- AlterNet

Today's graduates face miserable job prospects, and experts say the student loan crisis could be worse than the credit card or housing bubbles./ ... Young people between the ages of 16 and 24 face an unemployment rate nearly twice that of the rest of the population, according to data from the Economic Policy Institute. 2010's 18.4 percent rate for youth was the worst in the 60 years that economists have collected such data ...The cost of a college degree is up some 3,400 percent since 1972, but as we all know too well, household incomes haven't increased by anything close to that number -- not for the bottom 99 percent of us, anyway.

Israel Government 'Reckless and Irresponsible,' Says Ex-Mossad Chief
The Guardian (Britain)

The former head of Israel's spy service has launched an unprecedented attack on the country's current government, describing it as "irresponsible and reckless", and has praised Arab attempts to reach an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement. Meir Dagan stepped down as the head of Mossad six months ago but has gone on the offensive in a series of briefings with journalists and public appearances because he feels that Israel's security is being mismanaged by Binyamin Netanyahu, the prime minister, and Ehud Barak, the defence minister.

Netanyahu and Stalin: Addressing Rapturous Audiences

The rapturous applause given to Israeli leader Netanyahu by American politicians in the US Congress recalls the stormy ovations given to Soviet leader Stalin by obsequious Russians. With commentary by Mark Weber.

Sarah Palin Wears Star of David Necklace
NBC New York

You couldn't miss it, the big Star of David hanging around Sarah Palin's neck as she toured the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island on Wednesday. NBC New York asked Palin about the significance just as she boarded her bus outside Fox Newschannel to head off to Boston. "Today is the 44th anniversary of Jerusalem being reunited," she said. "/we want to call attention to that." The pendant is in every photo she took with fans and supporters and can be seen in every sound-bite captured by television crews.

Israeli Soldiers Shoot Protesters on Syrian Border
The New York Times

Israeli forces fired at pro-Palestinian protesters on the Syrian frontier on Sunday [June 5] as they tried to breach the border for the second time in three weeks, reflecting a new mode of popular struggle and deadly confrontation fueled by turmoil in the Arab world and the vacuum of stalled peace talks. Wave after wave of protesters, mainly Palestinians from refugee camps in Syria, approached the frontier with the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights. Israeli soldiers opened fire on those who crossed a new trench ... Even so, it was the worst bloodshed in the Golan Heights since Israel and Syria fought a war there in 1973.

No Evidence Iran Is Building Nuclear Weapons, Says Ex-Head of IAEA
Sherwood Ross

The former Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said in a new published report that he had not seen "a shred of evidence" that Iran was "building nuclear-weapons facilities and using enriched materials." Mohamed ElBaradei, the Nobel Peace Prize recipient who spent 12 years at the IAEA, told investigative journalist Seymour Hersh: "I don't believe Iran is a clear and present danger. All I see is the hype about the threat posed by Iran."

Netherlands Weighs Banning Kosher, Halal Slaughter
Daily Mail (Britain)

The slaughter of animals by halal or kosher methods could be banned in Holland. The Muslim and Jewish practices inflict unacceptable suffering on animals, campaigners say. ... As in most western countries, Dutch law dictates that butchers must stun livestock -- render it unconscious -- before slaughter, to minimize pain and fear. But an exception is made for meat prepared under ancient Jewish and Muslim dietary laws. These demand that animals be slaughtered while still awake, by swiftly cutting the main neck arteries with razor-sharp knives. Most Dutch favor a ban. The procedures are already banned in New Zealand, Scandinavian and Baltic countries.

The Most Dangerous Cities in America
24/7 Wall St. - Yahoo

24/7 Wall St. looked at the ten most crime-plagued cities in the U.S. with populations of more than 100,000. We used a measurement of crimes per thousand people which is part of the new FBI database to determine the order. We compared these figures to unemployment rates and median income. The recession may have ended, but crime has not eased in these troubled cities nor will it anytime soon. Our list is dominated by towns like Detroit, New Haven, and Baltimore. Parts of these cities are fortresses of crime.

Changing Face of America: A Majority Non-White County By 2040
Daily Mail (Britain)

By the year 2040, the majority of Americans will be people of colour - the minorities will have become the majority. A fascinating new time-lapse map shows the increase in the non-white population across the decades. It starts with 1990 and then predicts up to 2020, 2030 and 2040. How it was: In 1990 the vast majority of counties were 'less than 40 per cent people of colour'

Measures Banning Circumcision Up for Vote in California
Daily News ( New York)

A group out to ban circumcision of boys under 18 in San Francisco wants to snip the practice in other parts of California. The private-parts advocacy group, MGM Bill, successfully petitioned this month to have the ban put up for a ballot vote in San Francisco next November. It now hopes to push a similar initiative in Santa Monica. The proposed ballot measure would allow the procedure once males are 18 years old and make it a misdemeanor if it was done before then. MGM Bill spokeswoman Jena Troutman says its a similar protection that girls already receive.

AIPAC Congress Delegates: Denial and Ignorance
Max Blumenthal -- Video

On May 22, thousands of supporters of America's most powerful pro-Israel lobbying group, the America-Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC, converged on Washington for the group's annual conference. ... I interviewed several AIPAC delegates in the streets outside the conference. While few, if any, were able to demonstrate any degree of sophistication in the understanding of the Israel-Palestine crisis, they had been briefed inside on how to respond to critics. No one I spoke to would concede that Israel occupied any part of Palestinian territory; none would concede that Israel had committed acts of indiscriminate violence or that it had transferred Palestinians by force; one interviewee could not distinguish Palestine from Pakistan.

Remembering the Fallen: Lies and Deceit in America's Wars
Mark Weber -- Podcast

On Memorial Day we remember all those who have suffered, sacrificed and died while serving in our country's armed forces. But time and again, American political leaders, supported by much of the media, have sent young people to their deaths, and have ruined the lives of many more, in foreign wars that were promoted and justified on the basis of deceit and lies. A good example is the US invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003, which has cost more than four thousand American lives and hundreds of billions of dollars, and has brought death to many tens of thousands of Iraqis.

What Must America Defend?
Patrick J. Buchanan

... What is the necessity now for a U.S. troop presence in Europe? Retrenchment is rarely attractive. But what is apparent today to almost all is that this country is now and has been for at least a decade living far beyond her means. We borrow hundreds of billions annually from allies, to defend those allies. We borrow hundreds of billions annually from our children's future to maintain our present lifestyle. Our leaders have yet to show the toughness and maturity the new times demand.

Fraudulent Nazi Quotations
Mark Weber

Fraudulent quotations attributed to Hitler and other Third Reich leaders have been widely circulated for years. Such quotes are often used by polemicists -- of both the left and the right -- to discredit their ideological adversaries by showing that Nazi held similar views. This tactic works because people have been educated to believe that anything Hitler and other Nazi leaders thought or said was malevolent, wrong-headed or evil, and that no reasonable or ethical person could hold similar views. Here's a look at a few of the many remarks falsely attributed to Hitler and other top Nazis.

Hitler and the Chinese Internet Generation
Richard Komaiko - Asia Times

... There is a growing trend in the Chinese blogosphere to vocalize praises and expressions of support for Hitler ... As the rumor spreads throughout the Chinese social web, admiration for Hitler is growing stronger and stronger. Blog posts with titles like "/why I like Hitler" are popping up every day, and an increasingly greater share of young Chinese are choosing to express their nationalism by voicing support for Hitler ... According to several Beijing college students interviewed for this article, the word "Hitler" does not evoke images of anti-Semitism or genocide, but rather, strong leadership and nationalism. They say that they admire Hitler for his ability to unify his country and restore it to a position of respect in the international arena.

Iran and the Bomb: How Real is the Nuclear Threat?
Seymour M. Hersh -- The New Yorker

... Is Iran actively trying to develop nuclear weapons? Members of the Obama Administration often talk as if this were a foregone conclusion, as did their predecessors under George W. Bush. There's a large body of evidence, however, including some of America's most highly classified intelligence assessments, suggesting that the U.S. could be in danger of repeating a mistake similar to the one made with Saddam Hussein's Iraq eight years ago -- allowing anxieties about the policies of a tyrannical regime to distort our estimates of the state's military capacities and intentions.

Hitler Approved Hess Peace Flight To Britain, Document Suggests
The Telegraph (Britain)

Rudolf Hess's doomed flight to Britain in 1941 was approved by Adolf Hitler and was an attempt to bring the British into the war against the Soviet Union, according to a recently discovered document. A historian studying the Russian archives in Moscow found a letter written by Karlheinz Pintsch, Hess's adjutant, that claims Hitler knew of the leading Nazi's plans to make the dangerous, solo night flight from Germany to Britain. In the 28-page statement discovered by Matthias Uhl, Pintsch writes that Hess's mission was to "use all means at his disposal to achieve, if not a German military alliance with England against Russia, at least the neutralisation of England". It also states Hitler was fully aware of the mission.

Rudolf Hess' 1941 Peace Mission: Hitler's 'Unspoken Wish'
The Guardian (Britain) - 1955

The story of the flight to Britain in 1941 of Rudolf Hess, Hitler's deputy, was told by his former adjutant, Karl Heinz Pintsch, on his arrival here today from captivity in the Soviet Union ... Though Hitler was not informed of Hess's plan, Pitsch said, his "unspoken wish" was to achieve "reconciliation and peace with Britain," and this was Hess's object ... Pintsch said that as far as he was concerned, Hess was "the sincerest and most upright man I met during the Third Reich."

The Tie that Binds
Philip Giraldi

The recent visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was a personal triumph for him and a disaster for the United States. Since the 1960s, if not before, Israel has sought to bind the United States to her by maintaining that the two countries have identical interests worldwide. In reality, this has never been true, even during the cold war when the Soviets were actively engaged in a number of Arab states, but it is a lie that has been assiduously promoted by Israel's friends in Washington ... The Obama Administration has no leverage whatsoever against Netanyahu. It has de facto accepted that there will be no peace process in the Middle East because Israel does not want there to be one.

Imperial Secrecy
Stephen M. Walt

... Foreign animosity to the United States is largely a reaction to things that the United States does. In other words, they don't hate us for our freedoms, or for our values, or even our supposedly decadent TV shows. Rather, people who are angry at the United States -- and this includes most anti-American terrorists -- are opposed to different aspects of U.S. policy. Whether those U.S. policies are the right ones can be debated, of course, but the key point is that anti-Americanism doesn't come out of nowhere.

Should Lord Haw-Haw Really Have Been Hanged?
Daily Express (Britain)

... An 82-year-old widow, Heather Iandolo, the daughter of William Joyce, the man nicknamed Lord Haw-Haw by the Daily Express, is making an appeal to the British authorities to have her father's guilty verdict for high treason, for which he was executed in 1946, overturned. Aged just 17 at his death, she has just put her name to an application to the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) which asserts that not only was her father not technically British, and therefore unable to be a traitor, but he was also a double agent for MI5 throughout the war ... Even at the time of his hanging at Wandsworth Prison on January 3, 1946, Joyce's conviction was controversial, owing to the serious doubts about his nationality.

In Norway, Growing Awareness of Jewish Power in USA

On Saturday, Aftenposten [a leading daily newspaper in Oslo] published an article by Alf Ole Ask, its foreign correspondent to the USA, titled "Rich Jews threaten Obama." On Sunday, Stavangeravisen [newspaper] published a letter from a reader under the title "Is it the Jews or the president who controls the USA?" As in answer, Vårt Land [another daily] publishes the op-ed "USA - Who shall govern the country" by former college teacher Elias Per Vågnes, who claims (last sentence above): "It is becoming increasingly evident that it is the Jewish lobby in the USA which rules the country..." That's all in two days and of course it's not all.

Jewish Donors Warn Obama On Israel
The Wall Street Journal

Jewish donors and fund-raisers are warning the Obama re-election campaign that the president is at risk of losing financial support because of concerns about his handling of Israel. The complaints began early in President Barack Obama's term, centered on a perception that Mr. Obama has been too tough on Israel. Some Jewish donors say Mr. Obama has pushed Israeli leaders too hard to halt construction of housing settlements in disputed territory, a longstanding element of U.S. policy. Some also worry that Mr. Obama is putting more pressure on the Israelis than the Palestinians to enter peace negotiations, and say they are disappointed Mr. Obama has not visited Israel yet.

Jews Do Wield Immense Power and Influence
Sentletse Diakanyo - Mail & Guardian (South Africa)

In 2002 Mark Weber, a director of The Institute for Historical Review wrote an article about the powerful Jewish Lobby in the United States (US). What Weber articulates in his article is very relevant to the current brouhaha about the alleged comments made by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Fatima Hajaig. As a result of those alleged comments, the Deputy Minister has now been vilified and accused of anti-Semitism, hate speech, bigotry and all manner of things that are intended to whip up the emotions of the Jewish community and social activists and inflate her comments beyond what they truly represented. In his article Weber beautifully outlines how Jewish money influences and controls the US Congress.

Under Pressure, Irving Lecture in Amsterdam Is Canceled
Searchlight (Britain)

An invitation from a Dutch social-democratic student to the British Holocaust denier David Irving to address students in Amsterdam on 26 May was cancelled after united protests from anti-fascists and the Jewish community in the city. Irving had intended to speak on "Hitler, Himmler and the Final Solution", a subject that guaranteed controversy. The University of Amsterdam had apparently been unaware of the planned meeting but was forced by the protests to deny Irving access to university buildings.

Should the British Have Sunk the Bismarck?
Daily Mail (Britain)

... The son of one of the British sailors who saw Bismarck's end 70 years ago today has come forward to claim that the battle might have ended very differently - because the German crew tried to surrender at the height of the bombardment ... Royal Navy officers were made aware of the signs but were determined to follow Winston Churchill's order to 'sink the Bismarck'. The Prime Minister wanted to avenge the Hood, on which all but three of its 1,418 crew had died. Had the Bismarck been captured, the lives of hundreds of Germans could have been saved. The ship would also have been a prized catch, giving Navy engineers an insight into the design of Bismarck's mighty sistership, Tirpitz.

The Strauss-Kahn Affair and France's Jews
Haaretz (Israel)

The 600,000 strong Jewish community in France fear charges against the former IMF chief will play into negative stereotypes of Jews, but also that Marine Le Pen's National Front will benefit from the affair. / ... There is some unease among the 600,000-strong Jewish community here [in France] -- the largest number outside of Israel and the U.S.- who fear they could be caught in the negative spotlight and that the affair will play into negative stereotypes of Jews and even inflame anti-Semitism. Indicted on seven criminal charges for allegedly assaulting a maid in a New York hotel last Saturday, Strauss-Kahn, an identified Jew and an outspoken supporter of Israel has gone, overnight, from being one of the great prides of the Jewish community here -- to being something of a liability.

Netanyahu in DC: Shameful Spectacle Affirms Zionist Hold on Congress
Mark Weber - Podcast

Nothing more vividly underscores the Jewish-Zionist grip on US political life than the stormy, fervent approval given by American politicians to Israeli premier Netanyahu as he addressed a joint session of the US Congress. For every American who cares about our long term welfare as a country, as well as basic justice, the performance of these politicians was a shameful spectacle. Their behavior highlights the entrenched corruption and lack of principle of the American political system. It's an expression of a society, and of a political system, that has become terminally craven and unprincipled.

Netanyahu's Speech to Congress Shows America Will Buy Anything
Gideon Levy -- Haaretz (Israel)

It was an address with no destination, filled with lies on top of lies and illusions heaped on illusions. Only rarely is a foreign head of state invited to speak before Congress. It's unlikely that any other has attempted to sell them such a pile of propaganda and prevarication, such hypocrisy and sanctimony as Benjamin Netanyahu did yesterday. The fact that the Congress rose to its feet multiple times to applaud him says more about the ignorance of its members than the quality of their guest's speech. An Israeli presence on the Jordan River - cheering. Jerusalem must remain the united capital of Israel - applause. Did American's elected representatives know that they were cheering for the death of possibility? If America loved it, we're in big trouble ... Last night we saw that the Americans will buy anything, or at least their applauding legislators will.

Applause Heard in White House, Around World
The Jerusalem Post

Netanyahu could only dream of such a reception in Israel. Even his wife, Sara, received a standing ovation when she entered the hall. The prime minister was applauded some 30 times, many of those accompanied by standing ovations. The nearly four-minute ovation he received when he entered the historic chamber - including a brief period of rhythmic clapping that sounded more like the Mann Auditorium than Congress - was not only heard by Netanyahu, but also by US President Barack Obama, the Palestinians and the world at large.

Lenin's Jewish Roots on Display in Moscow Museum
The Associated Press

For the first time ever, ordinary Russians can now see documents that appear to confirm long-standing rumors that Vladimir Lenin had Jewish heritage. In a country long plagued by anti-Semitism, such heritage can be a significant taint, especially for the founder of the Soviet Union who is still revered by many elderly Russians. Among dozens of newly released documents on display at the State History Museum is a letter written by Lenin's eldest sister, Anna Ulyanova, saying that their maternal grandfather was a Ukrainian Jew who converted to Christianity to escape the Pale of Settlement and gain access to higher education.

Bitter Truths About World War Two
Eric Margolis

... The Red Army destroyed 507 Axis divisions. On the Western Front after D-Day, the Allies destroyed 176 badly under-strength German divisions. When the Allies landed in Normandy, they met battered German forces with no air cover, crippled by lack of fuel and supplies, unable to move in daytime. Even so, the Germans fought like tigers ... World War II was not a good and evil struggle between "/western democracies" and "totalitarian powers," as we are still wrongly taught. It was a world conflict over land and resources ...

German Railway Company Pulls Out of Israel Project
The Financial Times (Britain)

Deutsche Bahn, the German railway operator, has pulled out of an Israeli project that cuts through the occupied Palestinian West Bank, after pressure from activists and Berlin. The move marks a victory for pro-Palestinian groups and their so-called boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign, which tries to use economic pressure on Israel to help the Palestinian cause ... Opponents said the project was illegal [under international law] because it used occupied Palestinian territory for a project that would be used primarily, or solely, by Israeli citizens.

Allied Diplomats Wanted Pius XII to Stay Silent About Nazi Deportations
Catholic Herald (Britain)

US and British diplomats discussed exerting pressure on Pope Pius XII to be silent about the Nazi deportations of Hungarian Jews, according to newly discovered documentation. The British feared that the wartime pope might make a "radio appeal on behalf of the Jews in Hungary" and that in the course of his broadcast would "also criticise what the Russians are doing in occupied territory". Sir Francis D'Arcy Osborne, the British ambassador to the Vatican, told an American diplomat that "something should be done to prevail upon the pope not to do this as it will have very serious political repercussions".

The Crash and Burn of Old Regimes: Endless US Wars
William Astore

The killing of Osama bin Laden, "a testament to the greatness of our country" accoding to President Obama, should not be allowed to obscure a central reality of our post-9/11 world. Our conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Libya remain instances of undeclared war, a fact that contributes to their remoteness from our American world ... Spanish-American War of 1898 was a naked war of expansion vigorously denounced by American anti-imperialists. Yet in those conflicts there was at least genuine national debate, as well as formal declarations of war by Congress. Today's ruling class in Washington no longer bothers to make a pretense of following the letter of our Constitution ...

The Impossibility of American Empire
William Pfaff

... The Empire of the United States was launched in 1898, and has since traversed a mere century, experiencing increasing ambition, and suffering increasing difficulties. Could it too last 406 years? The current evidence is not reassuring ... This is what the War on Terror has come to mean. It is an attempt to create a universal empire that exists only in the American imagination, by an effort that, because its aim is impossible to achieve, is unlimited in the damage it could do to Americans and others.

The US Becomes an Imperial Power: 1898 and the Great Debate Over Overseas Expansion
John Ries and Mark Weber - Institute for Historical Review

Until the 1890s, America followed its traditional foreign policy of non-interventionism. The year 1898 was a landmark in the transition of the United States from a republic to an imperial power. Today, as Americans debate the merits of new military intervention in foreign lands, many of the arguments for and against such actions echo those made nearly a century ago, but with some interesting differences.

The Anti-Imperialist League and the Battle Against Empire
Thomas E. Woods

In April 1898 the United States went to war with Spain for the stated purpose of liberating Cuba from Spanish control. Several months later, when the war had ended, Cuba had been transformed into an American protectorate, and Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines had become American possessions... That American forces were engaged in a colonial war to suppress another people's independence led to a great deal of soul-searching among important American thinkers, writers, and journalists. What eventually became the American Anti-Imperialist League began at a June 1898 meeting at Boston's Faneuil Hall...

The Conquest of the United States by Spain
William Graham Sumner (1899)

... The war with Spain [1898] was precipitated upon us headlong, without reflection or deliberation, and without any due formulation of public opinion ... We assume that what we like and practice, and what we think better, must come as a welcome blessing to Spanish-Americans and Filipinos. This is grossly and obviously untrue ... It will be established as a rule that, whenever political ascendancy is threatened, it can be established again by a little war, filling the minds of the people with glory and diverting their attention from their own interests.

Soldiers of Anti-Soviet 'Russian Liberation Army,' 1945

Former Soviet General Andrei Vlasov takes command of new units of volunteers of the German-sponsored, anti-Stalinist "Russian Liberation Army." Portion of German weekly newsreel, "Deutsche Wochenschau," Feb. 1945. With English subtitles.

Documents On Winston Churchill's Relative's Support for Nazism
Daily Mail (Britain)

A 'highly significant' collection of unseen documents exposing the Nazi-sympathiser cousin of Sir Winston Churchill's wife have been unearthed in a loft. The never-before-seen letters and photographs revealing the extent of George Pitt-Rivers' views and his descent into Nazism were discovered in Dorset. Pitt-Rivers, the cousin of Clementine Churchill, earned fame as a respected anthropologist after fighting as a captain in World War I. However, during the 1930s, the scientist - described as a perplexing, contradictory and disturbing figure - became a vocal supporter of National Socialism and eugenics, which advocates the use of practices to produce improved offspring.