May 2011

Obama: Doomed to Disappoint
John J Mearsheimer

... The remarkably powerful Israel lobby makes it virtually impossible for him [President Obama] to put meaningful pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is committed to creating a Greater Israel in which the Palestinians are restricted to a handful of disconnected and impoverished enclaves. And Obama is certainly not going to buck the lobby -- with the 2012 presidential election looming larger every day ... The bottom line is that the US is in deep trouble in the Middle East and needs new policies for that region. But regrettably there is little prospect of that happening anytime soon. All of this is to say that there was no way that Obama could do anything but disappoint with Thursday's speech, because he is trapped in an iron cage.

Israel in a Post-American Era
Patrick J. Buchanan

... Strategically, too, the United States seems in retreat, nowhere more so than in that region that was the focus of George W. Bush's "global democratic revolution." And no nation reflects more the relative loss of U.S. power and influence than does Israel, whose isolation is today unprecedented ... The likelihood is that the overwhelming majority, including many of America's allies, will vote to recognize Palestine and seat it in the General Assembly, where it can make demands on Israel, backed by U.N. sanctions, to terminate its occupation and vacate its national territory. The General Assembly resolution will set as the borders of Palestine those that existed between 1948 and 1967.

American Armageddon: Time Has Already Run Out For The US
Terrence Aym

2011 may be remembered by historians as the year that America died. Many political, economic and market pundits have been warning of an approaching "tipping point" for several years. They warn that once America tips over that cliff there'll be no avoiding certain disaster. Well, that proverbial tipping point has already occurred. The debt has reached such stratospheric heights that - under the current system - it will never be able to be repaid. And still Washington adds more debt. Now, the death of America didn't happen overnight. Its demise played out as a slow train wreck eight decades in the making.

Fake 'Nazi' Quotations
Randall Bytwerk

A few of the many widely cited but maliciously fabricated quotations attributed to Hitler and other important Third Reich figures. These include the often cited remark, supposedly by Joseph Goebbels, that "truth is the greatest enemy of the state."

Rauschning's Phony 'Conversations' With Hitler'
Mark Weber

One of the most widely quoted sources of information about Hitler's personality and secret intentions is the supposed memoir of Hermann Rauschning, the National Socialist President of the Danzig Senate in 1933-1934 who was ousted from the Hitler movement a short time later and then made a new life for himself as a professional anti-Nazi ...Haenel was able to conclusively establish that Rausching's claim to have met with Hitler "more than a hundred times is a lie. The two actually met only four times, and never alone. The words attributed to Hitler, he showed, were simply invented or lifted from many different sources, including writings by Juenger and Nietzsche.

No Satisfaction in Demjanjuk Case
Peter Worthington -- Toronto Sun (Canada)

... Guilt was mostly assumed, not proven. There is nothing about the Demjanjuk case that invokes either pride or satisfaction. He is being called "the littlest of little fish" -- the lowest ranked prison guard ever convicted of war crimes. Superiors were acquitted. ... The Demjanjuk case is significant because it highlights one of the most egregious miscarriages of justice in the United States -- exacerbated because the justice system knew it was doing wrong, but continued on a course it hoped would result in Demjanjuk being executed. ... The OSI justified its stand by saying that if Demjanjuk was wrongly accused of being a guard at one camp, he was certainly a guard at another camp, so his guilt was undeniable. Except that there's no evidence that Demjanjuk ever abused anyone.

Former Israeli Soldiers Break Silence On Military Violations
The Guardian (Britain)

Testimonies posted on YouTube by campaign group describe routine harassment and humiliation of Palestinian civilians / Transgressions by the Israeli army in the occupied Palestinian territories will be disclosed by a group of former soldiers in an internet campaign aimed at raising public awareness of military violations. Video testimonies by around two dozen ex-soldiers -- some of whom are identifying themselves for the first time - will be posted on YouTube. The campaign by Breaking the Silence, an organisation of former soldiers committed to speaking out on military practices, launches with English subtitles on Monday.

Review of John Glad's 'Jewish Eugenics'
Kevin MacDonald - The Occidental Observer

John Glad begins Jewish Eugenics by noting that "much of what might be termed 'accepted eugenics narrative' is in crass discordance with the historical facts." In other words, we are about to enter one of those academic minefields where "truth" is rigorously cleansed to make sure it is compatible with ethnic interests. Indeed, "/writing books about Jews used to be a far easier undertaking than it is today, with Jewish anxieties over 'anti-Semitism' having been so elevated as to render dispassionate scholarly discourse nearly impossible" ... In recent decades, eugenics has been reconstructed as an anti-Jewish ideology -- indeed, as the ideology of the Holocaust. Therefore, all Jewish involvement in eugenics must be expunged from the historical record.

Israel's Strategic Dead End: Palestinian Protests Signal The Future
Jonathan Cook

They are extraordinary scenes. Film shot on mobile phones captured the moment on Sunday when at least 1,000 Palestinian refugees marched across no-man's land to one of the most heavily protected borders in the world, the one separating Syria from the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. Waving Palestinian flags, the marchers braved a minefield, then tore down a series of fences, allowing more than 100 to run into Israeli-controlled territory ... The scenes of Palestinian defiance on Israel's borders will fuel the imaginations of Palestinians everywhere to start thinking the impossible - just as the Tahrir Square protests galvanised Egyptians into believing they could remove their dictator. Israel is in a diplomatic and strategic dead-end.

Obama's Promised Foreign Policy 'Change' Will Be Mostly Cosmetic
Mark Weber (Dec. 2008)

... The appointments that Obama has made to positions in the new administration, along with his public statements of recent months, show that he is unlikely to make major changes in U.S. foreign policy. The promised "change" will be mostly cosmetic. His foreign policy will be familiar, but conducted more prudently and with more appealing style. During the election campaign, Obama never called into question the basic premise of U.S. military interventionism around the world. His pledge to increase U.S. military forces in Afghanistan shows that he supports the misguided "/war on terror," and accepts an American role as a global policeman.

Maryland Governor Signs French Railway Holocaust Bill
BBC News

A US governor has signed a bill requiring a French railway company to disclose its role in the Holocaust if it is to win state contracts. Martin O'Malley of Maryland signed a bill aimed at Keolis, a Paris company owned by French national railways SNCF. The company had bid to operate commuter trains in the state of Maryland. Historians say SNCF moved 76,000 Jews to Nazi camps during the Holocaust. The laws' supporters say it will force disclosure of war records.

The Holocaust Denier Next Door
Our Town (New York)

A group of irate protestors squared off May 15 against Michael Santomauro, an Upper East Side man they claim is a neo-Nazi. Led by the Jewish Defense Organization, the group consisted of 20 people at the height of an hour-long rally against Santomauro. Holding signs and shouting derogatory names, the protestors taunted Santomauro from behind a blue police barricade while their target sat calmly on his stoop on East 85th Street, at times filming the protest with his iPad ... "The next step is the landlord campaign," said Klein, who has been encouraging people to call Santomauro's landlord (as well as his wife, a psychologist, and her colleagues and family members) and push for his eviction.

Google Ordered To Stop Recommending Anti-Semitic Sites

A court in Buenos Aires has ordered Google to stop recommending anti-Semitic and racist websites to users. The injunction issued May 17 comes following a complaint filed by several Jewish organizations. The decision came on the World Day of the Internet. The court ordered Google to drop some 76 websites described in the complaint as "highly discriminatory," including some that deny the Holocaust. Judge Carlos Molina Portela also ordered that advertisements be removed from those sites.

Republican Leaders Accuse Obama of Betraying Israel

Top Republican contenders for the White House in 2012 accused President Barack Obama on Thursday of betraying staunch US ally Israel in his new long-shot push for Middle East peace. "President Obama has thrown Israel under the bus," thundered former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, generally viewed as the frontrunner in the race for the party's presidential nomination. "He has disrespected Israel and undermined its ability to negotiate peace. He has also violated a first principle of American foreign policy, which is to stand firm by our friends," Romney said in a statement.

Amazon Says Now Selling More E-Books Than Print Books
Forbes this morning says the company is now selling more e-Books than print books. The crossover comes less than four years after the debut of the Kindle e-reader in November 2007; Amazon notes that it has been selling hardcover and paperback books over the Web since July 1995. "Customers are now choosing Kindle books more often than print books," CEO Jeff Bezos said in a statement. "/we had high hopes that this would happen eventually, but we never imagined it would happen this quickly - we've been selling print books for 15 years and Kindle books for less than four years."

How the Zionist AIPAC Lobby Group Controls Washington
Video - Anthony Lawson:

Explains how the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the most powerful pro-Israel lobby group in Washington maintains its grip on the US Congress and American political life. Written and presented by Anthony Lawson: Runtime: 9:39 mins.

Citizens Coalition Protests Pro-Israel AIPAC Conference
Move Over AIPAC

The "Move Over AIPAC" campaign -- a broad coalition of more than a hundred pro-peace and social justice organizations, with endorsements from a range of prominent individuals -- seeks a more just US policy on the Middle East, and especially the Israel-Palestine issue. It is bringing activists and concerned citizens from across the country to Washington, DC, May 21-24, to protest the forthcoming conference of AIPAC -- American Israel Public Affairs Committee -- the pro-Zionist lobby group which is legendary for its formidable grip on the US Congress.

Former U.S. Senator: The Trouble with AIPAC
James G. Abourezk

... The problem here is that AIPAC is a group of American citizens who have bonded together to influence the American government to work for the interests of a foreign government -- Israel ... In all, the United States can do without AIPAC, even though Israel most likely cannot. Should AIPAC somehow disappear, which is unlikely, U.S. Middle East policy would be more directed toward America's interests rather than toward Israel's.

Israel Has To Choose: Mideast Peace Or Apartheid
Saeb Erekat

The choice is not between Hamas and Israel; the choice is between settlement-colonies or states: between accepting two states with the 1967 border or maintaining an apartheid regime ... Palestinians are looking forward now. We will continue to work hard on gaining international recognition for the State of Palestine in the 1967 border with East Jerusalem as its capital ... Today, we have received such recognition from 112 countries. The latest vote in the UN Security Council calling for an end to settlement expansion ?(14 countries voting in favor and the United States against?) shows unprecedented support for the Palestinian position: The Israeli occupation of Palestinian land must end.

The Long Overdue Palestinian State
Mahmoud Abbas

... We call on all friendly, peace-loving nations to join us in realizing our national aspirations by recognizing the State of Palestine on the 1967 border and by supporting its admission to the United Nations. Only if the international community keeps the promise it made to us six decades ago, and ensures that a just resolution for Palestinian refugees is put into effect, can there be a future of hope and dignity for our people.

Israel's New Laws Promote Repression
Neve Gordon

... As Arab citizens across the region struggle against tyranny, in Israel there appears to be an opposite trend, whereby large parts of the citizenry are not only acquiescent but have been supportive of Knesset members who are drafting new legislation to silence public criticism and to delegitimize political rivals, human rights organizations, and the Palestinian minority. The idea is to legally restrict individuals and groups that hold positions at odds with the government's right-wing agenda by presenting them as enemies of the State.

The War That Didn't End War and Its Unending Successors
Adam Hochschild

... As the First World War made painfully clear, when politicians and generals lead nations into war, they almost invariably assume swift victory, and have a remarkably enduring tendency not to foresee problems that, in hindsight, seem obvious ... As World War I reminds us, however understandable the motives of those who enter the fight, the definition of war is "unplanned consequences." ... Someday, I have no doubt, the dead from today's wars will be seen with a similar sense of sorrow at needless loss and folly as those millions of men who lie in the cemeteries of France and Belgium -- and tens of millions of Americans will feel a similar revulsion for the politicians and generals who were so spendthrift with others' lives. But here's the question that haunts me: What will it take to bring us to that point?

Pakistan in the Hot Seat: Osama Bin Laden's Vow
Eric Margolis

... The Americans dancing with joy in the streets at the news of bin Laden's assassination seem unaware their almost decade-long jihad against him cost a staggering $1,283 trillion and left the US stuck in 2.5 wars. Bin Laden's vow in the 1990's to bankrupt the US has been partly achieved. His goal: overthrow the Muslim world's western-backed dictatorships and drive the US from the region. ... The US Congress is threatening to end this bonanza. However, the US can't wage war in Afghanistan without Pakistan's cooperation. So most of the money will keep flowing. The unhappy US-Pakistani shotgun marriage will continue, at least for a while longer.

White America's Collapsing Birth Rate Is Changing The Country
The Economist (Britain)

Among America's three-year-olds, a revolution is afoot. Children of that age are turning the country's demographics on its head. According to a recent study from the Census Bureau, the majority of them are now from groups normally considered minorities, chiefly Hispanics and blacks. The latest release of data from last year's decennial census confirms that whites still constitute a slender majority, 54%, of those under 18, and a larger one, 64%, of the population as a whole. But America's transformation into a much browner, more suburban, more southern and western place is rapid and relentless.

Jewish Leaders Demand Dismissal Of Belgian Minister Over Amnesty Remarks
The Telegraph (Britain)

Jewish Nazi hunters have called for Belgium's justice minister to be sacked after he backed an amnesty for thousands of Second World War Belgian collaborators. Stefan De Clerck, a Flemish Christian Democrat, has polarised Belgium, fuelling the country's one year political crisis, by supporting a blanket amnesty for the 56,000 Belgians who were convicted of collaborating with the Nazis after the war. "Perhaps we should be willing to forget, because it is the past. At some point one has to be adult and be willing to talk about. perhaps to forget, because this is the past," he said at the weekend.

China: The New Bin Laden
Paul Craig Roberts

... Hillary, in an unprecedented act of hypocrisy, denounced China for "human rights violations." This from a country that has violated the human rights of millions of victims in our own time in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, secret CIA prisons dotted all over the planet, in US courts of law, and in the arrests and seizure of documents of American war protestors. There is no worst violator of human rights on the planet than the US government, and the world knows it. The hubris and arrogance of US policymakers, and the lies that they inculcate in the American public, have exposed Washington to war with the most populous country on earth ...

European Volunteers In the Struggle Against Bolshevism
Video - 1941

Right after the June 1941 attack against the Soviet Union. young men across Europe volunteer to join in the World War II struggle against Soviet Bolshevism. The first battalion of the Danish volunteer corps "Danmark" departs for training. Spanish volunteers of the famed "Blue Division" depart from Madrid. Italian troops prepare for combat on the eastern front. From the German weekly newsreel "Deutsche Wochenschau" of July 30, 1941. With English subtitles (not entirely accurate). Runtime: 1:11 minutes.

Britain 'Masterminded' Wartime French 'Resistance'
The Telegraph (Britain)

France is only belatedly accepting the extent to which Britain masterminded its wartime resistance operations, according to one of Winston Churchill's last remaining French secret agents. Captain Robert (Bob) Maloubier was an agent of the French section of the Special Operations Executive, or SOE. Churchill's "secret army" was created to "set Europe ablaze" by encouraging and facilitating espionage and sabotage behind enemy lines during the Second World War ... France has in recent years been reassessing the role of its citizens during the war, amid claims post-war historians exaggerated the number of French who joined the resistance.

The Persecution of John Demjanjuk
Patrick J. Buchanan

"John Demjanjuk Guilty of Nazi Death Camp Murders," ran the headline on the BBC. The lede began: "A German court has found John Demjanjuk guilty of helping to murder more than 28,000 Jews at a Nazi death camp in Poland." Not until paragraph 17 does one find this jolting fact: "No evidence was produced that he committed a specific crime." That is correct. No evidence was produced, no witness came forward to testify he ever saw Demjanjuk injure anyone. And the critical evidence that put Demjanjuk at Sobibor came -- from the KGB.

Demjanjuk's Son Calls His Father's Conviction 'Shameful'
Video - The Associated Press

The son of retired U.S. autoworker John Demjnajuk speaks about the recent German court conviction of his father. He calls the
ruling "shameful," and points out that not one bit of evidence was presented to show that his father had personally killed or injured anyone. The Ukrainian-born Demjanjuk was sentenced to five years in prison after being found guilty of being an accessory to murder of thousands at a German camp during World War II. Runtime: 1:47 mins.

My Campaign for Justice for John Demjanjuk
Jerome A. Brentar -- Institute for Historical Review

... John Demjanjuk has been a victim of an unprecedented travesty of justice. The US Justice Department's Office of Special Investigations, working with the Soviet government, and those who might be called "Holocaustians" have carried on a campaign to portray this innocent man as "Ivan the Terrible" of Treblinka.

How 'The Sound of Music' Distorts History
Mark Weber

"The Sound of Music" is perhaps the most popular American musical picture ever produced. But whatever its merits as entertainment, the film's presentation of history is deceitful. In particular, its portrayal of the 1938 union or Anschluss of Austria with the German Reich is a gross distortion of historical reality.

Movie vs. Reality: The Real Story of the Von Trapp Family
Joan Gearin -- Prologue (US National Archives)

I first saw the movie The Sound of Music as a young child, probably in the late 1960s. I liked the singing, and Maria was so pretty and kind! As I grew older, more aware of world history, and saturated by viewing the movie at least once yearly, I was struck and annoyed by the somewhat sanitized story of the von Trapp family it told ... The family did not secretly escape over the Alps to freedom in Switzerland, carrying their suitcases and musical instruments. As daughter Maria said in a 2003 interview printed in Opera News, "/we did tell people that we were going to America to sing. And we did not climb over mountains with all our heavy suitcases and instruments. We left by train, pretending nothing." ...The von Trapps traveled to Italy, not Switzerland.

When And Why Did The Von Trapp Family Leave Austria?
Yahoo Answers

... Austria was annexed (Anschluss) by Nazi Germany in March 1938. As a naval officer, Georg von Trapp would have been commissioned into the Nazi Kriegsmarine. He applied for exemption on the basis of his age of 58, and was excused service. Remember that Austria has no coastline, so German officers regarded Austrian naval officers as a joke.

Austria Joins the German Reich

This portrayal of the 1938 union ("Anschluss") of Austria with the German Reich, includes contemporary film footage with recent English-language voiceover commentary. Runtime: 4:14 mins. For decades American officials and historians, along with the US media, have portrayed the union of Austria with the Reich as an act of "aggression" or "rape." The truth is exactly the opposite. Rarely in history has a historical event taken place with broader and more joyful popular approval.

Upending French Politics
Eric S. Margolis

The arrest in New York City on Sunday of IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn upends France's political structure. Strauss-Kahn is charged with the attempted rape and confinement of a maid at the Sofitel Hotel, and is currently being held in prison ... Marine and father Jean-Marie [Le Pen] are often accused of being fascists. They are not. I spent much time with LePen senior, exploring his views. They are of France's traditional ultra conservative Catholic right that found voice in the World War II Vichy government. ... If the race boiled down to Sarkozy and DSK, it would pit two Frenchmen with Jewish blood against one another - to the dismay of the far right's anti-Semites.

Zionist JDO Activists Protest 'Neo-Nazi' in New York City
Epoch Times

Drawing the attention of passersby and inciting sidewalk debates, a group from the Jewish Defense Organization (JDO) staged a protest on East 85th Street [Manhattan, New York City] on Sunday against a man they claim to be a Neo-Nazi. The JDO shouted accusations at Michael Santomauro while he calmly looked on, sitting in a chair behind an informational display with posters that called for Israel to get out of the West Bank ... Several members of the protest group declined to be interviewed. Inside a barricaded protest area, Mordechai Levy stated that Michael Santomauro is "the top Neo-Nazi in Manhattan."

JDO Thugs Beat Up Pro-Palestinian Activist
The Washington Times (1993)

... Jewish militants beat up a Palestinian supporter who protested the dedication of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum ... David R. Wilcox, founder of American friends of Palestine, was returning from the dedication yesterday when he was assaulted by three men he said are members of the militant Jewish Defense Organization ... Michael Schneider, who called himself a coordinator for the JDO, said members of he group assaulted Mr. Wilcox and four or five others who protested the museum.

A Russian Professor's View of the 'Jewish Question': Burovsky's Empire of the Intellect
Dan Michaels -- Occidental Observer

... American readers might be somewhat uneasy about the bluntness of Burovsky's critical comments concerning Jewish activities that in much of the West remain taboo under penalty of law. American writers, for the most part establishment writers, tend to approach the Jewish question with great caution, fear of offending, fear of retaliation, and therefore in many cases they defer to the Jewish point of view. But not Burovsky. Whether Burovsky is a loose cannon or a sharpshooter is argued, but all agree that Jews are -- for whatever reason -- one of his favorite topics.

A Final Interview With the Last Survivor of Hitler's Staff
The Express (Britain)

Former SS officer Rochus Misch, the last surviving member of Hitler's inner circle is terminally ill. Misch, the Fuhrer's bodyguard gives his final interview ... The man who worked as Hitler's bodyguard between 1940 and 1945. He is the last living witness of the dictator's suicide and the only surviving member of the bunker's staff ... Misch was Adolf Hitler's telephonist, courier and bodyguard for five years. ... In the SS he was in Adolf Hitler's personal Bodyguard Regiment. When Misch married his wife Gerda in 1942, Hitler sent the couple a case of wine.

Jewish Candidate's Campaign Ad Promotes 'Minority' Interests
The Ticket - Yahoo News

In a television advertisement titled "Stick Together: Send a Mensch to Congress," candidate Dan Adler pointedly appeals for "minority" (non-white) voter support. In the ad, which Adler "definitely" approves, a Korean woman explains that "/we minorities should stick together," by which he means Jews like himself, Koreans and other non-Europeans. Dan Adler is a Los Angeles business executive who is running for US Congress in southern California.

US Reaches $14 Trillion Debt Limit and Cuts Investments
BBC News

The US has reached its debt limit of $14.3 trillion and is taking measures to cut spending to avoid breaching it. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has said that he will suspend investing into two large government pension funds. This delays any breaching of the limit to August 2. Congress is currently negotiating an increase to the limit, without which the US risks defaulting on its debt.

Defying Threats, Irving and Weber Address California Meeting
Institute for Historical Review

In spite of efforts by local bigots to disrupt the event, best-selling British author David Irving and American historian Mark Weber addressed a meeting in Orange County, California, on April 23. They gave talks on two of wartime Germany's most prominent leaders: Heinrich Himmler and Joseph Goebbels.

Bin Laden is Dead: Let's Bring The Troops Home
Ron Paul

... It is good that bin Laden is dead and justice is served. The way in which he was finally captured and killed shows that targeted retribution is far superior to wars of aggression and nation-building ... The elimination of Osama bin Laden should now prompt us to declare victory and bring our troops home from Afghanistan and Iraq. Al Qaeda was never in Iraq and we were supposedly in Afghanistan to get Osama bin Laden. With bin Laden gone, there is no reason for our presence in the region - unless it was all about oil, nation-building, and remaking the Middle East and Central Asia. Hopefully bin Laden does not get the last laugh.

Bin Laden's Death: 'Rejoice Not...'
Uri Avnery

... The American Empire always needs an antagonist to keep it together and to focus its energies. This has to be a worldwide enemy, a sinister advocate of an evil philosophy. Such were the Nazis and Imperial Japan, but they did not last long. Fortunately, there was then the Communist Empire, which filled the role admirably ... The Arab Spring embodies a new set of ideals, a new enthusiasm, one that does not glorify and hanker after a distant past but looks boldly to the future. The young men and women of Tahrir Square, with their longing for freedom, have consigned bin Laden to history, months before his physical death. His philosophy has a future only if the Arab Awakening fails completely and leaves behind a profound sense of disappointment and despair.

Cow Most Sacred: Why Military Spending Remains Untouchable
Andrew J. Bacevich

... Until Americans accept these facts, until they come to a more nuanced view of World War II that takes fully into account the political and moral implications of the U.S. alliance with the Soviet Union and the U.S. campaign of obliteration bombing directed against Germany and Japan, the mythic version of "the Good War" will continue to provide glib justifications for continuing to dodge that perennial question: How much is enough? Like concentric security barriers arrayed around the Pentagon, these four factors -- institutional self-interest, strategic inertia, cultural dissonance, and misremembered history -- insulate the military budget from serious scrutiny.

Goebbels and World War II Propaganda
Mark Weber -- Institute for Historical Review

Apart from Hitler himself, perhaps the most fascinating figure of Third Reich Germany is the regime's chief publicist and spokesman, Joseph Goebbels. He is widely portrayed as a master of lies and deceitful propaganda. But this familiar image, which is particularly entrenched in the United States, is itself a propaganda falsehood.

Goebbels' 'Total War' Speech

Dr. Goebbels' addresses a mass rally in Berlin on Feb. 18, 1943, just a few weeks after the catastrophic defeat of German and allied forces in the Battle of Stalingrad. The Reich Minister frankly explains the mortal danger that threatens all of Europe. Germany could lose the war, he solemnly warns. To counter the formidable Soviet threat from the East, he goes on, the nation must adopt stern and radical "total war" measures With English narration and subtitles. Runtime: 2:42 minutes.

Did Obama's Election Mean the End of the Anti-War Movement?
Bernie DeGroat

Since 2003, the antiwar movement in the United States has had much to protest with Americans fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya, but the movement -- which has dropped off sharply the past two years -- may be more anti-Republican than antiwar, says a University of Michigan researcher ... "The antiwar movement should have been furious at Obama's 'betrayal' and reinvigorated its protest activity. Instead, attendance at antiwar rallies declined precipitously and financial resources available to the movement have dissipated. The election of Obama appeared to be a demobilizing force on the antiwar movement, even in the face of his pro-war decisions."

The Phony Anti-War Movement
Glen Ford

... In other words, much of the anti-war movement was phony, a cynical gathering of partisan Democrats who were really never all that concerned for the victims of U.S. imperial warfare, or for the huge dislocations that the national security state places on the U.S. economy. No, they just wanted their guy, the Democrat, to win. Once Obama was safely in the White House, the anti-war movement was all but dismantled, having served its partisan political purpose. For the phony anti-warrior, imperialism with a Democratic face, is just fine.

Class of 2011, Most Indebted Ever
The Wall Street Journal

$22,900: Average student debt of newly minted college graduates. The Class of 2011 will graduate this spring from America's colleges and universities with a dubious distinction: the most indebted ever ... Together with loans parents take on to finance their children's college educations -- loans that the students often pay themselves -- the estimate comes to about $22,900. That's 8% more than last year and, in inflation-adjusted terms, 47% more than a decade ago.

Food Stamp Usage Up 11.6 Percent
Dirk van Dijk

As of February, there were 39.589 million Americans on Food Stamps. That is up 11.6 percent from a year ago. It works out to be about one in seven citizens, or more than the combined populations of ... 23 states. The increase over the last year is almost equal to the population of Colorado.

Jewish Paper Edits Hillary Clinton Our Of White House photo
The Associated Press

An Orthodox Jewish newspaper on Monday apologized for digitally deleting Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton from a photo of President Barack Obama and his staff watching Navy SEALs move in on Osama bin Laden. The Brooklyn weekly Di Tzeitung, which says it doesn't publish images of women, printed the doctored photo Friday. It issued a statement saying its photo editor hadn't read the "fine print" accompanying the White House photo that forbade any changes. The newspaper said it has sent its "regrets and apologies" to the White House and the Department of State.

American Hellholes
The Economic Collapse

... All over the nation many of our greatest cities are being slowly but surely transformed into post-apocalyptic wastelands. All over the mid-Atlantic, all along the Gulf coast, all throughout the "rust belt" and all over the entire state of California cities that once had incredibly vibrant economies are being turned into rotting, post-industrial hellholes ... Incredibly, 60 percent of all the students attending California public schools now qualify for free or reduced-price school lunches ... Gang violence in America is getting totally out of control. According to authorities, there are now over one million members of criminal gangs operating inside the country.

Egypt and Israel Relations Heading for Crisis
Jonathan Cook

Israeli officials have expressed alarm at a succession of moves by the interim Egyptian government that they fear signal an impending crisis in relations with Cairo. The widening rift was underscored yesterday when leaders of the rival Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah signed a reconciliation pact in the Egyptian capital. Egypt's secret role in brokering the agreement last week caught both Israel and the United States by surprise ... The interim Egyptian government, under popular pressure, is consciously distancing itself from some of the main policies towards Israel and the Palestinians pursued by Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian president overthrown by a popular uprising in February.

Israel Finalizes Purchase of Sixth German-Made Submarine

Israel has finalized the purchase of a sixth submarine from Germany, with payment to be spread over several years, an Israeli official said on Thursday. The proposed expansion of the diesel-powered Dolphin submarine fleet, considered Israel's vanguard against foes like Iran, had been held up by wrangling with Berlin over the $500 million to $700 million price tag. Israel currently operates three Dolphins and has two more on order from Germany with delivery expected in the next two years. Dedicated to the security of the Jewish state founded in the wake of the Holocaust, Germany had sold those submarines at deep discounts.

Special Relationship: US Tried To Hide Israeli War Crimes
Colum Lynch -- Foreign Policy

In the aftermath of Israel's 2008-2009 intervention into the Gaza Strip, Susan E. Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, led a vigorous campaign to stymie an independent U.N. investigation into possible war crimes, while using the prospect of such a probe as leverage to pressure Israel to participate in a U.S.-backed Middle East peace process, according to previously undisclosed diplomatic cables provided by the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks. The documents provide a rare glimpse behind the scenes at the U.N. as American diplomats sought to shield Israel's military from outside scrutiny of its conduct during Operation Cast Lead.

What's In It for Us, Mr. Obama?
Philip Giraldi

... As is frequently the case, the United States and its citizens will pay the price in terms of America's approval rating sinking even lower worldwide. Defending Israel from criticism does not appear either in the US Constitution or the Bill of Rights and sacrificing American interests for those of a foreign power is just not acceptable, but Congress has long since abandoned any attempt to mandate minimal standards of accountability, either for itself or for the state of Israel.

University Blocks Honor For Kushner Over Israel Remarks
The New York Times

In a rare move, the trustees of the City University of New York have voted to shelve an honorary degree that one of its campuses, John Jay College, planned to award to Tony Kushner, the Pulitzer-Prize-winning playwriter of "Angels in America." The vote on Monday evening came after a CUNY trustee said that Mr. Kushner had disparaged the State of Israel in past comments, a characterization that the writer attacked on Wednesday. Amid calls from CUNY faculty and staff members for the board to reverse its decision, Mr. Kushner said in an interview that he believed the trustees had slandered him and owed him an apology. Even if the board was to reconsider and approve the degree, Mr. Kushner said, he would not accept it.

Hitler's Plans For Large-Scale, Affordable Holiday Resorts
Daily Mail (Britain)

Secret Nazi files have been found that reveal how Hitler wanted his party to become the world's largest tour operator with holiday camps modelled on the British 'Butlins' chain. The long-lost plans for a chain of 'super-resorts' accommodating 20,000 holidaying Nazis at a time were found in the state archive of Greifswald in north-east Germany. One of the papers revealed how the Nazis envisioned 'British holiday camps designed to provide affordable holidays for the average worker'. The bundle of 62-pages, which were found last week, outlined plans from Dr Robert Ley, the Nazi head of the German Labour Front, for the sprawling Prora resort.

24 Signs Of Economic Decline In America
The Economic Collapse

The United States is in the middle of a devastating long-term economic decline and it is getting really hard to deny it. Over the past year I have included literally thousands of depressing statistics in my articles about the U.S. economy. I have done this in order to make an overwhelming case that the U.S. economy is in deep decline and is dying a little bit more every single day. Until we understand exactly how bad our problems are we will never be willing to accept the solutions. The truth is that our leaders have absolutely wrecked the greatest economic machine that the world has ever seen.

US Government Warns of Violence on US-Mexico Border
Department of State (Washington, DC)

You should be especially aware of safety and security concerns when visiting the northern border states of Northern Baja California, Sonora, Chihuahua, Nuevo Leon, and Tamaulipas. Much of the country's narcotics-related violence has occurred in the border region. More than a third of all U.S. citizens killed in Mexico in 2010 whose deaths were reported to the U.S. government were killed in the border cities of Ciudad Juarez and Tijuana ... Carjacking and highway robbery are serious problems in many parts of the border region. You are urged to defer travel to those areas mentioned in this Travel Warning and to exercise extreme caution when traveling throughout the northern border region.

Israel Launches New Bid For Holocaust-Era Assets

Israel on Sunday launched a commission to track down property taken from Holocaust victims across Europe and get compensation for wartime losses. The Holocaust Era Asset Restitution Task Force or "HEART" is the first official Israeli effort in decades to reclaim assets of Jews killed by the Nazis. Germany has paid reparations to many survivors since the 1950s. But Israel says many claims have not been settled. "Most East European countries have yet to restore the property and rights plundered from the Jews during the Holocaust," Leah Ness, a deputy cabinet minister in charge of the project told journalists.

Osama Bin Laden: More Dangerous Dead Than Alive
Eric Margolis

... The specter of al-Qaida provided a handy pretext to invade Afghanistan to secure strategic territory next to Central Asian oil, keep China out of that region, and double spending on arms. The invasion of oil-rich Iraq was also justified by patently false White House claims Saddam Hussein was in cahoots with Osama bin Laden over 9/11 ... Today, the nearly bankrupt United States is spending hundreds of billions annually waging small wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, and the Sahara. Grotesquely overblown military spending and debt addiction are crippling United States. That is why the ghost of bin Laden may be smiling.

An Empire's Shocking Decline And Fall
Matthew Norman -- The Independent (Britain)

The three interconnected forces that destroy empires - military over-reach, lack of money, and the catastrophic loss of self-confidence that stems from the other two - have coalesced with astonishing speed since the Twin Towers fell ... The real biggest issue that faces America today is that America, despite a recovering economy, is broke, dispirited, bamboozled and petrified. It is terrified by the suddenly bleak middle-class future faced even by graduates, by the prospect of losing its supplies of cheap oil from rebellious client kingdoms in the Middle East, and by the staggering speed with which China threatens to supplant it.

Bravo!: Palestinian Reconciliation And What It Means
Uri Avnery

... The news about the reconciliation agreement between Fatah and Hamas is good for peace. If the final difficulties are ironed out and a full agreement is signed by the two leaders, it will be a huge step forward for the Palestinians - and for us ... The emergence of Palestinian unity should be welcomed by Israel, as well as by the European nations and the United States. They should get ready to recognize the State of Palestine within the 1967 borders. They should encourage the holding of free and democratic Palestinian elections and accept their results, whatever they may be. The wind of the Arab Spring is blowing in Palestine too. Bravo!

ElBaradei Suggests War Crimes Probe of Bush Team
The Associated Press

Former chief U.N. nuclear inspector Mohamed ElBaradei suggests in a new memoir that Bush administration officials should face international criminal investigation for the "shame of a needless war" in Iraq. Freer to speak now than he was as an international civil servant, the Nobel-winning Egyptian accuses U.S. leaders of "grotesque distortion" in the run-up to the 2003 Iraq invasion, when then-President George W. Bush and his lieutenants claimed Iraq possessed doomsday weapons despite contrary evidence collected by ElBaradei's and other arms inspectors inside the country. The Iraq war taught him that "deliberate deception was not limited to small countries ruled by ruthless dictators," ElBaradei writes in "The Age of Deception," being published Tuesday by Henry Holt and Comp

Washington on the Rocks
Alfred W. McCoy and Brett Reilly

... In Egypt (and elsewhere in the Middle East), Washington was funding both the autocrats and the young activists who opposed them and who, in Egypt, would be crucial players in the Tahrir Square movement that overthrew President Hosni Mubarak ... Across the Greater Middle East from Tunisia and Egypt to Bahrain and Yemen, democratic protests are threatening to sweep away subordinate elites crucial to the wielding of American power. Of course, all modern empires have relied on dependable surrogates to translate their global power into local control -- and for most of them, the moment when those elites began to stir, talk back, and set their own agendas was also the moment when it became clear that imperial collapse was in the cards.

Egypt To Open Gaza Border Crossing Permanently
BBC News

Egypt says it will open its Rafah border crossing with the Gaza Strip on a permanent basis. The interim Foreign Minister, Nabil al-Arabi, said the blockade would be eased over the next few days. He described the support of the previous Egyptian government for the blockade as disgraceful ... Under Mr Mubarak Egypt strongly upheld its unpopular peace treaty with Israel, and opposed Hamas in the internal Palestinian power-struggle. The new government, though, has already helped broker a reconciliation agreement between the two Palestinian factions. The Rafah crossing is the only entry and exit point into Gaza that bypasses Israel. This decision will alarm Israel, which has already condemned the deal with Hamas ...

New Tension Roils Israel
The Wall Street Journal

... Egypt's new foreign-policy forays show how the country is adjusting policies to reflect popular opinion more closely in the wake of President Hosni Mubarak's resignation, while at the same time threatening to profoundly alter relations with the Jewish state ... It follows a series of Egyptian initiatives that have raised anxieties in Israel. Almost immediately after Mr. Mubarak's resignation, the new government legalized the long-banned Muslim Brotherhood, which has launched its own political wing. Meanwhile, Egypt recently announced it will re-establish diplomatic ties with Iran.

What the World Sees in America
Peggy Noonan -- The Wall Street Journal

I want to talk a little more this holiday week about what I suppose is a growing theme in this column, and that is an increased skepticism toward U.S. military intervention, including nation building. Our republic is not now in a historical adventure period -- that is not what is needed. We are or should be in a self-strengthening one. Our focus should not be on outward involvement but inner repair ... We have much to be proud of. And we know it. But take a look around us. Don't we have some reasons for pause, for self-questioning? Don't we have a lot of cultural repair that needs doing?

Hollywood is Owned by Jews, Says Marlon Brando

"... I am very angry with some of the Jews. I am very goddamned angry ... at some of the Jews," said famed film actor Marlon Brando in an April 1996 interview on "Larry King Live. "... Hollywood is run by Jews," he went on. "It is owned by Jews, and they should have a greater sensitivity about the issue of -- of people who are suffering.." He went on to say "Because they've exploited -- we have seen the -- we have seen the Nigger and Greaseball; we've seen the Chink. We've seen the slit-eyed dangerous Jap. We have seen the wily Filipino. We've seen everything, but we never saw the Kike. Because they knew perfectly well, that that is where you draw the wagons around."

A Straight Look at the Jewish Lobby
Mark Weber

... Jews wield immense power and influence in the United States. The "Jewish lobby" is a decisive factor in US support for Israel. Jewish-Zionist interests are not identical to American interests. In fact, they often conflict. As long as the "very powerful" Jewish lobby remains entrenched, there will be no end to the systematic Jewish distortion of current affairs and history, the Jewish-Zionist domination of the U.S. political system, Zionist oppression of Palestinians, the bloody conflict between Jews and non-Jews in the Middle East, and the Israeli threat to peace.

Jewish Group Worried Over Results of Survey of European Attitudes on Israel and Jews
European Jewish Press

Results of a poll conducted by a German think-tank on European attitudes towards Jews and Israel are "deeply disturbing," said the European Jewish Congress (EJC). The Friedrich Ebert Foundation, a think-tank associated with Germany's Social Democratic Party, found extremely worrying attitudes amongst a host of Europeans ... When asked to respond to the statement that "Israel is conducting a war of extermination against the Palestinians," 63% of the study's participants in Poland agreed with the statement, while in Germany 47.7 percent expressed agreement.

Our Veto in the Security Council
Carl Coon - Progressive Humanism

When we vetoed the resolution on Israeli settlements in the UN Security Council [on Feb. 18], something that had been pretty clear before became crystal clear, at least to the rest of the world. No more fig leaf, no more excuses, we now stand naked before the eyes of the rest of humanity. It is now commonly understood that at all times, under all imaginable circumstances, when little Israel cracks the whip, the American colossus obeys. Most Americans probably won't be aware of the extent to which our nation has humiliated itself in the eyes of the rest of humanity, for our press will play the event down.